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Aug 28, 2009
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April 28

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Apr 23, 2024 at 10:38 AM
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    April 28
    Curator (formerly and currently) of a few general threads in this board. Collecting informations (primary and not) on the NGT48 assault case, in spite of the few remaining NGT48 "fans" in this board wishing it to be erased from discussion and memory in some twisted kind of damnatio memoriae to the detriment of the victim.
    Masterlist with a translation of all the articles and primary material, covering all stages of the case, available for those who can search for it.

    Disclaimer: As I had already warned more in detail on Twitter (see), it has come to my attention how there is some "trickster" (to avoid using another term) who has been misappropriating my Twitter @ user handle for the sole and exclusive purpose of posting with it in the AKB48 subreddit. The faux profile, much tellingly, was created on July 23, 2021 04:21 UTC (see).
    To make it a long story short: if you ever come across him (or maybe her), that's not me.

    It's unclear what the purpose of this unknown individual is in doing this shenanigan or why he'd like to use my handle so much, whether it's an impersonator or otherwise, but still the nature of the action (taking a Twitter handle from the AKB fan community to use only on an outside AKB board, sadly not the first occurrence of this) leaves no doubts about it being deliberate, as well as misleading in intention. The moderation team over there has already been notified by me about this episode of identity theft, and a public warning was issued.

    To avoid further unpleasant surprises, I have created as an emergency measure a profile of my own here, in the meantime, bearing the same username as Stage48. Associating the Twitter account to the profile in the "connected account" certifies it's me.
    For any inqury, refer to the one and only account I use there, which is the following:

    Update: As of September 16, 2021 the impersonator account is displayed on the site as having been deleted, along with another one called "MilkyLatte48" (name certainly inspired by this other user) who somehow worked in parallel with it. In the meantime, I took other further precautions...