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    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
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    Dec 23, 2012
    so, when are the results going to be announced?
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    Takayanagi Akane
    [Google version: The results announced plans on September 28!]

    From the same (no longer voting) page under news:
    [Google version: next time, the broadcast is moving down always 5 minutes than the September 28 (Wednesday), will start from the middle of the night 46 minutes 1 o'clock]

    Set your clocks now! :)
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    Nov 30, 2012
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    Takayanagi Akane
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    This info is from (which is from 2ch), I don't know where they got it. Maybe it was in the show? the homepage? I can't read Japanese. Let's assume that this is true, because I want to talk about it :p

    *1位 渡辺(審査員2位/視聴者2位)
    *2位 山本(審査員1位/視聴者5位)
    *3位 島崎(審査員3位/視聴者3位)
    *4位 宮脇(審査員8位/視聴者1位)
    *5位 松井(審査員6位/視聴者4位)
    *6位 横山
    *7位 柏木
    *8位 山下
    *9位 北原
    10位 向井地
    11位 岡田
    12位 矢吹
    13位 木崎
    14位 白間
    15位 市川
    16位 上西
    17位 高柳
    18位 高橋
    19位 兒玉
    20位 大場

    If you look at the top five, the one in parentheses are (judge rank/viewer rank).
    So Mayuyu got both 2nd place from the judges and viewers.
    Anyway, the biggest discrepancy are from Sakura, which got rank 8 from the judges and 1 from the viewers. Also if you look at the top 5, all the viewers rank are in there. Paruru is unanimously no.3. Mayuyu manages to get no.1 because the disagreement between the judges and the viewers wota :)
    Personally I would like to see the judges top 10 (or more!). I want to know how the pro rank them. For the viewers rank, I think we can kinda guess how the rank would shape up.
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    Takayanagi Akane
    What is missing from the judges' ranks are 4, 5, and 7. So who do you think the judges put ahead of Sakura (of those not already listed)?

    It looks like they used equal weights with the judges being the tie breaker.

    6 (Sayaka wins the tie breaker)

    If this is correct, the judges' 4 had to be the fans' 7 or lower (if she were 6, the total would be 10 and the tiebreaker would have put her ahead of Jurina).
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    Since I haven't watch it all, I can't really comment who I think should rank based on the acting. I do want Naachan to rank high in the judges ranking. Judging from top 20, I think Yamashita Emiri might have high rank from the judges, unless those in Philippines voting for her. She certainly can't count on the wota votes, yet she is number 8.
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    Takayanagi Akane
    If you think of who the fan favorites are, I would guess the judges ranked Naachan lower than the fans and Yuria higher than the fans, given that they are only two apart in the final results. I am assuming the fans would have put Naachan much higher than Yuria based on SSK and some recent threads.
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    Actually, I think those on 2ch are using the preliminary result (which is based on viewers vote) and extrapolate from that. Since the preliminary result was out on Sept 21st and voting ended on Sept 22nd, they probably assume that is the final viewers rank (which is likely, unless the votes are super close. Viewers had a week to vote). I'm relisting that preliminary result.
    1.Miyawaki Sakura
    2.Watanabe Mayu
    3.Shimazaki Haruka
    4.Matsui Jurina
    5.Yamamoto Sayaka
    6.Kashiwagi Yuki
    7.Kizaki Yuria
    8.Jonishi Kei
    9.Kodama Haruka
    10.Matsuoka Natsumi

    Also another data is the number of tweet support (I believe it is the number of scene retweet provided in the website)
    1.Shimazaki Haruka 16,030
    2.Watanabe Mayu 12,556
    3.Matsui Jurina *1,973
    4.Kashiwagi Yuki *1,313
    5.Kizaki Yuria *1.216
    6.Yamamoto Sayaka *1,204
    7.Mukaichi Mion **,398
    8.Miyawaki Sakura **,382
    9.Kitahara Rie **,295
    10.Takahashi Juri **,255
    11.Iriyama Anna **,176
    12.Sashihara Rino **,168
    13.Yokoyama Yui **,135
    14.Okada Nana **,108
    15.Suda Akari **,107

    Final result
    1.Watanabe Mayu
    2.Yamamoto Sayaka
    3.Shimazaki Haruka
    4.Miyawaki Sakura
    5.Matsui Jurina
    6.Yokoyama Yui
    7.Kashiwagi Yuki
    8.Yamashita Emiri
    9.Kitahara Rie
    10.Mukaichi Mion
    11.Okada Nana
    12.Yabuki Nako
    13.Kizaki Yuria
    14.Shiroma Miru
    15.Ichikawa Miori
    16.Jonishi Kei
    17.Takayanagi Akane
    19.Kodama Haruka
    20.Oba Mina

    So it is obvious that Yuria Kizaki got more viewers vote (at least vs Naachan), based on the prelim and the tweet support.

    Anyway, I don't know if they have told us about the formula, how is the weighting, etc, but if it is 50-50, then yes, Sakura definitely scored lower than 4th from the judges, otherwise she wouldn't be 4th. I don't know if it is 8th like in that link I posted previously tho.
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    Nothing is obvious without knowing what that tweet support means. I didn't see any Yuria tweets but I saw plenty in support of Naachan and other members, even when I searched for generic things like 恋工場. Also, Twitter is full of bots.
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    For exampel
    You chose one of the 4 scene you think is the most interesting in a story then tweet/facebook your choice. I believe it must be done from the site to register. Yes, bot may skew the result, but I don't think the number Yuria has right now is not because of bot. On the other hand, there are 2 person that I didn't list in the tweet thing, Takayanagi Akane and Jonishi Kei, simply because their number is ridiculous and unrealistic (150k!).
    Anyway, there are probably more tweet about Naachan story, but most of the tweet are not coming from that site. Basically a lot of people might be interested in it, but probably too lazy or uninterested to participate. My point is, from the data we have, it is likely that Yuria fans are more willing to participate in the actual event (by actively tweeting from the site and actually voting) vs Naachan fans. Combined with the preliminary viewer vote data (which was released in Sept 21 that put Yuria at no.7), at least from my point of view, it is obvious that Yuria fans are actively more interested in it (I don't rule out that they might use bot for the voting too, but I assume not).
    Although I said obvious, there are important things that we don't know, like the votes number and the judges number/rank. It might be that the votes are so close that a last day push can make a big difference in rank. But between assuming that Yuria got more votes vs Naachan turn it around on the last day (based on the preliminary votes), I think the earlier assumption is more likely.

    edit: basically we have 3 sets of data.
    1.Final ranking
    2.Preliminary ranking (which they said is purely from the viewers vote and released 1 day before the voting closed)
    3.Tweet/Facebook support (which don't affect the rank, but can indicate participation)
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    Takayanagi Akane
    One point: the date of the data release is not the date of the data. The show was broadcast once a week, and they released data on the shows (and show days), 9/14, 9/21, and 9/28.

    Just as the final results released on 9/28 were the results from 9/22 (the last day to vote), the preliminary results released on 9/21 were the results from 9/16, the day after the voting started on 9/15. (The start of voting was announced on the 9/14 show after midnight, which made it 9/15 the way a lot of us count dates).

    When the preliminary results were posted on the website on 9/22, the heading was this:
    暫定順位発表!- 9/16時の視聴者投票の順位 -

    The 9/16 is pretty clear, and as for the rest, google translate tells me these are the preliminary results.

    It may not matter in the analysis, but I have seen posts where people thought the preliminary results were up to the minute as of 9/21, and they weren't as far as I know, they were just the results of the first day (or two) of voting.
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    Muto Tomu
    Twitter's search leaves a lot to be desired, but e.g. for the first of Yuria's 4 screens, 26 show up in search results, from a total of 7 accounts, 4 of which tweeted it once, and another of which tweeted it 15 times. The same high-volume tweeters also spammed the others, up to 5 times a day. By comparison Naachan's tweets only get about 3 results, once from each account. These are only from the 20th and later, though. Keicchi's don't show up in significant volume, while Churi's have a similar spread but slightly lower volume than Yuria's.

    All that said I wouldn't put much stock in this particular metric. It's easily gamed, as evidenced by Churi and Keicchi's numbers, and poorly advertised (I voted and tweeted about it almost every day and didn't even touch those once). The voting itself on the other hand, while it could be gamed via proxies, perhaps, since there was no login involved, they probably have some protections against it, as evidenced by the fact Keicchi didn't win :p So you have a point there.

    It is interesting that so many high ranks in the preliminaries fell or disappeared in the final result. Yet another reason I wish we knew the full judges' rankings.

    edit: Or that could just be because the preliminaries were actually preliminaries like @sscrla says.
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    Well, I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing that out. I think most people mentioning the prelim result didn't write the fact about it is only till 9/16. They (the one making love night) shouldn't really do that (releasing prelim result a day before the final voting day) since it will just cause a confusion.

    Anyway, I think we know that Yuria is aspiring to be an actress. I think her fans know that. Maybe there are less Yuria fans voting for her, but if those fans are more enthusiastic about it, they might try a lot of ways to vote for her multiple times which might get her more votes. Looking at the ranking itself, the only strange result is Yamashita Emiri, because the other around her is much more popular.
    Probably I need to watch Emiri Love Night....
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    I am surprise Sinigang is here.

    Like very!

    Ibang level na siya!

    Go Sinigang!
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    Yahagi Moeka
    Finally I watched this drama in complete! I'm here to write opinions on every episode. Actually, back when this drama aired, I did watch a few episodes. I remember seeing Yukirin's one, and honestly I found it awkward, I don't think it was the best choice to have it as first episode because it could discourage people from seeing the drama. This is the same as Horror Night where the first episode was Yuria and it wasn't very good. it's not Yukirin or Yuria's fault at all of course, just that they received weak stories. Anyway, I also remember watching Sakura's episode, and Mayuyu's episode. As for voting, I remember voting for Sakura everyday at that time (quite serious about it LOL) in the end Mayuyu won and I was happy as well since she's also a favorite! (and apparently Sakura did rank first for votes so my efforts weren't useless at least XD)

    One thing to say before I write opinions is that this show is much more difficult to watch than Horror Night because it has a lot more talking and sometimes I really didn't know what was happening. So I just made a lot of guesses and my opinions will be long LOL I guess the love theme + difficult to understand, and not subbed + not very encourage start, are the reasons why it looks like not many people followed this show even when seeing the amount of pages/discussion here (I read every page of the thread after I finished).

    I managed to find 4 episodes subbed: Sayanee, NakoMiku, Naachan and Sakura. At least there's that! Now my opinions!

    Kashiwagi Yuki: This episode was very awkward, Yukirin and the man didn't have chemistry, there was a lot of moving around in the room and it made it more awkward LOL from what I understand, he woke up naked in her house? and she lied to him that he confessed to her the previous night? Then he finds out the truth and later makes a real confession after they discuss something... then they hug (awkward hug XD) overall this story is weak.

    Shiroma Miru: So I think the teacher helped Miru when she wanted to commit suicide, then another time she hugged him? After that the teacher was fired (not sure of this and not sure if it's because of the hug). Anyway the teacher is paiting the statue which I think it's the school's director. Miru comes and plays with him but she is also sad, I liked her crying scene in front of the statue, she did well. The story seems like it ended with just them being friends, which is suitable for a teacher-student story. Overall Miru did well.

    Iriyama Anna: She looks really pretty here! As for the story, it looks like she is in love with the man with glasses. She was waiting for him, and the other man arrived and saw her waiting, later the man with glasses come but he seems like he doesn't like Annin and rejects her. Then we see the other man again and he got in a fight? I guess when he left, he went to the man with glasses and got in a fight because that man made Annin wait? in the end the man confess to Annin, and she asked him to wait for her. This episode didn't really leave an impression on me, haha.

    Tashima Meru: Very cute episode about a first date! It was cute seeing them eat together and go shopping together, seems like Meru didn't want to tell him that it's her first date, the sudden kabedon that he did to her was violent haha in the end she says that it's her first date and he admits that it's also his first date. He kissed her forehead. it was cute how Meru tells him after that it's only in mangas that they do kabedon LOL I really liked this episode! Meru did well, she was cute.

    Kitahara Rie: There is too much talking in this episode, that I didn't understand what happens. I think they're friends since 7 years and she likes him, but he tells her that he will leave soon? He gives her a kiss in the end, I think he said that her breath smells bad (because they just ate at the restaurant)? haha. Overall I can't say that I enjoyed this episode since I didn't understand much. Kitarie's acting seems pretty good.

    Kojina Yui: I love this episode, it's typical high school romance, with the boy who acts violent but deep inside he is a nice guy LOL and help her to find her hairpin (seems like he also did it in the past), it was funny when she put her fist against his fist or when she pushed the balls and it went back at her LOL the ending is funny too when the man who's fighting with the boy is actually her brother, unexpected XD (I wonder if it was him who locked them there) I liked this episode, and she did well!

    Kodama Haruka: High school romance again but this time with books. I didn't really understand what's going on, or why she was with another boy later? Anyway in the end the couple look like they'll commit suicide together but it's fake and they didn't jump from very high, I kinda expected that this drama won't have something so dark o_o Overall I didn't think much about this episode.

    Muto Tomu: I like the initial story about childhood friends and the boy moved out but they promise to write to each other and did it for 10 years (though, they're at only 100 letters after all this time? XD) but there is a twist when she finds out that the boy actually passed away years before and it was his brother who continued writing to her, later the brother confess to her and they start dating, I found it a bit weird to switch especially after something tragic like this happened, I would just feel betrayed if I received letters that weren't from who I think they were o_o

    Minegishi Minami: I think there's a good chemistry between Miichan and the male actor, the acting feels very natural. I'm not sure what happens, it's mostly in the car, looks like there is a misunderstanding and they both cry but then they fix the issue and he reveals a good news to her (I think he got a job?) they kiss in the end. That scene in the car when she lean close to him was a bit too much for an idol but I guess it's ok for Miichan LOL even though the acting was good but I can't say I liked this episode since I didn't understand much and they were always in the car.

    Taniguchi Megu: I found it weird that they had handcuffs, but it turns out they lost a game with their friends and went to do "missions" while being linked with handcuffs. Megu was cute when she did a funny face. I wonder though, how did they put those shirts on them while being linked by handcuffs, it's not possible XD Anyway it looks like he helped her for something before so she is thankful to him and likes him, but then a girl comes and there's a misunderstanding (she said something like "your type of girls changed" to the boy and mention other past things) so Megu cried. At the very end he confess to her with the merry-go-round in background and the snow, it was a nice place for a confession! Megu's acting was pretty good, the episode was nice.

    Yamamoto Sayaka: I watched this with subs! it was nice to understand. She's working as police and the man is searched by the police (for a fight, where he wasn't "wrong") so she went to find him because he's her childhood friend, together they looked for the time capsule from back in school and both take their letters, where both of them wrote back then that they liked each other (but didn't confess) after that he goes to the police, I guess it implies that they'll meet again and be together? well it's a nice little story. Sayanee did well!

    Yagura Fuuko: Both her and the boy are in a photography club at school, but it looks like he becomes famous and leaves? Then she founds pictures that he left there, pictures of her and then of him, I was confused why he included pictures of him but it's because he was making the gestures for "I Love You" haha it's cute, in the end they're together. it was a cute little story.

    Kojima Mako: High school romance again, this time at the pool. I have no idea about all the things that they talked about LOL I think they mentioned another girl. Then later Kojimako confessed to him, this was a cute scene, her smile was really cute! Seems like it's a positive ending. This episode was ok but I didn't understand much honestly.

    Furuhata Nao: So she's moving out and her friend is helping, there is something about his dad when he was little (maybe he lost his dad) and she helped him back then, at the end she reveals that she learned to fight to protect him? Her punch at the start and at the end were funny haha. The episode was ok.

    NakoMiku: I watched this with subs! I love this episode. Nako and Miku are so cute, and the story was interesting too, with Nako liking a boy but he confessed to Miku and date her, the 3 of them spend time together, I like when they were taking pictures and Nako (and the boy) were making funny faces, Nako is cute, Miku too! Then later the boy starts to like Nako, well... I didn't like his behavior :/ Miku noticed and decided to let them together and leave, I was worried that it would end with Nako accepting the boy, that boy is messed up for ruining a friendship like this, but thankfully Nako didn't accept and run to find Miku so I love the way it ended too, I love this episode!

    Takayanagi Akane: At first I thought this is similar to Yukirin episode. Churi wakes up at the man's place, I thought she was naked under the sheets but actually she had a dress (they did this on purpose? LOL) then they went to eat together, very much like Yukirin episode. But the story is different, they used to date? and the previous night, they went to a wedding and she end up at his place. She found a necklace that she wanted back then before they broke up, I think he broke up with her to let her follow her dream? Then the power is off and she says that if she can find him and kiss him in the dark, they'll be together again, and it works. well this episode was fine!

    Watanabe Miyuki: There was so much slow-motion, but it turns out that the scene is all a dream, she waks up at the same cafe but she's actually a manga artist (still so cute with that styling haha) the boy in her dream is also at the cafe, it was fun that similar actions happened in the dream and in real but in different ways (spilling something, he put something cold on her). At the end she goes to confess to him. This episode was ok, Milky looks so cute!

    Miyazaki Miho: I have no idea what they talked about, it looks like it's a blind date, first they got along but then not? Then there's a kiss, the first real kiss in this drama. But after that they revealed that they were acting? They remove their kimonos. I'm confused at the situation LOL anyway I noticed that the cafe is the same as the one from Annin's episode, they just turned the tables to a different direction XD

    Sashihara Rino: They look like they're already dating but Sasshi is embarassed to introduce him as boyfriend because he has no job? So she got mad when he told to her mom? His dream is cooking so with Sasshi's help, he opens a restaurant, and in the end, he propose to her. This episode was ok!

    Yamashita Emiri: I have to say honestly, I didn't know this girl before seeing this episode XD This drama made me learn about a member haha. The episode was nice, she is in love with the man who sells books (or it's a library), she asked him for books recommendations for her brother? but actually it's for her. in the end he recommends a book and says that it's for her, and she writes a confession letter for him inside. it's a nice episode.

    This turned out very long as I expected so I'll continue in the next post for the second half of the drama. I have a lot of opinions LOL. So, for these first 20 episodes, my favorite stories were: Tashima Meru, Kojina Yui, Taniguchi Megu, and NakoMiku. I think I have more favorite stories in the second half of the drama ^^
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    Yahagi Moeka
    My opinions for the second half of the drama!

    Yokoyama Yui: I think they're breaking up? and Yuihan always remember things wrong about their relationship. There's something about the watch that she gaves him, it stopped working. At the end it works again, and he finds her again. I think maybe the watch is a symbol for time that has stopped = their love stopped or something, and it came back once the watch worked again? it was funny when Yuihan broke the dishes LOL overall her acting is fine but I didn't understand a lot from this episode.

    Yamada Nanami: This is not really romance, their parents re-marry so they are like "siblings", it was a cute episode actually. I think the boy has a girlfriend (the girl he invited), not sure. Nanami and the boy were cute together and I like this episode! it's cute when he cooked for her. it didn't really show anything more than them getting along. I like this episode though, and it made me miss Nanami, she was my first Team 8 oshi, she's so cute ;w;

    Okada Nana: I watched this with subs! I knew this episode would be yuri LOL I like the story with how Naachan changed herself, and I thought the other girl is nice, but not really? The things she said about Naachan when the girl's boyfriend started to like Naachan, it was just mean D: The boy was stupid too. I didn't expect the kiss but I guess this is less shocking than 48G members kissing boys haha. The ending is positive with the girl going to Naachan, but honestly after the things she said before, I didn't like the girl anymore LOL she seems like she has a bad personnality.

    Takakura Moeka: This was SO CUTE haha Pierre and "Iroko" XD I could understand the french parts so it made it easier for me even without subs, I understood everything that was happening. I like the sound effects when Moeka walked or moved, it was very cute like an anime. Their date was cute with how she dressed and prepared, she was really adorable! But it has a sad ending because he goes back to France. I laughed when he kissed her hand, so cliché, is he a prince XD Btw I think he was dubbed, not sure why. Moeka did a great job in this, her crying scene in the end was good acting. I really loved this episode, so much cuteness >.<

    Takahashi Juri: So the male actor in the play is dating both Juri and the other girl? Just like in the story of their play where he dates both. I think both the girls realized this and asked him something at the end during the representation? it seems like it's not a positive ending. Nothing much to say about this story XD

    Jonishi Kei: I liked this story! So back in high school, she did magic tricks with cards and confessed to him with a text on a card but she learned at the same moment that he is dating one of her friends. Years later at a school reunion, they meet again, and he learned the magic tricks, and she saw the card that she gave him back then, where he wrote his confession on the other side, I think this was very cute and a nice story, I liked it!

    Kizaki Yuria: They're at a dancing school, and that boy randomly kissed her? LOL (btw it's obviously not a real kiss XD), later we see her cry and dance alone randomly o_o I think her past boyfriend passed away so she felt bad that she started liking the one who kissed her? Then it turns out that boy knew her when she was little, the little kids in the flashback scene are so cute! So it's a positive ending and they're together. This episode was ok.

    Tano Yuka: She's on the ferris wheel with a boy to spy on their boyfriend/girlfriend who are cheating on them with each other. Unique story LOL. I don't know why they were moving so much while in the ferris wheel, it's scary >.< Then they find out that they have interests in common and later they talk to their boyfriend/girlfriend to tell them that they don't need them and they run together (this running part was awkward XD). Hm this was a bit of a random episode/story.

    Miyawaki Sakura: I watched this with subs! I loved that I could understand. it kinda feels like a story from a manga, the boy is bored and not interested, but she wants to encourage him to play football again since it was his passion before, and she was a fan, so in the end she convinced him and she confessed but he rejected since he doesn't know her yet (how can you reject her though >.<) but it seems they'll get close again since he will play football. Sakura was so adorable the whole time with the curtains, and at the end too, and when she threw the ball outside by accident LOL she's so cute and she looks so pretty in this ;w; Loved this episode.

    Oba Mina: Minarun looks cute with those clothes, working at temple. it's funny at the start when her father says "God is watching" and she replied "Oh my God" haha. I liked the story with the man coming to visit and she fell in love, and always find excuses to make him come back, but what was that ending??? So confusing, was the man not real and a representation of God or what o_o I have no idea, he dissapeared in the tree or something o_o So I liked this episode for the whole story but the ending makes me feel confused and a bit dissapointed, it's like this was a comedy LOL

    Suda Akari: This one is a sad story, so he proposed to her on her birthday and they had a promise for her next birthday, but he got into an accident and lost memory, she keep taking care of him but he doesn't remember her, then in the end they argue, it's her birthday, and he ends up remembering their promise (and remembering her, I guess) and joined her. This was a pretty good episode.

    Matsuoka Natsumi: Seems like the boy she meets is a ghost who passed away years ago at the train station, she often comes to see him, and she confessed to him but he rejected her (well he's a ghost XD), I'm not sure what's the meaning of that knife? or if they'll meet each other again? Anyway I like the theme of the story, with trains, rain etc. and Natsumi is so cute!

    Shimazaki Haruka: I almost thought this episode will be in one take since the camera never cut at first but then it cut, haha. I like Paruru's acting here, very natural, I love her expressions! and I know this actor, Emoto Tokio, he's a friend of Acchan and acted with her! About the story, I didn't understand much... they're at a bar-restaurant, it's her birthday, she likes him, but they talk about wedding, will he get married to another girl? Then Paruru has a phone call and leaves, and cries. Then they celebrate the birthday and it ends? I guess they don't end together. it was a bit confusing. Paruru did well for acting!

    Souda Sarina: This episode was longer than others, and I really love this story! At first I think the doctor tells her that she will die soon, and then she remembers her high school first love and how she couldn't confess to him, those scenes in the flashback were so cute, the two of them were so sweet ;w; and the girl that they took for a young version of Sarina actually look like her but younger o_o So after remembering that, she faints, and when she wakes up, she meets the young version of herself and tells her to confess to the boy, so the young version confess. I love this scene, it was very touching ;_; At the end she wakes up and it turns out that everything was a dream? She's at hospital and the doctor who comes is the boy she liked in high school, so it's a positive ending! I love this episode!

    Watanabe Mayu: Mayuyu looks so classy and beautiful here, with the light blue dress and gloves and accessories! She's a princess called Emilia who's in love with her bodyguard that she knows since she was little (the kid version of her is so cute btw >.<) but he only wants to protect her, something like this, but she's happy after their talk, since he will always stay with her, I guess? I like the location of their scenes, in front of the sea, it was pretty! Then at the end someone tries to kill Mayuyu, and the bodyguard saves her and get killed, why was someone trying to kill her though? This story felt like an american movie, a bit overdramatic XD Mayuyu did well!

    Ego Yuna: She meets an old man at the hospital and he helps her to become more sociable, but then he passed away, and I think the boy is the grandson of the old man? I kinda guessed since the start that this boy and the old man would be related, at the end she becomes friends with the boy thanks to what the old man told her, and the thing about drinking cream with a straw LOL the episode is ok.

    Mukaichi Mion: Hospital again, this time both her and the boy are injured, because they went on a date and fell from bicycle I think? it's funny when Miion bump her head against his head accidentally LOL at the end he says something about their similar music interest but she admits that she only listened to rap because he likes it and to be close to him because she likes him. So he gave her a CD and asked her to give one to him too with what she likes (she said she likes idol music LOL) this episode was ok, Miion acts well and she is cute!

    Ichikawa Miori: Lemon is so cute! I noticed in this episode that she sometimes looks like Kojiharu, from side-profile. The story is similar to Paruru, at a bar-restaurant, long-time friends, there's a birthday? The boy likes her and she knows, but they never dated. Now he's with another girl and will get married. At the end he confessed to her again but she stopped him and wish him happiness, and then she cries after he leaves, sad ending. Hm I think if both like each other, why didn't she accept him... Anyway it was funny that she drinks fresh lemon juice at the restaurant, haha.

    Matsui Jurina: She's an idol who was caught in a scandal, haha, I love the scene where she says her statement, apologizing, explaining that it's just an actor she worked with, and then saying typical idol things XD This was funny. She's part of a group called "Sakura" with numbers after XD So she has a photoshoot and she saw a boy who she confessed to when she was little and he rejected her, now he works with photos, but he didn't look interested when she greet him, her reaction after was funny XD But it turns out he does remember her, then they talk together and he says that he wants to support her as fan, she thanks him and then cries later. I knew that this story wouldn't go against the love ban for idols, haha.

    Kato Rena: I almost thought that she won't have an episode in this show (I didn't see the list of members before watching) but thankfully she had one >.< I know the actor who plays her boyfriend, Hosoda Yoshihiko, but I remember him from the drama Life where he played a psychopath LOL so to see him as a normal boyfriend here was weird XD He's a good actor. Renacchi looks so pretty here ;w; Again it's a story in a bar-restaurant with a birthday, same as Paruru and Lemon LOL but this time it's more serious, she asked him to marry but he refused, then they talk about her parents who were killed, and he reveals to her that it was his father who killed her parents. I thought Renacchi's reaction is flat, I mean she's not the most amazing actress but still XD However it turned out that she had not much reaction because she already knew it XD She told him that she knew and she still wants to be together. But in the end he leaves. Then suddenly she faints o_o Not sure what happens in the end when they're both lying at the hospital, did both die? or will they have a surgery where one will save the other? No idea o_o But it's a sad ending, again.

    For these episodes, my favorite episodes/stories were: Yamada Nanami, Takakura Moeka, Jonishi Kei, Miyawaki Sakura, Oba Mina, Matsuoka Natsumi, Souda Sarina. Overall this is a drama that I enjoyed, with some good episodes and less good ones (it would probably be a bit better if I understood everything XD) it was nice to see so many members' acting! I'm surprised that Kojiharu didn't have an episode though.

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