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  1. TomoChiyuu

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    Dec 5, 2010
    Before reading this thread, please keep in mind that we are taking this very seriously and it would very much appreciated if you would consider in a similar manner!

    Objectives: After a series of debate, we have finally come to a conclusion to assemble a group of musicians who are willing to take part in a symphony dedicated to playing AKB48 musical selections. Four dedicated and talented musicians around Southern California have already decided to take part. We are aiming for 24+ members, if you fall into the requirements please feel free to contact us at: symphony48.info@yahoo.com

    - Monthly rehearsals will be held in the southern california region.
    - Sheet Music will be provided by the organization.
    - Music scores have already been written by a professional company
    - List of music we would be selecting from: Ponytail to Shushu, Heavy Rotation, Sakura no Shiori, Chance no Junban, Sakura no Kini Narou, et cetera.

    - The ability to attend mandatory rehearsals (adapted to everyone's schedule)
    - Rehearse on your own.
    - Ability to work with others and willing to accept constructive criticism.
    - Age 14-30.
    - Must provide own instrument.
    - Must provide own transportation.
    - List of instruments (3+ years worth of experience, exceptions if you show your capability)
    -Piccolo (1)
    -Flutes (3-4)
    -Oboe (1)
    -Bassoon (1)
    -Clarinet (2-3)
    -Bass Clarinet (1)
    -Alto Saxophone (2)
    -Tenor Saxophone (1)
    -Baritone Saxophone (1)
    -Bb Trumpet (2-3)
    -French Horns (2-3)
    -Trombone (2)
    -Euphonium (1)
    -Tuba (1)
    -Electric Bass Guitar (1)
    -Drumset (2)

    Additional Information:
    Keep in mind that this will be a long shot group which will take time to assemble, but once the musician count is fulfilled the group will definitely be performing in public occasions. Please know the fact each member we get will help. Your participation in the group will be appreciated, not only by us but also the many, many AKB48 fans out there.

    Mission Statement:
    "To dedicate ourselves to build upon our foundation of excellence in music and motion through love and passion for AKB48. By consistently giving our personal and collective best, we will strive to meet and exceed the standards of the group and all individuals, maximizing potential and achieving success."
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    Nov 29, 2010
    Los Angeles
    Re: AKB48 Symphony! MUSICIANS WANTED!

    I live around So-Cal, have 6 years of Alto Saxophone experience, Age: 15, is it alright if I join? I'm so lucky it's in So-Cal, we're gonna have so much fun! I can already imagine playing AKB48 music. SO SWEET.
  3. TomoChiyuu

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    Dec 5, 2010
    Re: AKB48 Symphony! MUSICIANS WANTED!

    Haha your more than welcome! I'll will now send you the registration form please fill it out when you have time, and along with the form I will also send you a list of AKB48 musical selections we will be choosing from, please pick your top 3! Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest! Looking forward to working with you.
  4. srking

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    Jan 27, 2011
    Re: AKB48 Symphony! MUSICIANS WANTED!

    sorry for invading the thread when I'm not going to join (I don't live in this area)


    wow! what an interesting thing to do!! AKB orchestral music!! I just don't understand why the upper age limit is 30??

    Best of luck anyway, I would totally join if I live in CA!
  5. TomoChiyuu

    TomoChiyuu Kenkyuusei

    Dec 5, 2010
  6. bictaa

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    May 14, 2011
    Re: AKB48 Symphony! MUSICIANS WANTED!

    Are you trying to make an Symphony, or do you want to start a Wind Band? Judging from your instrumentation it seems that it's a Wind Band. Anyway, I have 14+ years experience playing the bass (double bass/bass guitar) also, I have 10 years experience teaching band and orchestras and conducting and stage productions for orchestral pits.

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