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    Jul 12, 2017
    Later in the MV, Mimigumo are talking about some weird cloud that shape like biceps. So Half-Life 3 Myujikkii MV is confirmed!!
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    Oct 27, 2017
    Someone can help me to translate what they talking about in opening and ending mv?
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    Jul 12, 2017

    Music: What's your guy doing.
    Music: Peeking at human again?
    Jaa: Well, The clouds(Mimigumo -> Cloud with ear) like us want to know if everyone is happy.
    Kaimook: Yep.
    Music: But seem like everyone didn't have a smile on their face.
    Jaa: Yeah.
    Kaimook: That right.
    Jaa: What are we gonna do?
    Kaimook: I know what to do.
    Kaimook: How about Ms.Egg (Kaimook always called herself "Ms.Egg") Make the "candy of happiness" and give it to everyone.
    Jaa: Yep, That good Idea.
    [That led to the MV about making candy]



    Kaimook: Finally, our candy of happiness made everyone smile again.
    Jaa: Wait!! Look at that weird cloud.
    Jaa: I never seen a cloud shaped like that before.
    Kaimook: Me too
    Music: It seem to look like.. a biceps
    Kaimook: Agree
    Jaa: That right.
    Kaimook: Biceps...

    [That led to the biceps monster song "Myujikkii"]
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    May 19, 2014
    What I found to be quite funny is the fact that int'l sister group has to change "everybody suck" to everybody eat.
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    May 8, 2016
    Unfortunate City
    I understand if it's JKT since our society here is made up from mostly over-sensitive, over-religious pricks. No one want their theater raided by triggered people rite. But I wonder if BNK also avoid that "controversy"?
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    Jun 18, 2017
    Detail on Gen 2's concert revealed
    BNK48 2nd Generation's Concert Blooming Season
    Various performances showing various talents, singing, dancing, music instrument playing etc.
    November 2; BITEC Bangna, Hall 106 (Door opened 14:00, concert starts 16:00)
    Ticket prices: 2800, 2400, 1800 and 1000 THB (all seat tickets)
    Ticket sale opened on Oct 12 (Sat) at 10:00 on www.eventpop.me

    A hot topic at the moment is "Has BNK48 been on a decline?"

    Most popular comments are agreeing

    #1 Only wotas diss ones saying BNK been on decline.
    BNK trend has been out and the group has become niche.
    I now barely see it shared on SNS.
    Keep delusional.

    #2 Yes, it is. I think wotas better stop thinking Cookie hype was abnormal spike. Doesn't this mean the pre-Cookie era is normal? It was a struggle back then.
    In comparison, the eldest sister group could better sustain the hype. We must accept that BNK's been on the downhill. It fails to be mainstream and many old customers have been tired.
    I too have been tired. Members have shown no improvement. Their skills, dancing, singing and variety show are dull. Honestly, all non-fans find their variety show appearance boring.
    The office also has been awful. Every single events keep being suck. Sometimes, newcomers unsupport the group after attending 1 events.
    Besides, up to this day, only 1 member got popular among general public, Cherprang. The rest, Music or Jennis, are barely recognized outside fandom. Many youtubers are more well-known.
    The worst is wota's image. Outsiders are shunned to join the fandom as they're offended to be blanketed with crazy persons. Outsiders side eye these persons hard. There is nothing hateful in the original comment yet, wotas are incensed. Are they alright? Why are they mad? Anyone not praising are labeled haters. To me, they look sick, badly sick. If I become a fan, I'll be one of them and, that's very embarrassing.
    Honestly, the office better adjust its strategy, members better develop their skills, wotas better be more chill. Keep in mind only compliments can hype no celeb. If they are only comments like "She's my angel.", "The girl with magical smile.", "My sweetheart to bless you good night." etc., how far can the group go? Without discussion with outsiders, how many outsiders will be interested in the group and turn into fans?

    #3 You boasted the group was so big and chased customers away. It takes forever for the goods to arrive. Don't wanna wait? Don't buy then. Don't like the sea of cameras? Don't attend the event then.
    Hard core wotas keep discriminating among themselves. Outsiders are offended. Even fans are being fed up and leaving. At 1 point, you have to question "Has the group been on decline?".
    Over a year, the marketing has been disastrous. They keep cracking into new market but neglect old one. Who will keep buying their products? No proper QC, pre-order today to receive the goods next year, also overdue or missed orders at times, an event with thousands goers but 2 printers to print tickets, what a great management. Who will want to work with them anymore?
    It's not just the trend has naturally been fading, it has a lot to do with their own practices. For example, that supplier from hell I won't name. I didn't get my goods so, I asked them. They passed the buck telling me to asked the office. The office also passed the buck telling me to ask the supplier. Can you be happy with this situation? When I ranted, you came up with same old replies "Stop buying then". Now, peeps have stopped buying as you suggested and, you've reached the point to question this question or keep deluding yourself that everything's still alright.
    In general, the office's been imitating the original sister but in poor quality and you're deluding yourselves "Other groups have done poorly too.", blah blah blah.
    Also, stop bringing up KFC. It wasn't popular at the beginning and took time to hit big. After some time, things are going to the previous state. Many newer singles have released yet, you're still bragging about KFC period. It's been 2 years, you're ok with no song else to brag ever, huh?
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    Sep 13, 2019
  8. welp

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    Jun 18, 2017
    7th single announcement VTR

    It's said line-up selection was top 7 from the election + younger members.
  9. welp

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    Jun 18, 2017
    This is the full transcript from a meeting between Mr. Jirath and the press few months ago. It's interesting to ones interested in business side.
    Why is it Chiangmai out of many places we've visited? There is a big number of fans in North-east too. We've even visited Laos. Yet, why must it be Chiangmai? We've visited Chiangmai 14 times. BNK48 has visited Chiangmai 14 times. And, every times, The people of Chiangmai is amazed of our different system and format. In every visits, In the cafe, I overheard "BNK's coming again, the mall gonna be crammed again.". That's what locals talked about us. We've been there with Samsung. We've been there with clients many times with our hotel partner, with Toyota. Toyota has brought us there several times. Each time, the partner is highly satisfied. Counting all events BNK48's hired to perform and film promotions, we've visited the city 14 times in total. We've connected, built a relationship with fans. Not just via music videos or TV screens they can see us, they can touch, can see us in persons, get the chance to do hi-touch, handshake.

    Aside from the connection built via frequent visits, we've seen the culture, the enriched culture, the centuries old culture. I'm intrigued by this. In fact, all 4 regions have interesting cultures but, how we may present them. Later, you’ll see Northern culture presented in CGM48’s contents. That's a goal of us. Chiangmai has impactful and distinguished identity. I want CGM48 to be not just another group in a different location but also present the identity and culture through lyric, music, MV, event, costume, everything. Due to its interesting identity, we find Chiangmai a promising location to branch out.

    Besides, in term of population, as you may have known, Chiangmai is the most populated in the north of Thailand with over 1.7 million of population. Also, we're interested in the number of tourists. Each year, Chiangmai is visited by 2 million Thai tourists and 9 millions more of foreign ones. If I understand correctly, most of these are Chinese. And, the Chinese likes Thai celebs, Thai singers. Also, of course, BNK48 too has a considerable number of Chinese fans. So, the city is a strategic site in regard of population and tourists. So, we believe the traffic in the city is significant and marketable.

    Another regard is the nature. In spite of the fine dust hot topic, Chiangmai and the north of Thailand still undeniably are much covered with nature. Wherever we went, especially the last time when the rain had fallen and cleansed the dust, the green scenery met our eyes. This is a point we want to present to not only locals but also foreigners. Chiangmai is ample of woods. So, we symbolize the woods in the logo, the color of it. I've been asked a lot about the color. It's mint leaf color. Why is mint leaf chosen? We wanted a modern greenish color to represent the ample woods and rivers of the north. Thus, our logo turns out like this.

    We’ve launched social network. We’ve had no member. We’ve just announced "CGM48 is BNK48's sister group". Already in first day, our account was followed by 75,000 persons. We had had no member. And, today, we have had roughly 100,000 followers. Later, after we get members, they’ll create contents. In my opinion, for a group without any content yet, the interest toward the group is great.

    Also, regarding the application, the application has been opened since 15th this month. Up to today, over 3,500 persons have applied. Don't forget that, first before all, girls will have to live in Chiangmai. Applicants are various. In 12 - 14 age range, so young, 1,750 persons are. A massive amount of kids wanna be 48 idols. There is a more interesting group, foreigners. 100 of them have applied. Within this group are Chinese, Burmese, Laotian. 100 persons. I'm excited to see these 100 interesting applicants. These are examples of responses to the announcement of CGM48 from June 2 to today. We've opened the audition application since 15th last month and it will be closed on 15th this month.

    This will be a breakthrough difference. Previously, they may be celebs from regional areas but their offices locate in Bangkok. This time, the theater, which is our core, will locate in Chiangmai for CGM48 to perform weekly. We'll have the training center in Chiangmai. We'll have the digital live studio to create contents in Chiangmai. We'll have the cafe to welcome tourists and fans in Chiangmai. We'll have dormitory. This group will be different from the Bangkok group as, in Bangkok, almost 20 of girls, living in the dorm. But, in Chiangmai, every girls must live in the dorm. They will have different training system. Also, we'll have training center there too. These all will be in Chiangmai. And, the operation office, I expect to have around 50 employees there within 2 years, group's members excluded. In the first year, we'll recruit 20-30 persons. We believe Chiangmai will be an important base of BNK48 Office in next 3 years in northern region. I've received love calls from various cities such as Kampaengpet. BNK has remotest link to Kampaengpet and, we can't run activities thoroughly. We’ve received such love calls from Sukhothai, Kampaengpet, Nan, Maehongson. Later, the whole northern region is the working area, is the focus of CGM48.

    Also, it will exhibit the identity, the beauty, the culture, the lifestyle and the nature to peoples in other parts of the country and to other countries. This is our mission. We want to contribute back to the society via work. We aren't sponsored by Tourism Authority, not yet. But, this is something that makes us proud as citizens of Thailand. We've long admired the culture of the north and long hoped to show it.

    About other regional groups, we've discussed on them but, we must wait and see the response to CGM48 first if it meets our expectation. At this moment, it’s a possibility. If we can materialize the dream, it'll be awesome. We'll be able to house talented ones from all over the country. I've long interested in this model, we'll not centralize everything in Bangkok. We expect it to operate fully next year.

    Right now, we're in application process. After application, it'll be audition. After audition, it'll be training. The training duration is roughly 4 to 5 months. Finally, they'll debut. From today to the debut of CGM, it'll be no application for 3rd gen opened.

    Firstly, we won't reuse the song with the exclusion of anthem song that is BNK48. That group will release CGM48 too. We'll try avoid song reuse. That’s our plan for now. I'm confident it won't be any reuse song at debut. Of course, when we have 2 groups, we want them to have different concepts. We must differentiate them.

    Will northern dialect be used?

    Of course. We've been interested in it. Dialect is an identity, a culture, we've planned to present.

    So, the group too will use AKB48's songs, huh?

    Yes, initially. Initially.

    Is it the possibility to use sister groups' songs?

    Yes, every groups.

    Is this only for CGM or BNK too?

    BNK48 too. No one limits us to use or not use whose songs. It's simply our choice.

    When will it debut?

    Around first quarter of next year.

    The reason for founding the group. If you look into it, 48 Group has the system similar to football league, or baseball league. It's similar to sport club. Today, I've owned BNK48 Club, a player in 48 Group League, in which almost 2,000 idols around Asia are included. 6 teams in Japan. 6 more teams abroad. This group will be the seventh. This means we're in a league. In what are we battling? We're battling for popularity.

    How thorough is BNK48's reach? Honestly, Thailand has 76 cities. We surely can't cover all areas. Besides, since it is Bangkok48, it must be different from CGM48 or the prospective Khonkaen and Hatyai groups. Thus, to complete the system, the competition is required. Competition on what? An endeavor competition, to push oneself to stand out and attract fans and deliver better performance. It's a competition but, it's not really a competition that is evaluated on the ground of talent and endeavor. I would like to use the term "fan" instead of "customer". I think they'll fight for popularity. Right now, everyone will say "How on earth CGM can fight with BNK?". It's the same when we debuted BNK and peoples asked how the group could survive, how BNK48 could fight against the Korean. We don't fight with the Korean, we fight against none. We use Thai girls.

    We've been questioned if we're J-pop. Apparently, our system is adopted from the Japanese but, we present the story of Thai girls. This time, we'll present the story of Chiangmai and northern girls.

    How will you show the identity of the region?

    Many ways. For example, the dance. This is just my imagination. The folk dance for example, in Jabaja MV, we inserted cultural elements into it. The costume and such. I may use textile pattern of the northern art. They're various things to use. And, it'll be awesome if the Japanese asks "This textile's so pretty. Where is it from?" and, we can explain it comes from this town in this city. It may be northern foods in the cafe's menu. We may sell northern spicy sausage in CGM's cafe.

    We expect 20-30 members. We don't have a fixed number. It doesn't depend on us, it depends on the potential of applicants.

    With BNK48 alone, our monthly expense is over 40 millions. Once we get a new team, the expense surely will soar. But, it's expansion, it's investment. Investment always comes with risk. But, this is not headlong but planned risk.

    What about your invasion plan to Cambodia, Laos and such? Does it remain?

    It remains.

    How's the progress?

    A show was aired and has ended. This is the fruit of us reaching out, 100 foreigners have applied to our audition. That's a response. We didn't promote CGM audition oversea, not at all. But, we'll do so for next gen. But, not yet. We let it go naturally for now, go naturally after our contents have been spread oversea.

    How many Thai groups can they be in maximum?

    My opinion right now is 4. But, it isn't certain. I may combine something. It's no definite answer for now. Perhaps, a breakthrough idea will pop up. I may do, like in Japan, 3-4 cities co-operated and built a ship, which sails among these 3 cities in Setouchi region. It's happened. In entertainment industry, nothing is definite, the plan can always change. In my opinion, in this era, we can't tell how things will be in next 3 years. But, I can tell we want to grow. We won't be satisfied with just 1 or 2 teams.

    I’ve said about the system. The fixation to be the group might be unnecessary. There are models ... In 48 system, there are various models such as, unit. Unit is a fraction of the group. An advantage of working with 48 Group is it gave us various tools. Due to various tools, the idea isn't limited. The creativity is unlimited. We don't need new group for inclusiveness. I believe we'll be inclusive within 3 years. Still, I'm unsure if that inclusiveness is up to my expectation.

    Our very end goal isn't Thailand. Our end goal is Pan-Asia popularity. So, we can't tell if entire country inclusiveness is our target.

    We expect CGM to cost 100 million. Theater, trainers wage, personnel recruitment and management blah blah blah. Those may cost 100 million (bahts) in 2 years. 100 million may be used up in 1 year or may be not. To be honest, the number has no reference. Still, I believe CGM48 to cost 100 million bahts. If there’s another group, it will too cost 100 million bahts.

    They are customers interested in regional marketing. They are regional products wanting to go nationwide. They are new ideas and I'm excited. This is interesting. It'll be awesome if we can be a tool for a brand of Chiangmai, if the brand becomes popular via 48 Group network, especially one from Thailand, if it becomes known nationwide. They've been coming. We've received love calls from restaurants and tourist spots.

    How about income ratio?

    Merchandise takes about half, 50%. Online streaming takes about 25%. The rest 25% is sponsorship. The online income has the potential to increase. It's increasing. Still, not significant yet.

    Estimated income of BNK48 Office in 2019?

    I had never estimated the income. I hope it'll increase, at least 15%, since the new business, CGM48, won't debut yet this year. CGM will debut next year. We've worked more. Let's say we've released more products, more merchandises and such.

    What's the key to the success?

    In my opinion, it's the consistency of interesting projects. In comparison to other groups, they may release only music, in the case of BNK, you'll keep seeing news reports on us. For example, we're recently reported releasing a film, the film, Where We Belong. We're planning to celebrate 15 million sale. While others celebrate 100 million baht sale, I'll rejoice with just 15 millions. The main goal of this film isn't the income but, the showcase that BNK48's girls can be more than cuties. They can be taken seriously as professional entertainers. Music and Jennis were showered with compliments for their acting. A flip from their idol image. We want to introduce our girls to new scenes.

    The key that keeps the interest on us is the variety of the content, the project we deliver. You'll keep seeing more and more films involving BNK. Film is a product line extended from music. They'll be films, series and various events. To put it simple, something's always happening. It is always a new topic to talk about.

    Will the 100 million investment reach break-even point in a year?

    Er. No way. I've planned conservative 3 year period. I planned 5 year one for BNK but, we've reached break even point in second year.

    If you question why the period is shorter for Chiangmai48 and the amount is lower despite the hot response, To be honest, Chiangmai's purchase power isn't so great. Before we advance, we must be aware that Chiangmai has a big crowd of fans but their purchase powers are lower in comparison to Bangkok. So, we don't set the bar so high, thinking it can generate as good sale of merchandise as the Bangkok group. But, it's a chance for the table to be turned by tourism. If we can link the tourism of Chiangmai to CGM, they can be new ways to monetize. Now, we'll go with conservative expectation.

    In the first year of BNK, I lost 40-50 millions. In second year, I fortunately made profit. But, the profit went back to investment on projects to keep happening. We continuously launch new projects such as films. Only on the film, we've invested roughly 250 million bahts. That showed our commitment to work in this business, showed we didn't just mean to grab quick money. We aim for sustainability. We believe this system can reside in Thai society.

    How do you divide the territory with AKS?

    My given territory is the whole Thailand. I could convince them to let me work in this area with them. Admittedly, we've received great support from the Japanese so far and, they want to keep working hand in hand with us.

    How about partnership models with other companies?

    They are various models. Simplest one is endorsement deal. Some models are performance based, meaning we also take part in marketing and, we're paid income distribution. It's not simply 1 paycheck and end. We like to keep challenging. No endorser will say "Let's work on branding together" but, we did it. To be honest, it requires much effort. I haven't done much of that lately. It's much more demanding than regular one. Now, BNK alone has numerous projects.

    For 48 Group system, trend is advantageous. Trend leads to the awareness on BNK48, on Fortune Cookie. But, after the trend faded, nowadays, our income, turnover, our business value still is growing. What's the basis of the growth? The measure is … They're always old fans leaving and new fans joining, new followers and unfollowers. They're peoples laying their eyes on us due to the trend but not putting their hands into the pocket to spend on us. This business can keep afloat with supporters. So, fan is more important than casual follower. Trend drew public attention to us. But, they might not pay more attention beyond "Oh, I know Fortune Cookie. I know the move" and engaged in nothing more. As our business is fan based economy, in our model, more fans we get, more income we gain and, we grow steadily. So, the trend, I'm glad if there is still, without trend, we can survive, we can grow. Is no trend our end? It's different. After Fortune Cookie's popularity has faded, you may have listened to no newer song of us but, fans still listen to them. See? This is fan based economy, a new business model. A new business model different from ones reliant on trend and die as the trend faded. But, this doesn't mean I don't care the trend. Every times we release something new, we usually trend first place on Twitter. The premiere of Where We Belong trended first place. The announcement of CGM48 too trended first place. What did these mean? There's the trend but it isn't long-lasting. During Fortune Cookie period, the trend lasted long and the impact was intensive. That's a long and powerful trend.

    How much have you invested into each movie? What is your expected sale?

    We set different goal for each film. For Where We Belong, we've invested over 10 million bahts. This sum hasn't included the promotion fee. Our goal, our expectation is a platform for our girls to showcase and the promotion of the launch of BNK48 Film, advertising that BNK48 Film's production is quality movie. Is profit required for every films? It isn't. Loss can be profit. If the public recognizes my girls in the way I wish, it can be counted as marketing cost. But, we can't do so to every films. Not that 4 movies we produce yearly will go this way. Some may be worthy even if they end in loss.

    What interested you into film business?

    Talking about content, these days, when you turn on the TV, they're copious contents. There's content overflow if you focus on variety show segment, or even drama. There's drama overflow too. But, there's an area, the movie. They aren't many Thai movies released each year. So, the interest from the Thai public on this kind of content isn't widely divided. This is my own assumption. It may be untrue but, this is my opinion. If I produce a TV show, the market is already flooded. Each of numerous channels has various TV shows. So, who will watch ours? Can it be a hit? The drama segment is competitive too. But, they aren't many films. It's more difficult and risky still, there's possibility.
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    Apr 11, 2018
    Seeing how they visited Laos & how much of a fandom BNK48 has there, I could see VTN48 happening at some point
  11. ootamudkip

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    May 19, 2014
    We already have JKT, BNK, MNL, SGO, and CGM with MUB and DEL coming in the future. I honestly will prefer for the management to be able to focus on creating original song for the international group and original stage for JPN48 rather than creating more group
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    Aug 14, 2014
    Orange County, CA
    Lin Nan
    Does anyone know where I can get a BNK Festival music card? eBay only has CD listings
  13. Tyrese

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    Jul 12, 2017
    Maybe you need to buy from the exporter of the goods. The Festival Cards are easy to find here due to oversupply during SSK. But for sending out of the country is another story.
  14. ehs01

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    Sep 18, 2018
    If you are based in Singapore I am happy to share mine. They are opened but with music redeem code intact. Not sure if it has your Oshis though!
  15. welp

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    Jun 18, 2017
    Not just CGM, BNK's latest profile photos also changed the agency stamp from BNK48 Office to iAm. As I have mentioned, iAm is a well-established music label and, it's under True's wings. Also, it has been noticed True's media covered BNK's activities well and BNK is endorsing 7-11, which is True's business, and True's mobile phone service. The change of agency stamp likely suggests the change of shareholding and management structure. What will this mean to BNK will need some time to tell.

    Mr. Jirath reported a main partner in a new boy idol project "The Brothers". Not much detail has been out but, this survival show will have 4 superstars of the country as mentors, Mario Maurer, Tik Jessadaporn, Ananda and Nichkhun.
    This boy idol project is surely separated from BNK's world but, Mr. Jirath's main focus will shift to this big new project and the boy group will certainly later share personnel and finance resource from BNK. BNK will definitely be affected by it.

    Talking about Idol business, 2 girl groups to debut pique my interest, 1 from 411, another from 4nologue. Both are new music labels whose businesses extended from event organizing, mainly K-pop related. Both have founded strong networks in showbiz from its years of organizing experience and have very big budgets for their girls. 4Nologue announced it had prepared 100M THB for the launch of its girl group and had recruited few music industry veterans. 411 is an extension of metal industry giant, Mahagit Group.
  16. BoredPikachu

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    Aug 14, 2014
    Orange County, CA
    Lin Nan
    Thank you! Unfortunately I am in the United States but it seems like 77machi is getting a music card release as well so I'll wait and see if I'm able to find someone
  17. welp

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    Jun 18, 2017
    I can't believe the agency let this scum come back.
    Maira has been exposed going out with the married Suchart during her suspension.
    They just went to book fair together but, to go out with a married man after the brother of his pregnant wife had publicly grilled her was such a choice.

    After her suspension ended last month, she has performed in the theater, filmed few episodes of BNK X The Ska's web show and she is performing in Gen 2's concert right now.

    You may find someone willing to sell using the #bnk48market on twitter. You may be scammed though.
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    Aug 26, 2019
    Shiroma Miru
    BNK48 2nd Generation: Blooming Season Concert

    M00. overture (BNK48 vers.)
    M01. Tsugi no Season
    M02. Aitakatta
    M03. BNK48
    M04. BNK Festival

    MC1: Introduction

    M05. Mata Anata no Koto wo Kangaeteta (Acapella vers.) (Myyu, Nine, Fifa, Faii, Niky, New, Panda, Stang, Kheng, Bamboo, Oom)
    M06. Yume e no Route (Acapella vers.) (ALL MEMBERS)

    MC2: Vocal team songs break down

    M07. Kimi wa Melody

    ( Aom CGM48 appears on Stage )

    MC3: Talk with Aom CGM48

    M08. Shonichi (with Keyboard)
    M09. LET U GO (Band vers.) (Faii as Drum, Panda as Bass, Wee as Guitar, Natherine as Keyboard)
    M10. 365nichi no Kamihikouki (Acoustic v Guitar vers.) (Stang and Nine)

    MC4: Talk about Acting Stage Director (June BNK48)

    M11. Jabaja (EDM vers.) (Faii, Minmin, Phukkhom, June, Mewnich, Niky)
    M12. Temodemo no Namida (EDM vers.)
    M13. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara (Jailhouse Blues Mix) (Panda, Nine, Khaming, Stang, Myyu)
    M14. BEGINNER (Thai Country Mix) (Fifa, New, Natherine, Bamboo, Pakwan, Khamin)


    EN01. 77 no Suteki na Machi e
    EN02. Reborn
    EN03. Tsugi no Season (Acoustic vers.)
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    Jun 18, 2017
    The married man defended he went to the venue alone and and had reported the police.
    So, he said he accidentally ran into Maira, huh? :rolleyes:

    [oversize image]

    Job responded he would make decision after hearing Maira's side of story since the other side (the guy) had denied the allegation.
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    Nov 1, 2010
    Thailand ;)~
    It's very sad that I can't go to concert due work. But after reading feedback from various place I so proud of our girls.


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