Single Hinatazaka46 1st [Kyun] [2019/03/27]

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    The Kyun MV has gone over 7 million views on YouTube. Pretty good, considering that I recall it was on the home page for quite a while before being put on YouTube. source
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    Talk about being late to the party. While waiting for Doremisolasido to release on Spotify Canada, I thought I'd post my take on Kyun that I never got around to finishing.

    Song Rankings and Thoughts (From least favourite to most favourite)
    • Note: I don’t take lyric meanings into consideration for these. I’m going purely by how the music sounds (and looks where MV is applicable).
    • Chinmoku ga Ai Nara
      • The only reason this song is at the bottom of the ranking is because something needs to fill that spot, and the lack of MV makes it unfortunately less remarkable than the others. Otherwise, I really do like the song.
      • It sounds pleasant, and sweet, and (despite the fairly driving beat) mellow, and closes out the single nicely. The synths are a nice touch that add to that mellow feeling, as do the backing vocals. I wish the bassline was a little bit more pronounced because there's a neat one lying under all the different instruments and elements. But overall everything meshes nicely together, and the transitions are really smooth. It's a cute song that's well-suited to the 2nd gens.
    • Footsteps
      • This is pretty much the epitome of "rose-coloured glasses." It's so pink. What a ridiculously cute song. The model 5 look stunning in that retro 50's aesthetic. The set, cinematography and costumes are very good--simplistic and not busy; perfect for a unit song.
      • I like the contrast between the lonely tone of the verses (emphasized by the sparse use of instruments) and the bright, bombastic chorus with the horns on full blast. The guitar has a nice lick after the second chorus and into the bridge. More great use of backing vocals to accent the song. Really nice bass tone and groove. I'm liking this trend of modernizing old-school music styles more than I thought I would.
      • The choreography is too cute. The "cat's paws" move especially. And they look like they're having so much fun dancing together. Wonderful smiles all around.
      • I hope this unit gets more songs in the future. They all have good, distinct voices, and of course their visuals are top-notch.
    • Tokimekisou
      • It took me a while to decide the order of "Tokimekisou" and "Footsteps," but ultimately this song claimed the higher rank because it showcases Hinata's Keyaki heritage. There's so many cool things about the song.
      • We start with a several Keyaki signatures--the prominent acoustic guitar and forward march; the tone-setting piano and sweeping strings. Then we get a Hiragana hallmark with the full sprint. We also have thematic callbacks to "going against the grain" and "celebrating eccentricity and difference." There's even a moment that recalls the hunched-over positions from "Kitaishite inai Jibun."
        • Other cool moments: Miho throwing the chair, Meimei dancing in the computer room, Katoshi and Kumi pair dancing.
      • The verses are absolutely stellar, both vocally and instrumentally. It's got a lilting cadence that I really like. My favourite thing is how in the first verse, it's the violin that gets to play around a bit, but in the second verse it's the guitar that gets to shine in the first half with its alternating sides, and then the piano gets in on the action to close it out.
        • I also like the piano parts in support of the choruses.
      • Honestly, the quality of both the song and MV puts it in A-side territory, or at least really close to it. However, it's only in the middle of my rankings because how weak I think the chorus itself is compared to the rest of the song, and also the songs I rank ahead above "Tokimekisou." For some reason, it just doesn't fully click with me, and I feel it lets the rest of the song down enough to knock it down my list.
    • Kyun
      • With this, the new identity of Hinatazaka is firmly established. On the surface, they're the adorable little sister of the Sakamichi Series, all idol smiles and gestures. They've taken over the mantle of schoolgirl idol group. But if we dig a little deeper, we find an energetic group that is characterized by a high performance level that won't lose to Keyakizaka in intensity. There are a lot of things in "Kyun" that I think have defined the Hinata image going forward, at least for the time being, which I'll go into more detail soon.
      • Musically, "Kyun" is a fun song. High energy, good dynamics to keep the song interesting (though I do think the bridge is just a tad too long). The "kyun" hook is instantly memorable. But one of the main reasons why "Kyun" isn't at the very top of my list is that I feel that the high energy works against it in the end--I can't listen to it on repeat because it can get exhausting. It's also a bit too long for that level of energy.
      • Where I think the song shines the brightest is in the choreography, which I think defines the Hinatazaka style--bouncy, quick, and very precise.
        • Hinata style relies on a lot of quick movements with tight timing to pull off. In some ways, it's harder than Keyaki choreo because of the sheer amount of moves that they have to do. "Kyun" is on the high end of difficulty of all Sakamichi songs, because of how relentless it is. There's maybe 5-10 seconds in the entire song when they aren't dancing. Credit to them, though, they pull it off well.
        • One aspect that I think sets Hinata apart from their sisters is the way that they use the environment in their MV choreo. For example, using the desks and notebooks, benches, stairs as part of their dance. It's also why precision is so key in their choreo--because of how they're always moving around props or obstacles, and the margins of error are so much smaller when it comes to spacing.
        • Hinata also excels in having dynamic, intricate formations. They're often weaving around each other as well, in addition to the environment.
        • It also looks like Hinata's A-side hooks will also be paired with iconic dance moves. Both in "Kyun" and again in "Doremisolasido" their signature moves are visually impactful and easy to remember. It's one of those things where you can go "oh, it's the Kyun dance," or "that's the Doremi dance!" They're also the first of the Sakamichi sisters to really lean into having a signature dance move.
        • As for their style in general, I think Hinata uses a sort of modernized idol style--one that smooths out transitions and makes the flow of movement more consistent and logical. I also think it's a style that has them competing directly with some K-pop styles. Japanese kawaii vs Korean aegyo.
      • Another thing that I thought was really cool about the MV is that they had males also doing the Kyun dance. Just a random detail that I really liked.
    • Joyful Love
      • I place it ahead of "Kyun" because it's a style of song that I prefer more, and also because I really, really like the choreography and cinematography. The setting is wild! I think I remember hearing that it was a modern art gallery? I definitely want to go see that place the next time I'm in Japan. Pretty much everything about this track is just beautiful.
      • I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be Hiragana Keyaki's main coupling song for Kuroi Hitsuji. The quality in every aspect is much, much higher compared to "Kimi ni Hanashiteokite koto," and didn't the CM come out months before? But I'm glad they decided to move it to Hinatazaka's debut single, making it a lot stronger.
      • I love the rainbow theme for their outfits.
      • Where I thought the music of "Kyun" was more one-tone, "Joyful Love" throws in a bunch of interesting variations that keep it fresh.
        • The composers are really good in using backing vocals to accent songs without detracting from the main vocals. They're being used like instruments, and it's a feature that I've noticed and have come to appreciate in a lot of Hinatazaka songs.
        • I love all the different instrumental parts that swirl around the vocal melody (which itself is really pleasant and warm). Little phrases that add some flair. There's that one really cool guitar chord that kicks off the build-up before the chorus.
        • I like that there's a relatively heavy drum and bass because it turns it into a song that you can really dance along to.
      • Speaking of dancing, I think the choreo of "Joyful Love" is spectacular much in the same way as in "Kyun." While the tempo is different, it also showcases the same sort of high-precision and formation/environment-dependant choreography. I prefer the overall flow in this MV, however. The way they speed up and slow down is wonderful. I also just think that this particular style is cooler.
    • Mimi ni Ochiru Namida
      • And yet, somehow, an MV-less B-side is my favourite song on this single.
      • Shiho really gets to shine here, which is probably one of the reasons I love it so much. While she doesn't quite have the technique or power of Kyoko, Shiho is very good singer in her own right, and there's just something about the way her voice sounds that makes her my favourite vocalist in the group.
      • I love the way the vocals climb, progressing from the verse through the chorus. The buildup and payoff is great. There's such a bittersweet and yet hopeful tone that's snagged my attention.
        • And it does this while being relatively minimalistic on the instrumental side. It's not elaborate, but just very well put together.
      • Other than that, there's not really much left to say about it. There's just something intangible about this song that's managed to capture my heart. I could listen to it endlessly.
    Overall Thoughts:
    • We really couldn't have asked for a better debut single from Hinatazaka46. From top to bottom, Kyun is super. There are 3 songs I consider to be A-side level of quality ("Kyun," "Joyful Love," and "Tokimekisou") and yet none of them are my favourite track on the single. I think that speaks to the strength of the release.
    • Hinatazaka's aesthetic is exceedingly cute, but it's paired with high-level choreography. Not only that, but it's distinct from their sister groups, and ensures that Era of Sakamichi continues with the amount of variety they can offer.
    • They went younger with Hinatazaka's image, as evidenced by choosing Nao as the first face of the franchise over their three established centres, but there's nothing really wrong with that. She has a strong personality, great looks, and high performance ability, so it makes sense. I like her a lot. My only wish is that they start the centre rotation sooner rather than later--and make it a true rotation--because there are a bunch of girls that I think can stand in that spotlight and excel.
    • The jacket covers look really, really good.
    Well, that's it! Here's to Hinatazaka having a long and successful run into the future. But I'm not worried, that's kinda their thing.
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    ≠ME, the sister group of =LOVE (Idol group produced by Sashihara Rino)
    at SP CON 24 girls 190817 cover Hinatazaka46 - Kyun

    and this is Sakurai Momo (a member of ≠ME) cover Kyun on her SR
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    Toshl from xjapan likes kyun
    Min 1:35

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    CRE8BOY talk about the choreography and explain the dance


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