Hiragana Audition Showroom Impressions

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  1. Akusaiko

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    Jul 28, 2016
    Neru aren't frequently seen with other members of hiragana, im sure it was due to his tight schedule as senbatsu member with kanji team, hopefully she will help them to get along well, just like when she meet memi and others for the first time, like when she brought fuu to teach them dance followed by others kanji members including techi after that, iguchi was suck and funny at that time:rofl:

    i wanna see that process in the new hiragana members later, #18, i wanna see her sooner on keyake:blush: the introduction should be made there by sawabe and tsuchi, but dunno when, can't wait
  2. ukifune

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    Mar 29, 2016
    It was four months after their acceptance before the original Hiraganas appeared on KeyaKake. Just saying. They have gotten the raw end of the stick from the start, for both good and bad reasons. Now I hope that they can forgive all this and be warmer toward the new members sooner. Fortunately the Hiraganas, by all reports, have become a highly skilled, entertaining and exciting group. Now they get to train up a cohort of talented newcomers to make their group even stronger. And get them on KeyaKake sooner than they themselves were allowed to appear. But management will give the new girls a period of training before they put them on the show, I think.

    It's nice to see so many people defending Neru and the Kanjis. Yes, it's all understandable. When the two groups were first going to meet, most of the Kanjis hid in a washroom and had to be ordered to come out. That was a combination of nervousness and resistance, I guess. The two groups have only more or less become one, and I believe that the Kanjis can accept the Hiraganas because they now feel that there is no danger to them, and they will be allowed to keep the same membership they have. I mean, even when Techi was absent and Hiraganas had experience in doing her and others' parts in her songs, none of them were called to work with Kanji. Those aren't "unders", they're a separate group. For better or worse.

    I have always been a big supporter of the original Hiraganas. Now I get to experience the pain and resistance that exclusive Kanji-fans felt when Hiragana appeared on the scene. Lol.

    On the other hand, I have been watching the new girls' acceptance Showrooms (aidoru-online has a complete set of all the Showroom videos of all the candidates), and wow are there some enjoyable people there. #3 (Kawata Hina) almost crying at the thought she would take part in activities with the Hiraganas. #12 (Tomita Suzuka) so relaxed and warm. I look forward to their next Showrooms, when they will be allowed to say their own names, lol.

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