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Hope, fears, & prediction of 2018 JKT48 general election

Discussion in 'General JKT48 Discussion' started by hrs0722, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. hrs0722

    hrs0722 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2015
    Hanasakigawa Girls High School
    Hokkaido48 damn when
    No one made it so lemme make it.


    • I don't have anything bad with Shani but I hope Yupi dethrone her this year. Let's make Yupi new queen of JKT48! #pergerakan
    • I hope Ayana oshi can keep her at least in Kami 7 but if Ayana is the center, it'd be surprise I think but @Mikuriin would be happy.
    • Gracia secures her place in kami 7 but if she's the center, it'd be surprise I think but it's ossible.
    • Will Melody oshi switch to Frieska to aid the little sister had her rank raised. Is Kami 7 possible?
    • Can Rona oshi keep her in senbatsu? In 2016 Rona didn't rank, her fanbase immediately made a mobilization to make her senbatsu in 2017 and it was successful. I dunno about newer fanbase program for thi year.
    • Will Celine be the first Malaysian to be senbatsu of ALL48? I didn't see any big movement from her fanbase, unlike last year.
    • Will Zara reach senbatsu? It can make her push bigger as aftermath.
    • Okta to reach senbatsu? I tell you that undergirl center of JKT48 is cursed. Elaine graduated, Sinka didn't rank, Okta is expected to break the curse.
    • Will Viny be back to senbatsu? Well, Viny was the most popular JKT48 2nd gen member but since 2016, her popularity faded and she significantly dropped to 29th from 7th in 2015.
    • Will Prasetya sister, Naomi & Sinka return to rank?
    • Will Sinka & Feny rank? They're underrated JKT48 members in my point of view.
  2. Mikuriin

    Mikuriin Kenkyuusei

    May 8, 2016
    Unfortunate City
    - I would like to see Ayana wins but I have prepared my heart for the worst.
  3. Doflamingo

    Doflamingo Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2016
    with everything Zara got this year, she should be in senbatsu sousenkyo..
    i'm still grey for the winner ...need more time
  4. Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48

    Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2016
    Well, I think, if JKT starts use HKT song for UG, so for times, JKT will use HKT song for UG... Well, I choose 12byou...
  5. yerazogh22

    yerazogh22 Kenkyuusei

    May 5, 2016
    I just want Yupi to be the winner, Shania stay in kami7, Michelle stay in senbatsu (if possible top 10 or even kami7), Devi, Kinal, and Rona stay in senbatsu too, Vinny back to senbatsu, Celine reach senbatsu for the first time, and also Bokutata/Sukinanda/KnBMB to be the senbatsu song and a melody-friendly song for the UG [hehe] and if it's possible maybe next girls, and for the pre SSK single to have a bigger senbatsu member, 24 maybe? or 32? :worthy:
  6. mutomu

    mutomu Upcoming Girls

    May 16, 2017
    Muto Tomu
    • Shani or Ayana win.
    • Celine & Zara reach senbatsu.
    • Shania in top 3.
    • Viny & Yona back to senbatsu.
    • Gracia stay in kami7.
    • Saktia, Rona, Frieska, Michelle, Kinal & Beby stay in senbatsu.
    • Feni, Citra, Kyla & Jinan rank for the first time.
    • Uty, Sisil, Ikha, Sinka rank again.
    • Devi stay in senbatsu and break 7th place curse.
    • Okta rank in senbatsu and break the undergirls center curse.
    • Shani or Ayana doesn't win.
    • Viny & Yona still in undergirls.
    • Gracia out of kami7.
    • Frieska out of senbatsu.
    • Devi out of senbatsu or doesn't even rank, continue the 7th place curse.
    • Okta doesn't rank in senbatsu or doesn't rank, continue the undergirls center curse.
    • Ayana win this year.
    • Zara in senbatsu.
    • Frieska in kami7.
    • Okta doesn't rank.

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