Hopes, Fears and Predictions for 2014

Discussion in 'General SKE48 Discussion' started by Jayden, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Jayden

    Jayden Kenkyuusei

    Nov 18, 2013
    Let's give this a shot too!


    Jurina and Rena move up one position in the ranks next year to fill the gap left by Mariko
    Akarin stays in election senbatsu or center UG
    Aya doesn't drop in rankings that much
    Girls who newly ranked this year aren't 'one-hit wonders' like Nakata Chisato or Kobayashi Kana in '12
    4 singles next year
    No new girls coming in before they promote at least half of the current KKS
    Jurina doesn't fall ill again due to overwork


    Opposite of above, plus
    Akane decides not to participate in the election and announces her grad
    Manatsu gets kicked out of senbatsu
    Kaotan drops in rankings and doesn't participate in a single a-side
    Ryoha becoming a sort of 'failed push' like Anna or Kato Rena
    Mass grad


    Mieko graduates
    Equal or more girls ranking in elections next year
    S5, KII5 and E4 get delayed again
  2. mcrfreaker

    mcrfreaker Kenkyuusei

    Feb 12, 2013
    For me, it's not about Churi Grad, but another member in her team coming grad. I don't know who, but S losing Pen and E losing for Nan.
  3. otoppoi

    otoppoi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Aug 8, 2011

    -Tomu or Mariyagi is next kennin member for SKE
    -SKE senbatsu is completely shaken up and an A-side is released where WMatsui are not centers
    -Aritan is promoted to S
    -Jurina manages to have a year free of any ailments and injuries! :^^;:
    -SKE's EbiFri gets a second series


    -Uha is promoted before Aritan
    -Only one or two of the promised new stages actually have their shonichi in 2014
    -SKE sales continue to decline


    -Neesan, Akisun, and Manatsu announce graduation (and I feel like Rena will be ready to by the end of the year)
    -Nao and Azumarion rank in election
    -Aya is made kennin for AKB
    -Kaotan and Azumarion are in senbatsu for next single
  4. Furumarion

    Furumarion Kenkyuusei

    Nov 11, 2012
    - For them to continue getting good songs
    - 600,000 sales in first day
    - Ebi-Fri Season 2 or better become a regular show
    - More decent variety shows
    - More girls having their own agency
    - Aritan and Ogirisa to get promoted
    - Mizuho to center next A-side :hehe:
    - Ami and Makki to get selected for senbatsu [blush]
    - Yuzuki to get some push like Rion and Ryoha are getting
    - They reveal another one of their trump card Ego-chan :awesome:
    - Rumi to ranked in election
    - Mikitti comeback in election
    - Kinchan rank up in election
    - Yuria making it into senbatsu for election
    - Akarin stays in senbatsu for election
    - Ayachan stays as UG center or dont rank down much

    - Another mass graduation and it would be much bigger than last year :panic:
    - Magement continue ignoring 4th Gen :hmm:
    - Yuria and Yukko graduating
    - Jurina full transfer in AKB
    - Sales decline to continue
    - Wanchan become the 2nd Kaotan with less popularity [flip]

    - Big names graduating in Nagoya Dome [sweat]
    - Rion and Mizuho in senbatsu
    - Seira, Akisun, Nee-san graduates
    - Atleast 1 or 2 draft members in senbatsu
    - Ryoha get promoted in Team S
    - 7th gen

    i have so many hopes lol [hehe]
  5. patapataful

    patapataful Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 25, 2013
    okay mine:
    Shonichi for all Team Stages in 2014
    no Graduation announcements at Nagoya Concerts
    Yukko ranks in Selection (get back into Senbatsu)
    SKE48 gets his own Sousenkyo/Janken
    4 Singles in 2014 (great as the ones before [blush] )
    sales more than 600k
    altrough I love WMatsui, other single center

    many graduation announcements
    delays of new stages
    ignoring of potential members of management
  6. True_Beginner

    True_Beginner Kenkyuusei

    Apr 19, 2013
    United States

    I hope SKE tries something new on one of their singles, or comes out with a really big song next year...something like what Okie Dokie was for me when I first heard it. 2013 was good though, even if the last single was said to sell a little less.

    I want to see the group increase with more popular members like in the last election, and maybe even see Jurina move up even higher now that Yuko has graduated. Akarin staying in senbatsu would be great, or another member making it in as well.

    SKE gets more opportunities to shine on another new show.


    Rena graduates...which would be devastating since she's such an important figure in the group for me. She's like SKE's version of Yuko, she covers a lot of the group's qualities and personality at the front. With Yuko graduating, I feel like this could be a sign of bigger members starting to want to graduate on top. Even if Jurina were still there, SKE would not be the same without her.

    SKE loses any more future aces, preventing them from being able to have a next gen line-up


    SKE will probably level out in sales, maybe dipping a little lower than before, but still right about the same area that they've been at

    Some major graduations for sure, possibly Churi with how things are going with her, and some other members who have achieved possibly everything they can. There will still be members like Akarin and Kaotan that I feel still have a ways to go before reaching graduation, maybe even a few years.
  7. polar_star

    polar_star Kenkyuusei

    Nov 13, 2013
    Management giving opportunities to Aya on their own? Impossible!

    - EbiFriday Season 2
    - Ayachan ranks UG center again or enters top 16, recognized by management as a front girl
    - A-side centered by someone not WMatsui, preferably 4/5th gen (Mizuho?)
    - More 4 and 5th gen in senbatsu; Madoka, Harutamu, Mizuho etc
    - Concurrency taken from Minarun and given to a girl I like
    - At least 2 teams get new original stages
    - No new gen, or a very small one like less than five
    - Rena ranks higher than J
    - E's captaincy given back to Madoka, Rena gets a "general manager" position
    - Rena doesn't graduate, or at least waits until the very end of the year like Yuko
    - B-sides in singles have lineups that aren't senbatsu-focused (undergirls, team songs etc)
    - Push for Egochan and Harutamu
    - More A-sides like Utsukushii and Escape, 3 singles with an overall high quality
    - More opportunities for girls to display their hidden talents
    - Another tour in summer/fall

    - Only S gets a new stage
    - Singles are a WMatsui fest, no hint of change at center positions
    - Management puts Aya in the back of everything

    - Jurina becoming more & more focused on AKB, possibly a full transfer
    - Graduations from popular/senbatsu girls
    - Rion makes senbatsu, Uha promoted to S
    - Lots of girls rank again, but last year's newly ranked non-senbatsu girls will see a fall
    - Sales are in 500-600k range, with the summer single (RH ticket) having the highest sales
  8. natasha

    natasha Kenkyuusei

    Jan 25, 2013
    - Jurina fully transferred to AKB48
    - Rena gets the chance to be the only-center
    - Ryoha gets promoted to Team E
    - The lovely Ogirisa gets promoted to Team S (tbh she deserves it!)
    - Mieko as SKE48's GM (So she won't be graduating in near [hehe] )
    - Push for Harutamu, Tsuu and Ego
    - Yukko and Makki make it to Senbatsu

    - Mass graduation with +10 members, including Yuria, Manatsu, Takayanagi
    - First day sales keep decreasing
    - No new original setlist
    - Ayachan gets kick out from senbatsu

    - National tour
    - Rion remains as regular A-side senbatsu
    - Akisun's graduation announcement in near
    - Minarun will be SKE48 full member
  9. akisato

    akisato Kenkyuusei

    Apr 4, 2013
    Somewhere in the SEA

    - SKE will reach 800k sales lol
    - Rena breaking into the top 5
    - Someone else will center the single besides wMatsui
    - Yukko finally ranks in the elections
    - Another SKE member enters the senbatsu
    - Ryoha/Rion/Yuzuki ranks in the sousenkyo
    - Harutamu, Ami, Yuna will be pushed
    - Aritan finally promoted to a team
    - Another single from Kaotan
    - Momona into another scandal lol :lol:

    - Rena, Churi, Masana will graduate
    - A lot of the prominent/promising members/kks will graduate
    - Yukko, Gorisa, Rumi, Iguchi, Akisun, Moko will graduate
    - Minarun's kennin status revoked


    - Draft members gets promoted
    - Aritan gets promoted. Uha and the rest stays as super KKS
    - Rion/Ryoha ranks in the elections
    - Yuria enters senbatsu and will become the 4th SKE member in senbatsu lol
    - Rena Matsui graduates
  10. kokiburi

    kokiburi Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2011
    Hopes :
    Shiba grows a pair and finally kicks her out to make E the perfect team it should be [clap]

    Alright that's not the most positive thing to write, but that's an honest wish of mine.
    With Yuko's graduation and AKB headless, I feel like changes ahead will be much bigger than we could foresee. Jurina immediately comes to mind. Management has proved they wanted her in K no matter what those past two years (even though she barely perform there) and now that the team has lost its Captain... [wonder]
    They might as well decide to take in other popular and/or promising members.
    I don't like the prospect at all and that's why I'm trying not to think too much about it.
  11. sania10786

    sania10786 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 29, 2013
    I'm sorry. Why do most of you fear that Rena will graduate? Did she say something about it in the past? Please tell me. Thanks :)
  12. polar_star

    polar_star Kenkyuusei

    Nov 13, 2013
    ^ Well she talks a lot about wanting to develop her own name and her future goals as an actress etc. So I guess it causes rumors/fears that she might graduate.

    Personally I think there's at least 2 years or so before she graduates, especially since she has the role of captain now.
  13. moomookan

    moomookan Kenkyuusei

    Jan 7, 2012
    - Yuzuki gets a push, selected for Aka/Shirogumi, eventually promoted to KII (lol)
    - Jurina doesn't get sick again
    - No 7th gen
    - S5, KII5, and E4 actually happen
    - SKE gets more solo concerts after Nagoya Dome!

    - Not invited to 2014 Kouhaku
    - Ryoha, Kumachan, and Azumarion are the only 2 6th gens who ever get pushed
    - Yukko graduates and doesn't become a model T__T
    - Full transfers out of SKE
    - Miyamae Ami's great potential is never utilized

    - Nao ranks in the election
    - Sales continue to drop
    - Mizuho and Azumarion take Manatsu and Nanako's exact positions in Senbatsu
    - Many 2nd gen members graduate (Reika, Momona, Igucchi, etc.)
  14. oscar6262

    oscar6262 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 27, 2013
    Things that happend :D :

    New girls in senbatsu (kumazaki rion ranran sumire tsugupon harutamu sarina marika mizuho sae milky nana ami madoka)

    First time SKE have 22-nin senbatsu
    Jurina got her first solo song
    Mushi no balled wins RH
    yukiko akisun seira rina kaneko arisa honoka graduate
    Yuria transfer to AKB
    new generation
    Matsui Rena kennin in nogizaka46
    New centers - first time jurina not centering
    Akarin ranks higher
    Kaitan center undergirls
    Kaotan solo single
    Kaotan first photobook
    Shibata enters senbatsu
    First time rank - harutamu iwanaga mizuho nao riho
    Miki ranks again
    Jurina and Rena ranks higher

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