Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2015

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  1. nyahappii

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    Jun 27, 2014
    Toronto, Ontario
    Fare thee well, Mieko and Yuka. You will be missed.
  2. うぃむ33

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    Nov 6, 2014
    - kami-level summer single (like gomen ne or pareo)
    - all singles in upper 500k, with at least one over 600
    - Jurina center w/ Rena or Ami
    - Ami good ranking in ssk
    - Jurina top 3 ssk
    - Rena stay top 5 ssk
    - Rena does not graduate
    - new ebi○○ show

    - Rena graduation announcement
    - sales drop
    - Dasu center

    - Miruki kennin stops (I don't mind but I feel others don't think there is a plus to it)
    - 1 single everyone will really hate on
    - lose ground to Nogi
    - no real scandals
    - Ryoha gets better as she becomes less shy/more experienced
    - Rena end of year graduation announcement :cry::cry::cry:
  3. KPKgirl

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Iowa, USA

    -Rena gets a solo center single
    -Suuchan continues to rise and that people start to embrace her more.
    Milky and Sae kennins are cancelled

    -Suuchan will go back to being in AKB now that she's more visible
    -They will add more members like Milky and Sae who have to be front row... And not remove the ones that they have.
    Jurina will be moved to akb only at the next shuffle.

    Rena will graduate

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  4. mysoshipinups

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    Feb 26, 2012
    I hope Team S gets a new stage before Miyuki and Natsumikan's kennin ends and they both get to lead units.
  5. trxsh

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    Nov 9, 2014
    The pushes of Tani, Ami, Ryoha, Nao, Azumarion, Harutamu take off and they become "next gen" SKE stars so SKE stops being the wMatsui show (no hate against wMatsui intended)
    Magnificent singles in 2015
    Old fans warm up to new SKE, or better yet new SKE attracts more new fans and sales go up
    Aya in the top 3 in a senbatsu formation
    Milky's Kennin transferred to HKT where she can fulfill her dream of conquering ALL48 (lol)
    Suumero and Sae stay in senbatsu and the Anti-Kennin faction gets over it
    Team S new original stage begins
    More shows with Okubo, I love how she brings out the girls

    Rena graduates (it's sad but she'll still be a star for me)
    Churi, Airi and Masanya graduate
    Non-chan push continues despite her stagnant popularity (maybe cuz she's young and still has potential)
    Kaotan is only allowed to shine in variety and left out of senbatsu
    7th gen is airdropped into senbatsu

    Ryoha can't handle the pressure from her aggressive push
    Nao full transfer to AKB
    Seifuku no me is performed for 3 more years
    Jurina's health deteriorates and she becomes even thinner and disappears
    Aki-P goes nuts trying to make Sapporo48, Okinawa48, MNL48, Taiwan48, Mars48 etc and song quality for AKB and SKE deteriorates further
  6. luccivalez

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Bisayang Dako
    I remember one interview of Aki-p that he aims/dream to make 48G worldwide starting in japan then asia and then the whole world.:^^;:
    Much better if he will just focus in asia, like south east asia or south asia. It will be interesting if Aki-p makes a 48g in north korea and then build his own big statue just like the godlike family doing there.[hehe]
  7. trxsh

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    Nov 9, 2014
    ^Aki-P would make a 48g on every street corner if he was allowed. 48g will become like the McDonalds/KFC of the idol world.
    Anyways I change my mind about one of my predictions, I think Non-chan push will stop.
  8. mysoshipinups

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    Feb 26, 2012
    a eastern european 48 group would be so haute.
  9. David B

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    Feb 10, 2013
    Carnoustie, Scotland
    SKE48 Hopes:
    • Rena, Churi and Airin don't graduate
    • No mass graduation of senior members
    • Jurina and Rena retain their ranks in the election (don't see them beating the top 3 tbh)
    • Anna finally ranks (it's always puzzled me why she hasn't before)
    • Egochan and Ryoha both rank (and rank well) and Nao's rank increases
    • Yuria returns to SKE
    • SKE's sales go back up
    • New original Stages
    SKE48 Fears:
    • Rena graduates
    • Mass graduation of other seniors
    • SKE's sales continue to decline
    • Still no new stages!
    SKE48 Predictions:
    • Rena, Churi and Airin don't graduate
    • Mass graduation of other seniors
    • Sales stay constant (neither increase or decrease)
    • New stages finally appear
  10. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    my greatest fear is that with nishishi gone, sae would start bossing ske around and scolding them like what she did to SNH.
  11. rka

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    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako
    This is basically the main idea behind sae's transfer, dont you think?

    Independant from the acting persons, i dont think girls are "bossing" around for no reason. Leading members scold if needed. Else, they are as nice as any other member. Not that any of these so-called leadership-type members have "real" powers, anyway. They are just the equivalent of sports team captains.
    Cool thing about Sae is, she is known as being super-friendly, but can get extremely serious when business matters are not going well. This is exactly what you want from a leader, no matter if its sport, business or 48G teams :)
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  12. nathan_drake

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    Aug 21, 2014
    AKB48 Thread
    - Cool singles
    - More singles
    - Kaotan/Tani/Dassu triple center
    - Sae back to AKB, become captain team K because Yui is new soukantoku.
    - Milky back to NMB
    - Yuria back to SKE, become next center.
    - push Nao/Kanon again
    - Stop Ryoha push
    - more ebi show

    - Mass graduation
    - More kennin

    - Rena/Masanya graduates
    - Sales down
  13. trxsh

    trxsh Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2014
  14. Fourever

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    Feb 19, 2011
    ^tbh there's nothing that feel like a push at this point about Nonchan except for maybe the HKT Kennin. Because she's been stripped from the title of team E center since Rena got sent to team E(she used to be team E center ever since they were formed and have done a great job handling the pressure. It's just sucks that her popularity never got going ,but it's on the rise again this year now that she's more mature).
    and btw Sae have actually taken a more relaxed approach toward SKE because when it comes to stages the SKE staffs already take care of the scolding. And in term of performance/SKE dancing team S is still team S and tbh other members are ahead of her in when it come to that(SKE dancing wise) and Rika have become the dance leader in team S. Leadership wise for the longest time team S was doing fine with Nishishi as the leader so that wasn't really a problem either.
    And now that I really think about it... Sae kennin really serves no purpose at all(she could have an AKB kennin and it would still be the same) but I guess it was something to keep her and Jurina happy.
    Ruka/Yuzuki getting more media appearance while continue gaining popularity in current team KII and become strong enough to enter the senbatsu by next year.
    Kumakki in the senbatsu with Kumachan returning to the senbatsu and Nakki enter for the first time(I wouldn't mind them getting ranked in SSK either but this year might be too far of a reach for Nakki but Kumachan have a chance in making it in).
    Kyon in the senbatsu
    Rumi in the senbatsu
    Ryoha enter top 40 in the SSK
    And that more people on stage48 get to know more about her hardworking,shy,cute and down to earth side rather than just stereotyping her in to a corner(this applies to every single girl within the 48 groups)
    Meimei in the senbatsu(now that's she motivated to enter the senbatsu for the first time since joining SKE I'd love to see her in the senbatsu)
    Maimai start becoming more of a leader type in team S
    Churi get her Captain title back(tbh it doesn't really matter at this point because both of them are KII leader and get along really well but Churi is still take care most of the captaincy stuff)
    Naochan get to center a single at one point this year.
    Tsuuchan get more chances to showcase her piano talent/singing(possibly on a concert stage or a solo unit song)
    Cancel all 4 active kennin so 3 senbatsu slot opens up(Nana is graduating either way,I'd prefer Milky spending more time with BII and BII stage over SKE kennin,Natsumikan completely transfer to SKE,Sae graduating with AKB just seem more fitting in the next few upcoming year so having her kennin in AKB instead of SKE would be the ideal thing)
    Sana/Chikako continue to growth at the current pace under the wings of their respective team(both have the potential to enter the senbatsu down the line)
    Juna+Oshirin promoted to team KII
    Sakipon promoted to team KII so she can stay close to her beloved "Churi-san"(she'll most likely end up in team S)
    Nakki+Yuppii promoted to team E(Ideally I'd prefer Nakki in KII but the Puffy is too strong atm)
    Reona promoted to team S
    Naochan(enter top 32),Tsuuchan(rank up),Haruka(enter top 32),Yuuchan(ranked),Mizuho(ranked) and Ami(ranked) either rank up or get ranked for the first time in SSK
    Either completely cancel Jurina kennin with AKB forever or completely transfer her to AKB(I feel that one of these option would be the best for her at this point if she have an interest in getting rank 1 in SSK within the next 3 years).
    Better singles than 2014 and continue with the trend of 3 singles per year.
    7th gen containing atleast one Nannan class dancer(but most of them are really young so most likely they'll end up as KKS for 1,5 - 3 year)
    Sumelody and Tani ranked in SSK
    Ogino Risa promoted to KII
    Yuria back to SKE
    Akari stay in SSK senbatsu
    Go with the flow.

    6 members of 5th gen in senbatsu throughout next year. Haruka,Naochan,Tsuuchan and Ami are no brainers. But Yuuchan and Mizuho have really become the core of KII this past year and tbh wether you like it or not, they're coming into the Senbatsu and will stay there for a long time.
    Nakki is gonna be pushed hard in 2015 and could potentially get instantly put into the senbatsu once she get promoted.
    Yuuchan ranked in the SSK... because she came out and said that her goal for 2015 is to get ranked in the SSK and tbh on her own it's not even a reach this year(5th gens are really strong) but with all the KDs pushing her like crazy comes SSK she shouldn't have any problem getting ranked(I could see Maimai and Masana throwing their SSK just to push Yuuchan). And 2015 will be a big year for here because once she turns 15 she will finally be able to do more works(inb4 mega push).
    Ryoha ranked in SSK
    Kyon in Senbatsu(please)
    Masana:)(),Minarun and Suzuran out of the senbatsu
    Rena announce her graduation at one point this year(wether she graduate this year or not is another thing)
    Another shuffle ?

    Edit: well all my prediction are fucked up now that Mizuho graduated... it completely screw up all the KKS promotion predictions
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  15. kopkrazy

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    Oct 5, 2008
    more graduation announcements in 2015 , more turnover/attrition rate of ske girls

    kaotan finally getting promoted and no more honorary kks kind of b.s
  16. plomeplome

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    Mar 4, 2014
    I dont think Sae would ever return to AKB, she canceled her AKB kennin. That means the management needs something else to offer her in order to make her active in Japan (not that she wass active in China lol) and they settled with SKE. With the S captaincy, I think it is partly due to her status as a senbatsu level, AKB 2nd gen senpai so the management decides to give her some extra title (Umechan got BII co-captain as well)
  17. akisato

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    Apr 4, 2013
    Somewhere in the SEA

    - Rena solo centered single
    - Ryoha/Rion wcenter :cute:t
    - at least 1 single this year is on pareo level
    - Yuzuki/Kumachan gets pushed as another next gen ace candidates
    - Yuria returns to SKE or at least gets kennin status in SKE :cute:
    - Kaotan breaking in senbatsu lol
    - Tani ranking in elections, Anna finally ranks in SSK
    - Oshirin/Sakipon promoted!
    - More SKE shows, ebi series continues, Magical radio movie? lol
    - Some random entertainment company/agency adopts SKE so that they will be managed more effectively
    - Mizuho/Manatsu comes back ala Jo Eriko style lol

    - Masanya/Rena/Churi/Airin graduates
    - Scandal involving Milky again lol
    - Kennin, kennin and more kennin
    - Another "super kks" gets chosen as a permanent senbatsu member
    - Sales continue to decline

    - New stages
    - More and more potential ace candidates graduates
    - Rena/Churi graduates
    - 1st and 2nd gens starts to graduate
    - Another shuffle with more kennins added
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  18. cennezu

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    Nov 9, 2012
    SNH struggled hard in the beginning, and Sae was trying to be a leader for them.
    At the time, 1st gen SNH weren't showing respect to their dance coach, and she told them that they have to be more aware of their behavior and work to improve it.
    Please get your facts straight, thanks.
  19. kk127

    kk127 Kenkyuusei

    Feb 1, 2013
    somewhere far away
    Even if she can, Sae can only lead and boss around in S, outside of that comfort zone called team S, no one really cares what she says anyway, Churi/Airi will forever be KII's souls and in E, Rena is the queen, Rena is one of those girls everyone in the group respects becuz of her standing up for them and the bridge between management and the girls/fans to a certain extent, also Sae is only close to S and is/will never be Nishishi aka leader of the whole group who girls in KII and E also respect, so yeah, no bossing from Sae as far as the whole group is concerned, as for S who knows

    One thing more if Sae wants to be more accepted then she should start making relationships /friendships with seniors girls in KII and E, even in S, Sae is not really close to the respected seniors aka Neesan and Nishishi, she only hangs around the young gens, Jurina, Rion, Ryoha, Anmi etc who except for Jurina is not exactly respected by everyone (the 5/6th gens are still considered the babies and are treated differently than the seniors)

    Learn from Tani and Minarun, the only 2 who's actually accepted by everyone in SKE
    Tani and her lovey dovey relationship with Rena is nothing new, also she's close with Kaotan now, Minarun has her awesome Furuyanagiba trio with Churi and Airi
  20. rka

    rka Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako
    gosh, now i REALLY hope Sae is becoming next leader, just to watch you guys starting to hyperventilate :p

    I mean, do you have ANY hint that Sae is starting to boss around people? Did she announce her desire to do so anywhere? Did i miss something?

    Why cant you guys just let her enjoy her stay in Team S?
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