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Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 (SKE48)

Discussion in 'General SKE48 Discussion' started by ForrestFuller, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    With 2016 coming to a close. It's time to do the yearly tradiation for Stage48 (which now is for all the groups)

    So what are your Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 for SKE48?

    2016 - 2015 - 2014
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  2. Crossheart

    Crossheart Kenkyuusei

    Apr 14, 2014
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Nagasawa Nanako
    Summary from last year:
    No comments... there's many thing that went wrong there...

    -The sales get better!!!
    -The hako oshis stop doing the going all for one member, that went to nothing, the member will get shatfed into oblivion anyways. what would lend to...
    -SKE winning again the most of the ranks at SSK
    -7D28 get properly pushed, and the fans will accept them!!!!

    -Misunderstandings between management and fandom

    -NO new weekly program, not at least until the sales got better. but...
    -A replacement for a TV show will be announced
    - Takayanagi Akane's "call to the arms" (look at her thread) will decide her future: If works, and SKE rules over SSK, she will graduate later in the year with no regrets, if not, she will stay for a couple of months more...
    -The graduation train, will start moving again, but for older members.
    -Shuffle is bound to happen, now it's actually needed.
    -Misunderstandings between management and fandom.
    - "The worse thing ever" called by the fandom, will happen this year... (make a be about it)
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  3. x_AozoraKataomoi_x

    x_AozoraKataomoi_x Kenkyuusei

    Oct 4, 2014
    • Senbatsu Debuts for Nojima Kano, Obata Yuna, Suenaga Oka and Isshiki Rena
    • 18-nin Heavy Electronic Dance Senbatsu A-side (a lot of senbatsu locks are dropped)
    • 3 singles a year again
    • Yukina is the first 8th gen to be promoted/debut in senbatsu
    • Arai Yuki in senbatsu
    • SKE members get selected in 7☆3
    • More TV Shows
    • Kanon jumps in ranks
    • Suenaga Ouka or Nojima Kano outranks Goto Rara in SSK
    • Masana finally graduates (she needs to think about marriage at this point)
    • Management completely changed and SKE moved to Avex Vanguard
    • They get shafted again in favor of Tokai based boy groups
    • Kanon continues to decline then gets dropped from senbatsu
    • Nojima Kano pulls a Kitahara Yuna then graduates
    • Management is still stupid
    • Either or both of Furumarion graduate
    • Less sales than either HKT or NGT
    • Dasu and Churi will be the surprise graduation announcements in the election
    • Kamata Natsuki and Aoki Shiori graduate
    • They get Chubu media favors again
  4. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    Management actually releases 3 FREAKING SINGLES this year (Don't know why we've had two for the last 2 years)
    SKE48 Sales go Up
    SKE48 Shuffle (Since we kind of need one)

    Only 2 singles again
    Management still doesn't know what the hell they are doing

    SKE48 releases 3 singles (along with the return of SKE48 Request Hour)
    SKE48 sales improve (but not to where they used to be)
    Dasu, Churi, Suuchan all graduate
    SKE48 Shuffle in the Summer
    SKE48 FINALLY finishes their national tour.
    Team S Original Stage

    My Predictions on the centers
    21st: Jurina
    22nd: Rara
    23rd: Rara and Jurina
  5. Kiarararara

    Kiarararara Kenkyuusei

    Jun 3, 2016
    Kyoto, Japan
    - 3 singles a year again. And better sales.
    - Nao center on a single after SSK, putting her on the one before SSK will only ruin her shot at senbatsu. (*)
    - Weekly show. On TV pretty please. We have so many potential MC talents wasting and dying at the theaters.
    - Request Hour comes back. This is not really that necessary, but I feel like SKE, with 3 original stages and a discography bigger than any group save AKB, not getting their own RH is somehow insulting. (*)
    - SKE wins AKB RH. They deserves this much after their own RH being cut. (*)
    - SKE dominates SKK again. Jurina stays in top 3 (I'm hoping for No.1, but to be realistic her only shot is when Sasshi and Mayu both stay out). Churi returns to senbatsu, and ranks higher than 14 (her last rank). Nao for senbatsu. Sakipon stays afloat at Undergirls, and Egochan gets in. Harutamu, Rion, Kuma-chan, Nakki, Yuzuki, Maimai, Meimei, Kanon reaching/keeping Next Girls. Yumechi, Oshirin, Arai Yuki ranks in. Or any new 6th gen / 7D2 / 8th gen rank-in is fine. (*)
    - Kennin in other groups. Ego-chan, Rion, Harutamu, Rara, Yunana,... generally the young members have a lot of things that can be marketable in other groups. And hoping for Ryouha's kennin to actually work this year.
    - More solo work for members.
    - No graduation train.

    Fears - Pretty much everything contrary to hope

    Prediction - anything on the hope list with a (*) is what I think can actually happens, somewhat.
  6. uncesakti

    uncesakti Kenkyuusei

    Mar 7, 2016
    - Management do something good
    - Sales increased
    - More national TV exposure
    - Weekly show that involved a lot of member, like Ebi series or Sekai Seifuku Joshi
    - Wcenter with Ryoha or Nao
    - More concert
    - New face in sanbatsu (hopefully aiai, suenaga ouka, yunana or takatera)
    - make a single that not an OST, the last 2 single is "meh" in my opinion, i like the B side more

    - Management still making a bad decision
    - No new weekly show
    - Sales getting worse
    - Popularity decreased

    - anna / takagi / piyosu / akane / suuchan graduated
    - team shuffle
    - no new weekly show
    - Gen 8 promoted in summer or end of year
  7. Furumarion

    Furumarion Kenkyuusei

    Nov 11, 2012

    - Kumachan and Nao stealing that center
    - New weekly TV show
    - Yunana senbatsu
    - Sugawara back in senbatsu
    - Concerts
    - 2nd album lol

    - Shuffle
    - Masana's graduation
    - Anna's graduation
    - 7D2 gets buried

    - No new weekly show
    - More 8th gen
    - Jurina center
    - Still the same crap management
    - Yunana, Ouchan, Rena and Sugawara senbatsu
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  8. David B

    David B Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Feb 10, 2013
    Carnoustie, Scotland
    SKE48 Hopes:
    • Churi doesn't graduate
    • Jurina increases her vote in SSK (but unless Sasshi and Mayuyu don't participate then I still don't see her winning sadly.....2018 I think will be her year)
    • Yuria returns to SKE
    • SKE's sales go back up
    • New original Stages (especially for Team E)
    • New shows to promote the younger members (it seems like ages since they last had something!)
    • New management! SKE, once so strong, seems to have really drifted over the last couple of years.....I totally blame the current management for that!
    SKE48 Fears:
    • Churi announces graduation
    • Mass graduation of other seniors
    • SKE's sales continue to decline
    • Still no new stages!
    SKE48 Predictions:
    • Sales stay constant (neither increase or decrease)
    • New stages don't appear
  9. oscar6262

    oscar6262 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 27, 2013
    Hope: 21st Single (Summer single)

    1. TBA / 18 members, Kitagawa Ryoha center
    Team S: Matsui Jurina, Oya Masana, Futamura Haruka, Kitagawa Ryoha, Nojima Kano (NEW)
    Team KII: Takayanagi Akane, Ego Yuna, Furuhata Nao, Takeuchi Saki, Obata Yuna (NEW), Souda Sarina, Oba Mina
    Team E: Suda Akari, Kimoto Kanon, Kumazaki Haruka, Goto Rara, Takatera Sana (NEW), Tani Marika

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