Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2018 (Keyakizaka46)

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  1. Navicon46

    Navicon46 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 13, 2017
    Memi center

    Tecchi graduation

    Tecchi graduation
  2. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
    -I really want to see a new center
    -Nijika at the front!! PLEASE!!
    -A Hiragana member enters senbatsu
    -Another single like Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai and SaiMajo

    Fears! :(
    Stagnant Senbatsu, being only Kanji members in it
    -Nijika will stay at the back row again :(

    Mixed Hope and Fear...
    -Senbatsu will be cut to 16 members

    -Techi dominance
    -Kanji senbatsu
  3. chrissirhc

    chrissirhc Kenkyuusei

    Jul 28, 2016
    kanji and hiragana kept separate

    hiragana gets an A side (i wouldn't mInd their own single) and their own tv show

    both groups evolve Into something uniquely them

    they'll ruin keya by mixIng the sister groups
    they'll start switching centers as a gimmick.

    i don't know
  4. humbal

    humbal Upcoming Girls

    Mar 17, 2017
    Pon center
    Hiragana members in senbatsu or your own single in a double a side.

    Hiragana in the shadows again.

    New center in the 6th single with a new history.
  5. Nuneul

    Nuneul Kenkyuusei

    Jun 20, 2014
    - more activities between Hiragana & Kanji (example : a drama together)
    - Techi gets some rest
    - rotating centers
    - more hopeful & cheery songs ! (Sekai ni wa/Futari Saison like)

    - Techi keeps on getting overworked and is forced to graduate
    - some back row girls leave
    - EDM/exaggeratedly "edgy" A-sides
    - 2nd gen Hiragana is poorly promoted

    - no big changes for Kanji as long as the formula still works
    - Hiragana will get their own TV show
    - Techi/Zuumin/Mona/Berisa photobooks
  6. Shirase Miyuki

    Shirase Miyuki Kenkyuusei

    Jan 27, 2016
    Oshima Yuko
    YUIPON CENTER!! (or Neru that would be nice too)
    At least 4 singles (or 3 singles and an album)

    Eternal Tecchan center -> Tecchan breakdown
    Song quality dropping

    Tecchan center until management realizes how tired she is
    Hiragana gets in senbatsu
    More good songs
    More Hiragana push
  7. sheiscyber

    sheiscyber Kenkyuusei

    Dec 5, 2015
    BDG, Indonesia
    Hopes :
    - new center
    - good quality singles
    - hiragana gets A side (double A side with Kanji or their own single)
    - so Hiragana can go public performing their songs on music show
    - Techi's PB
    - Hiragana comes to Indonesia since Sarina often mentions my country lol
    - more interactions with Nogi since I think 2017 its a bit lack of it except because the SakamichiAKB -..-

    - techi center again
    - mixed senbatsu line up between kanji and hira
    - graduations
    - bad news again like the weird man on the handshake accident
    - more of sakamichiAKB

    - techi will not being center at the moment because I'm hyped with the new keyakise logo lol
    - another badass, a bit/dark A side because they have that kind of song every year
  8. souchan48

    souchan48 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 8, 2013
    Oshimen: Amami Yuki
    my fear is actually not having tecchi as center coz honestly she is the heart of the group performance
  9. igrow0ld

    igrow0ld Kenkyuusei

    Jun 23, 2013
    Hopes :
    - rolling center for kanji
    - hiragana's A single and show

    - techi and friends group
    - mixed senbatsu kanji and hira
    - graduations

    - 2nd gen kanji audition
    - slim senbatsu (16 or 18 maybe), others act as reserved in case of not well or hiatus memba.
  10. 平手 志田

    平手 志田 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 23, 2017
    Rotation Center ( I don't want anyone to be pushed to the limit like Techi )
    Techi have some rest
    Shida Center
    Better Drama
    More song like Futari Saison
    Singing live ( not only in their concert)
    Techi breakdown
    Techi graduation
    Not having Techi as center
    Sales fall
    Hiragana & Kanji Mixed
    Yuipon & Zuumin will be the Center ( or Neru)
    More Hiragana Push
    Shida will never be the center
    Another Trash Drama
  11. HogwartsHokage

    HogwartsHokage Kenkyuusei

    Aug 28, 2012
    • Techi to get lots of rest and not center for the next few singles
    • Zuumin gets healthy enough to get back into activities full-time
    • A new center (hopefully Sugai-sama or Zuumin!)
    • Another Yuichanzu song
    • Continue releasing "cool" songs, but maybe deviate from that style every once in a while
    • Nijika and Ozeki fully embrace their dorky personalities on Keyakitte
    • Hiragana to have their own A-side and Keyaki releasing their first double A-side as a result
    • 2nd gen Hiragana to have more activity and exposure
    • Another Keyaki drama (probably with both Kanji and Hiragana this time)
    • Techi is still center for the next single and does not improve; Kanji gets discouraged as a result
    • Techi breaks down and/or Zuumin not recovering still, possibly resulting in the first-ever graduation from Keyaki
    • Some Kanji girls start fading away in Keyakitte (I'm mostly worried about Nijika and Uemura)
    • Another stalker or attack
    • Hiragana getting stuck with B-sides and feeling like they're not progressing
    • Sales stagnate and Keyaki cannot compete with Nogi as a result
    • Senbatsu for next single will no longer follow the "every-member-gets-to-be-in-front-row" pattern and get a shake-up instead, either by transferring Hiraganas to Kanji and vice versa or having some Kanjis and Hiraganas in the same senbatsu. If the former happens, I think Kyonko and Memi are most likely to move to Kanji.
    • A new center (probably Neru or Zuumin); Techi stays in the back of senbatsu and out of the spotlight for a while
    • Yuipon also becomes center for one single
    • Keyaki releasing a new single that's not their usual "cool" style
    • Kanji continuing to become more open and crazily funny on Keyakitte
    • More PBs...probably Akanen next?
    • More modeling contracts
    • Hiragana to have their own variety show (although if a shuffle like the one I mentioned happens, the variety show will pop up afterwards)
  12. tiktok

    tiktok Upcoming Girls

    Aug 3, 2015
    Kakehashi Sayaka
    - Hiragana senbatsu A side
    - Hiragana center
    - Hiragana group PB
    -Hiragana model
    - Hiragana member acting gigs (outside group project)

    - management keep Hiragana in shadow

  13. Sena

    Sena Kenkyuusei

    Dec 17, 2014
    Hope :
    - More Mona Kingdom ! 1H (Or 12h :D) SP Keyake Location Shoot! Akanen deserve it !
    - More Nanachanzu ! I love to see Mama Yone with her two daugther :p
    - Please Sony, release DvD for Birthday Live / Keyaki Republic and Zankoku tour ! With 100h behind the scene, mostly Fukuoda second day.
    - PB group, with photo take by member like in Keyake episode 62.
    - MV for AM 1.27, or Suzumon Center (Just a B-side it's enough) to see a cool performance.
    - No graduation, i don't remember where and who said it, but i hope they stay together untill Berika his 30s

    Fear :
    - Any graduation :'(

    Prediction :
    - Like everyone, and it's no difficult, new center, they push Neru / Yuipon and Zumiko so hard the last time.
    - Other Zankoku Tour? I think, they're not satisfied with this summer, perhaps they want to do a sort of revenge to show us another face of Keyakis. Not Only Techizaka46.
    - Million seller? If Techi and Zumiko come back healthy for HS, and the slot pass 24 to 32, with Hiragana second generation, why not?
    - Another big concert? Budokan for the symbol? Saitama Super Arena? A Dome?
    - More Hiragana, i don't think Keyake begin 2018 with them without reason ...

    It's not for 2018 (I hope !), but i wish Kanji Keyaki do Tokyo Dome and they graduate together, like their motto "Bond".
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  14. mkrinz

    mkrinz Kenkyuusei

    Oct 3, 2017
    Hiragana single or double A-side
    New center
    New songs for units that aren't MARRY or Yuichanzu
    Mana and Mao sells more HS tickets <\3
    Overseas perfomance!
    More dark songs

    Techi's condition gets worse
    Techi still center ^
    Zumiko continues to do small hiatus (like this one week long one); her health doesn't improve
    Bad drama like Zankoku
    Lewd PBs
    Members argue about the group's direction and it doesnt end well
    New center can't keep up

    Techi takes a break
    More PBs
    More Yuichanzu and MARRY songs
    More dark songs
  15. radiohifi

    radiohifi Kenkyuusei

    Sep 21, 2017
    Second Album


    Kanji mass graduation, Hiragana become the only Keyakizaka46 group and the whole projects gets disbanded > failed experiment

    Breaking sales record with one single during 2018
    More unusual and impressive choreography by takahiro
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  16. Gwen

    Gwen Kenkyuusei

    Jan 20, 2015
    • Techi get rest
    • Zuumin get a full diagnostic that pinpoint her physical condition problem
    • Shida, Zuumin, Koike, Kyoko, Miho, Mirei and Techi get a lot of photoshoots
    • Shida or Zuumin center (after a long break that heal her magically)
    • Zuumin is cured
    • Raise of Hirigana Keyaki both 2nd and 1st gen has a strong and almost independent group
    • Good drama
    • Shida gets a modeling contract
    • 2018 is the year of keyaki inner strenght reconstruction
    • Good songs
    • Zuumin solo
    • Zuumin discovering she cannot do idol work anymore (because of her health)
    • Zuumin and/or Techi grad
    • Any graduation at all
    • Songs like Kaze ni that looks great on MV but that member have a hard time performing (they don't smile as much as in the mv)
    • Everybody is still exhausted
    • Hirigana mixed with the Kanji in a A-side
    • Hirigana can't shine on their one (a part from the Kanji)
    • More short hair girl (PLEASE)
    • Kato Shiho dyes her hair brown again :)
    • Techi finding of way to surprise her with a new strange hairstyle
    • More hiatus
    • More solo songs (maybe a Saito Kyoko one)
    • A dark A-side
  17. eve666

    eve666 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 22, 2017
    Neru will be next center. I def believe it

    Techi won't graduate for s couple years.
  18. onieyez

    onieyez Kenkyuusei

    May 6, 2017
    Trumpet girl center
    because that's the way


    but my biggest fear is Imaizumi Yui graduating. Hopefully she's in more things next year.
  19. Project 2035

    Project 2035 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 20, 2016
    Hirate Yurina
    Last year in review-

    • A year just like this but with no scandals- Basically came true except for the never ending hate for Neru and Fuyuka supposedly having had a boyfriend before joining...
    • Even more unity and teamwork in the group- Definitely came true. The Hiraganas are finding a purpose and rising, we have 2nd Gen Hiragana who are gaining skill at a tremendous pace, and at the same time, Kanji has stayed strong, while the entire a group as a whole is still together as one.
    • Ozeki is stabbed while walking down the street- Did not come true.
    • Fire starts during filming of Keyakake at the studio resulting in either serious injury or death for all of the Kanji members AND Tsuchida and Sawabe- Did not come true.
    • Dark scandal surrounding Techi's background causes group to have major loss in popularity or forced to disband all together- Depending on how you view the recent incident at Kouhaku, one could say this has begun, albeit about work overload rather than her past. The loss in popularity won't be major and they certainly won't disband, but the incident at Kouhaku will leave a mark (especially with Nogi winning).
    • Aki-P dies of a heart attack resulting in either A. New producer who sucks, makes poor decisions, and in the end causes the downfall of 48/46G or B. In the ensuing crisis 48/46G disband.- Did not come true.
    • North Korea, under pressure from economic sanctions makes a crazy last move and attacks Japan and ROK, destroying half of Tokyo with missiles. The North loses in the end, but all of the Keyaki members are caught in the rain of missiles.- The crisis is ongoing so we don't know for sure whether it won't happen. At the very least it did not happen in 2017.
    • At least one member will have a scandal- Did not come true.
    • Success will level off, but they will still remain a strong group- This one isn't so clear.

    This year-


    • Zuumin finally returns
    • Techi is ok
    • A year like this but with no injuries
    • Even MORE unity and teamwork in the group
    • Saito Kyoko named Hiragana center
    • Neru does more to campaign for peace, not only focusing on Nagasaki but other nuclear issues (like DPRK, Marshall Islands damages) as well as conventional atrocities (Tokyo fire bombings, war in China, if she dares... comfort women, etc.)
    • A member admits she is a Shizuko Kasagi fan


    • Techi commits suicide under pressure from heavy work load
    • A member or more is sexually assaulted
    • A member dies of a heart attack
    • An event within the group causes discord and the unity begins to fall apart
    • Management makes multiple mistakes costing popularity and sales
    • A member is hit by a car and killed
    • Another attack at a handshake event occurs, the girls are unhurt, but wotas and possibly security guards die
    • More incidents occur, which cause backlash from the public, and Keyaki loses popularity
    • A scandal happens and a member is singled out for it, causing discord in the group
    • A massive tsunami and earthquake hit Tokyo and every one in Keyaki including Tsuchida and Sawabe are killed
    • Trump makes good on his statement that "if millions of people are going to die, it is going to be over there, not here" and launches a full scale invasion of the DPRK. North Korea launches conventional chemical, biological, and nuclear armed missiles at Japan. Keyaki members are caught in the rain of fire while millions of others die


    • Techi gets a short break but returns, only to have the same workload, and graduates realizing she does not want to be an idol any longer
    • Zuumin comes to the conclusion that she will not be able to continue to be an idol without intermittent hiatuss from stress, and graduates
    • Keyaki plateaus in success with the loss of at least one primary member (Zuumin or Techi) OR...
    • ...with Zuumin and Techi (or one) gone, the group evolves into something new with a new center and so on, and continues to rise in popularity in the start of a new era
    • Keyaki maintains their clean image while unity grows despite the loss of a member or two.

    NOTE- This time, all of the fears are real.
  20. souchan48

    souchan48 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 8, 2013
    Oshimen: Amami Yuki
    Actually i'd say that the yesterday's tragic performance actually has worked in favour of Keyaki. At least, they will be more likeable by general public. Sad, but true. Public looooove and will tend to support a sad story of a personality/group being unfairly overworked to death by their management. This is because most salaryman will be able to relate to them. Most Japanese company, as we all know, have tendencies to overwork their workers and forces them to participate in night drinking session, settai, bounenkai, etc etc. The term 'black company' has risen in terms of popularity several years back.

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