How and when did you fall in love with her?

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    I disliked AKB before my friend showed me Koisuru Fortune Cookie, since it was so popular while he was studying abroad there. I really liked the song and dance, so I kept rewatching the PV and other dance covers. I reluctantly subscribed to the official YouTube channel so that I could see all the new dance covers. After a while I decided to give AKB more of a chance, and I started learning the some of the members' names. I first recognized Sasshi, Mayuyu, Tomochin, and other girls in the front. I did come across Yui's name as I clicked through the KFC senbatsu members on Wiki48, but I didn't think too much of her at the time (her 2013 photo isn't as good as other years, especially 2014, in my opinion). I thought Sasshi was quite pretty, especially in the part where (I thought) she was dancing in the car factory in the PV.

    Then the official YouTube channel started uploading Kouhaku member comment videos. It was perfect timing as I was getting to know most of the senbatsu members at the time, and the videos gave me more insight into their personalities. I saw Yui's and thought she was really cute. I started paying more attention to her in other performances and noticed how she always danced with lots of energy. I learned about her backstory and how hard she worked commuting back and forth between Kyoto and Tokyo, rising through the ranks, and becoming captain. I also love Kansai-ben, especially when girls use it. When I discovered her Kyoto show, she was already by far my favorite, but it just cemented her place there. I love the show so much; it shows how she can be graceful and beautiful but also a food-loving dork at the same time. It also has taught me so much about Kyoto, which I have visited before. Now I can't wait to go back and check out all the places I have learned about, thanks to Yui.

    The twist is that a few months ago, I rewatched the KFC PV and noticed that the member dancing in the car factory was not Sasshi, but in fact was Yui. So, I had liked Yui from the beginning anyway, without realizing it!
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    Iwasa Misaki
    I was checking to see if I had ever posted in this thread, and found that. Obviously I have oshihenned since that time, and it happened not very long after that post (June 2009).

    Who: Iwasa Misaki
    When/Where: Started in March 2009 at the Theater, culminating in November 2009 at G-Rosso (and at Tokyo Big Sight in March 2010)
    Why: Technically Oh-Yay was my first favorite member of AKB48, but it wasn't until I saw Meetan on that fateful night mentioned above that I realized what having an oshimen meant. And I still adore Meetan to this day. However, she is married with a child. At this point her only oshimen should really be her husband. But I still enjoy watching her on the occasions she does do media appearances...

    Wasamin jumped into my life one day in the Spring of 2009 when I was at a Team K show. It was the first time I had ever noticed this adorable kenkyuusei with the purist of smiles and most eager way of dancing. I wanted to know more about her. But since she was a relatively new kks there wasn't too much to learn. And after all I already had an Oshimen in Meetan...

    Fast forward to September 2009 and AKB48's US debut in New York City. None of my favorite members were going to the event. But I noticed a name at the bottom of the list, it was that adorable kenkyuusei that I took a liking to a few months prior. I decided I would be a Wasamin oshi for the weekend. I was calling her name as we walked around the Javitz Center leading to a brief encounter with her in the hallway. I was also in the front row cheering for her at the show. It was enough for her to come down to the front of the stage and thank me at the end. It was such an awesome moment. In fact you can see her do it on the Digest DVD, as well as her talking after the show about certain fans cheering for her. But there was more to come...

    A month later I went to see AKB Kagekidan/Infinity at G-Rosso. It the end of the show you got to pick one member to meet as you walked out of the theater. There were quite a few members I liked in the cast, but for some reason I chose Wasamin. And what a reception! She was staring at the floor with nobody standing in front of her. All of a sudden a came up to her and growled her name "Wasamin!!" She recognized me from New York, and was so thrilled. The look on her face was just priceless. It was pretty much a done deal for me at that point, but there was more...

    Four months later I was back in Tokyo for the Sakura no Shiori 2-shot event. I managed to get one Wasamin ticket. I arrived at her extremely short queue, and was almost immeately led into the booth. And there was that same look on her face, one of total excitement. In fact Wasamin even tried speaking English with me. "I am so happy to see you again!", and my heart melted. This is my oshimen, I thought. Later on I was standing in line to do a 2-shot with Nachu, as Wasamin was being led backstage by management. One of the other fans nudged me and said "Wasamin can't take her eyes off of you" I looked over and there she was, staring at me. The moment she saw me looking at her her beaming smile returned. And she waved at me all the way to the back curtain.

    It was at that point that I was sure. This is my oshimen. She has gone over and above to make me feel special as her fan. I am committed to supporting her and making her feel special as an idol/artist/human being.
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    I only recently got into AKB within the past year, so by the time I had picked members out of PV's they were already gone (Mariko, Sayaka, Yuko left right after I became a fan)

    I had gotten the AKB app with all the girls on it where the upload their G+ photos. I would scroll through the girls pictures and look at them but I didnt know names. Uchiyama Natsuki caught my eye because I thought she was so cute and had the best smile, so she was the first person I followed on G+.

    After that i supported Nakky because she was the only one i knew, and after some time I would follow more girls i found cute (Mikichan, Miyupyon). Coincidently, I ended up following the entire 14th generation (except Kojimako, until later) without even realizing it. So you could say I found Nakky and the 14th gen by accident!
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    I hated AKB at first after seeing the Heavy Rotation video but for some reason I decided to look them up again and found the Koisuru Fortune Cookie video. I could not get that song out of my head, so I ended up downloading the song and it just kind of snowballed from there. In the beginning (Only about a year ago) I still remember having to google both Acchan and Yuko to see who was who because I had trouble telling them apart in the Heavy Rotation video lol.

    I used to watch old AKBingo episodes on youtube all the time so I learned the older members (Acchan, Tomochin, Mariko etc.) first even though they had all graduated already. From there, for some reason, I first noticed Kojiharu and said she was my favorite but that quickly changed, I also noticed Akimoto Sayaka and then she became my top. She still is my #2 but I think after watching all the AKBingo episodes and researching about the Teams and the members, I just fell for Yuko. Once I learned who she was, she immediately stood out. I loved her energy, her relationship with the other Team K members, especially the Team K trio. She was a weirdo who didn't care what other people think and that was great. She was a fierce performer and funny.
    Also after seeing this fan vid. It just really cemented her as my Kami Oshi. To me that is Yuko in a nutshell.
    I was still learning about AKB when she graduated so it didn't make much of an impact. If anything I really regret not becoming a fan earlier and being around for the original Kami 7.

    Lately I have really become into Takamina and Tano. I absolutely love Tano because she is so much like Yuko but she still manages to have her own personality and stand out. I first noticed her at the 2014 Janken when they announced the senbatsu for Kibouteki Refrain. When they announced her name she just started bawling and Yui had to go pick her up. From that moment there was just something about her that I knew I had to research her more. The more I found out about her, the more I loved.

    Takamina has become my current oshi because of her dedication and her hard work. I have always noticed her but lately I have really begun to appreciate her more often. She works so hard and gives so much to AKB. She is also funny and a goofball sometimes while other times she's another fierce performer. Her graduation will be the first one that I will go through really being a fan. I will really miss her. I also love Yui for a lot of these same reasons as Takamina, all the girls are great so its hard to narrow them down.
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    At first, I knew AKB because of JKT. And for some reason, I was just following JKT, until around middle 2012. That was when Tokyo Dome Concert was held. At that time, I just could watch the video from youtube, and I got attached by two girls. They are Miyazawa Sae and Matsui Jurina. I really love them, and was really getting trouble when someone asked me to choose one of them. But then, my love toward Sae is growing bigger than to Jurina, but not making me lose interest toward her.
    I really like Sae because of her energetic attitude, and also, she is, somehow, different from the others. She is such a crazy kid with mature side in my eyes, and I really admire the bond of the Team K Trio which is between Yuko, Sayaka and her. I also like her braveness, when she said that she wants to be just in SNH at Sousenkyo. I also think that she has this leader aura, that makes me think and wish that she would be Team K's captain. But then she becomes Team S's leader instead of Team K, which is more like surprising to me, but not dissapointing.
    At first, I just kept following AKB and so because of these two. Until I discover about many other girls, and I end up liking every single girls that I know in 48G. It's like, I just want to look forward for the girls' growth and don't want to leave this fandom.
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    I don't remember if I have already answered to this forum but who care about it.

    My favorite member is of course Takahashi Minami.
    I felt in love with her voice in july 2007 during the first time I was watching a PV from AKB48.
    This PV was Bingo! and although there were more than 40 members, I couldn't take my eyes out of her face.
    My love for the group has begun at the same time than my love for her.
    Before she was named "Captain" it was normal to me to consider her as a real leader of the group.
    Almost 8 years later I'm happy to be her fan yet.
    My only regret is to never had the opportunity to see her on stage.
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    I had never noticed Mocchi until Kondo Koso Ecstasy. Seeing her in the showgirl dress and how much she reminded me of Shimatani Hitomi, I was INSTANTLY captivated.

    That was also the moment I discovered Tomu and Yagi. Yagi's dancing in the final chorus and Tomu's throwing of the milkshake into the camera were what drew me to them.

    And thus, the trifecta was born.
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    My first oshimen was J when I saw her in Ponytail to shu shu. I thought she's already adult back then. like 23. I refollowed akb after 4 years. I loved her more, but now that I know many people love her and the next in line for Center Position. I went back to watch some old videos. I saw 1+1=2 janai yo! video by umemoto madoka and tani marika. then I watch hyakatten and odekake as she told on the douga. I was really amazed on those shows. now I know why Aki-P put her on SKE team E, so Rena could teach her and protect her. now I know she's growing and the new hidden center for ske48.
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    Here at 0:22:

    I've thought she was easily one of the best looking girls in the 48 family (if not the very best looking) for as long as I've known of her. But something about that reaction really summed up what I like about her personality. She's cute in a natural way and not in a burikko/fishing way (not that there's anything wrong with that!), and she has a balance of natural charisma with a reserved personality that I really like.
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    When I first saw the 2° senbatsu election on youtube in my early akb48 days I noticed Paruru elected for first time (I thought: the crazy otaku have elected even a kenkyuusei, that's sick :gavel:, after she spoke I start change my mind a little :hehe:)
    moth later...
    Akb48 yosha ikuzo in SBD, I noticed that crazy beauty in high school days performance ... :cute: --->:drool: ---->:nosebleed:
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    My Eternal Kami-Oshi: Oshima Yuko

    1st-time seeing her: Majisuka Gakuen 1
    moment that I fell in love with her: when she centered Beginner on Happy Music
    things that I love about her: she can both be cute and funny, she can make funny reaction without needing to fake it, a great stage performer, she's not like the typical idol who always try to make herself cute on the camera all the time. rather she'll make you love her for who she is. she's the best and coolest member in AKB's history imo the way her eyes hypnotize me when she's performing on stage. her thousand watt smile that always brightens my day.

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    So I'm 90% sure that this thread probably exists, so if a Mod could merge this thread into that then I can edit this back down to just my response :)

    And Trinu provided the answer! This is now a redundant thread, please move along!
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    I first noticed Oba Mina when they started bringing the 9th Generation onto AKBingo; I thought she was cute but nothing further after that, since I was new to the group and everyone pretty much felt the same. She became my oshi once I started watching the SKE-Ebi series, a couple of months into this fandom, where she first expectorated, then got given the "debu" character and finally just rolled with that entire concept, leading to one of the funniest ramen eating contests I've seen [hehe] ultimately her sense of humour won me over :p Then I discovered she was actually considered one of AKB gravure queens and i went :nosebleed:

    I feel that the term "Oshimen" should be reserved for just one person, but that doesn't mean I don't have my top members in the sister groups, which is the equivalent of a "Group Specific-Oshi", I just don't use that phrase, and each have there own reasons for me liking them:

    AKB-Okada Nana: She had a really fun "majime" character, something I hadn't seen in other girls at the time
    HKT-Murashige Anna: I'm not usually into "guigui" characters, but something about her made it really work, especially in Hakata Hyakkaten
    Nogizaka46-Shiraishi Mai: everytime they brought out Kuroishi on NOGIBINGO she had me in stitches!
    NMB-Jonishi Kei: Just one phrase from the Geinin series that won me over: "aho, shine, baka" I think I might be slightly M...
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    I love Japan. Very much. I can say that i'm obsessed with japan. Well~ thanks to my TV and NHK. Thats how it started~ [hehe]

    Some years ago, when i'm surfing on Youtube about Japan, I incidentally encountered this show called AKBingo. it was so funny that without me knowing it, i'm already addicted onto it. [hehe]

    I didnt know when the exact time i fell in love with my oshi. Mayuyu. She just comin into my life like.. i dont know when it is. And i never ever expecting that i can be so addicted to mayuyu, like the way i am now [hehe]. I'm never so addicted into an Artist or Celeb before. Not so much like i'm addicting to mayu.

    "You're not the one who choose your oshi, it was your oshi that choose you"

    I'm already write this in another thread.... And with the more i learn about mayu.. the more too i can find the connection in our personality. The more i find the conncetion.. the more too i fall more for her :inlove:

    Anyway.. i love writing, and mayu is one of my object to write [hehe].. she's like my imagination.
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    Komiyama Haruka
    I've fallen in love with Japan too but for me that happened quite recently when I went there for the first time in late March this year. Before I went there I sampled Jpop by going through the current Oricon charts but although by doing that I discovered AKB48 and I loved Green Flash, to me nobody really stood out in the MV and for a short while they were just a group of anonymous girls.

    Yet I still felt a need to get to know them better so after my return I ordered the 2014 Kohaku Uta Gassen DVD. And who should be one of the team captains? The lovely Mayuyu and that's when I fell in love with her and her beauty even though she didn't perform very much in the show. Since then she's been my favourite member and when looking at any of the older AKB48 MVs I always make a point of trying to identify her. Every time I watch concert videos she always stands out for me amongst the others. Of course I have the photobook edition of Deai no Tsuzuki which is an important feature in my still new and expanding Jpop collection.

    I hope it'll be a while before she graduates, I still want to get to know more about her and to see her in current TV show videos (especially if she kicks any more zombies!). Maybe my dream will come true and I can get to see her for real in Japan next year? But whatever her future plans I will always follow her career.
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    After Acchan left I was searching for a new favorite, but I was a pretty new fan and didn't know too many people. I was a Takamina oshi for about a month, then a Yuko oshi for maybe 2 months, then I started liking Myao's "mad dog" act on AKBingo, so I was a Myao oshi for a few months. One day I was looking for song lyrics, and went to studio48 and looked up, among others, Bird. I noticed that NMB had a version, and that Rikanyan (who was somehow the NMB girl I noticed first) was in it, along with some girl called Yamamoto Sayaka in Takamina's position. So I looked it up cause I wanted to hear Rikanyan sing, but when I heard Sayanee sing "kokoro no kago ni / tojikomerarete / aa mou ano sora wa" my jaw dropped. I was stunned. She was so good. I researched her like crazy and fell more and more in love.

    Even though Acchan is my first favorite, Sayanee is my first oshimen.
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    I fell inlove with akb48 when they just started around 2005 all the way to 2010. Because of 2010 I had love crush on erena ono after she left it was like a women who disappear in thin air and never seen again and right after that I just stop watching akb48 and I really did miss the old akb generation cause they were more live and funny all the way to now. Just last year i finally got my groove back into akb48 and I was suprise about how many memeber that graduated and move on to career I was even shock that how akb48 grew and how many beautiful members that join akb48 and I was like this year akb hkt ske and others have so amazing ladies with pretty unique personality I find to be attractive and funny. But what got me back here is because of Owada Nana Aka Naanya She like my favorite and i'm her oshi all the way to the end.
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    Sep 20, 2014
    I knew AKB from their article on a national Japanese-culture magazine (since I'm not a Japanese), and I was somehow charmed by them, but then I didn't listen to any of their song for about 1 year. Then on 2012, I was watching the TV when I realized that AKB already had sister group called JKT in Indonesia that covers AKB songs. I was charmed to by how JKT perform Heavy Rotation, Gomen ne Summer etc as their debut on TV, so I started to follow their (JKT) appearance on TV shows. Searching to their songs made me curious about the "original version" of the song. I searched and looped AKB's Heavy Rotation like forever because I like it, but I became a little bored, so I searched more and found "Everyday, Kachuusha", "Baby, Baby, Baby", "AKB48" etc. After that hype, I didn't follow AKB for about 1 year until JKT covered KFC. My curiousity then grew again because of that song, I searched Heavy Rotation and Ebikachu live performance and I got the AKBingo version of it. Seeing Yuko's smile and Tomochin's charm on that video, I decided to follow AKB.. After a few weeks, they released Heart Electric and from then, I have been a casual fan of AKB48.

    My first oshimen was Oshima Yuko (hooked by her smile), and then I liked Yukirin (hooked by her voice and beauty) when I listen to "Birthday Wedding", Yukirin grew really fast on me.. After Yuko decided to graduate, I took Yukirin as my Queen until now.

    I liked the sister groups when watching the coupling of Suzukake Nanchara.. Especially NMB, their group's vocal sounds a bit different from AKB's and I've charmed by Miyuki's smile on that video (Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta). Now I'm a casual fan of NMB>>>SKE>HKT.
    I liked Nogizaka just because Rena became a Kennin, but then I met KidzuKata and just about two months after knowing Kidzukata, Nandome no Aozora ka visited my ears.. Voila, I'm a casual fan of Nogizaka too.
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    Miyawaki Sakura
    I don't remember the year, but it happened many years ago when I started to like Japanese music through Sailor Moon's opening theme.

    I was browsing different groups, including idols groups and saw an AKB PV, I didn't care about it that much so I left it to that. Then one day
    I saw this cutie in google picture search and had to know who she is and what she does.

    Then when I learned she was the member of the group I didn't like that much at first, I started to search more PV's, shows and pictures of Mayuyu.
    First I thought Mayu was a bit"freaky", because of her super wide smile but that was one of the charms I saw in her.

    She was my first oshi, and she still is my kamioshi and I'll support her forever ♥

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