How did you become a fan of Hinatazaka46 (Ohisama)?

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Behind You ~~~
    Sasaki Kumi
    - How did you find out about Hinatazaka46?
    by watching Keyakake when they introduced Hiragana Members back then

    - How did you become Hinatazaka46 fan (Ohisama)?
    First of all, I used to be a fan of hkt48. After watching some episodes of Nogidoko and Nogibingo S1 (nogi vs hkt48 battle for variety show program), It grows on me, pretty much excited to wait for their variety shows every week, reading their blogpost, etc. Then I found out a news about toriizaka (keyakizaka46, now sakurazaka46) afterwards.

    Knowing that Fukagawa Mai had announced her graduation, I feel very sad and desperately looking for extra money to go to Japan just to watch her graduation concert. But it never happened, I feel lost.

    Then keyakizaka46 introduced their little sister group, the so called "under" version of keyaki named hiragana keyaki. Until they became Hinatazaka46.

    - How did you find your Oshimen (Sasaki Kumi)?
    This sounds pretty funny tho. I used to like Yagami Kumi while she is still a member of SKE48. By having name of Sasaki Kumi, I'm joking with my friends that she is already being my Oshimen because she has the same name.

    Holy sh*t she is so talented, OMG she is pretty, da*n she is so good at variety show, she has a leadership quality, she is from CHIBA, she became a captain of Hiragana Keyaki > Hinatazaka46, the definition of Happy Aura.

    I really like her a lot. Maimai is still my number one. But Sasaku is my 'One of a kind'. She is my Kami-oshi from the page one of Hinatazaka46's story until the unknown.

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  2. Elstree

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    Nov 23, 2020
    ❤ Kato Shiho ❤
    - How did you find out about Hinatazaka46?
    I had been avoiding Nogizaka46 for a few years until a Youtube suggestion of Saito Asuka. Wanted to see more.
    Watched Nogizaka46 4th birthday live (day 1). All pretty girls, a few stood out, Saito Yuuri, Hashimoto Nanami, Nakamoto Himeka. One really sparkled, Noujo Ami.
    Watched all of Nogibingo but one of the 3rd gen members irritated me.
    Started watching Nogidoko->Under construction and enjoyed it until the episode to introduce 3rd gen, stopped it half way through, that irritating girl was there.
    Moved on to Keyakizaka46, Keyakitte Kakenai. Though the girls were reasonably entertaining, the show was quite boring for the first 60 or so episodes. Watched it through to the last episode.
    Moved on to Hiragana Keyaki, Hiragana Oshi. By episode 10 they were actually doing something. Then.....
    - How did you become Hinatazaka46 fan (Ohisama)?
    .....episode 11
    - How did you find your Oshimen (See above image)?
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  3. Rae_Q

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    Oct 22, 2020
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    - How did you find out about Hinatazaka46?
    I randomly found Re:Mind on netflix last October. I binged it one night and really like Ayaka, Kage and Miho. (To be fair, I had a crush on Ayaka, I was terrified of Kage and I was intrigued by Miho). And while watching the Special "Re:Wind" episode, I got curious about these other 8 girls just popped up and why Nao was suddenly the main narrator...
    So I searched them up. "Wait, they are from the same group?! That's so cool." And it was the first time (in a really long time) that I had been excited about something.

    - How did you become Hinatazaka46 fan (Ohisama)?
    The first Hinata song that I found when I searched them was actually Honto No Jikan and I was just done. I thought, "I don't even know these new girls except Nao and Miho but I love this group already." And while searching the song lyrics for Honto No Jikan, I found Keyavids and the subs community. I finished all of GanaOshi, HinaAi, HinaBingo and Dasada episodes within weeks and I didn't regret it one bit. And then around the end of November, I went back and rewatched it all at a slower pace. Like one or two episode per night. My friend knew that I was going through a rough time for a few months so when I got excited about this group and watching an episode every night just made me happy, she let me rant about it till my heart's content. And Hinata basically got me through the day.

    - How did you find your Oshimen (enter your Oshimen name here)?

    Re:Mind made me love Miho, Nao and Ayaka. But three episodes into GanaOshi, I knew I was gonna be in love with Konoka for forever, no matter what. And throughout GanaOshi, these four were my favorites. Screenshot_20201022-153225.jpg
    (Look at them! They are so cute!)
    But I told my friend, I can guarantee that by the end of this rewatch, I'm going to fall in love with all of them one by one. And every other week, I text her saying "It's [insert member] appreciation week!" And then talk about that member all week.
    Technically, my oshimen are Gori Gori Donuts. But I'm in love with Ayaka, Nao, Miku, Mikuni, Hina and Hiyori just as much.

    Sorry about the long message. I love this group way too much.
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  4. Ichiro lei

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    May 16, 2021
    - How did you find out about Hinatazaka46?
    • I first saw hinatazaka46, in their first project netflix series "Re:mind". They caught my interest because when i watch the show i thought that they're all newbie in acting but i was amazed of how great they're already specially kageyama. After watching that drama, i crave to know more about them and found myself watching all videos they're in and become ohisama
    - How did you become Hinatazaka46 fan (Ohisama)?
    • I see the group from the very start and see all their struggle in making their dream come true. At first I'm just curious about this group. But all of them is very funny in their variety shows and i totally hook by them.
    - How did you find your Oshimen (enter your Oshimen name here)?
    At first my oshi is kageyama and mirei because of their great acting skills,but because kageyama have a long hiatus, I became interested in other members. I really love the coupling of mei higashimura and saito kyoko. It's really interesting that they're in a love triangle situation with ayaka. I don't know if it's just me but i ship those two. I really love those 2 and i was so happy that the 3 is the center of their latest song どうするどうする。
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  5. hinatasucker

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    Nov 8, 2021
    Tomita Suzuka
    - How did you find out about Hinatazaka46?

    Until a few months ago, I had never been interested in idols (though I've been a J-drama fan for over 15 years), but then Imaizumi Yui's PB led me to Keyabingo, then to KeyaKake, and that's how I found out about HiraganaKeyaki/Hinatazaka

    - How did you become Hinatazaka46 fan (Ohisama)?

    Apart from Imaizumi, I had other members I liked in Kanji Keyaki (Nagahama, Yonetani, Sato,...) but also others I really didn't like (I think it's better to keep the names for myself, though) and anyway, as I kept watching KeyaKake, I grew more and more dissatisfied with the group's aura (which I've started to find too dark and "allegedly cool" for my taste). Instead, I liked the sunnier, more uplifting Hiragana right away...though the real "click" occurred when they added the 2nd gen and after a while I dropped KeyaKake and started watching "Hiragana Oshi" and then "Hinatazaka de Aimashou!" and "HinaBingo". By then I had become a full-fledged ohisama, I guess (except for the fact that I'm interested in the variety aspect, rather than in the "core business" - pop music / choreographies - which ain't that appealing to me, sorry :^^;:)

    - How did you find your Oshimen (Matsuda Konoka)?

    As shallow as that'll sound, I won't hide the fact that she's quite my type, looks-wise...:^^;:
    But it ain't just that: she's multi-talented, and I like her personality (or at least, what transpires of it from those variety shows).
    Another member I place above the rest is Tomita Suzuka, for the same reasons (looks+talent+personality), but the thing is, with Hinatazaka there isn't a single member I dislike, they all look nice to me...:1st:

    Edit Dec. 6, 2021: roughly one month (and over 100 episodes of "HinaAi" later! - BTW, just a dozen more and I'll catch up with the current eps.!) I must confess my two "oshimen" have kinda switched positions, as I'm putting Tomita first and Matsuda (very close) second ATM...:^^;:
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