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Ishida Anna (Annya) / 2nd Generation

Discussion in 'SKE48 Graduated Members' started by haruna_hamasaki, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. sada

    sada Kenkyuusei

    May 3, 2009
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    ;=; Happy happy birthday to you~ <3

    She's like the cutest thing in SKE! <3
  2. katastr0phical1

    katastr0phical1 Kenkyuusei

    Sep 9, 2010
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Haaaapppy Birthday Anna! <3

    Hope we get some awesome pictures tonight/tomorrow. [rock]
  3. mieniem

    mieniem Member Stage48 Donor

    Jul 14, 2009
    Canada, Ontario
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    [party] [party] HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA [party] [party]
  4. suki-gin

    suki-gin Kenkyuusei

    Nov 7, 2010
    South Africa
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    :ome: Happy Birthday, Anna :ome:
  5. katastr0phical1

    katastr0phical1 Kenkyuusei

    Sep 9, 2010
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Anna birthday pics!
  6. suki-gin

    suki-gin Kenkyuusei

    Nov 7, 2010
    South Africa
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Anna :cute:
    Seems like she got many gifts~ Loving the flower tiara, she looks like a princess~
    Also, so much food! D:
    Thank you for the pictures as always :inlove:
  7. ethereallimbo

    ethereallimbo Kenkyuusei

    Mar 3, 2011
  8. hye-ran

    hye-ran Kenkyuusei

    Mar 19, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    shes so adorable in this video :inlove:

  9. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    When I purchased the SKE complete book 2010/2011 this January, I knew jack about them (except Jurina and Rena) and the members who struck me the most were Anna and Akisun (but that's another story)

    Her cuteness, beauty, skill with dance and expressions and unlimited energy make me think she's one of the members with most potential.

    So I started translating her blogs too.

    They're always so peppy, I can't help but love them :p

    You'll find my remarks between <>.


    I went to Osaka♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    <The first kanji in the emoticon is the first kanji of her name, the "an" of Anna>

    I’m Annya – Ishida Anna! ('▽'*)nipa!

    <Don’t ask what “nipa” means…it’s something she uses as a cute exclamation, I think?>

    Thank you for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to those who celebrate it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today the Akaeda and Ishida families went on a family trip to Osaka♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    We were undecided whether to go to Tokyo or Osaka, but my little sister, who doesn’t like long drives, chose Osaka so we went there♪

    Taking along my little sister always busy with club activities, we arrived in Osaka yesterday evening and went shopping from this morning('▽'*)nipa!

    Such a chance doesn’t come along often, so we bought a lot of stuff! Riri and my sister get along great, to the point they seem the same age…('▽'*)nipa!

    I was the big sister! (lol)

    While shopping I always lost sight of them though…(*´∇`*)


    We also ate a lot…(;゜ロ゜)

    I bought a DVD! (^ω^)
    While riding the bullet train there’s always free time, so I can watch it then! (≧∀≦)

    The Osaka auntie talked so much and was really hyper, so that was a lot of fun too\(^o^)/


    (I ate some unusual vegetables too♪)

    We walked a lot today♪ It was so hot---(`・ω・´)

    We also went to Q’s Mall! I got a hat I wanted to wear for the longest time!

    Look forward to next time I’ll upload my casuals' photoヾ(^▽^)ノ

    When will we go again? I love Osaka♪

    In yesterday’s comments, someone asked how to make the soap foam like that.

    I’m using a foam net♪


    With this, you can make a tennis-ball size foam♪

    Try~~ it, everyone o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o

    After some massages, I’ll go to sleep♪

    Tomorrow is radio day o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o

    I’ll tell you again when it goes on air♪

    Good night o(__*)Zzz



    Koakkuma♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I’m Annya – Ishida Anna! ('▽'*)nipa!

    Thank you for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to those who celebrate it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    “1+1 doesn’t make 2!”’s recording ended♪ My partner was Yamada Reika-chan o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o

    It’s the first time we go on radio together♪

    September 9th, from 21:40~

    If you could find the time to listen, I’d be really happy (*^-^)ノ

    Reika’s smart, so you can ask her anything! ( '∇^*)^☆

    She can read even the hardest Kanji…! (lol)

    Ook, Input!


    DVD watching ('▽'*)nipa!

    I suddenly got the urge of watching a DVD, and an action one, so…

    “The Karate Kid”

    It’s a martial arts movie. It was so exciting my palms started sweating!


    These came from Koakkuma-chan!

    Koakkuma’s new sweets have come out~~~('▽'*)nipa!


    “Fine Snow’s Regalo” <”Koakkuma” means Lil’ Devil in Japanese, referring to a mischievous girl (the bear mascotte is there because “kuma” alone is bear), and “regalo” is present in Italian…basically Annya’s catchphrase ;)>

    Cammembert cheese stuck between two chocolate cookies. The cheese was really rich! Yuuko-san likes cheese, so I guess she’d like it too♪


    I got a lot of it, so I’ll eat it with the other members♪

    Koakkuma’s always so cute~ (^ω^)

    I want to go to Hokkaido~
    Shall we go? ('▽'*)nipa!

    If you can go to Hokkaido, don’t forget to Bagu with Koakkuma-chan, Nation of Good♪

    <Ok bear with me a little here. This company has 2 characters, Akkuma and Koakkuma. They are bears with devilish traits, Akkuma more than Koakkuma. Akkuma “looks at the world with a distorted view, and calls on the Nation of Evil”. Koakkuma “looks at the world with unclouded eyes, and calls on the Nation of Good”. There’s a whole long explanation about this, but I’ve bored you long enough…>

    I too, when we did the concert in Hokkaido, went and did “Bagu” with Koakkuma-chan, who came to meet me♪

    < Bagu is Bear + Hug+ Engrish, I think>


    Anyway…tomorrow my arm will probably hurt…will it be all right?

    Actually, today I had the second shot preventing “cervical cancer”, and it hurt more than last time…(>_<)

    It’s the first time a shot hurt so much…uugh…

    And two days after that the muscles will hurt…Σ(ノд<)

    Stay strong…stay strong…

    It’s OK, by the time I join the research students’ show, it won’t hurt (^ω^)

    When you receive a shot, do you watch the needle? Or look in another direction?

    I usually stare at it…but, just before the needle pricks, the nurse always says “it’ll hurt a little”…I get all tense, so don’t say it~~is what I always whisper in my heart…Σ(ノд<)



    ('▽'*)Nipa!~(=^・。・^)ノMeow(安o^ v ' 川↑

    I’m Annya - Ishida Anna! ('▽'*)nipa!

    Thank you for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to those who celebrate it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    *smile* (゜▽゜)v(゜▽゜)v o(゜▽゜)o Yaaaay!!

    Today was lesson day♪

    With everyone from K2('▽'*)nipa!

    We were together from morning till evening, like when we first started, always doing lessons...

    That felt nostalgic♪

    *wobble wobble* Sleepy...

    I'm tired...


    Yuimin-san ☆ Graduation

    Yuimin-san always smells so nice...I would go after her to smell her perfume.

    Always so elegant...

    After this "graduation announcement", there were many thoughts inside me.

    The decision of "graduating"...I think she thought so much, with feelings impossible to express with words, and reached this answer...

    A new first step!

    I will keep cheering for her...


    Today too, I watched a DVD during break time♪

    "Life as we know it"

    It's a family-oriented movie. Raise the child of a friend who died, in his place...a story like this.

    By the way, I watched it in English with Japanese subtitles(^ω^)

    Until now I always set the audio in Japanese, but I felt like watching it in English♪

    But without subtitles I have no idea what they're talking about...

    From now on, let's set the audio in English!( '∇^*)^☆

    From tomorrow I'll watch "Karate Kid 1-4"('▽'*)nipa!

    I rented it just now(^ω^)

    。.:♪*:・'(*⌒―⌒*))) *special smile* <OG in English>

    Tomorrow I'll join in the research students' show!

    It's been a long time♪

    I'm happy I can participate in so many show(*⌒▽⌒*)

    A 3-part showヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

    But Anna here happens to love 3-part shows('∇')







    <Shichi-Fuku-Shin means "7 Gods of fortune". Check'em out:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Lucky_Gods>



    Which one of them do you like, everyone?

    (p.-)(ρ.-)(p.-)(ρ.-)sleepy sleepy...



    Gave it my all!!安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    I joined the research students' show for the first time in a while!

    Thank you to everyone who came!


    I haven't done a 3-part show for six months...My heart was racing until the start...ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

    Because of how to save energy, and nervousness...

    Actually, after finishing it, I realized that 3-part shows...

    are powerful stuff(`・ω・´)

    You sweat buckets, use up all your energy...now I feel dried up (lol)

    But relieved I could end it without problems♪

    Did you have fun, everyone?

    After all, all types of shows are really fun♪

    Today was also Momonyan's birthday♪


    Look! It's a castle o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o

    So cute~( '∇^*)^☆


    Here's a message to everyone from Momonyan♪

    Anna, thanks for joining in our show☆

    Today I had a splendid birthday party, thank you so much(*∩ω∩*)♪

    Thanks to everyone, I could start this new year in the best way possible☆

    This year too I'll do my best, at my own pace, so please cheer for me!

    Thanks, Anna(*^_^*)


    It's nothing♪

    You know, I just adore Momonyan♪

    I adore her so much that I even cried, once...(*´∇`*)

    I love Momonyan's knees.

    Happy birthday!(^ω^)

    I hope this will be a splendid year for Momonyan.

    Today's casuals (^ω^)


    It was hot, so I picked this♪

    After the 3-part show I wanted a comfortable getup, so I chose this long one-piece!!

    Thanks for picking your favorite kitty, everyone('▽'*)nipa!

    Yume-chan was the most popular, I think♪

    With the Ishida family's "Shichifukushin", carrying good fortune. may everyone's "Yume" <dream> be realized!

    May you be able to come to our show.

    May you win at the lottery...(lol)

    Someone answered "Anna", but Anna's not a kitty(`・ω・´)

    I'm human!(^ω^)

    Tomorrow there's the handshaking in Osaka!

    What will we talk about?♪

    I'm so excited('▽'*)nipa!

    Oh yeah, in tomorrow's handshaking...

    Would you use "DS's Pokemon Pass By" mode with me?

    I'll just put it there next to me, ok?=*^-^*=*smile*♪

    ☆彡Before going home, I opened my locker and found everyone's letters.

    Thank you very much('▽'*)nipa!

    They are my lucky charms!

    Today I'll sleep tight, to be ready for tomorrow♪

    (p.-)(ρ.-)(p.-)(ρ.-)sleepy sleepy....

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz



    Handshaking Finished!!!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    There was the handshaking in Osaka today♪

    Thanks to everyone who came!


    Actually, since I came to Osaka a little while ago, it felt kinda weird...(^ω^)

    We talked about many things and a lot of fun!!

    ↑↑Excitement goes o|●´∀`|o higher and higher↑↑

    I love Osaka, yeah!(*´∇`*)


    "What unit will you be in in the [How to drink Ramune] show"?

    I was asked this question many times, but...

    You have to save the surprise for when it starts('▽'*)nipa!

    I was happy to hear people say "I'll go see the new show"!!(^ω^)

    I'll pray so that everyone can get a ticket.

    o(^-^ o )(ノ ^-^)ノ So exciting - my heart's racing o(゜▽゜o)(o゜▽゜)o

    At the handshaking I can match faces to who writes letters or comments, so it's really fun and I get so happy♪


    In the backroom, I ate with Mi-chan <Kuwabara Mizuki>, we played tag...

    So fun♪So fun♪

    Today's Koakumagic('▽'*)Nipa!


    I tried a cool combination♪

    All d.i.a <brand>( '∇^*)^☆

    The staff gave us chou cremes♪



    Everyone, tonight have a warm bath...=*^-^*= *smile*♪
    some massages, and sleep well.

    To who couldn't come to the handshaking, one day...I want to meet you('▽'*)nipa!
    Rest assured that thanks to letters and comments, your feelings always reach me!('▽'*)nipa!

    Ok then...let's meet in dreamland, ok?

    Time before sleeping: 5, (p.-)4(p.-)3(p.-)2(p.-)1・・・( T0T)ノ~~Good night♪



    Taking a breather is important, right♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    You know, right today, I finished the summer homework and handed it all in♪

    But...now we have tests to do~(つд;*)


    After finally finishing them, I thought I could take it a little easy but...

    There's no time for that, got to study for tests...



    I don't feel like holding a pencil now(●`ε´●)


    Shall we study...?

    Or watch the DVDs I rented today...

    I rented "Karate Kid 2-3-4" before, but not the first one...

    I finally found it today=*^-^*= *smile* ♪

    Recently I'm really crazy about Jackie Chan!

    I rented "Spy Next Door" too('▽'*)nipa!



    Taking a breather is important, right?ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

    Let's watch the DVDs!( '∇^*)^☆

    I can think about studying later♪

    No no...I know, I'll study properly...

    Tomorrow there's this month's last show♪

    I want for each show to be fun for everyone(^ω^)

    The "Te wo tsunaginagara" show will last another few times...if I think about it, for some reason I feel excitement swelling inside.


    (Looking at the photos taken in Hawaii made me want to go there again~~)

    So sleepy---(ノД ̄)||||(_ _ )――Haa...

    Good night o(__*)Zzz



    Team K2 is the greatest!!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today there was a 2-part K2 show!

    Thanks to everyone who came!


    Even If I knew there would be 2 parts, I went full throttle from the first...

    I was worried if I had enough energy for the 2nd too(;´д⊂)

    But I think me and everyone else had no less fun in the 2nd part as well♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    I'm still young, after all(^ω^)

    Nothing can stop me(`・ω・´)

    Just kidding~(lol)

    Then, even if a little early, there was Matsumoto Rina-chan's birthday party!


    A carrot, which Matsurina hates so much...

    Will she get over it this year?


    From here, I bring to you a message for everyone I received from Matsurina♪

    Forgive my intrusion in Anna's blog( ̄∀ ̄)

    I'm Matsumoto Rina♪

    Today my birthday party was celebrated, but being told "happy birthday" by the fans' and members' happy faces...

    made my eyes become Niagara falls right away (lol)

    Today's birthday party was marked deeply in my heart♪
    Thank you so much!!

    Anna, even if she's 3 years younger than me, is a cute lil' devil who's growing up every day(っ^∀^)

    Thank you very much for reading my comment, everyone(^w^)

    Anna...let's work hard together from now on too!!

    Then, good night.

    From Team K2's Matsumoto Rina(*´∪`)RINA


    She's an important member of K2, always doing strange things, making everyone laugh and cheering up the atmosphere(^ω^)

    Sometimes crying all of a sudden, getting angry, doing strange faces...she's really fun('▽'*)nipa!

    Let's do our best together!!

    May this year be splendid for you, Rina-chan.


    Tomorrow I'm going to a gourmet program recording with Airin and Ku-min(*´∇`*)

    What will we eat? Looking forward to it♪

    Tomorrow August ends/(。△。*) anti nipa!

    Everyone, are there any "summer-only" things you couldn't do?

    For me, of course! There's so many...

    It's OK! There's still time, right?

    First of all, I want to go to a BBQ...

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz...



    Waaah...(ノ_・。)…(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today I went with Airin and Ku-min to a gourmet program recording♪


    It wasn't a normal gourmet reportage...(;´д⊂)

    I ended up crying~Σ(ノд<)

    There were things I ate for the first time, it was amazing!

    First time in my whole life!(@ ̄□ ̄@;)!!

    ...Even if were born again, I'd never do it anymore./(。△。*)Anti nipa!

    I want everyone to see it ASAP!!

    Don't laugh, ok...?

    I'll tell you when it goes on air another time!


    Then, in the previous blog I copied everyone's answers to the comment "any Jackie Chan movies you'd recommend?" and will rent them soon♪

    "When the tests are over, right?"
    \_( ゜ロ゜)This is important! Write it on your notebooks!

    Everyone's recommendations

    1 Gorgeous

    2 Wheels on meals

    3 Project A

    4 Police Story

    5 Dragons Forever

    6 Twin Dragons

    7 Drunken Master 2

    8 Police Story <This movie is known as "Police Story" and "Hong Kong International Police" in Japan, but I guess she didn't know it was the same>

    9 The Forbidden Kingdom

    10 Infernal Affairs

    11 Heart of Dragon

    There are so many!! So many that I don't know what to rent...

    What will have become of me after I've watched them all?('▽'*)nipa!

    Sorry if I punch you at the handhshaking (lol)

    Today I watched Karate Kid 3, and only 4 remains♪

    Let's watch it tomorrow( '∇^*)^☆


    Tomorrow there's the show♪

    In September there are only 2, so us members have to join hands and make everyone have a great time(≧∀≦)

    For this first show to remain in the spectator's hearts.

    But before that there's a photo shoot♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    And it seems the typhoon's closing in, so be careful, ok?

    Tomorrow September starts...

    Let's do our best, ok?( '∇^*)^☆

    Good night o(__*)Zzz


    I'll update again when I can!
  10. bear107

    bear107 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 7, 2007
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    ^ Thank you so much for translating. It's nice to see this side on Anna through her blogs. :)
  11. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    You said it, my fellow Anna fan!

    Unfortunately she doesn't have so many fans in Japan either (well, not yet), but I'm sure she'll bloom soon.


    My heart can't stop pounding(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    。.:♪*:・'(*⌒―⌒*))) *special smile*

    Yesterday's Ameba Blog had some trouble, and I couldn't upload it, sorry(ノ_・。)

    ☆Yesterday's show


    We have given our all, for Akane-san's part too(*´∇`*)

    I joined the "Wimbledon he tsureteitte" unit!

    Usually we have to change so fast that I don't have time to take pictures,
    but today I decided I would do it!! So I took many♪


    We K2 are going to hold a show in Singapore♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    And here...comes Anna's problem...

    When I stay still for long periods of time, eventually I can't bear it anymore...

    I feel restless...annoyed...restless...

    What can I do?
    The plane takes quite some time...

    Have you ever had such experiences, everyone?

    I wonder if there's a way out~(-_-;)


    (Today I had a photo shoot with Jurina-neechan♪)
    We did this and that, a shooting full of wonderful things♪
    I'll tell you again when it'll be out('▽'*)nipa!

    *smile* (゜▽゜)v(゜▽゜)v o(゜▽゜)o Yaaay!!

    Anyway, I'm so excited...

    SKE48's first show abroad in Singapore!

    How will be received? I can't wait!

    But(◎o◎;)my heart's beating so fast!

    Even if we can't communicate with words,
    the heart's melody will connect us, I think('▽'*)nipa!

    AKB48 SKE48 K2, I'll do it my way, Anna-style.

    Oh and from abroad I probably can't send many e-mails...sorry.

    I'll do all I can o(`^´*)Anna


    (Fuku-chan's tongue is so cute)

    Everyone, be it work or school,
    Have a~~~―(●^∀^●)great daaaaay!! (○´∀`)Ю I'm going too!!!

    But be careful about the typhoon, ok.

    Ψ(AnA)(^∀^)(isiD)Ψ Annya


    Souvenir stories♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    The Singapore show was a big success♪

    It was a 2-part show, and

    - Glory days

    - Garasu no ILOVEYOU <Glass' I Love You>

    I participated in these unit songs!


    Many people came not only from Singapore but also Japan, Thai, Malaysia, Canada, etc...
    I'm so happy so many people came('▽'*)nipa!

    Some called our names too...it was really fun for us too, and ended in a flash!

    I introduced myself in English! I managed to say it properly, you know!('▽'*)nipa!

    But "ii desu, ii desu, ii desu yo" was in Japanese.

    How can you say that in English(?_?)

    <It's what the audience replies to Anna's "can I give you a lil'devil-style present?" As I'm sure you know, the answer means "Yes, of course">


    Then we went to the AKB Shop's Akb Cafe♪

    We also ate at the AKB Cafe♪
    I had a rice omelet(・∀・∩)


    It felt kinda unusual to eat everyone together in a cafe♪

    At the AKBSHOP we wrapped the goods bought by the fans, or pressed stamps on them...
    even without speaking the same language, I feel our bond deepened♪


    The photo is with the idol-chan working in the AKB shop♪

    Her Japanese was really good, and she was so cute(*´∇`*)

    Her choreography was perfect as well(`・ω・´)

    We went shopping and sightseeing too, it was a fulfilling trip♪
    So fun~♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    Oh yes, the Peking duck was really delicious.

    Waah, I have the sudden urge to eat it now...

    And to go there again♪
    Vivo City

    If I think about them I want to go again(*´∇`*)

    But Singapore's first impression is the Merlion♪


    It was so cool!
    But I couldn't hug it...
    that was a shame (lol)

    Good Night o(__*)Zzz




    Busy busy...(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today was a really non-stop, from morning to evening (lol)


    Do this, do that, clean up...saying "it was tough" just doesn't cut it(*´д`*)


    There are so many things I want to do lately!!

    Decorate, dance, take lessons, play the drums...

    And many others, so many others that I don't know what to start from...

    But having so many things you want to do is a nice "problem", right?( '∇^*)^☆

    What are your recent hobbies, everyone????


    Today there's work from early morning, so I'll go to bed soon♪

    Good night o(__*)Zzz




    Talk♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    *sleepy sleepy*...


    Yesterday I felt asleep with the cell phone in hand.
    I'm sorry(/_;)

    Today there's Shuukan AKB's recording!

    What kinda recording will it be?♪


    After the recording me, Kuu-chan and the staff members ate dinner together♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    <Yagami Kumi>

    We ate in an American-style place(≧∀≦)

    I ate a little too much..(゜Д゜)


    The menu had Banana juice too, so I ordered it♪

    But it wasn't a normal banana juice...it was a banana milk juice (lol)

    It was different from the one I make...it had a thick sweetness.

    Maybe the ingredients are different?

    The taste was great-o!

    We ate, talked, had fun♪a lot of fun♪

    Ah, my tummy's full(=°ω°=)


    Thanks for the comments, everyone('▽'*)nipa!

    There are so many different hobbies...unique ones, others I'd like to do too...
    While reading the comments I couldn't stop talking to myself (lol)

    :).´艸`:.)*chuckle* ((笑´∀`))*lol*

    "Ah! You have this kind of hobby!"

    I said that so many timesε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

    I'm really happy that some said their hobby was "SKE".

    Look forward to the new show "How to drink Ramune", so your hobby can be richer('▽'*)nipa!
    You'll get hooked, definitely!=*^-^*=*smile*♪
    You better get ready~ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

    This morning...

    I always think "I'll wake up by myself!"(●`ε´●)but...

    when I stay in a hotel I always sleep too much('▽'*)nipa!

    Did you think I would wake up by myself?(lol)

    Exactly, I can't(;´д⊂)

    ~~(/≧∇)/Let's keep our dreams big! And our hearts bigger!
    Let's do our best\(∇≦\)~~

    Fight---!( ゜ロ゜)乂(゜ロ゜ )One blo----w!

    <catchphrase of an energy drink commercial>




    Remove yourself!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today I did a photo shoot!

    What kind of shooting, you ask???


    So, changing the subject, from yesterday I'm staying in Tokyo♪
    For today's shooting and tomorrow's handshaking♪

    which means my luggage increased!!

    And this is what's useful in these occasions!(`・ω・´)


    A carrier bag!

    It's pretty big, but with a 5 days stay, it got full to the brimヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

    It was this sparkly and decorated when I bought it( '∇^*)^☆

    But...I don't know when exactly, this got attached to it(;´д⊂)


    Who attached this huge yellow sticker here??(゜o゜;)

    It was probably when I went to Macao or somewhere else abroad...

    But I don't like yellow on black---・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    And I can't take it off(;゜ロ゜)


    Someone, please tell me(つд;*)

    How can i remove it cleanly?


    Tomorrow there's our handshaking at Makuhari!(≧∀≦)

    And it's a casuals handshaking♪

    What type of clothes shall I wear? o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o

    What will we talk about? (~▽~@)♪♪♪

    Will you use the wireless communication with me?

    Here's a photo from the Singapore show♪


    For some reason, the souvenirs I brought from Singapore are almost all chocolate(つд;*)

    I wonder why???

    Good night o(__*)Zzz




    Makuhari---!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today was handshaking day!!

    Thank you to everyone who came('▽'*)nipa!


    We talked about the SKE48 mail, the show, the handshaking, many topics♪

    When I shake hands with everyone time passes so fast!♪

    And I think I'd like to do it longer...

    But even in a short time I could talk a lot with everyone♪

    What I was asked the most was:

    "You often use nicknames in your SKE48 mails, but sometimes it's 〇〇-chan, sometimes 〇〇-san".

    I always have fun deciding which to use♪



    it depends on my mood♪

    I can use emoticons too, so I'm really happyヾ(^▽^)ノI love them!


    Ah! Could you use wireless with me?

    I exchanged info with a lot of people♪

    Pokemon and the Wii's wireless, these two(☆▽☆ )

    I borrowed them from my little sister.

    I was surprised that we could exchange even from the changing roomΣ( ̄□ ̄)!

    Will you exchange info with me tomorrow too?

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it Ok?

    The clothes I wore at today's handshaking are!



    Today many people told me...

    You got taller♪

    You look more mature♪

    but it was just because I wore pumps that make me look taller(つд;*)

    But my height increased a bit(・∀・)Hehe..I want to look older, like all girls my age...

    Look forward to tomorrow's casuals too♪

    The handshaking ended in the early afternoon, and since I had no plans I went shopping near Shinjuku
    with Yakata-chan, Erika, Riri, Kasumin and Mano-chan!('▽'*)nipa!

    <Yakata Miki, Yamada Erika, Akaeda Ririna, Ueno Kasumi and Mano Haruka>


    We also ate, so I was satisfied♪

    Got to refill my energy for tomorrow after all♪

    Oh yes, I'll try to remove nicely the sticker on the carrier bag. Thank you very much.

    Will you come to the handshaking tomorrow?

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it OK?

    I'm going in a big bath with the other members now♪

    Take a rest in the hot water( '∇^*)^☆

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    Do you put mayo on it, everyone?(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today was handshaking day--!

    Thank you to everyone who came(*´∇`*)


    Usually in SKE48's handshakings we wear costumes, not casuals, so today there was more to look forward to and talking with everyone was so exciting ♪

    Did you have fun, everyone?

    I was happy to see so many smiles today.


    Have you returned home yet?

    To those I didn't meet today(^o^)

    I'm looking forward to the day we will('▽'*)nipa!


    There were ice cream and hot dogs available, so during break time I ate some♪


    And that's when I noticed...

    I always eat hot dogs with mayo, but Airin was about to eat one without it, so I said

    "Got to add mayo too♪"

    and Airin said

    "You put mayo on it!?"

    she was surprised, but I was surprised that she doesn't...

    Double surpriseヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

    Am I weird...?

    It's so delicious!('▽'*)nipa!

    Do you put mayo on it, everyone?

    Those who never tried it, you really should( '∇^*)^☆

    It's really really good(☆▽☆ )

    Lastly, this is today's Koaku☆Magic!!


    A fan said

    "Looks like you're ready to explore a jungle!"

    I can see that...(=°ω°=)

    I'd go like "aaa---aaaaa---aa---"

    No way, right?♪

    I bought these clothes at the same shop as Mi-chan o(^o^)o <Kuwabara Mizuki>

    What kind of clothes do you think suit me the best?

    Should I try cosplaying?
    I remember I promised to with Airin before('▽'*)nipa!

    Tomorrow, students' show!♪

    But before that there's a recording, so I'm looking forward to that( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    It'll be fun!!

    Who will I share the room with today?

    I want to wait, but...
    What can i do...I'm so sleepy...
    No good...sleep is...attacking me...

    It's a little early to say good night, but...

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See good dreams...good night+

    % seconds before sleeping... (p.-)4(p.-)3(p.-)2(p.-)1・・・( T0T)ノ~~Good night~♪




    Sense of Fulfillment♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today, after ItteKoi's recording, I performed as sub-in in the students' show.

    ItteKoi48's recording was with♪


    Manatsu( ´艸`)

    and Kanon o(^o^)o


    It was tough today too--(つд;*)

    I thought my heart was going to burst...

    When they hear the words "ItteKoi", all members start looking at the staff suspiciously...

    (;¬_¬) *stare*


    Thinking we're children...(゜o゜;)That's not true...

    Adults are really... o-_-)=○☆

    ♪I'm not an adult,
    I'm not a child
    I'm Anna, you know('▽'*)nipa!♪

    But...well, everyone says it's fun, so it's OK♪, I guess...
    I'm mature, right? (lol)

    ItteKoi48's DVD is on sale now(*´∇`*)

    If you missed it, or want to see it again♪
    I hope you'll watch it( '∇^*)^☆

    You'll surely laugh a lot (lol)

    But us members are all doing our very best.

    In today's students' show☆彡

    There was Mizuno Honoka-chan's birthday♪


    Happy Birthday!

    And listen here, during the party Honoka-chan played "Pareo wa Emerald" with the sax!

    It was such a nice sound that I was charmed♪

    And here's a message from Honoka-chan to everyone♪


    Good evening☆彡

    I'm Mizuno Honoka(*´∀`)♪

    In today's show, I played the sax in front of everyone\(◎o◎)/

    By the way, the song was Pareo wa Emerald(^^)v

    To those who came, how was it?~(´・ω・`)?

    Today was a really great show(o^-^o)

    Thanks so much to everyone who came♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    I hope this will be a splendid year for you.

    Aah, I want to do our K2 "Ramune no Nomikata" show...

    Still a little more('▽'*)nipa!

    Look forward to it, everyone.


    It looks like most of you don't put mayo on hot dogs(゜o゜;)

    At home we cut lettuce, fry it with curry powder and put it with the sausage inside the sandwich.
    And add mayo and ketchup.

    Mustard is a little spicy, so I don't really...

    It's really delicious with mayo, you should try( '∇^*)^☆


    I love Yuuko-san's smile. I hope she gets well soon.

    <Yuuko was sick and interrupted the Sept 11th handshaking>

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜I hope you'll see good dreams...good night。+゜



    I tried♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today was really hot---!

    I almost got a heatstroke, so I took a nap and recovered♪


    I was home after a long time, at a loss about what to do...

    What did I use to do?

    I'm usually out at this hour, so it felt strange to be at home( '∇^*)^☆


    Studying, playing with the cats, watching the programs I recorded!

    Yes, I feel satisfied( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    By the way!

    ☆Removing the carrier bag's sticker

    Using everyone's advice, I put it into practice!(^^)v

    A wet tissue covered by cellophane on the sticker.

    After 10 minutes it got all soft...so



    I removed it cleanly!

    But...I tried many ways, even used nail polish remover, and some of the luster is gone...


    What a shock!(≧σ≦)


    I'll cover it with paint!!

    Anna's trivia♪

    Sometimes you can get a heat stroke while sleeping (they said so on TV)

    So...you should drink a glass of water before going to bed. It's good for the body!

    It's a protection( '∇^*)^☆


    Bringing a bottle of water to school is essential...but it's so heavy.

    About school, my best subject is P.E., so I'm always happy when
    there's P.E. in the schedule('▽'*)nipa!

    What subjects do you like, everyone?

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams - good night。+゜】




    Happy indecisiveness♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    *smile* (゜▽゜)v(゜▽゜)v o(゜▽゜)o *yay!!*


    SPA's volume, "SKE48 Club Activity Soul" went on sale the 12th.

    Photos from the "Gomen ne Summer" period, sides of the members they never show...

    you'll find plenty of those in this book♪

    I'd be so happy if you checked it out( '∇^*)^☆

    I rented Jackie Chan DVDs!( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    There were so so many, and I was so lost...

    But Project A was out on rental...

    In the end I rented 4 moviesヾ(^▽^)ノ

    ☆Wheels on Meals

    ☆Police Story

    ☆Drunken Master

    ☆Drunken Master 2

    Which shall I see first~(☆▽☆ )

    This is happy indecisiveness(*´∀`)♪

    I bought a book too♪


    Just watching at clothes makes me so happy♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    A book about furniture and one about mail-order clothes♪

    I read them carefully while thinking "so cute~♪ which shall I choose~?"

    This kind of talking to yourself is fun, right?(≧∀≦)


    Today is Shawako's birthday♪

    Shawako is really smart and quiet...

    But sometimes she does funny things♪

    I like this gap between the 2 Shawakos o(^o^)o

    Let's both do our best in K2's "Ramune no Nomikata" show!!

    Happy Birthday♪

    May this become a good year for you.

    Good night o(__*)Zzz



    Did you know, everyone?(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today I participated at the talk show of SEGA's booth, in the Amusement Machine Show at Makuhari!♪

    The other members were...

    Airin <Furukawa Airi>

    Manatsu <Mukaida Manatsu>

    Shibata-chan <Shibata Aya>

    Koami-chan <Kobayashi Ami>

    and Nakamura-kun♪ <Nakamura Yuuka>


    SKE goods will become UFO catcher prizes!!

    Lots of limited items♪

    They will be there starting from the end of this month,
    but I'd be happy if you gave it a try winning them♪

    Will you check the SKE official site for more info?

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it OK?


    Today I learned something from SEGA during the talk show...

    Almost everyone calls crane games "UFO catcher", but SEGA created this name!

    I didn't know~ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

    Only SEGA crane games are called UFO catchers, other machines have different names!( '∇^*)^☆

    First time I heard of it!
    I thought all crane games were called UFO catcher...


    Did you know?

    A lot of people didn't, maybe('▽'*)nipa!

    With Akane-chan, we always go to many arcades looking for the UFO catcher with the prize we want...

    Both of us are B-blood type...and we get really wild about this♪('▽'*)nipa!

    I was excited all day because of this event(o^-^o)


    After reaching the place, all us members were really hyper( '∇^*)^☆

    and pretty loud (lol)

    Today's Ogi-chan's birthday♪ <Ogiso Shiori>

    Happy 19th birthday!(*´∇`*)


    Ogi-chan is always kind to everyone around her♪

    She's always taking care of the other members...if you get sick or
    feel unwell, she comes to help right away. Really trustworthy!( '∇^*)^☆

    She's really admirable and kind♪

    Let's do our best as K2 members from now on too!

    May this be a good year for Ogi-chan.
    What present can I give her...?

    ☆Have you ever been to an arcade?

    What games do you like?

    I like UFO catchers, racing games, and purikura♪When I need to take a break('▽'*)nipa!

    Ok then,
    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜have nice dreams - good night。+゜】




    With mom's friend♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Judging from the comments, everyone likes going to arcades.

    If you know any tips, let me know!('▽'*)nipa!

    Today, after school, I went to the hot springs♪


    I always get happy when I go there( '∇^*)^☆

    I went with mom and a childhood friend of hers♪

    A childhood friend of mine too?

    I guess♪

    We kept laughing all the way there(*´∀`)♪

    Maybe because they're kind of ditzes, they picked the wrong road (even though we had the GPS),
    didn't understand how to reach the bath and were about to exit from the women-only area...
    :).´艸`:.)Mpf.. ((笑´∀`))Wahaha!


    There was a time limit, so since we wasted time like that we couldn't stay in the bath much...

    We stayed in just a little, and ate a cucumber later♪

    I LOVE cucumbers!(*´∇`*)

    After getting back home I watched one of the Jackie Chan DVDs I rented, Drunken Master!('▽'*)nipa!

    It was SUPER fun, I laughed like crazy!( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )


    The kung fu was cool too, but really fun♪

    Next one is Drunken Master 2!

    And tomorrow there's the handshaking(*´∀`)♪

    The forecast says heavy rain...(つд;*)


    I wanted to shake hands under a warm and fuzzy sun・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    Have to make a teru teru bouzu, right♪

    What will we talk about tomorrow?ヾ(^▽^)ノ

    Let's connect with the wireless too♪

    ~~(/≧∇)/Let us have big dreams!!And deep hearts!!!Got to do our best!\(∇≦\)~~

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜have nice dreams - good night。+゜】



    At Morikoro Park(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today there was the handshaking at Morikoro Park!

    Thanks to everyone who came!


    Today the weather wasn't very good...rain falling, stopping and falling again...are you OK, everyone?

    I saw some people really drenched, so I'm worried(つд;*)

    Don't push yourself too hard, ok?

    If you get wet, change clothes! Or you'll catch a cold(`・ω・´)

    Today's partner was...

    Kinchan, Kaneko Shiori♪


    She really lives in her own world♪I finally understood, being with her today(*´∀`)♪

    Doing the "straight man", or "doya" faces...(lol)

    <Doing a "doya" face is a fad this year (?) in Japan. It's a kinda smug expression you'd do after doing something you're proud of. Of course, it's cute when idols do it..."Doya" is Kansai-ben, something akin to "who's your daddy?">

    Suddenly doing a dog's impression...she's weird(o^-^o)

    I'm really happy we could talk of many things( '∇^*)^☆

    I'm so happy when at handshakings I can associate people's names and faces(*´∀`)♪

    Jackie Chan's movies, K2's show, many other topics...

    We talked about many things, but smiles are what I like the best about handshakings♪

    Thank you very much('▽'*)nipa!


    Let's all get a good rest today( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    If you massage your feet and do some stretching before, you'll sleep soundly♪

    Give it a try, ok?(*´∇`*)

    Tomorrow I'll do a radio recording and a photo shoot♪

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    Good night(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    After the shooting, off to the hotel(*´∇`*)


    Who will I share the room with?( '∇^*)^☆

    If alone, I always sleep with Masana-san, but lately we never share the same room(つд;*)
    That's lonely...

    Masana-san, maybe?


    Or Jurina-san?('▽'*)nipa!

    I always sleep first...sorry...

    Let's cheer with Ramune! Looking forward to a special guest apparition...just kidding!('▽'*)nipa!

    I predict it will be Ogi-chan(`・ω・´) <Ogiso Shiori>

    The reason is...if the rooms are decided in an a-i-u-e-o order, the pair becomes Anna-Ogiso!
    We would talk a lot, and who would sleep first...?

    If I'm in the same room as Ogi-chan, first Yuria and then Masana-san come in, "knock-knock" it's so fun♪

    Yes!ヾ(^▽^)ノTomorrow there's the handshaking at Makuhari♪

    It's indoors, so no worries about the rain('▽'*)nipa!

    Looking forward to it( '∇^*)^☆

    Be careful when you come.

    May tomorrow be a great day...

    I'll be waiting!

    Sorry for the short blog today・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    I'll sleep right away to get ready for tomorrow(つд;*)


    I'll be sleeping like a log in 5 seconds!('▽'*)nipa!

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    I made you worry…(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    I shared the room with...


    Manatsu---( '∇^*)^☆

    Did you guess right?

    It's been a long time since I last shared the room with her!

    We both slept like logs(o^-^o)

    Today there was the handshaking at Makuhari!

    Thanks to everyone who came( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    Today, compared to Morikoro Park, the fans doubled, so I was really surprised and happy!

    But...I was little anemic, and spent most of the time sitting down.

    Thanks to the many that worried about me!

    Some crouched to meet my eyes, others warmly squeezed my hands...I felt relieved♪

    Thank you so much('▽'*)nipa!

    I was a little cold, so I borrowed a cardigan from Riho-chan♪

    <Abiru Riho>


    During break time I slept, so I got better, and during the last handshaking
    I could squeeze hands with everyone without worries!

    Sorry for worrying you(つд;*)

    Now I feel great♪great♪great♪


    Today too I was with Kinchan - Kaneko Shiori♪

    Tomorrow there's the RPS tournament(*´∀`)♪

    Will you cheer for at least 1 SKE48 member to enter the Senbatsu?
    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it OK?

    Today I plan to take a good night's sleep♪


    Good nighto(__*)Zzz

  12. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Wow, I ended up double posting...

    Anyway, Annya fell off the Senbatsu, so she could only write blogs until the 5th of October.

    Here they are.


    I went on an adventure♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today there was the RPS tournament!
    Unfortunately I couldn't participate...but!!
    From the SKE48 Mi-chan won!! <Kuwabara Mizuki>


    Waaah!Σ( ̄□ ̄)!
    As soon as I knew, I sent her a mail of congratulations♪

    You're great, Mi-chan!!

    Everyone, laugh a lot thanks to Mi-chan's funny personality, ok?( '∇^*)^☆


    What was I doing in Tokyo without going to the RPS tournament?

    I had a day off so I had to wait at the hotel...

    All day?

    Not a chance♪

    I went on an adventure!!

    I rode the Yamanote line until Shibuya for the first time alone♪

    And there I hung out with KAEDE and MAYU of the group Happiness(≧∀≦)


    I hadn't met them in a while♪

    We did shopping, ate, drank tapioca juice...true JK (Joshikosei, or female high school students) and JC (joshichusei, female jr. high students (Anna))

    We went to Karaoke too!

    And sang...

    (Sorry, it's a little long)

    Saigo no Ame - Koda Kumi


    Comes - Koda Kumi

    Flying Get - AKB48

    Madonna - secret

    GENIE - Girls' Generation

    Ai no Uta - Koda Kumi

    Kimagure Romantic - Ikimono Gakari

    Kimitte - Nishino Kana

    Kimi ni Okuru Uta - Sugawara Sayuri

    Ai no Uta - BOA

    Romance Kamisama - Hirose Harumi

    Kimi no Tonari de - BOA

    Do not Forget - Baek Jiyoung

    Saiai - KOH+

    Aitakute Aitakute - Nishino Kana

    Peng You - Zhou Huajian

    Guuzen no kakuritsu - GIRL NEXT DOOR

    Planetarium - Otsuka Ai

    CHE.R.RY - YUI

    Baby - Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris

    Crazy For You - Tanimura Nami

    Good Day - IU

    What Dreams Are Made of - Hilary Duff

    Fire - 2NE1

    Careless breath - EXILE

    Ave Maria - MINMI

    LOVE LOVE LOVE - Hirai Ken

    Ai no Uta - Fukui Mai

    If - Nishino Kana

    Jonetsu no daishou - GIRL NEXT DOOR

    VERY BEAUTY - Berryz Kobo

    Yes,I do. - Yonekura Toshinori

    BOY MEETS GIRL - trf

    the meaning of peace - Koda Kumi & BOA


    Phew~♪~( ̄ε ̄)

    We really sang a lot♪

    3 people sang for 3 hours, so the list got long(*´∇`*)

    In the evening
    I ate with my grandma
    and walked around Shibuya! I forgot about Elders' Day...(the 3rd monday of Sept.)

    I hope she will be happy and healthy forever.

    I'm looking forward to hanging out with the "Happiness" members again♪

    They promised to come see K2's new show( '∇^*)^☆

    Next time let's meet in Nagoya~♪

    I bought accessories too♪


    Lately I like these kind of items, and hairbands too♪

    When I see cute ear piercings I want to buy them right away...

    But my ears...can't pierce them.

    It would be useless to buy them(つд;*)

    It's enough to watch them and think "so cute!"♪o(^o^)o


    The body cream I always carry ran out, so I bought a new one♪

    You can use it on your hair and face tooヾ(^▽^)ノ

    It's so convenient~♪


    Now, looking at the news, I saw that the typhoon landed on the Tokaido region and will hit Tokyo directly..

    It looks like the evacuation warning was given in Nagoya.

    Is everyone alright?

    I was worried so I called home right away, but they said "It's all right, because it will land tomorrow"...


    But there's K2's show tomorrow...

    Today I would be absent anyway,
    so I will focus on the job I have to perform.

    I'd like to have another body...

    Tomorrow's show...

    But...I'm worried about the typhoon, so be careful everyone.

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜see nice dreams ~ good night+゜]


    K2's Premiere was decided!!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today I did a shooting in Tokyo(*´∇`*)

    I'll tell you when it goes on air♪

    There were comedians too, and in the bus…

    I was with Airin and Ku-chan! <Furukawa Airi and Yagami Kumi>

    Everyone, today's show was canceled because of the typhoon(つд;*)


    But if someone got hurt because of the typhoon it would be too late...
    So they canceled the show to avoid such accidents...

    But for those who came from afar to see it, this is really inexcusable...

    The "Te wo tsunaginagara" show, since it's the last time I wanted to dance again...
    Feeling like reviving the finale...


    Before our eyes...

    K2's "Ramune no nomikata" show

    In SKE48's official site,

    We announced the date of its premiere!!

    And that is...

    October 1st!!!

    Behind the corner!!(゜o゜;)

    We planned to announce it after the show, but it was changed to the official site♪

    We waited for this original show for so long.

    And we made you wait a lot too.

    For this show to exceed everyone's expectations, and be fun for anyone, we are doing nothing but lessons lately♪


    All members are ready to give their best and looking forward to it!!


    Will you come to see "Ramune no Nomikata"?

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it Ok?

    I LOVE K2ー! <Originally in English>


    Because of the typhoon the trains stopped, the alarm sounded...

    Things got hectic, but is everyone ok?

    I'm with Ku-chan and Airin, but I can't go home・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    Outside the rain and wind are so strong...

    My umbrella looks like it'll break any minute...

    I never experienced anything like this.

    I was so scared(つд;*)

    I was about to be blown away, really! Thanks to my heavy carry bag I didn't...(´・ω・`)

    It was really dangerous.

    Also, as someone wrote on the comments, I'm worried about Tohoku, the area hit by the disaster.

    Today I'll stay in the hotel♪
    I want to dance so much now...but I'll be patient.


    OK!( '∇^*)^☆

    This is the right time to watch Jackie Chan movies!(*´∇`*)


    I'll watch "Police Story"!!( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    What kind of unit song do you think Anna will have in the "Ramune no Nomikata" show?

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    How about me as daughter?(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today I went to "How about a SKE for daughter?"'s recording for the first time( '∇^*)^☆

    The members were!!


    Ririna went as daughter, and we watched the video♪

    I was moved~(つд;*)

    Look forward to the full version♪

    I'd like to go as daughter too(*´∀`)♪


    How about me as daughter?

    How about me as little sister?

    Just kidding (lol)


    After the recording, K2 lesson!(*´∇`*)

    so happy( '∇^*)^☆

    The premiere day gets closer and closer...

    I'm getting nervous!('▽'*)nipa!

    Anna's unit song will focus on dance♪

    many fans wrote such a comment...(*´∀`)♪

    Others said "a cute song", etc♪

    What will it be? What will it be?

    Better leave the surprise for the first day( '∇^*)^☆


    In our changing room, there was a message congratulations from the staff, with Ramune!

    Woow!!( '∇^*)^☆

    We drank it all together♪

    I'll do my best tomorrow too♪
    ( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    Today was a little cold...I didn't bring a jacket((+_+))

    Let's make sure we don't catch any colds, everyone♪

    Sleep tight!
    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams - Good night。+゜】




    I want everyone to decide♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Today we had lesson from the morning, and at home I reviewed it!

    AKB48's handshaking is coming soon(*´∇`*)

    We SKE48 will participate too, and I just can't decide what to wear(つд;*)


    Everyone, what type of clothes do you think fits me the best?

    Cute style?

    Cool style?

    Casual style?

    A fashion style with a color standing out on basic colors?
    (Like red, orange, green etc.)


    I can't decide...・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    Please tell me( '∇^*)^☆?


    I'll go to lesson tomorrow too♪

    From now on, I'll need time for the lessons for the new show,
    so I'm afraid I'll update the blog less frequently...sorryΣ(ノд<)

    But in exchange, the show will be amazing!!

    『It's a Pro-mi-se('▽'*)nipa!』

    My body hurts everywhere~~

    Good night!o(__*)Zzz




    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪



    Lesson ended, I'm checking the choreography now~っ

    The closer they get to completion, the more attention you have to pay...
    Got to check them one by one!

    But this way, all K2 members share opinions, do their very best and make lessons so fun♪

    I waited for this time for so long...we are busy, but it's a very important time;
    there are things we can experience only now, and I felt we have to treasure it even if it's a short time
    ( '∇^*)^☆


    Now I'm pumped!!


    I'll start reviewing the lesson now(*´∀`)♪

    Tomorrow there's the handshaking(*´∇`*)

    I decided what to wear('▽'*)nipa!

    After reading everyone's comments(*´∀`)♪

    It was really really hard…lol

    Look forward to it!

    Will you shake hands with Anna?

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it OK?

    A little while ago


    I fell in love with it at first sight and bought it♪

    Because it's for the autumn season...you see.

    K2's "Ramune no Nomikata" show...I'll use it for the first day.♪

    Perfectly in tune with the season, right( '∇^*)^☆

    Oh yes...today I wore a sauna suit under the lesson clothes, and I sweated so much...

    Whoa...it's drenched in sweat!

    Σ( ̄□ ̄)!

    I'll lose weight, maybe...


    ☆Have you bought any autumn clothes, everyone?

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    Handshaking and Koakumagic(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    ヾ(*'o'*)ヾ(*'▽'*)ヾ(*'ー'*) /~


    Today's Koaku☆Magic!
    A dalmatian-pattern one piece and a fluffy friend attached to the tights(^∇^)

    When I asked the store clerk, he said it was made with a poodle in mind o(^▽^)o

    I decided right away. It's cute, isn't it?('▽'*)nipa!

    Actually, there was something not convincing me with the other choice, a pink dress...
    So I gave it up this time(*´∀`)♪


    On the accessory there was a certain woman's portrait!

    At first I didn't know who she was, but a fan told me that she was the actress of "Roman Holidays", Audrey Hepburn(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

    I think I heard that name before...

    The more you know!(^∇^)

    Thanks for this fun day.
    I saw many great smiles and received a lot of energy♪

    Yes, I can give it my all from now on too♪('▽'*)nipa!

    Look forward to "Ramune no Nomikata"'s premiere, October 1st!( '∇^*)^☆


    After the lesson I was starving, so I will eat now.

    There are other things I want to say, but there's no time so wait until tomorrow('▽'*)nipa!

    Next time, the members' Koakumagic.

    Thank you so much for today.

    I hope I will one day meet those who didn't come today...

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams--Good night。+゜】




    After having fun…(安o^ v^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪



    Today in Tokyo we did SKE48's physical test(^∇^)
    It will air on Shuukan AKB♪

    Today I used different muscles than the usual lessons,
    so tomorrow I will be definitely be aching everywhere σ(^_^;)

    My muscles already hurt now, so tomorrow it'll be even worse…(T ^ T)

    I can't say other details now, so please look forward to it♪('▽'*)

    I would be so happy if you watched it when it goes on air(^O^☆♪

    Emotions, laughter, and many members' surprising new faces come to light...=*^-^*=*smile*♪
    Look forward to SKE48's physical test!(^∇^)

    *smile* (゜▽゜)v(゜▽゜)v o(゜▽゜)o Yaaay!!

    ☆In the comments I was asked to post a pic of my cats, so...

    Here goes!


    The chihuahua Shichi-chan♪

    =ΦwΦ==○)゜O゜) Cat Punch!!

    he always gets it, but he's a spoiled little puppy.

    He loves being held and sleeping on knees.


    New Half Papa Shin-kun and daughter Yume-chan♪

    She likes pranks~(=^・。・^)ノmeow

    They get along well and love green spaces.


    The self-styled Fuku-chan♪
    Worries about Yume-chan and is always with her.

    a little spoiled lately, but might be the luckiest one.


    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams--goodnight。+゜】



    I'm gooooing!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Yui-san, congratulations on your graduation. <Team S' Matsushita Yui graduated Oct 1st>

    I will cheer for you on your new path( '∇^*)^☆Wherever you go...

    The first gen's bonds,

    Team S' bonds,

    SKE48's bonds...

    Even if graduates walk other paths,

    they will always be connected...

    I was so happy to feel this. Of being in this place too...

    Yui-san, this step towards tomorrow...

    Please spread your wings wide.


    please come to see K2's "Ramune no Nomikata"♪

    Or shall we go to Fukuoka? lol <Yui's hometown>


    *smile*(゜▽゜)v(゜▽゜)v o(゜▽゜)o Yaay!!


    Today, between lessons I went to the chiropractic!

    My muscles were overworked from all the dancing and moving around, so I got some stress taken off them.

    Now they feel so incredibly light! I can move as I want( *^-^)ρ(^0^* )

    I wanted to go once before the premiere('▽'*)nipa!

    But the doctor told me "You lost weight!"

    I was so happy to hear that=*^-^*=*smile*♪

    Now everyone is pouring all their efforts on the lessons for K2's 3rd show, "Ramune no Nomikata"!

    Sorry for not updating much lately・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    I want to use all available time for the lessons, so I can't blog or send mails often,
    and in the 2 days until the premiere I want to concentrate in order to make a show that will
    satisfy everyone's expectations.

    I will update whenever possible!!


    And now, an announcement!

    Nihon TV, "Ronboo & Chu-te's Comedians! Hit Song Hilarious Battle!" from 19:00

    Me-TV " Ittekoi48" goes on air('▽'*)nipa! From 01:25.

    Ok, I'll do my best in the lessons!

    I want to see everyone's happy faces soon...('▽'*)nipa!




    Thanks, and emotions. The premiere!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    It finally started,
    K2's 「Ramune no Nomikata」show, the much-awaited premiere is here!(*´∀`)♪


    Sorry for making you wait so long(つд;*)

    When I heard that many people watched it via Monitor or DMM, I felt full of gratitude('▽'*)nipa!


    We waited for this show such a long time...

    How was it???

    In the comments, some said "I was so moved I cried"...

    It makes me really happy!!

    I too couldn't hold it it, and cried...

    Because everyone called "encore" many times,

    and even after the end

    kept saying "K2! K2! K2! K2!"

    Tears of gratitude welled up and...

    Thank you very much♪

    And then, the unit songs!

    Anna did this one♪

    with Yamada Reika-chan

    and Goto Risako-chan

    We 3 sang

    "Usotsuki na Dachou" (The lying Ostrich)


    It's a super cute costume, pink with wings attached(≧∀≦)

    And looking closely, you'll see a pink ostrich attached to the hand part!


    Today the costumist asked
    "What name will we give to this ostrich?♪"

    I'm thinking about it now( '∇^*)^☆

    If you have any good ideas, I'd like to ask you too, but

    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it OK?

    As for the concept,

    ★Having something in common with Anna(Lil' Devil, pranks, etc)

    ★Maybe an America-style name♪(Something like Hillary Duff...)

    ★Something cute♪

    This is more or less what I have in mind now(@^O^@)

    For us this show is a real treasure♪

    Because we use a variety of tools too!!

    The members become puppy dogs, hit baseballs in the goal above the audience seats, etc♪
    (If it doesn't enter the goal, the ball goes to who picks it up♪It's autographed as well! The batter changes every time, so I will do it too! When it happens, will you pick it up?)
    Ψ(^∀^)Ψ Is it ok?)

    Ah...but I should hit it into the goal('▽'*)nipa!

    Oh and then, during the show we shake hands with the audienceヾ(^▽^)ノ

    I really think we received a fantastic show♪

    There are so many things I want to write, but I want you to look forward to when you come see it live♪( '∇^*)^☆


    I LOVE K2ー!!!

    Today I'll sleep a lot and rest my body♪

    Lastly, thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who cheers for us, no matter where they are.

    A new K2 starts today♪

    Please keep watching over us('▽'*)nipa!

    Good nighto(__*)Zzz




    Name Decided!(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    Everyone, thank you for all your warm comments♪

    To share happiness with everyone, and receive so many words from everyone...K2 is really lucky( '∇^*)^☆


    I want many many people to come see our show and make them smile!!

    Today was a lazy cozy day...

    In the afternoon I went to the hot springs and had a relaxing time('▽'*)nipa!

    I love hot springs--(≧∀≦)

    I feel I'll sleep soundly tonight♪



    Everyone, thank you for thinking about the ostrich's name♪

    I wrote down all the names you proposed,

    and thought about it a lot...

    But they were all really good, it was a really hard choice (lol)

    ★Fairy Tail

    I tried picking a few of them,

    and after thinking it through...

    "Christina Lien"

    is the name I decided on!

    "Lien" means "bond" in French, thus representing Team K2's "bonds"...( '∇^*)^☆

    What do you think?

    Please use
    when you call it(*´∀`)♪

    I have to tell Reika and Risako tomorrow('▽'*)nipa!


    Hmm, I feel a sudden urge of dancing!

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams - good night。+゜】




    Anna will save it too♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪



    Today I participated in FM AICHI's "Kanda Akemi's "Things I Like"", on air every sunday from 21:00 to 21:30,

    But I forgot to tell you about it...sorry...・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    Bu bu bu but!!!

    I will be a regular guest during november in "Kanda Akemi's "Things I Like""!!(≧∀≦)


    In Kanda Akemi-san's program, we talk passionately about anime, manga and such, it's 30 minutes packed with contents♪

    I was worried not to be able to understand since I don't know so much about the topic,
    but Kanda Akemi-san was really nice and easy to talk to.

    I was happy just for participating, but Kanda Akemi-san said "From now on Anna-chan will be a regular guest!" I was so surprised!

    I hope I will be able to have fun talking with Kanda Akemi-san♪I'm so happy('▽'*)nipa!

    There are many things I have to learn♪
    About anime, how to carry on the conversation, how to make an anime style voice, etc...

    I'm looking forward to it.

    Today I rented a DVD, after a long time('▽'*)nipa!

    You already know what I rented, right?


    Jackie Chan movies(`・ω・´)

    ★Project A
    ★Rush Hour
    ★The Medallion

    I can't wait to see them(≧∀≦)

    Since I feel like I caught a cold, I'll drink the medicine the doctor gave me and watch DVDs quietly♪


    And see a dream about the Ramune no Nomikata show...

    5 seconds before sleeping...(p.-)4(p.-)3(p.-)2(p.-)1・・・( T0T)ノ~~Good night~♪




    2nd Questions Corner♪(安^ v ^ 川↑

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪


    We haven't performed "Ramune no Nomikata" after the premiere...I feel lonely(つд;*)

    We did nothing but lessons before the premiere, and I couldn't think about anything else about the show,
    but after the first day...

    Feels empty...

    Where did those dancing days go~~~(つд;*)

    The members are going here and there for other work, so now it's only personal training♪


    I danced today too( '∇^*)^☆

    I still feel I have a cold,

    so when I get better I will dance like there's no tomorrow(`・ω・´)

    I almost wish there was a show every day・゜・(つД`)・゜・

    Ramune no Nomikata's songs all have beautiful lyrics!

    After understanding their meanings, I started feeling many things...

    I don't know if my expressions are good or not...

    But I hope that the feelings this 15-year old Anna wants to transmit will be received...

    From the stage I always feel I'm communicating with the audience...I feel so happy, so fun, and grateful...

    And, if you too felt something...

    I would be very happy.


    And here..

    I would like to start accepting questions for a "Question corner"

    Until tomorrow's blog('▽'*)nipa!

    It looks like tomorrow will rain...be careful not to catch a cold.

    ヾ(*´∀`*)oc<【。+゜See nice dreams-- Good night。+゜】




    Until next time(安^ v ^ 川↑nipa! Anna

    I'm Annya - Ishida Anna.(▽'*)nipa!

    Thanks for the comments, as always♪

    Happy birthday to who celebrates it today♪~ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

    I can't write these words anymore after today...?


    Today, it the Team S show, the new single was shown for the first time.

    Until now, I was chosen as the Senbatsu for

    "Gomen ne Summer"

    "1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku!"

    "Banzai Venus!"

    "Pareo wa Emerald"

    I could write this Ameba Blog because of that.

    But unfortunately, I couldn't enter the Senbatsu for the next single, "Okey dokey"

    I don't want to show my emotions in front of the others... so I hid my feelings when I heard the announcement.

    But in reality it was so, so frustrating...

    To grow more, to know why I didn't make it in, what I lack...

    I asked the responsible.

    I heard the answer, and felt this will be a big wall for me to overcome.

    A wall I realized was standing before me even before.

    A big wall...

    The strength to overcome it...

    All these feelings.

    This is the path I chose, so I have to gather as many resources as I can and go forward.

    The feelings inside my heart...

    What I felt in these 3 years.

    What was my goal anyway?

    They might be only 3 years.

    but I can say one thing...

    I did not live them halfheartedly.

    I love shows and handshakings.

    Everyday is so fun...

    sometimes painful, and tears come out suddenly...

    Sometimes I don't even know their meaning.

    I guess that's my stubborn side coming out.

    Holding back tears is the hardest think.

    Smiles too...if they don't come from the heart, they're not real.

    In those times, shaking hands with everyone gives me courage♪

    Seeing everyone's smiles makes me smile too♪

    All your smiles support me.

    Your warm words, kind words, are really important for me...♪

    This place has taught me so many things.

    It's not only me, with the members always increasing I feel anxiety and worry...

    But I didn't want to just go with the flow, so I honestly enjoyed shows and handshakings my way.

    Thank you very much.

    I realized many things as a person. I don't know if it's good or bad.

    But knowing gives experiences that make us grow...I feel.

    As a SKE48 member, my chances to relate with adults grew.

    Until now, even if it was around me, I felt the "adult world" had no relation with me, and I wasn't interested in it.

    Maybe because I still was a primary school student.

    But I learned many things after entering the SKE48.

    How to behave towards adults.

    Now, I have to act according to the situation.

    Now, what I can or can't do.

    I started seeing many things.

    An adult world I have to see even if I don't want to.

    Adults I want to learn from.

    That the world is not equal.

    I'm sure there are things I could learn only as a SKE Senbatsu member.

    I feel happy from the bottom of my heart to have become a SKE48 member.

    Not writing the Ameba Blog anymore is lonely, but as I will definitely come back, I won't say "goodbye".

    I want to use this resting time to overcome the wall standing in front of me!

    Please watch over my growth through the Ramune no Nomikata show.

    The new senbatsu members lit a fire inside me, and will help me grow.

    If we're always depressed we can't proceed onwards after all('▽'*)nipa!

    After all I can't just do nothing after dropping off the senbatsu, so to gain new strength and confidence I will make many plans( '∇^*)^☆

    There are so many things I want to do.

    I'll be back♪

    Next time I'll write this Ameba Blog I'll show my growth(`・ω・´)

    I'll write a lot in the official blog from now, so please read it♪

    I will keep using the comment column on this blog too.

    And keep reading everyone's comments('▽'*)nipa!

    Well, this is how I am. Please keep cheering for me!


    5 seconds before sleeping (p.-)4(p.-)3(p.-)2(p.-)1・・・( T0T)ノ~~Good night~♪


    And this is it...

    Her last blog was really tough to read. I really hope she comes back soon...it's not the same without her (exactly what I told her at the last handshaking)
  13. tritoch

    tritoch Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII


    But I think it was a strategic move from management to take them out of senbatsu for this single cause they were debuting their new stage.

    Anna subbed in for Churi's cross and Shawako's ballerina in their latest LOD so I think it was more of having enough KII members that can actually rotate spots rather than having all of them out due to senbatsu responsibilities. Though that's just my take on it and nothing official.
  14. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    I would like to agree, but that wouldn't explain why Ogiso was left in, since she subbed for Churi too...

    I hope you're right though.

    One thing I know is that Kin-chan got in mainly because of Shuukan AKB (like Sawako, after all), and they are pushing Haramina lately (though she's a good dancer). Ha-chan...well, can't hate on her, probably would be beaten up XD.

    Hopefully the next single sees more K2 members in...Yakata, Matsurina would deserve it, for example. Switch some S members off once in a while...
  15. mieniem

    mieniem Member Stage48 Donor

    Jul 14, 2009
    Canada, Ontario
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    ^Popularity, it makes more sense if you look at the mixi charts, when i saw it about a month before the sembatsu was listed for Okey Dokie, Ogiso was ranked 5-7 place in Ske and every other member in sembatsu was within top 16, but Anna was down all the way to 27, Harukas rank was at 15 so i guessed that she might get switched in to sembatsu that time, though Manatsu and Airi were a complete shock (8 and 12). Plus i really thought Matsumoto was going to get in this time too. But looks like they felt more E members were needed.
  16. tritoch

    tritoch Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    ^ It is because of the stage. :lol:

    If all of them were in senbatsu, all the unit leads will be gone: Churi, Manatsu, Anna, Shawako and then the duet with Airin and Gomatan. :lol:
  17. mieniem

    mieniem Member Stage48 Donor

    Jul 14, 2009
    Canada, Ontario
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    That maybe part of it, but i'm just saying that back then if there was one member i was certain was going to be switched for someone new for the next single. That person was definetly going to be Anna.
  18. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Yeah, I have to agree (well, more like admit) that Gomatan and Shawako are definitely more popular than Anna...

    Still, at least at handshakings I think both Airin and Anna have more people going than Ha-chan...

    Oh well, I guess they have a variety of factors they consider when they choose. Plus looking at you guys' reasoning, the show thing makes more sense.

    On a whim, I tried checking the Mixi communities rankings for the SKE members:

    1) Matsui Rena (23933)

    2) Matsui Jurina (12333)

    3) Takayanagi Akane (8495)

    4) Hata Sawako (5569)

    5) Yagami Kumi (3697)

    6) Ogiso Shiori (3475)

    7) Hiramatsu Kanako (3405)

    8) Kizaki Yuria (3158)

    9) Suda Akari (2696)

    10) Mukaida Manatsu (2620)

    11) Oya Masana (2412)

    12) Furukawa Airi (2094)

    13) Kimoto Kanon (1898)

    14) Ono Haruka (1315)

    15) Matsumoto Rina (1162)

    16) Kaneko Shiori (1030)

    17) Kuwabara Mizuki (1021)

    18) Nakamura Yuka (1005)

    19) Kinoshita Yukiko (961)

    20) Nakanishi Yuka (890)

    21) Takada Shiori (823)

    22) Hirata Rikako (792)

    23) Yakata Miki (777)

    24) Matsumura Kaori (716)

    26) Ishida Anna (641)

    26) Hara Minami (641)

    27) Shibata Aya (634)

    28) Kito Momona (613)

    29) Kato Rumi (611)

    30) Abiru Riho (537)

    31) Umemoto Madoka (533)

    32) Deguchi Aki (529)

    33) Kobayashi Ami (492)

    34) Saito Makiko (450)

    35) Imade Mai (438)

    36) Kato Tomoko (408)

    37) Sato Mieko (405)

    38) Goto Risako (395)

    39) Sato Seira (394)

    40) Yamashita Yukari (349)

    41) Mano Haruka (347)

    42) Wakabayashi Tomoka (340)

    43) Ueno Kasumi (333)

    44) Yamada Erika (297)

    45) Isohara Kyoka (267)

    46) Sakai Mei (255)

    47) Uchiyama Mikoto (248)

    48) Mizuno Honoka (233)

    49) Yamada Reika (207)

    50) Takagi Yumana (206)

    51) Akaeda Ririna (191)

    52) Tsudzuki Rika (182)

    53) Inudzuka Asana (174)

    54) Kobayashi Emiri (169)

    55) Iguchi Shiori (160)

    Whoa, I didn't think Anna had so few...well, I agree that as far as personality she might be kinda shallow [sealed] ...hopefully she uses this "time off" in a good way.

    Still, the greatest surprise is the number of fans Kaotan has. She doesn't even appear in the coupling songs though...
  19. tritoch

    tritoch Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2011
  20. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    w,whoa. That's much longer than I thought...I feel like a pervert watching it...

    THANK YOU Tritoch!

    Anyway, might as well translate Anna's part.

    My "goodnight video" start now~

    Who was that?

    Fuku-chan? Jin-kun? Which one?

    Jin-kun. Jin-ku~n♪ So cute...

    Ok. The bed I always sleep in is...

    This is difficult...


    There are a lot of SKE posters.

    This one, and...here. KII.

    Oh, and look here!

    When I'm in a bad mood, or kinda angry...I let it out by banging on these.

    Before sleeping, I use this small board to massage my legs. With this part...like this.

    Makes them feel better.

    Oh and these pajamas...AKB's Oshima Yuko gave them to me as birthday present!

    I wear it often...it's one of my favorites.

    I often read before sleeping. So I turn on this, turn off that light, and read, like this.

    But if I read...it's novels more than manga.

    You thought it's a lie, right?? But I really do!!

    So, it's about time to sleep, so I'll set up these curtains, that I like a lot...like this...

    Good night~~~

    Damn...cuteness overload. They surely know what gets the fans' attention...

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