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Ishida Anna (Annya) / 2nd Generation

Discussion in 'SKE48 Graduated Members' started by haruna_hamasaki, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. tritoch

    tritoch Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2011
  2. Katsuo_no_Mikata

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Only Mizuki's?

    Now I have to go out but I'll get the whole thing done tonight, hopefully (tonight as in...10 hours from now, I guess). It shouldn't take too long...
  3. Katsuo_no_Mikata

    Katsuo_no_Mikata Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Ok, I couldn't do it yesterday, but here we go.

    Abiru Riho

    ----Abiru Riho---

    (Camera: Abiru Riho)

    - Today I will show everything I do...
    Everything I do before sleeping.

    - Next to the pillow I have...my glasses, cell phone and DVD player.

    - I don't fall asleep easily, so I often watch DVDs.

    - Oh, here~. These are Chami-chan and Coco-chan.
    I always play like this, but...
    After like 10 minutes, they run away. Chami already did...

    Well, more than running away, let's say they just go off somewhere.
    But Coco-chan...right, Coco-chan? Hmm?

    You like this, right Coco-chan? Hm? *various cooing voices*

    Things I always do before going to bed are...
    Updating the blog, writing SKE mails, e-mailing Goto Risako, calling Goto Risako...playing with Coco-chan...and watching DVDs.

    Oh, it started!! Wait, I'll skip this part.

    Before sleeping, I always mix toner to this cotton pad and use it like this.

    It gives color to the skin, and I always do it for 10 minutes. When I'm not sleepy.

    Not here. Coco-chan, c'mon. All right...thank you for today too!

    Good night~~ Bye bye.

    Isohara Kyoka

    - Is it working...? Oh, here I am!!

    Hahha~~ Love-Long-Large, I'm 3L Isohara Kyoka, or Kyon!

    Anyway, this is my room, so...

    Do you know what this is? It's my be---d! Yay.

    Oh, I'm still in casual clothes, see? I'll go take a bath now. Bye bye~

    (Camera: Mother)

    Pheew...I finished the bath!

    Here. This is my pajama. Can you see it?

    Oh, and for the leg raise I do in the Pajama Drive show's "Wasshoi E!",
    I have to train every night, or I can't do it anymore.


    Reading time.

    I love this book cover.

    Oh, my L-size legs will go on camera!

    Here...here...here...L! Here, here...yay! Not easy to keep this up...

    Anyway, with this today is over! Good night~~

    Oh! May we meet again in dreamland! Bye bye, goodnight!

    Kobayashi Ami

    ---Kobayashi Ami---

    (Camera: Mom)

    - And this is...me without makeup! Yay~~

    My hair are still wet, so...I'll go dry them! See you later!

    (Camera: Koami)

    Ok, I dried my hair~~

    When I sleep, I always wear this pink headband, so that my hair don't go on my face~

    Cute, isn't it?

    Ok then, now I'll show you my bed!

    The leftmost teddybear here...I made it myself!

    And this is where I keep the flowers I received from the fans. Thank you very much.

    Actually, there's another pajama I like that I want to show you, so I'll go change now. Ok...

    Here, I changed! My pajama nr. 2! This favorite of mine...has bear ears attached! Cute!

    This is Coco-chan! Coco-chan!

    Ok, so until I sleep, I'll play with Coco-chan~~

    Shall we sleep together today, Coco-chan?

    Hm? Where did it go? Found it.

    Coco-chan got tired and is already sleeping...so I will sleep too.

    Ok then...Oyasumint!

    <As you may know, Koami loves cooking. Her official blogs often have these food-themed greetings:

    Ohayogurt = Ohayo + Yogurt

    Oyasumint = Oyasumi + Mint>

    (Cute pajamas, huh? She sure knows how to attract certain fans. :p )

    <Just a heads up: The few SKE members who aren't from Aichi or neighboring prefectures live together in an apartment they call "SKE House". AFAIK, they are: Saito Makiko (from Osaka), Ono Haruka (from Oita), Kaneko Shiori and Matsumura Kaori (both from Saitama). Deguchi Aki and Sato Seira (both from Mie) sleep there sometimes too. BTW, Yakata Miki (Oita) and Kuwabara Mizuki (Kouchi) moved to Nagoya with part of their families, so they don't live in the SKE house.>

    Saito Makiko (student)

    (Camera: Makiko)

    - Ok then, let's start right away showing what I do before sleeping!

    And this is my pajama today. Here!

    Imade gave it to me. A polka dot loungewear.

    Oh! Just now, Imade Mai sent me a mail.

    And she sent a pic of her room with it.

    Actually, this girl...

    Heh, it's a phone call from Imade Mai.

    I wonder what's up? Hello~~

    Yeah. Now I'm shooting a video.

    The room...yes, the goodnight one.

    The mail...yeah, I showed it.

    I said "Imade Mai's room is like this" and showed it.

    (Camera: Ono Haruka)

    H- I see you have a poster on the wall.

    M- Yes, it's from...

    H- Only the bikini is on camera now, but should I show the whole figure?

    M- Yes, please!

    It's Miyazawa Sae. From "Beddo no migi no kabe~" (From "Enkyori Poster", Team PB's song. As the lyrics say, she put the poster on the wall on the right side of the bed.)

    H- Ok. Nice shot, both of you!

    M- Yes. ...Yes.

    H- Ok. Have to apologize to Miyazawa-san though. I'm sorry!

    M- Why?!? Hey, don't apologize!!
    "On the wall on the right side of the bed, you're always there", like that. From Enkyori Poster.

    H- What are you going on about? Shouldn't you sleep already, Saito-san?

    M- Oh, I should go to sleep? I guess so.

    H- Wait, what time is it now?

    M- No no wait, better not look.

    H- Are you really going to sleep? Really?

    M- Eh? Eh? Why?

    H- Because at a time like this...

    M- Yes, I will go to sleep. Everyone, good night!

    H- Bye-cha!

    M- Saito Makiko, over and out~

    Oh, don't tell anyone that I sleep with a small light on!

    The phone's ringing! Bwahaha~~

    (Fun as usual, the Bullet Girl! lol [party] )

    Sato Mieko

    (Camera: Miepi-)

    - I'm Team KII's Sato Mieko.

    I just came out of the bath, and my hair are still wet...

    Yes, just out...of the bath.

    I'm wearing a negligee now. Let me put down the camera...

    How should I do...? Get a little farther?

    I'm wearing a negligee. It's like... hmm, hard to see?

    It's like...this. Like this.

    My cushion, Sango. Isn't it cute? Hello~~

    On the walls, and on the ceiling, there are these...

    When you turn off the light, these stickers...

    This is the ceiling. I put many of them, and they glow in the dark.

    Let's turn off the light! Switch...off.

    Can you see it? Ah, I guess it's not easy to understand...

    Usually...it takes me about 2 hoours to fall asleep.

    So...I read books.

    I buy only paperbacks, so....only paperbacks, like these.

    I guess I'll go to bed now.

    Will this be ok...? Can you see?

    Good Night! Bye bye~~

    (Too frickin' cute, but are you really 25...?)

    Youku just gave me a figurative middle finger :hmm: , so I'll do the rest tomorrow.

    Shibata Aya

    (Camera: Little sister)

    - I'm Team E's Shibata Aya! Fresh out of the bath~~

    Ok, I will go dry my hair and change now.

    Oh yes, this is one of my favorites, a bath robe! How is it?

    Pink and cute, right? It's always hot (after the bath), so I wear this.

    Ok, I'll go change and dry my hair then~~

    Ok, I tied them and freshened up a bit, so now I'll show you my room.

    My room is...this is my "favorites corner". There's the SKE calendar too.

    I always sleep after sitting on this. So tonight too...like this. *chuckle*

    It feels really good, and makes you sleep really really well!

    I recommend it. It was in the living room, but I sneaked it here.

    It goes like *wiiin* and...after the massage here, I go to sleep.

    So, after the massages I play with this balance ball before sleeping;

    Like this, see? ...whoa, I'm falling! So, no matter how many times I do it, I just can't get good at this.

    And this is my bed. Pretty simple, no dolls anywhere.

    My heart-shaped cushion! It's cute, and I like the color.

    And...I keep a diary. Cute, right? Strawberry.

    And...I write about happened today. It was fun, etc...

    The pages before? I can't show you, it's a secret.

    Guess it's time to sleep...? Yes.

    Ok then, good night. See you tomorrow~

    Cute little thing, but can't believe she's over 20...

    Nakanishi Yuka

    - Hey there good evening, I'm Nakanishi Yuka!

    I had a bath, washed my teeth...all ready to go to bed!

    Ok, I will give the camera to my little sister-nishi now.

    Lately, after playing videogames with the PSP I sleep...or not sleep...

    Waaah! Aaa...

    This is bad, badbadbad really bad...!

    .....No energy left. (It's 99% Monster Hunter)

    Ok, first of all I'll turn on the humidifier...

    Humidifier...oh, the plug wasn't in.

    Next...I always sleep with this mask.

    "Goodnight" (Oyasumi, written on the mask)

    I did this myself, and feel really embarrassed now...

    Well then, may tomorrow be a good day too! Good night!

    I can't sleep...

    Can't sleep...

    Good night.

    The light, right?

    Nishishi [blush]

    Hirata Rikako

    -Now we are in Hirata Rikako's room!

    Yay, good day everybody~~

    Here I keep my agenda and my diary/agenda...

    I wrote a bunch of things that I should do this year...

    Shall I show you some?

    (Diary: It's ok to do shopping *heart*

    Eat only half of every meal

    Let's lose leg weight and wear jeans! *heart*

    I want to become like a girl from a shojo manga

    Speak with no mistakes! If you do, you have to fast!

    Let's always be lovely.)

    (She reads the last 3)

    I, Hirata Rikako, am writing goals like these.

    Before sleeping, I promised with the fans that I would do 30 sit-ups, so...

    I always do them.

    So now...let's do 10 of them.

    Can I really do it?

    Here I go!

    One, two...nine, ten!

    (Camera: big sister)

    Good day, everyone. This is Hirata Rikako.

    So now let our idol enter the screen!

    (Sister): Screen!! Screen...(lol)

    (Rikako says "choujou" (1st born girl) instead of "toujou" (entering a scene))

    - She entered the scene~~

    Oh! SHe looked at the camera! Say Hi~~

    (Sister): A real star!

    - She's s good girl today.

    (S) Yes, so cute...the cutest!

    - That's how our girl is...it's her first time on video though.

    (S) The cutest!

    - No, the 2nd cutest! We are the 1st and 2nd cutest.

    (S) The first...and the second!

    It's the opposite...

    (S) The first...come here, come here~~

    - Hi, I'm the 2nd...give me a break!

    It's embarrassing to say good night like this...

    But it's time...to go to bed.

    Good night! Bye bye~~

    Matsumoto Rina

    I'm Team KII's Matsumoto Rina.

    So today...I will show some things about me...what I do before sleeping.

    Here I go~~

    Now I will go study...just a little!

    This is the desk where I study.

    This box here is full of erasers.

    Because collecting erasers was one of my hobbies before entering my "reflection phase".

    Reflection phase...?? <She said "hanseiki", but probably meant "hankouki", or "rebellious phase">

    Yay! Good morning, I'm Matsumoto Rina, right out of the bath!

    Yes, I came out of the bath and...tried changing my yukata!

    I always massage feet and body after the bath, so today I'll show you how I do...

    I often hear that the day's fatigue is concentrated here...here, see? Everyone, try this too.

    First you press, then you go up like this...OK!

    Ok then, you should too massage your feet like this every day.

    So, it's about time to sl...to go to...to sleep, so I'll go to bed no~~w

    Ok, I will go ahead then. Good night, bye bye~~Thank you very much~~

    Wakabayashi Tomoka

    OK! SKE48 - Team KII's Wakabayashi Tomoka here! Now I will record my "good night vijeo"...no wait, video!

    I'm alone, so I'm pretty nervous and my tongue doesn't work properly, but here I go!

    My bed is upstairs, so I will go up now.

    Upstairs..? Bunk bed! Yes.

    By the way, this is my bookshelf. It's pretty full.

    This is the new show, "Ramune no Nomikata". (Ramune bottles, of course)

    Ok, let's go up...

    And here we are on top of the bunk bed. Yaay.

    But...there's not really anything special to do, so...as always..

    Books. I have a lot of books piled up here.

    (S) Hey, let's play Othello!

    The voice just now was my little sister.

    (S) Which one do you want, black or white?

    But do we really have to do it...?

    (S) Yeah.

    (S) Whoa, isn't it going good? White is doing pretty well.

    "pretty well", she says...ugh...

    Look here, look! Which is wh..waa!

    (S) No...oh, please!
    C'mon, why'd you have to mess it up just because you were losing?

    That's not it!

    As you know, it's a pain to play with little sisters, right?

    Well...guess I'll go to sleep now. Good night, bye bye~~
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    Aug 22, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    Starting with the red team now.

    Ueno Kasumi

    (Camera: Mother)

    I got out of the bath~~ Yay!

    Now I will work out a bit before sleeping.

    This way.

    What will I do? This!! Hula Hoop!

    I'm pretty good at it, so I'll use it to work out a little before sleeping.

    Look, I can go on forever. Ok, finish.

    (M): What, just that? Finished already?

    They grew today too...

    I'll start looking for my nail clipper now.

    Not here.

    The nail clipper was here.

    Ah! Ah! Ah! Before that...they tell me my face is round, so...

    I do this.

    My catch phrase is "My cheeks are softy softy", so...I want to make use of this chance to show how soft they are.

    The members like them, so I'm happy, but...

    Let's see...

    Hmm..they're normal...normal??

    Hmm..well, they do stretch quite a lot.

    Ok! It's gotten pretty late, so I will sleep! Rest well, everyone~~

    But before the "Oyasumisu"! I always sleep belly down, as if I was hugging the bed, like this.

    Ok! Today too, Oyasumisu~~ (Her nickname is Kasusu, so Oyasumi + Kasu(mi)su = Oyasumisu)

    Didn't think she was this funny! Nice not-too-cutesy personality.

    Umemoto Madoka

    Madoka's good night video, start!

    Ah! I'm reading this magazine now.

    It's a F1 magazine...I'm hooked to it lately.

    Oh yeah! My favorite pilot is Alonso.

    The bath should be ready, so I'll go now~

    And these are my pajamas~

    Oh, and since I get cold easily, I'm wearing warm socks~

    Socks? No, warm slippers! These ones.

    There's this round thing inside...it feels really good~

    Before sleeping...let's do some stretching~


    Then, as it's gotten pretty late, I will go to sleep.

    Good night~~ Bye bye~~

    Oops, wrong remote!

    Good night, bye bye~~

    Kato Rumi

    Hana-chan! Hana-chan, say "I'm Hana-chan. I fell asleep before Rumi came home".

    Hana-chan? Hana-chan...shake! Wait a moment, ok? I'll go take a ba~th~

    I'm back from the bath~~

    So I will start shooting the video now.

    Today's pajamas' special point this...can you see? These heart-shaped buttons.

    Ok then...wait, taking it alone is difficult...

    Here I have...message cards...and message cards...

    Before sleeping I train my face's expression muscles.

    Like this...and this...I try to make my face less round.

    As this year's goal is to lose this round face, I'm doing my best.

    The master here is Maruo-kun. It feels so good to hug Maruo-kun!

    Right, Maruo? You're all dressed up, with this ribbon and all...

    I will sleep with Maruo now...he's sleepy too. Right?

    I'll sleep now~~. The light...if it's not pitch black, I can't sleep.

    This one? Good night~

    Kito Momona

    I'm home~

    I got home just now. Yay!

    This is my house, but usually I live in Peach Kingdom.

    Today...certain things happened, so I'm renting this place.

    What did you do today?

    (Mother, rabbit voice) I ate all day~~

    But you'll become a fatty like this!

    (m) You shouldn't talk, Momona~~

    Hey, you're being rude!

    (M) Mom, mom is shooting now. Peach Kingdom's Queen. (Momona's catchphrase is "I'm Peach Kingdom's princess". As you may know, momo means peach.)

    (M) The queen is shooting~

    (Both) Yay~

    (M) Our household's princess is really lazy.

    Here here, here.

    (M) It's messy over there, I can't film it!

    C'mon, just a little...it's OK!


    (M) Wait, this is...it's hard to film it all with the camera...

    Ah, I see. But It's ok as long as you take me.

    These are the letters I got from the fans! I read them all.

    (M) We keep them all here...


    (M) Safely.

    I'm washing my teeth now.

    Cute. Cute!

    Good night Peachy~ Bye bye.

    Sato Seira

    Sato Seira here~~

    Now I will...show you...*hehe* my room.

    First, Seira's pajamas. It's a normal sweatshirt~yay!

    This umidifier...is usually off. It doesn't turn on~~it's broken~~

    I don't even know when I last used it~~ok, too bad.

    Ouch! This is the veranda.

    When I feel in a pinch, I go out here and think.

    Let's try to go out. It's completely dark...

    You can usually see the stars, but...now you can't...

    I sleep with this guy ever since I was in kindergarten.

    Seira-chan is quite the pure girl, right?

    Look, since I'm using it since I was in kindergarten...it's all worn out.

    I can't move...(She uses the term "kanashibari", or "sleep paralysis". In Japan they believe ghosts cause this when they possess you. I hope she's joking here [sweat] )

    It happens often. Is this the teddy-bear's fault?!? How scary...

    I'm sleepy...I'll go to sleep for real now.

    Good night...bye!

    (Whelps, I hope someone reads these...too bad the clips got deleted from youtube though.)

    Takada Shiori

    -Everyone, good evening. I'm SKE48 - Team S's Takada Shiori.

    - So...before sleeping...lately I'm taking fashion classes, so I will study that a little.

    - There are plenty of things to memorize...

    - Oh, and this. Colors! The "Colors and Hues Exam". I want to try and take it. (AFAIK, it's only done in Japan)

    (camera: big sister)

    - Now I'm having my sister take the video!

    (S) Yes, I'm the cameraman now.

    - So...me and Aya-chan often have conversations that last all night, right?

    (S) Hmm, we sure do.

    - And then...we see it getting brighter outside, and start panicking, right [hehe]

    (S) Yeah, that's true.
    Or...one of the two can't stay awake anymore, says something like "so..well.." and falls asleep [hehe]

    - Saying only stuff like "yes...hm.."

    - Wow! While I was here doing this and that...my brother came home from work! Welcome back!

    (B) Hey there.

    - So well...I usually just lie on the bed like this, and watch DVDs.

    - Ok, let's watch a little today too...

    - Here...I always watch them with earphones on. Like this, you can feel like you're part of it, right?

    - Oh, this...I always watch DVDs with this small player in my room.

    - Ok then, it's about time to go to sleep! Good night~~

    Got to hand it to SKE's fashion leader. Nice pajamas and socks :p

    Deguchi Aki [rock]

    - I'm SKE48 - Team S' Deguchi Aki.

    - I just got out of the bath.

    - After the bath, I always use body cream to take care of my skin. So...I'll do it now.

    - This one is rose-scented, and this...hmm...do you know?
    Well anyway, it's a good smell.

    - So I'll just...apply it. There's no specific way...I always do it on arms and legs.

    - Heere! Team E's Ume-chan (Umemoto Madoka) made this for my birthday.

    - Look, she wrote "love love" everywhere...and this is a photo of us two.

    - I can play the guitar, do you want to listen?...you want to?....you want, don't you.

    - I'll play then...just a moment.

    - I'm getting nervous...so I'll give up this time.

    - I guess..it's time to sleep. Tomorrow II have to wake up early too...let's sleep.

    - Good night~~

    Deguchi-san... :inlove:

    Furukawa Airi

    Furukawa Airi here~~ I'll start preparations for sleeping now~~

    My hair are still wet, so...I'll dry them now.

    Today's pajamas! Today they are...light blue.

    Unexpectedly...unexpectedly cute....I think.

    These ones here...are my house's pet frogs.





    I always sleep with them at night.

    I just got out of the bath, and I'm still hot, so...I brought my fan.

    It's Rena-san.

    Rena-san's wind.....feels good... <3

    Before sleeping, got to play some videogames, right?

    I'm playing a game with zombies now.

    I got defeated.

    Clear! I cleared the stage...

    Today...I'll sleep with Yutaka.

    Ok then. Everyone goodnight. Bye bye~~

    I'm sure that the camera angle was fixed because she didn't want (or couldn't? lol) show all the otaku stuff in her room... :D

    Matsui Rena

    Now I will show you my habits before slee~~pi~~ng~~

    This is my bed and surroundings~~ (LOL @ the "chu~n" hand sign while showing the bed)

    First, I update the blog.

    Ok...ok, I sent it!

    Then...sit-ups, and back extensions. I said I do them before...I said so, but...I'm famous for not being able to do sit-ups. But now...I can do them~~~~Yeah!

    The last thing I do before sleeping...is checking the comments on the Ameba Blog.

    Generally, I update once a day, so I make sure I read the comments at night and in the morning.

    Anyway, it's pretty late, so I'll sleep now~

    Good night! Bye bye.

    Bye bye~

    Mukaida Manatsu

    Now I just got out of the bath, so...it's not a lie, I really just came out of the bath.

    My body's all warm, and I feel hot, but...I'll start taking the video!

    This is my and my little sister's room...and this is the desk.

    These are the letters from my fans...

    This strawberry thing here...mom bought it for me, and it's really cute.

    About strawberries...this sheep wearing strawberry-patterned clothes is a gift from Ogiso.

    I always sleep hugging this.

    Matching this and this novel...we're in strawberry paradise!

    My room is strawberry paradise.

    Bo-chan came to play in my room!

    Bo-chan? Bo-chan...not even a glance [hehe]

    It's about time I go to sleep, so...I'll finish now!

    Rest well and see nice dreams! Good night! Good night~~

    Yakata Miki

    SKE48 - Team KII's Yakata Miki here!

    So, well, er...this is the first time! The first time for me to take a video about what to do before sleeping...

    Here we go!

    These kitties here...

    This is Maruko-chan. Maruko? Maruko-chan!

    And this strange cat here is Maruka-chan.

    Oh! Maruko came in.

    Egypt Puzzle...! Egypt Puzzle.

    Ok. Now I will start building this Egyptian Puzzle!

    Hey, don't bite the bag! Stop it! Stop. stop.

    This one...oh, it's the right one.

    Hmm...this fits?

    No good. This one? No good either.

    This one? Nope. This...no.

    Aaah nonononono~

    I could only do this much, so I'll go to sleep~

    I'm not sleeping yet though. (wth? lol)

    Let's put them back...

    Ok then, everyone: Oyasumikitty~

    Cats, we're sleeping.

    Good night~ Oyasumikitty...

    Maruko, good night.

    Cats rule. Mikitty rules too. Yep.

    Yamashita Yukari

    He~y, Yamashita Yukari here~

    My...room....is like this. It has puzzles, and posters too..

    Now, listening to Pareo...before making preparations for sleeping,

    I'll write about today on the blog...I guess.

    How do we do this...? Please wait a moment.

    I'll write the blog.

    I arrived on the futon~~

    I'm about to sleep, but...now I'll play a little with my pet, Mickey! Come on!

    Whaat, he doesn't come!

    You're so cute~~

    Does it hurt anywhere?

    Nope? Roll over~~~

    Where are you going?

    Hey hey, where do you think you're going?

    Heere! Come here!

    Come! Come, I said!

    Playing time with Mickey, fii~~ni~~sh~~

    Good night!

    OK, tomorrow I'll do the last vid, with the senbatsu and the other members!
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    Feb 23, 2012
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII


    Anna Ishida bursting with cuteness as usual.
  6. sekainoowari

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    First time I saw her I was like:
    "waaah such a cute and pretty girl!!"

    She shined out because she looked so different, probably because of her haircut (you know, no bangs XD)
  7. Chaos48

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    Apr 22, 2012
    far from Paradise
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

  8. Gariko

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    Feb 23, 2012
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    ^thats the best and most entertaining self promotion vid i seen. I am quite disappointed not seeing Anna place in the initial rankings. Thanks for posting!

    Happy birthday Anna!
  9. kopkrazy

    kopkrazy Member

    Oct 5, 2008
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    happy birthday anna !!! you re getting beautiful day by day
  10. txandyy

    txandyy Kenkyuusei

    Aug 17, 2007
    Re: Ishida Anna / Team KII

    One day later but happy birthday Anna!! [party] [party] [party]
  11. Daydreamer

    Daydreamer Kenkyuusei

    Jul 28, 2012
    Re: Team KII - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    Can anyone tell me where this picture is from?

    http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llixd ... 1_1280.jpg
    (Wont let me put it in an image code because it's too many pixels, apparently.)

    I assume a magazine, and...I want it. xD
    Anna is very possibly going to be my Oshi of the 48 family (out of all the groups) although there are 2 or 3 girls who are pretty close as far as how much I love them....I'm still getting to know them all. But when I see Anna, I just can't get my eyes off her. :inlove:
  12. irontech

    irontech Next Girls

    Sep 26, 2011
    Re: Team KII - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    What a shocker in TD's concert 1st day.

    Guess Anna will do a dual role like Jurina in AKB's Team K.

    She'll be traveling a lot more now. [sweat]
  13. koakumanao

    koakumanao Kenkyuusei

    May 16, 2011
    Sakamoto Erena
    Re: Team KII - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    I believe this is what you're looking for.
    It's from the magazine BLT U-17 Vol.15 Sizzleful Girl 2010 Summer released on 2010.08.05. Here's an amazon link for it.

    Anyways, I've been wondering for a long time about why Anna isn't more popular.
    I'm sure most of you as Anna oshis or fans know that she's one of the best dancers in SKE, and possibly the whole 48 group.
    TBH, i didn't think much of Anna when I started watching KII. I knew she's one of the girls whom management pushes a fair bit, and I didn't even notice her much in Gomen ne Summer, which is the song that got me into SKE initially. Actually I only found out today that she's being regarded by many fans as being a genius dancer even when compared with the likes of Matsui Jurina and Kuwabara Mizuki.
    One of the best examples is this :
    Notice them turning after the robot dance at about 2:15. Anna's double turn is shown right after Yakata Miki's cut. That's probably the fastest and most beautiful double turn I've ever seen any 48 group member do.
    Also check out her Kodoku na Ballerina and Cross (on youku)
    With so much management pushing (well okay, we dont see her as much in nationwide media compared to the other heavyweight senbatsus), it's quite a wonder why she hasn't seen a break in her career yet.

    I have been exploring the netboards and it's simply astonishing to find that negative 2ch boards are one of the first thing you find when you look up Annya on google. I mean, she's 16 years old for goodness sake.
    I don't even want to go into the details of what antis say about her.

    But one thing I would like to point out is that there simply isn't enough resources about Annya, and very few fan produced videos etc of her. I believe she does have a sizable fanbase to start off with, but a lot of these fans like to keep her to themselves (to keep off competitions for handshake tickets etc).

    I was thinking if we could start something here to help make more people actually notice this awesome girl. As of now, in the foreign fan clique, her nickname is being taken over by HKT's A-nya and it's sad seeing this happen.
    So lets start with basic knowledge. I found a few very interesting things about Annya that I really want to share with every Anna fan.
    Anna probably has one of the widest range of talents in the group, with experience in dancing since the age of 3, piano, tap dance, bands, figure skate, futsal, horse riding and Japanese traditional dance.
    She also recently passed the Aromatherapy Adviser test and is training for a horse riding Level 3 test.
    I actually only found out from this 1+1 wa 2 janai yo BB video

    So lets get this started and maybe devise of something cool to make more fans for Annya! I believe this year will be the turning point in her career, so lets make it happen!
  14. Arubaro

    Arubaro Kenkyuusei

    Apr 3, 2012
    33°27′0″S 70°40′0″W
    I want to say that she looks cuter in this profile pic unlike the SKE one, I say due the bangs.

    (AKB'site - Annya profile)

    Random pictures that I took from her G+ account...


    yes is the bangs

  15. oddball

    oddball Member

    Re: Team KII / Team B - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    This might sound a bit odd but I think that she really looks like a member of AKB here, she just has the sort of "AKB vibe" in this pic........
  16. kokiburi

    kokiburi Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2011
    Re: Team KII / Team B - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    Anna has always looked very sophisticated unless most SKE members whose sense of fashion is quite... off :^^;: . Of course there is the fashion club but I remember the mujack episode when Takamina came over and Rena and Katsuo explained they didn't always had make up and dressed quite poorly for lessons and stuff...
    Well, I do love this "natural" aspect of SKE and I believe most fans do and Anna clearly doesn't fit that description... And that's why I'm sure she might feel very much in her element in AKB (and by extension, Tokyo).

    Good luck Anna! :approve:
  17. oddball

    oddball Member

    Re: Team KII / Team B - Ishida Anna (Annya)


    We will see 2moro I guess, suppose it will really show us if she fit's int here or not irregardless of her 'vibe'
  18. irontech

    irontech Next Girls

    Sep 26, 2011
    Re: Team KII / Team B - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    I believe she will do fine in Team B, just needs time to settle in. Milky is doing fine in Team B as with Jurina in Team K.

    I guess management is starting to "push" a bit on Anna.
  19. kokiburi

    kokiburi Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2011
    Re: Team KII / Team B - Ishida Anna (Annya)

    Reviewing at 3.30 am for today's stage.
    Hope she doesn't push herself too hard but I sure am impressed by her serious and resolve to make this new stage and her entry in team B a success.
    Cute photo is cute~ [​IMG] :blush:
  20. ezacessline

    ezacessline Kenkyuusei

    Jun 17, 2012
    Aoi Harada

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