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  1. ricardhy

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    Sep 29, 2014
    Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
    melody graduate?

    let's imagine if JKT48 without melody

    at the beginning of the first creation of JKT48 in Indonesian
    there are 5 members elected from management
    then they are always a FRONTLINE in each songs

    they are: Melody, Cleo, Stella, Nabilah, Shania

    joining haruka and aki Takajo of akb48 certainly make a formation to be complete for the title: kamiseven (kami7)

    then who are the ACE in JKT48?

    she is MELODY

    always MELODY
    in each formation and unit songs
    in every theater and performances
    in every TV ads and interview

    time continues to run, the fans get to see a lot of things
    Nabilah and Shania have a younger age seem to be prepared to be ACE future JKT48

    the dance center formation only contested by MELODY, CLEO, and STELLA

    MELODY = charismatic, natural beauty of Indonesia
    CLEO = powerful, and talented
    STELLA = have a good voice and melodious
    Shania = good at public speaking and self-confidence
    Nabilah = funny and cute


    CLEO: graduation

    let's forget about the past, about the story behind the release CLEO because disagreements with management
    if only since the first JKT48 management are not concerned about other careers outside JKT48 members
    CLEO is probably as a replacement for the right person MELODY
    even took the position that since the first

    realized that the demand for high JKT48 in Indonesian
    management is now open to the permissibility of the members could be a guest star on TV shows Indonesia, singing and playing the movie as well as host
    we now can see Shania, Haruka, Nabilah, VE, KINAL, etc. to guest star on TV shows :)

    ouch, if only from the first, JKT48 may not lose CLEO, SONYA, CINDY Gulla, Ochi, etc.


    STELLA: graduate

    STELLA is the owner of a melodious voice in JKT48
    looks very powerful talent
    JKT48 in Indonesian fans no one would deny
    offer to play the movie can not refuse
    she chose to become an actress

    when arriving rivalry with MELODY
    precisely that moment she decided to graduate
    MELODY win again before competing
    STELLA still have a sister in JKT48 team j (sonia)
    so however she will still always support JKT48 :)

    Takajo aki graduate of JKT48 and returned to akb48

    not to re-discuss the reasons behind it
    Indonesian fans know who is sincere
    haruka gives smiles and looks totally performing total for JKT48
    it makes fans grew up here in a very quick time


    VE: going to the summit

    JESSICA VERANDA, or plain simply be called VE

    quiet, shy, pretty, and always look fashionable
    fans that continues to grow
    since graduation CLEO, consistently filling the position kami7

    fans asked
    management while always choosing
    now finally realized fans can choose their own favorite oshi
    VE ranks 2nd while holding for the first time fans can choose the members in a single songs in JKT48

    not the case that shocked
    MELODY is in position 1st
    and VE only won 6 votes from haruka who are in positions 3rd
    haruka is amazing

    but let the VE will remain a beautiful dream of the fans here
    but not to be the center of ACE and dance
    she the owner of a charming smile
    beauty like actress, a great gift for the idol group JKT48



    the final result a draw

    why I do not want to compare MELODY by Nabilah
    I live in Indonesia
    and that I want to tell you is about the level of popularity
    when first formed JKT48
    eyes of fans only know the MELODY and Nabilah

    this is just a joke, if you come to Indonesia and said
    "Did you know JKT48?"
    Most people would answer
    "of course, melody and Nabilah": D

    so if you ask people in Indonesia who are not familiar with JKT48
    they only know JKT48 is MELODY and Nabilah
    may now know Haruka, haruka really funny because in every TV show when trying to speak in Indonesian and unique sound

    Nabilah was the first to have fans in large numbers
    Nabilah fanbase was in every city in large numbers
    until today, Nabilah is the owner of the largest number of followers in twitter
    do not hesitate to make twitter as a reference
    Indonesian society is there to talk about a topic
    and Nabilah win

    MELODY is less popular in the eyes of the people who are not familiar JKT48 Indonesia
    but in JKT48, still Nabilah still will be a little sister for MELODY
    MELODY still exist
    and Nabilah will be below

    Nabilah not lost when the event Pajama DRIVE REVIVAL SHOW 2 (pdrs)
    voting fanbase but they broke because we are not compact, to focus support in 1st unit of songs :)


    not ideal for comparison
    sorry to say

    FORTUNE COOKIES IN LOVE is a dance center management chose to Takajo AKI

    she went and haruka later became the center

    Haruka will remain a FRONTLINE
    haruka has a lot of fans here
    but not to try to seize the throne belongs MELODY

    haruka will remain a special members only


    Shania: ACE future JKT48

    interesting to discuss
    looks like a preparation for the future
    JKT48 big concert in 34 Indonesian provinces in the theme: MENGARUNGI SAMUDERA NUSANTARA , MENGETUK PINTU HATIMU

    many rumors say is the last major concert for MELODY
    time is running fast
    like it or not, we have to accept the loss MELODY

    Shania get dance central position in the new single: kokoro no placard
    Indonesian society began to know her

    many TV shows are invited to come alone
    Shania speak confidently in public
    she is the hope for JKT48

    if you see shania
    You will see the efforts that are hard
    practiced with discipline
    dances are always the totality
    and a beautiful smile at each show
    increasingly visible smile because at the center of the dance

    when it comes time MELODY must go
    Shania may be ready to become his successor

    but not for the near future
    kokoro no placard is a gift for shania
    be very beneficial dance center
    it's time to add to the popularity and increasing the number of fans

    there is something that can not be lost on anyone
    namely charisma
    melody has a very powerful charisma
    What Shanju (nickname of shania juniantha) can be replaced?

    the answer is probably YES :)



    may not be able to imagine if eventually MELODY Graduate
    there will be much weeping fans
    lighstick hanging?
    though even if you do not choose MELODY as Oshi
    You still will not be able to consider your Oshi, could replace the charisma of a MELODY

    JKT48 is the face of efforts MELODY win many fans
    fans in Indonesia called the melody as: first lady

    certainly much greater impact if lost MELODY
    need to re-shuffle the team J

    There are many on the team k3 are always in the top of each setlist
    NOVINTA (Nobi) has a sound that is energetic
    their fan base much

    and take some trainees to enter the team k3

    take the risk to re-shuffle
    or lose a lot of fans
    MELODY has remained relatively unchanged

    attachment files is : JKT48 1st generation DEBUT/ first show

    sorry if my english bad, :)

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  2. zakky26

    zakky26 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2012
    in my opinion...i want each generation to have a future ace candidate...not just from the 1st gen..
    i'm a 1st gen/team J supporter...but i want other generations to compete in this future ace thing...management need to promote other members from each generations that have the potential more on tv and CMs before melody leaves the group,so that there won't be a moment of transition in the group...

    look at AKB,after acchan left..they already found a successor in Yuko...and after Yuko left..Mayuyu is the obvious choice....

    one more thing...being an ace is not only a matter of you are superbly talented...a member needs to have a certain aura to have that title....
  3. RacerMCMXCVII

    RacerMCMXCVII Kenkyuusei

    Nov 25, 2013
    Tangerang, Indonesia
    Saying that JKT can't survive without Melody is a bit strong...the other way seems true though: Melody wouldn't be able to survive without JKT...

    Don't get me wrong, she's pretty much the face of JKT, but most of us wouldn't have noticed her if it wasn't for JKT...

    JKT won't fall when Melody graduates...it'll fall once we can't find someone with that center aura...
  4. DreamerKid

    DreamerKid Kenkyuusei

    Jun 10, 2014
    well, in my opinion, the obvious choice if melody graduate (and she will eventually) is Shania, she have the ability to be the center and also the aura. It's obvious that JOT push her alot lately, for now I cant imagine any other member who is ready to be the center besides shania

    but it will be great if the future ace earn the title, just like Yuko and Mayuyu, even though they are the management favourite but they also won the fans heart through sousenkyo

    so there wont be any bad talk for the future ace about why she was elected.
  5. zakky26

    zakky26 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2012
    Rona is my favorite to be one of the candidate....even though management favors Yupi or Viny in 2nd gen...
    as for from 3rd gen...still can't decide which one is potential...but elaine and andela could be the one...although JOT seems to favor Michelle....
  6. xcrossfacekillahx

    xcrossfacekillahx Member

    Nov 30, 2012
    JKT will continue even if Melody leaves. I see this thread might be similar to the "Who will replace Acchan" thread which is almost 3 years old. There were interesting answers on that thread. Yuihan, Yuko and Jurina were thought to be the ones replacing Acchan but it ended differently. Yuko took the ace and Mayu the center spot once Acchan left. Now it's Mayu both the ace and the center of AKB when Yuko left even if many fans said it's a temporary solution.

    Well back to JKT...
    I'm not sure which direction they are heading to. Maybe they want to do the same pattern as AKB or HKT or have their own way of doing it. Will JOT make Melody a support to the future center or will they stick on her until she graduates? Can they do something like a young girl centering for the most part? (Meru from HKT comes to mind)

    I think I'll choose between Nabilah (fanbase) and Shania (current push) because they are young. As long as JOT is insistent on making Melody the center except for 1 (or 2) singles, then it would be hard to tell who should take over. I'm putting Cindy Yuvia as a dark horse here because she'll be 18 in a few years and I think she has a shot. Michelle is still young, maybe she'll have a shot soon but she needs to build her fanbase. It all starts by making it to senbatsu first then work their way to the top. None of my choices are as popular as Melody but it's for a long term.
  7. RacerMCMXCVII

    RacerMCMXCVII Kenkyuusei

    Nov 25, 2013
    Tangerang, Indonesia
    I don't really see Nabilah as center material...sure she's cute, but she doesn't have that center aura...the way I see it is she's like KojiHaru...cute, draws people in, and deserves to be in senbatsu, but doesn't really have that center aura like yuko or acchan did...
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  8. mc_shithead

    mc_shithead Kenkyuusei

    Jul 26, 2013
    i n y o u r h e a r t #plakk
    "members can only try their best. JOT is the one to decide." (Anonymous, 2013)
  9. CherryBlossom48

    CherryBlossom48 Member

    Jun 3, 2012
    We will lose many fangirl if Melody graduate [hehe] i think JKT will be okay without her because to be honest recently people doesn't really care with JKT to ask who is the new center :^^;:

    For me Ayen is great choice to replace Melody but it's impossible now because she's not popular anymore
  10. ricardhy

    ricardhy Kenkyuusei

    Sep 29, 2014
    Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
    of course we all agree on is very slow and has a great distance to see the transition that occurred in JKT48

    not to underestimate the 2nd generation
    see seniority is also seen how the members who performed on many occasions in each song

    it's why I can not imagine from the name other than the name: Shania, Nabilah, Veranda

    shania right choice for the future and in the long term
    Nabilah failed to seize the position MELODY

    also not to Haruka
    because this is talking about the long-term
    haruka temporary option, but probably not
    maybe if saw right MELODY graduate
    Haruka also gone

    MELODY may not go at the end of this year
    may still survive half a year to 2015

    generation 2 will only be the last option
    the fact that AURA is not considered by JOT
    YUVIA CINDY is a funny look and innocent can be CENTER in k3
    what about Naomi?

    Nabilah and Shania so that it will always be rivals

    Why do not you guys agree on re-shuffle?
    there will be a lot of doubt if MELODY graduates

    is too long to imagine making 3rd generations into the ACE
    The best option is to enter them into the team J and team k3
    and really makes the strongest team

    Wasshoi J for 2015?

    shania, Nabilah, ve, beby, ayana, jeje, KINAL, dhike, sendy, Vanka
    yuvia, naomi, hanna, vienny, novinta, rona, viviyona, thalia, ikha

    promotion to team k3
    andela, michelle, milen, nadse, nina

    hahahaha it was all just a joke
    surely they would bother because the demand just show for the team J only
  11. zakky26

    zakky26 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 12, 2012
    well if you haven't notice Team KIII (2ndGen) is currently almost at the same level as team J....they cannot be underestimate..
    look how success Malang concert is....and ever since Viny went to Okayama she is gaining a lot of J-fans in the process...and also Rona,i can see a chance of her going back to popularity...
  12. shunusuke

    shunusuke Kenkyuusei

    Jul 7, 2014
    one thing for sure, no one in JKT can beat Melody for the 'center aura' right now. maybe it's because she always get that (center) position. So, we (fans) already get used to it and feel weird if melody get replaced.
    But, who knows about the future? anything could happen even something we never expect.
  13. mc_shithead

    mc_shithead Kenkyuusei

    Jul 26, 2013
    i n y o u r h e a r t #plakk
    ^Sendy Ariani? she is the real ace (face it, whenever some host challenge them to sing solo, she is the one who come front, or else they will get embarassed). the problem is; once she start to sing, she will instantly overshadowed the other members...and that is bad for a team [hehe] (look at Roponggi event, KFC hs, terong show, ILK).
  14. SoldOut

    SoldOut Kenkyuusei

    Jul 9, 2014
    About singing skill, we all know Sendy is the best singer in jkt right now. And for the 'center aura' it will be Shania, Viny or Yupi.
  15. milkykoala

    milkykoala Kenkyuusei

    Sep 22, 2014
    I really want to see nabilah-yupi to be JKT's WCenter with ve and shania at their sides, and Michele, ayana, gon, and milen on the 2nd row
  16. RacerMCMXCVII

    RacerMCMXCVII Kenkyuusei

    Nov 25, 2013
    Tangerang, Indonesia
    I don't want to offend any Nabilah fans but she really doesn't seem center material...enough of an aura to stay in the kami7 but not become the center...
  17. CherryBlossom48

    CherryBlossom48 Member

    Jun 3, 2012
    ^ and Yupi

    Sorry to say but Gingham Check/Flying Get Yupi version is terrible, i like Naomi version
  18. ricardhy

    ricardhy Kenkyuusei

    Sep 29, 2014
    Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
    members can only try their best. JOT is the one to decide." (Anonymous, 2013)

    facts it really hurt me :D


    if we realize that the song: kokoro no placard
    colors of music that can be accepted by society Indonesia
    even it is not for the sendy (dangdut), but for shania

    so what's on the minds of JOT?

    they do not see the skill (sendy for the dangdut, rona for the rock)

    also see how YUVIA become a dance center in the team k3
    not for the the owner of AURA

    This is really for the the long term
    senior at 1st generation only remaining competition between shania, Nabilah, veranda

    I was again not underestimate 2nd generation
    but it's hard to see them become ACE
    though will certainly be FRONTLINE

    prediction that I say now is if shania may go
    The next ACE is Nabilah or veranda
    but this was far from the topic

    certainly interesting to see YUVIA or Nabilah be ACE
    funny faces and cute to be a star

    but that is only if YUVIA move to team J hehehe

    if melody graduate, I really just supports re-shuffle
  19. oniqlo

    oniqlo Kenkyuusei

    Aug 1, 2013
    City of Riften
    Ve might graduate at same time with Melo, who knows.
    If that's the case, the center/face should be Haruka > Shania > Nabilah ....>>> Viny > Rona.
    Yupi? I always assuming her as an clay pigeon.
  20. ricardhy

    ricardhy Kenkyuusei

    Sep 29, 2014
    Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

    hold it longer or cries of many fans: D
    is probably closer to the same time MELODY, Haruka, VERANDA to graduate

    shania > nabilah .... >>> Viny > Rona.
    look more real

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