Kawamura Yua (Yuanian, Yuatan, Yuachan)

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    Name: Kawamura Yua (河村優愛)
    Nickname: Yuanian, Yuatan, Yuachan (ゆあにゃん、ゆあたん、ゆあちゃん)
    Birth: 2006-01-31
    From: Aichi
    Color: Pink, red, purple
    Interest: Make-up research, volleyball, association games, sticker collecting
    Skill: Volleyball, wave, hula hoop.
    Aspiration: Actress, live happily.
    Favorite food: Strawberries, fried fish, parfait, ramen, crepes, crab
    Favorite word: Endeavour
    One message: I will be an idol that you and your viewers can enjoy!
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