Single Keyakizaka46 9th / Last Single [Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?] (2020/08/21)

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    Keyakizaka46 9th / Last Single
    Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?

    9th Single Discussion: Page 1 - Page 21
    Last Single (digital) discussion after Name Change Announcement: Page 22 - present.

    Originally announced on Keyakitte back in Mid 2019, the group will be releasing their 9th single this winter!
    3rd row; Habu Mizuho, Watanabe Rika, Inoue Rina, Harada Aoi, Seki Yumiko, Uemura Rina, Fujiyoshi Karin
    2nd row; Takemoto Yui, Sugai Yuka, Morita Hikaru, Moriya Akane, Sato Shiori
    1st row; Kobayashi Yui, Matsuda Rina, Hirate Yurina ©, Tamura Hono, Watanabe Risa

    In: 8 - Harada Aoi, 2nd Gen (Minus Matsudaira Riko and Yamazaki Ten)

    Out: 8 - Nagahama Neru (Graduated), Suzumoto Miyu, Saito Fuyuka, Ishimori Nijika, Oda Nana ,Ozeki Rika, Koike Minami & Nagasawa Nanako

    All 28 Keyakizaka46 members are included in the senbatsu.

    Fuuchan Koike Aoi Habu Pon Yuuka Akanen Risa Rika Uemu Shiori Ozeki Nijika
    x x x Rikoppi Karin Seki Take Matsuda Tamura Hikaru Inoue Ten x x x

    *apologies, the camera zooms out so fast after the initial pose showing all 9 members of 2.0 gen, i can't make out where the 2.5 gen members are standing. I'll fill them in when we get their positions.

    Latest Performance video

    Handshake Events

    Due to the Covid pandemic, this will be a digitally released single only, so there will most likely not be any Handshake events.

    With the re-branding of Keyakizaka46 with a new name, this will be 'Keyakizaka46's last single.
    First digital only single released by Keyakizaka46.
    First and only single to include 2nd generation members.
    First and only single to not include Nagahama Neru, Suzumoto Miyu, Oda Nana, Hirate Yurina, and Nagasawa Nanako.
    First single since Silent Majority to not include Hiragana Keyaki (dissolved).
    This single marks Harada Aoi's first since returning from her 2 year hiatus.
    First and only senbatsu to include all members of Keyakizaka46.
    First and only senbatsu to have no center (as confirmed by Leader Sugai Yuka, although multiple members take the center position throughout the song, most notably Kobayashi Yui, Sugai Yuka, Moriya Akane, Watanabe Risa, and Morita Hikaru).
    First and only senbatsu to not have Hirate Yurina as the center.
    This single would have marked Hirate Yurina's 9th consecutive center and longest center holder in Sakamichi Group, before her withdrawal prior to the original single's release.
    The senbatsu continues the tenure of only Kanji Keyaki members being in senbatsu from debut until their 'last' single as Keyakizaka46.

    I will update the thread with information as it comes!
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  2. keyak

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    Feb 13, 2019
    Well that was SHOCKING. I actually wrote a big ass reaction post right after the Keyakitte episode but couldn't post it due to the forum black-out (what terrible timing, I was dying to know if peeps here were as shocked as I was lol). Btw thanks for making this thread @minaeshi. Anyway here it is..

    Like wow.

    I'm a bumbling shocked idiot. But this was just wow. I'm NOT okay.

    Sorry for this rambling mods. But wooooow.
    OK - I'm going to need to take a looooong time to recover from this.

    No BEST DANCER Suzumon?!? No HS QUEEN Naako?! :confused: No Keyaki pillars Fuuchan & Dani?! No Koike?! :yikes:

    And then. The center.

    Management trolled us. BIG TIME. I was CONVINCED it was going to be Yuipon. Like 99% convinced. Like there were signs.. Like what was that whole Techi -> Pon flower-passing perf in Kuroi Hitsuji about?! And wasn't Yuipon literally called "the group's next era center" or smthing like that on some rando tv show!? Did some freak on Twitter make that up?! I need to send some serious apologies to any folks I may have misled.

    Just wow. I cannot believe what just happened. Keyaki fans - brace yourselves because this next single is going to be WILD. Also, prayer circle for Hirate fans.. It's going to get ugly again D:

    My personal selfish thoughts -
    - relieved to see Habu in senbatsu & disappointed to see my angel Yuuka in second row.
    - shocked at seeing Uemu, Aoi, and Sato in over Suzumon, Naako, and Koike.
    - low-key terrified that this is suggesting @ Mon's grad. makes absolutely no sense that she didn't make it. she received the best reactions as center substitute & her talent is acknowledged by fans & non-fans alike.
    - surprised that it was Pe over Naako though I expected both these HS queens to make it.
    - happy seeing Rina & Hono as the official pushed duo for 2ki (thought it would be Karin & Morita though).
    - poor Ten & Riko, I actually pity them the most. if 4/6 2ki made it, why not let the other two in as well and just create 19-mem senbatsu? :/
    - for sake of Hirate's arm, waist, heck body, mind, and soul, i wish she weren't the center again. again, prayer circle for her & fans
    - I MISS NERU! Like, for a half-sec, I looked for her in the line-up before I remembered that she's forever gone ;(
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  3. Tanoichan

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    Mar 27, 2019
    Harada Aoi
    @minaeshi Thank you for made the thread.
    I suppose that until new information we can write our thoughts on senbatsu announcement and have a respectful debate about the changes.
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  4. Reveen

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    Feb 16, 2013
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    The single where Keyakizaka found out that they ARE actually an idol group
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  5. miyabi

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    Apr 13, 2013
    I want an all-senbatsu, was really upset and angry with senbatsu decision from mngm but seeing how people complain, do you guys mean those member selected to be in senbatsu dont deserve their slots? Rude, as I think.

    There is a picture in my mind that mngm move from "rotate formation" to "rotate senbatsu" and give every member a chance. I think this is the best because mngm seems not want to turn back to all-sen - which is the most wonderfull way in my mind.
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  6. ukifune

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    Mar 29, 2016
    No Suzumoto. No Koike. No Riko. No Ten-chan. And only 17 in the formation. What's going on here? I can see Monta deciding to graduate (more's the pity) and slipping away over this and the previous single. But only 17 members?

    Of my five favorite Keyaki/Hiragana members, three are already gone (Neru, Memi, Shida), one seems on her way out (Monta), and only Techi is left...for the moment. All I can hope for is a great song and a great MV.

    I know some people don't get Shii-chan, but I do. She's smart, pretty and can really dance. I do love Nanako, but she's not that great a performer, just a great person. On the plus side, more time and space for the 2gens to show/develop themselves.

    @Reveen -- If Keyaki now turns into an ordinary idol group, I'm even more gone than I already am. Lol. I'm one of the few who doesn't like senbatsu-selection shows.
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  7. Reveen

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    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    They always have been. It's just been a superb marketing job from Sony to make fans think otherwise for so long.

    Techi being center is the least surprising thing I can think of. It's as predictable as the sun rising in the morning. Until she graduates Techi is always going to be center. ALWAYS.
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  8. sungjong

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    Mar 16, 2014
    new single!!! it feels like forever since Kuroi Hitsuji.

    the senbatsu system...i will have to get used to. i'm most surprised at suzumon not being included (and the return of aoi wow!). i hope there will at least be an "undergirls" song on the single and perhaps a song just for the 2nd gen.

    ikr. i honestly was thinking 9th single would be double center TechiPon. i guess all that flower symbolism meant nothing lol.
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  9. valerien

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    Sep 10, 2019
    Long time reader here, but first time posting on these forums :) Probably going to be a long post, but here are my thoughts on the senbatsu. I will put it in a spoiler post because of the length, so those with time to waste can read it.
    I actually thought that it was a good senbatsu. There are people probably wanting an all-member senbatsu, but that was never going to happen after the group exceed a certain number of members. This will probably generate a healthy level of competitiveness among the group, as long as it's taken positively.

    The only surprise might be the exclusion of Suzumon, but I have a feeling that it might be because of her future plans or an upcoming graduation just like how they shifted Neru to the third row and then we found out that she will be graduating. And I think from this senbatsu, we can generally see that the five "irreplaceables" in the new-look Keyakizaka46 will be Yuuka, Akanen, Watanabe Risa, Hirate Yurina and Kobayashi Yui with how their positions are placed with the three in front flanking the two inexperienced 2nd gen members and the captain and vice-captain in the second row holding the group together.

    Now onto the debate about the centre position.

    I think we all know by now from various interviews over the years etc that Hirate Yurina will centre all Keyaki singles until her graduation, or that's how I feel from the readings that I've done over the years. I can link the interviews from various members here for those who wish to read more in-depth. I will just touch briefly on them. Kobayashi Yui in her interview stated how she feels that Hirate is always one level better than her, even in the songs that she feels most comfortable in. And while she concentrates on how to improve her performances, Hirate is always looking at the big picture at how the concerts as a whole should be like, and she will come into meetings with well thought out ideas on setlist etc and ask for opinions from the group on what the rest of the group thinks of it, stating that it doesn't matter whether they are new or old members they are all in the group together as a family and everyone's opinions matter.

    And then the interview with Sugai Yuuka about when she had to centre Fukyouwaon. She said that even minutes before the performance she was still looking through videos of Hirate's Fukyouwaon performance and trying to understand how to best replicate the emotions etc. And when she saw the various girls under pressure and some girls crying because of having to centre some of the songs because Hirate isn't there, she finally understood the amount of pressure Techi is under having to centre all the songs and yet never once did she complain to the members and took everything on as best as she could.

    The interview with Akanen was perhaps the most frank and blunt I feel (I think it was Akanen, or maybe Yuuka). She said that eventhough she feels bad saying it, she feels that Hirate is irreplaceable in Keyakizaka46. It's not because she's the best singer or she's the best dancer, but she is able to pull everyone together. It's generally accepted that she's the symbol of Keyakizaka46, and when they perform without her it feels that the performances aren't up to the required level or that they are missing something. She talked about how when Hirate is performing with them, the girls feel under less pressure and can generally perform while concentrating on their own performances. But the performances where they had to do it without her, she can feel that they are not united before going on stage, in that some of the girls are worried that they will not perform well without Hirate while others have their minds on trying the best that they can. That resulted on the group itself not performing in unity, and in that sense is why Hirate is irreplaceable.

    And then the interviews from various other members (I can't remember their names off-hand), with one member stating how the first performance without Hirate was the moment that she will remember for the rest of her life in that the silence and non-reaction from the crowd when they performed, and how another member who asked her family that attended the concert what they thought about their performance without Hirate and all they could say is "hmmm...".

    Now onto the girl herself. Hirate Yurina.

    I will be the first to admit that she is an inconsistent performer. Unlike most idol performers, she's an emotional performer. She performs well when she pushes herself into the song, and delivers nothing when the feelings aren't there. I will never disagree with anyone that says that another member can be centre for the songs, because I'm a firm believer that given enough practice time, any girl is able to deliver a decent performance. The difference lies in the highs and lows. While other girls are able to deliver consistent 6/10 or 7/10 performances due to practice and effort, Hirate's lows are in the 3/10 or 2/10 range while her highs are 10/10 when she fully embraces the emotions of the songs. In one-off performances such as singles or MVs or highly hyped concert events, she's irreplaceable. That was probably why she was rushed back for Keyaki Republic, which comes with DVD sales.

    I think it's generally accepted by now within management and the girls that a 20% Hirate centering Keyakizaka46 singles with her face on the covers is better for the group than having no Hirate at all. I also believe that she has considered graduation and had been talked out of it once by the two captains, and not being able to leave after that because she feels a certain responsibility to the group. From her past interactions regarding her family, I think she doesn't have the best relationship with her family and Keyakizaka46 is like a family for her. I also believe that management would have consulted the members regarding this, at least the two captains so as to not cause rifts in the group and want to know how the girls feel about it. That probably explains why they don't mind her not attending handshake events or variety shows and the other members are willing to pull her weight in various live events as long as she's present for the big ones. Her not being present for the recent live tour was probably decided as soon as they know that they will be doing Tokyo Dome, because they want a highly motivated Techi performing at Tokyo Dome and not a burnt out girl mostly because Tokyo Dome will be another event that they will be releasing a DVD for the concert and a Hirate Yurina cover and highly charged performances will equal to sales.

    Despite all the problems over the year or years, public perception of Techi is still very much positive. Kuroi Hitsuji is generally accepted as a success despite the sales drop because taking into account the exclusion of Hiragana handshake sales, the single sales increased by 30%. Management probably have the numbers in regards as to how many of those sales are from Techi cover singles when compared to the other covers. Everything she does is still very much scrutinised by public even though she hasn't done anything much over the past year, with her visiting a restaurant with a signed note being retweeted countless times, when compared to say Oda Nana who was caught up in a dating scandal and no one hardly cares. The recent fashion event with the likes of Sakura and Wonyoung from IZONE, Shiraishi Mai from Nogi and various other members, she was still introduced as the special guest with a deafening roar from the crowd. So public sentiment is still very much with her. Until someone else within the group steps up and challenges her in terms of popularity, nothing is going to change much.

    I think Keyakizaka46 is blessed with having various talented members, whom in another world where Hirate Yurina isn't in the group, many of them would have made great centers. But then we might not have gotten songs such as Fukyouwaon, Garasu wo ware and Kuroi Hitsuji which I believe are very Techi-centered around her emotions. I think she is a unique idol, in that she is able to bridge the gap between fans of different genres. A rock fan who is not into idol groups is able to look at the Garasu wo ware performance at Keyaki Republic 2018 and think that this is a group that he or she can get behind and support. Or maybe a metal fan who watched the Fukyouwaon performance at Keyaki Republic 2017 will think that maybe this is an idol group that has his or her interest. I think rather than criticism, we should rather support their choices no matter what they are :)
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  10. Stolichnaya Vodka

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    Apr 20, 2016
    Watanabe Miyuki
    I'm just glad I'm a Milky oshi. Sadly, it seems the entire House of Akimoto is fading away to irrelevance.

    Yup. This is reality. Really hate to see it. I had so much hope when 2nd gen started making a splash.
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  11. too much idea

    too much idea Upcoming Girls

    Jun 7, 2012
    First they broke the "all 21", then "all member senbatsu". I hope we will finally see a new center soon.

    I think it's a solid formation. 7/9 2nd gen is really a welcome surprise, especially Matsuri because I was expecting Hikaru instead of her. I like how they surround Techi with 2nd gen, and pairing the same age members together (Pon - Matsuri, Risa - Hono)

    I think the 9 members in Under is a great team too, one that could deliver a strong performance. I think it's natural to split strength as evenly as possible, and it's not like it's a permanent decision.

    With Suzumon in center, supported by 3/5 Goninbayashi and Koike in particular, they can give Under a dance heavy song. Or maybe put Naako in Center and give them a cute idolish song instead? I'm excited to find out
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  12. keyak

    keyak Kenkyuusei

    Feb 13, 2019
    You should post here more often. What a great, thorough objective analysis. You pointed out lots of things I never knew about. I'm also glad you talked about the public sentiment towards Techi because that's something I was always curious about.

    Kinda wish your post wasn't in spoiler so everyone is obligated to read it lol.

    I think all members deserve to be in senbatsu, especially when it comes to 1st gen, but everyone has different opinions on who deserves it more, whether subjectively or objectively. Complaining about senbatsu selection doesn't mean we hate the members who were selected - to see it that way is rude, imo, because it forces people to shut their mouths out of fear they might offend another member's fans. Discussion should be allowed as long as no one outright expresses hate against a certain member.
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  13. Geribanana

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    Sep 5, 2019
    Akimoto Manatsu
    (not pictured: backpain)
  14. DT46

    DT46 Kenkyuusei

    Feb 12, 2019
    Habu Mizuho
    Senbatsu is finally a thing, and I think this is perfect, but a necessary evil. This should hopefully motivate the Unders to try and make a larger impact, and now I'm going to be excited for the announcement each time. If anyone is angry at the choice to go with a senbatsu system, it's not deserved. Keyaki is getting to the point that an all senbatsu just isn't possible. Don't be angry at the system, support your oshi, no matter where they are.

    Something that I am angry about though, is the center. Not Techi herself (although if there had to be an absolute center, I would want her to be more present), but at management. I had so much hope that it would be someone else, like others here, and I got trolled hard. At this point, any hope of a new center is dead to me. I won't get my hopes up anymore, and just accept Techizaka. But honestly? She showed up to the recording in a sling, for God's sake! Can't management let the girl get a goddamn rest? At this point, she's going to break Jurina's record of most consecutive centers in a row, or die trying, perhaps literally. Even if I'm beyond tired of Techi being the center, I want her to graduate not for the sake of the group, but for herself. She seems injury prone with how hard they push her in everything, and it feels concerning at this point. So, I'm angry at management, for continuing to choose Techi despite her health. It's honestly the worst thing about this lineup.

    Also, I'm confused about some member choices and omissions. Miichan is getting a PB, and seems relatively popular, but that means nothing apparently. Mon and Fuu are the best dancers and teachers, but nope. Naako always does well at handshakes, but she's stopped too. It feels like the senbatsu is chosen at random, with not a lot of logic used. If Mon cares as much as Zuumin about getting center, I wouldn't be surprised about a grad from her.

    But, that's my two cents. I would like to say I'm mostly happy, albeit confused, with the senbatsu, and think it's what's needed to motivate some members (even Yuuka said something similar) into doing even better for themselves. But I can't honestly say I'm happy. This is the most irritated I've felt about Techi center, mostly due to my personal hopes, as well as the decision to choose her despite her injury prone current self. And despite what I said about the competition this could provide, I don't even know what the Unders could do to even try to make senbatsu. So I can't say I'm happy. I want to, but I just can't. The senbatsu system is good, but Techi = Keyaki is not in my eyes, and any Techi stans who want her to center despite her injuries are the worst, caring more about her position over her health (they probably exist somewhere).

    I just hope the song is good, because this senbatsu announcement really soured me. I hate that I'm being so negative, but I can't help my emotions. I just really care for the group, and while it feels like they're changing... it feels like they really aren't.
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  15. Stolichnaya Vodka

    Stolichnaya Vodka Kenkyuusei

    Apr 20, 2016
    Watanabe Miyuki
    At least she bothered to show up in that episode. As a fan, I'm touched and pray to the heavens that she will appear on 1 more or maybe even 2 (I know this is hard, most idols can't do this) episodes of the main variety show this year!
  16. hmmero

    hmmero Kenkyuusei

    Dec 24, 2016
    Risa & KAWADA₍₍ (ง ˙▿˙)ว ⁾⁾
    I am shocked and disappointed that Miyu is not included in the senbatsu.
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  17. Nakamuraada

    Nakamuraada Kenkyuusei

    Jul 8, 2019
    It's been a while since we discuss about new single :blush:yeah. Just want to say that i feel excited what will happen from now on. Hopefully we dont get any more graduation soon... cant accept it if there's a member decide grad again this year :cold::(
  18. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    Very exciting news. The first time I watched the shows in a long time (I miss being able to watch them in the middle of the day in Ireland rather than past midnight before a Monday).

    Techi is definitely inevitable. I don't agree with @Reveen. A mere graduation can't keep management from putting her there. It's eternal "Kimi wa Melody"s for Keyaki once she leaves.

    Suzumoto and Koike were big surprises. Sure, Naako too, but not as much as the others imo. Koike being my favourite member, I really want to know what's up and why.

    I love the 2ki choices for front row. Nose-wrinkle gold medalist Matsuda Rina needs to be where everyone can enjoy her smile.

    More important than senbatsu choices and formation choices is what kind of real attention each member gets, senbatsu and otherwise. Hopefully everyone gets at least two songs and while I like the Kuroi Hitsuji MV I think the other members deserve a more balanced one this time.
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  19. minaeshi

    minaeshi Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 13, 2014
    United Kingdom
    I think we've all had time to think more logically about the senbatsu so it's nice to see some active discussion and sharing of thoughts rather than the usual keyboard rage we tend to get after learning who is the center lol

    I'm in the boat that has mixed feelings about the senbatsu... There are so many things I'm happy about and so many things I don't like so here's a list lol

    Let's start with the bad, so we can end on a good note :flower:
    - Techi center. I really wanted my girl to finally get some rest and make a nice comeback during Tokyo Dome, but I already expected this to not be the case when she started showing up in their tour to perform Hiraishin. I understand she's an important center figure to the girls, but I also feel like we can easily find another girl with amazing center aura who could help lead the group with confidence if we just give another girl the chance. I really want her to rest and come back healthier than ever. I think this is why Suzumon's exclusion caused such a stir with fans and the general public, enough to trend on twitter and japanese searches for hours after the announcement. She's shown the public that she's a capable center and people wanted to see more of that side of Keyaki so it's a damn shame she's not in senbatsu. Which leads me too...
    - Removal of 1st gen members. Namely Suzumon, Koike, and Naako. Naako has consistently been one of the strongest handshake sellers of the group for years, so to see her get dropped is so disappointing and honestly a middle finger to her hard work. Koike has been a rising star this year with a PB coming soon and I feel like this just halted that a little. I hope she continue's to get side jobs during her free time. Of course, Monta's exclusion really grates me. She's not the best at HS or variety but she would make a damn good center. While I'm sad they were removed, like Yuuka said, It's something that was needed for the group to grow from stagnation.
    - The exclusion of Rikoppi and Ten-chan. I would be 100% happy with 2nd gens arrival to senbatsu if they didn't exclude these two. What was the point? I feel that they've robbed the girls of the joy of having their first senbatsu with all 2nd gen, just as the 1st gen members had, and hiragana girls had when they eventually became hinatazaka. Rikoppi has made keyakake such an enjoyable show, and Ten is so young, I worry for how she must have felt hearing she would be left out.. My heart hurts for them both.

    And the good :^O^:
    - An actual senbatsu system!! Finally. Maybe 3 years overdue, but they finally did it. I would have loved to have seen this when hiragana was still around, but I'm glad they've learnt from that mistake and promptly shoved a bunch of new gen into the senbatsu to introduce them to the general public quickly. I hope the 2nd gen girls don't feel too much pressure and the 1st gen members that remain in senbatsu give it their all despite the huge changes that they may also be struggling to come to terms with.
    - Shiori remaining in senbatsu! I love her so much and I'm so glad she managed to stay in. I think a lot of people expected her to be out and many are saying they would rather she be out in place of Mon which is kinda sad to see being a fan of both.. She deserves her spot as much as anyone else and I'm glad she has even more of an opportunity to showcase her talent in keyaki.
    - Aoi's return! They just couldn't have made her sit out when she just got back lol. I'm happy to see her again and can't wait to support her <3

    Overall the announcement caused such a stir but it's made me happy as well! It's a new chapter for the group, there's exciting times ahead for keyaki and I hope everyone continues to support them despite all the change :cute:
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  20. STS

    STS Kenkyuusei

    Jun 27, 2014
    Yokoyama Yui
    hm... it's good that they try to do something new (even Tecchi still center) for them. Of course keyaki need to promote new faces because many girls from 1st gen graduated... but I'm not sure...

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