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    Jan 20, 2019
    This thread is about SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) Analysis of Keyakizaka46 members.

    Share your thought and observation of your favorite member.


    Member Name

    Strength- what are the strong side of this member.(positive sides, uniqueness, ability)

    Weakness- what are the weakness of this member.(can be something that should improve)

    Opportunity- what can we look forward to this member to improve.(areas to develop)

    Threats- what are the possible things that can make this member jeopardized their idol career.(things to avoid)
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    Mar 17, 2019
    That's a great initiative Asphyxia, thanks for that. Also, it would be nice marketing-wise for the image-making of the girls...

    So let me start with my oshi... Saito Fuyuka

    Strengths: Great dancer, excellent social and communication skills (apparently this girl seems to have very high emotional intelligence, meaning that she can read not only the atmosphere, but also the mood and feelings of other people and adjust to that to the point of controlling these feelings). These skills allowed her to bond with the group and be internally accepted as a locus of attraction that keeps them together. She is also very mature for her age, so as a result she acts in a sincere way and expresses her thoughts and ideas freely. Her quality in one word is: Wisdom. She has true leader qualities. Last but not least, she grew in this group with crystal clear selflessness: She prefers to stay in the back and help other girls grow without any apparent inferiority complex or bitterness. She seems to be like the element of earth: always there, but in the background, a humble worker, supportive and silent.

    Weaknesses: Selflessness is also her weakness not letting her shine or claim the spotlight. In Keyakitte Kakkenai she is mostly low-tone with an attitude that seems to be "aloof" or indifferent of the stories that happen around her, until the moment something stimulates her to interfere (mostly to say something on behalf of other members). And by doing so she risks in exposing a rather gossipy-character. Another weakness is that she (seems to prefer) keeping her private life secret unlike other girls, for which we know already a lot. I do not believe that MCs have not given her the opportunity to do so... If she wanted she would have instigated the focus of interest on her in quite a lot of occasions after these 3 years. A third weakness (at least in my opinion) is that her beauty may not be according to the average Japanese standards putting her behind in fan-base.

    Threats: (I put opportunities at the end for a reason) The biggest threat in my opinion is that, as things go she seems to stagnate. This stagnation might lead to frustration and finally graduation. The worst thing is that, unlike other girls, she does not seem to have any career opening because of her participation in such successful idol group. Not in acting, music or modelling (I do not know about any possible studies but she does not seem to pursue any). I truly wish and hope for the best for this adorable girl... However, there is a career opportunity which brings us to the...

    Opportunities: She's a great dancer... She can continue working together with Takahiro-sensei as one of his trainers/dancers staff and learn choreography. I'm sure she will do great and shine at that. In short-term, opportunities within the group may arise from her interaction with the 2nd gen members especially the charismatic (and future captain in my opinion) Matsuda Rina.

    Well, these are my personal thoughts I do not claim any authenticity on these nor do I believe they are actually valid. Especially when whatever I know come from the reproduction of shows through Keyavids and Youtube. I may miss a lot of information about Fuu-chan, so anyone who knows more please correct me!
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