Le Nguyen Nhu Thao (Nhu Thao)

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    Lê Nguyễn Như Thảo

    irst Name
    : Như Thảo
    Middle Name: -
    Last Name: Lê Nguyễn
    Nickname: Như Thảo
    Gen: 1st
    Birth date: May 15, 2000
    Hometown: Cần Thơ, Vietnam
    Height: 168 cm
    Three Sizes: B: 76cm, W: 61cm, H: 87cm
    Admires: AKB48
    Favorite Colors: turquoise, pink, white
    Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies, singing, dancing, reading, cooking, watching AKB48 graduation concerts
    Dreams: to become an almighty idol
    Fun Fact: has a very fast metabolism, a bit timid and afraid of crowds but has a passion for the stage, looks cold but is actually very sociable and friendly

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