Minamisawa Coco (Cocchan)

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    Minamisawa Coco 2023.jpeg

    Name: Minamisawa Coco (南澤恋々)
    Nickname: Cocchan (こっちゃん)
    Birth: 2007-10-26
    From: Nagano
    Color: Pink, pink and white.
    Interest: Dancing, listening to music.
    Skill: sumo wrestling
    Aspiration: People who can bring smiles to many people's faces.
    Favorite food: Sour food, grilled meat, macaroons.
    Favorite word: Kawaii
    One message: My singing and dancing skills are not up to scratch yet, but I will practice a lot and become an idol who can bring smiles and happiness to my fans! Thank you for your support.
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    Omori Maho
    She reminds me a lot of Mrs. Matsui Rena sometimes. Might be because both are tall, black-haired girls with fair skin, pretty and kinda goofy. I like her, I think she grew to be my favorite from SKE's 12ki

    This is her for Zubunure SKE48! :)<3
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