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Nishijima Rio (Riopi)

Discussion in 'NMB48 Kenkyuusei' started by lionel90, Dec 19, 2022.

  1. lionel90

    lionel90 Under Girls

    Dec 12, 2009
    Name:Nishijima Rio - 西島 梨央
    Nickname:Riopi - りおぴ
    Birth: 2004-11-08
    Favorite food: Cheese tarts, mandarin oranges, green tea-flavoured snacks, lemons.
    Hobbies: Listening to Vocaloids, taking photos of Woo-chan (dog), watching videos of big meals when hungry.
    Skills: Transferring lots of azuki beans with chopsticks, soran-bushi, mashomaro catching, apple peeling
    Future dreams: NMB48, dome concerts, actress.

    NMB48 9th generation member who made her debut on 22-12-19
  2. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
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  3. Mana

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    Sep 11, 2012
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