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Oba Sayaka (Osaya) / 9th Generation

Discussion in 'SKE48 Graduated Members' started by EinhanderX, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. EinhanderX

    EinhanderX Next Girls

    Jun 2, 2015
    : Osaya
    Gen: 9th
    Birth date: March 11, 1998
    Blood type: O
    Hometown: Kanagawa-ken
    Height: 151 cm
    Member color: Light pink, black/white, gold and silver.
    Hobbies: Traveling, reading essays, sharing information on beauty
    Special skill: Cashiers quickly, travel coordinates, piano
    Future dream: Becoming a mystery hunter, appearing on a wide show or traveling program, writing an essay (of travel)
    Favorite food: Seafood, strawberries, noodles, hamburger, shabu-shabu
    Favorite word: "If you want to be loved, love yourself first".
    A short message: I am not experienced at singing and dancing, I think that the start from 20 years old is a minus point, but please do not take your eyes off as I will do my best to be positive!

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