[PSP GAME] AKB1/48 - Idol to Koishitara... - 2010/12/23

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    alrite~ got tomochins awesome ending at the beach house on my first try~ time to rest and replenish all the blood lost from nosebleeds from the cuteness of the girls XD ~ then aimin for myaos ending~
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    Ahh man, I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive [doh]
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    New York, USA
    So...you cleared the "Tomochin" track? Just like that? Like...how long did it take to do that once you started the game? o_O
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    First time I played this only took me 30 minutes and I got Miichan's ending <3 although the first one I phoned was Kojiharu :D

    have to make the routes faq I think.

    btw how do you put music in the custom folder? I used mp3 and it didn't work. [wonder]
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    lol, didn't TOTALLY clear it... got the ending, but im missing loads of the cards and scenes in between~ took me about 45 mins, cuz my psp died halfway in between (a 6 yr old psp-1000, thts been thru a lot more than most psps XD)== gna hafta dedicate many more hours into perfectly completing this game jus for even one member XD any tips anyone?
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    May 22, 2010
    man..you guys already playing isn't helping me at all! :D

    I really hope it comes in tomorrow
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    That information only reads from a string in a configuration file :p If you want, you can change it to FW 13.37. If you want, I can send you a link to an app that allows UMD play of games with FW6.20 and lower without having to rip/patch the UMD to an ISO. I don't know what FW Persona needs but I know that I was able to play the Lunar re-release UMD. My sister has Persona... I'll see if it runs.

    i bought the game but it dun allow me to play as when i want to update my version it appear as 9.99 too.how u change it to allow me to play the game
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    Aug 5, 2009
    i don't really remember. i guess its around the current auction price. it wasn't as crazy as yesasia.
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    Aug 24, 2010
    I had already gave up with the idea of ever having this game.. but actually my mom had been reading my excitement of the game at twitter and bought me a PSP !! I was so surprised to find that under xmas tree, haha. Now I can order my own game :D I'm planning to just buy the standard edition and guidebook, because all the special/first press editions have probably sold out. BUT YEY.
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    Jan 3, 2010
    Surprisingly it looks like it doesn't take that long. That livestream I posted a few pages ago, the guy had it going for ~6 hrs and managed almost playing it thru 3x. This also includes asking viewers which choices to do, actually reading out all the dialogue (and choices), going back to re-hear voices (moe~), etc.

    I was surprised at how quick you lose the girls left and right if you ignore initial contact w/ them. Like I think by day 5 or so (and each day is pretty quick from what I could tell), 1/2 the girls were gone [hehe]

    ... but damn you 09lojh1, jealous you got yours already! I *should* get mine tomorrow but I have a feeling due to the winter (it's snowing now til like the end of monday I heard), may get it tuesday instead :(

    that's awesome mabibitan, you got a cool arse mom! BTW for the game, you should be able to get LE version as well (i.e. the one w/ the game and 5 photos I believe?) w/o much issues ;)
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    Dec 5, 2010
    Reading all of the posts above makes me want to stab myself, mine is coming in tomorrow morning just like everyone else, but time is going by so slow since the game is the only thing on my mind right now. ( つ Д `)
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    New York, USA
    Oooh damn I HATE being a poor college student. I'm debating on trying to order the Premier Pack or just buying the Limited Edition and a pink PSP :wall: :wall: :wall: (Not gonna lie, I mostly just want the AKB48 PSP and the UMDs xD)
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    May 22, 2010
    same with me and everyone else..just seeing the off-camera shots isn't enough for me :D
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    Jan 3, 2010
    cheaper to do the later; just get First Press or Limited Edition and pick up a pink psp. You'll easily save 200+USD ;)
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    Oct 29, 2010
    On the Macross with CinDy
    Just got my game in the mail with my Fist of the North Star game !! [party] [party]

    Damn making of dics 1 was rattling around in the case [boom] ne way the cards I got were Acchan followed by Takamina <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (must have been fate 2 have them together Takaachan for 4life), Akicha , Amina , Mocchi , Komori, Haachan <3 <3 , Sakiko (she looks lovely) Chisato , and the lovely Misato. I wish I got a Rino but its all good. Guess I'll play the game when im not so dizzy cuz im pretty sick ATM. Happy holidays everyone !!
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    That defeats the purpose of getting the PSP-AKB3000 though :D The Limited Edition PSP is definitely one that you can be proud of getting as a collector since so few of the Premier Special Packs were produced. If you want the AKB48 PSP, you knew you were going to end up spending more in the first place. It's actually not that bad for a Limited Edition system.

    And I'm so jealous of the people that have already received their games :( My Premier Special Pack arrived at my deputy service on the 24th, but I haven't even shipped it yet because I'm waiting for a set of photos to arrive before the deputy service ships my whole order. I don't know why the photos are taking so long to arrive! sakldjslkajdlsajda damn seller. It can't possibly take that long to ship photos, it's been over a week since I won the auction.
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    As for all correct answers in this game, you can read NaNa_JuuIchi awesome posts: (I'll not quote them since these are not my works)

    Team A: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2634&p=412890#p412890
    Team K: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2634&p=457820#p457820
    Team B: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2634&p=480719#p480719

    This is a BASIC GUIDE for this game created by me. There will be NO TRANSLATION GUIDE because i'm only know hiragana, katakana and a very very very basic kanji. The purpose of this guide is for having all not so expert and dont understand japanese language to play the game. For understanding the game pls ask any expert japanese language users in this forum. This guide didn't contain any plot of the game. Also, you can free to pm me for updating, correcting the guide. I'm sorry if this guide contain a lot of typing errors.. It's hard to check all grammar back after each update [worried]

    So, the guide: (Click the spoiler)
    2011/3/6 : Add wiki link (japanese site) for unlocking all cards. Also note that there will be SR password reveal each day starting from early March for 48 days

    2011/3/27: SR password Day 11~26 has been added. Sasshi's password has been revealed, so I have become lazy to check new passwords each day from now... So,next update will be late (maybe after all password has been release? :lol: ). And nana_juuichi got unlock all cards in the game. Pls check 91post for more info

    1.0 Basic Game Guide
    ---1.1 Scene
    ---1.2 After Scene
    ---1.3 Girl list
    ---1.4 Game Phase
    ---1.5 End Credits
    ---1.6 Unlock method

    2.0 Menu Guide
    ---2.1 Backup
    ---2.2 Setting
    ---2.3 Album
    ---2.4 Address
    ---2.5 Phone Call
    ---2.6 Music Player
    ---2.7 Photo Clock
    -------2.7.1 How to create Japanese PSN account
    ---2.8 Message Photo
    ---2.9 48 Trade
    ---2.10 Transfer


    1.0 Basic Game Guide


    1.1 Scene
    -After selecting member, a scene will play.. Usually 3 options will be given and different result will occur:
    - love level gain (high note 'yes' sound will be play)
    - nothing (normal note 'yes' sound will be play)
    - dump the girl (you will know when you dump her [hehe] )
    Also, the sequence of answer will be random (means that you cannot memorize the sequence like 1 is the correct answer, you need to memorize the answer (kanji,hira,kata) itself)

    -The scene is completely random. If the game is load back to the same checkpoint (save game), it will not play the same scene but the only exception are the scene where the girl ask you to go out (to the confession) and the confession scene.

    - You can have a quick unlocking member's ending by creating a checkpoint before the girl ask to go out, watch the ending, load back checkpoint and dump her to having normal phone call (note: the confession scene will make the phone call list have the confess girl name only). This also make your day counter higher as possible
    - If you choose a so-so answer at the scene before confession, the next scene still will let you to watch the ending but the extra is if you lucky, you can still call other members (the chance is increase when you got more available members to date)
    -if you dump all other 47 girls, the current girl ask out scene will contain only 2 options which you cannot dump her

    1.2 After Scene

    Some scene will occur after you date with someone
    -voice mail - answer yes to directly date with her
    -mail - answer yes to directly date with her
    -2 mail's in one time: need to choose which girl you want to date

    1.3 Girl List

    - After a scene, some of the girls will be automatically delete from 48 list. This is usually from 1 to 9 peoples from the phone call list.. After you got only 10 girls from the list, the girls will not be deleted, you need to dump the girl by yourself

    - Senbatsu members (no 1-16) got an extra love point in the beginning of the game. So, they hard to delete from the girl list and they are frequently called you. A normal member, if you ignore them once, there is some percentage she will be deleted from the list where senbatsu member is not (yeah, we can say that senbatsu members are cheating [nod] )

    -Sometimes when observing the menu, one of the member will call you.. if you reject the call, it means u dump her and she will be deleted from the list

    - Sometimes, the deleted girl will send you mail to make up back the relation, accept to have her on the list (didnt try it yet.. will confirm back)

    -If you like to have certain member for last 10 girls on your list (example: no3b members), its better to date someone you don't want and reject her. This will delete the unwanted girl only (compare to the random delete from phone call list) which make you to encounter all your favorite member easily. Only one date success is enough for making them to be top 10 and avoid from being deleted.

    1.4 Game Phase (thanks to Mr Waffle for some info I forgot/don't know how t to mention ;))

    This game contain three stages that need to go through before you clear the game:

    A) 1st ~ 10th day (1st stage)
    - The random scene is a jealous scene which they say they wont give up after they watch you date with other member. On the next day the girl will be on top of phone call list
    - A random removal on girls list will be start on 3rd or 4th day. only girls from phone call list will be ds. Others are save)
    - On 10th day, the date scene will unlock a card
    - The save game icon will be a ribbon
    B) 11th ~ 20th day (2nd stage)
    - The random scene are the girl want to know if you still like her after watched you date with other girl or ask for a date tomorrow (it is not confession scene)
    - From this point, the highest girl reaching the love ranking will have her picture for the save game icon
    - On 20th day, the date scene will unlock a card
    C) 21th day and higher (final stage)
    - Mostly the confession happen on this stage (because you need to date 3 or 4 times before the girl confess and the same girl usually appear 1 time a week. 3x7 days=21 days)

    1.4.1 Elimination Phase
    - When you ignore the girls, they will start to be eliminated by the game system
    - This will automatically happen until last 10 girls (which means you have date 10 different girls)
    - Read "Girl list" section for more info

    1.4.2 Romantic Mode
    - If you have date 2 or 3 times, she will go into romantic mode
    - the girl's kanji name in phone list will be change into nickname (eg 前田敦子 becomes あっちゃん)
    - When this happen, the girl has enter a safe zone which even you ignore her, she will not be automatically being deleted from the list, need to dump her normally
    - This mode will be much faster to trigger when the elimination is over

    1.4.3 Confession
    - Only can be trigger on Romantic Mode
    - Happen after 3 (usually senbatsu members) or 4 (usually other members) dates
    - Didn't required at most 10 girls on your list to trigger this. Total date is enough
    - But if the elimination phase is over, the process is more faster (because you only facing10 girls)
    - The girl will ask to go out with you scene and the next date will be the last scene (confession). This is different with a random scene happening after a successful date where another girl ask to go out
    - You still can date with other girl if you answer a so-so answer in invitation but it is not always happening (its hard to explain :fp: if I got a better word, I will edit this )
    - For special case (many times happen to me), to enter confession phase, you only need to unlock a card after a random scene.The next date, a high probability will be the invitation scene. For example, when you date the girl, suddenly you accidentally dump her and a card is unlock after the scene, when you load back the game and date the girl back, you will have the invitation scene.

    You can read Mr Waffle explanation about this section here

    1.5 End Credits

    Good ending easter eggs:
    -Each cleared members will have their kiss mark beside them
    -Your name will appeared in credit as "....'s important person" (both thanks to shonenfan4 for the info)
    -You can make the girl shout "encore" by pressing L or R at the end of credits
    -if you repeatly shout encore about 3~5 minutes @ ??? times,you will hear audience happily shout 'yeah' and another card will unlock (so at the end, you got 2 cards instead of one)

    1.6 Cards Unlocking Method

    Wiki link here Note that this link also didn't have the actual way for unknown method (like 10th and 17th) but at least you can use it as a reference :^^;:

    1st: Reject all other girls and accept the confession
    2nd: On the first day, finish a date without rejecting the girl
    3rd: After a successful date, the girl will give a mail/present (usually trigger around 9th~12th day)
    4th: Finish the game with accepting the confession for the first time
    5th: The girl need to be the first person to be rejected on a date
    6th: The girl have to give up about you then you have to wait the girl send you a email asking for a date. Accept it and after clearing the game with that girl, you'll receive the card
    7th: After 20th days, if the girl have a high level point (romantic mode), after a date this card will unlock
    8th: (Need confirmation) See all scene on 2nd stage with the girl (including day before confession, because usually it will unlock after that day)
    9th: Do "encore" at the end of good ending credits
    10th: Have a successful date with her (maybe each girls have one scene that can be considered as "special" scene like Myao ask who is your oshimen..)
    11th: On 10th day, have a successful date (even dump, card still unlock)
    12th: On 20th day, have a successful date (even dump, card still unlock)
    13th: Finish the game with accepting the confession for the third time
    14th: Answer a random call and have a date (even dump, card still unlock)
    15th: After watched a jealous scene which triggered after successful date with other member (this scene not contain any question and its only trigger around 1~9th day any jealous scene is ok)
    16th: Get voice mail (or 2 voice mail at once), answered yes and have a successful date with her
    17th: (need confirmation) From wiki: Day 15,17,19, or 22 choose best answer. Also treat other girls poorly (dump or so-so answer) <--- almost same as getting a max love points
    My method : Dont know how to unlock this card yet but I've some theories:
    -Have a successful date with her (maybe like 10th)
    - Or a maximum love point gain
    - Watch and answer all scenes successfully (???) <--- this is the most possible theory I got
    - it is possible to unlock even in a first play through (because I've done this before,load the save game back many times)
    18th: After answered birthday quiz (need to unlock 3rd card first and at least got 2 hearts, same condition with 3rd card to trigger birthday quiz)

    Thanks to Keiti, Vergil, mabibitan, Ange, NaNa_JuuIchi and Shonenfan4 for information

    - 2nd and 5th card can be obtain immediately if you reject the girl on the first day (thanks to NaNa_JuuIchi)
    - Girls received love points by having a date, send mail, random call, voice call, and random scene after date
    - For random calls, its better for you to aim for it when you got 10 girls left (probability=1/10 compare to 1/48 on early game)
    - Each time you load back the same save file, if available, it always be the same girl will make a random call. Also, sometimes, when you reject the random call, another random call can be trigger from another girl
    - For 11th and 12th card, its hard for you to have a specific girl you want to unlock her card to appeared on that day. But, its easier for you to unlock other members card by dating all of them on that day (after date, load back the game)
    -For 3rd and 18th card, it can only be triggered once in one gameplay. Usually the first girl to get into the romantic mode will give the card I got 2 3rd cards in one gamplay but with different girls. Still you cannot have 3rd and 18th card for a same girl in one gameplay
    - Easy way to get 18th card: First, at least the girl got 2 hearts and didn't have 3rd card. If you unlock 3rd card after a date, load back the save game. Then after you successfully date her again, you will trigger the birthday scene (I've done this before)
    - If you got redeem code from the game copy and use it on PSN, you will unlock Super Rare card for all members. Please read Photo Clock section on how to use the redeem code
    -After you unlock all of the card, you will unlock all third costume (stage) sprite. (thanks to keiti for the information)

    Most of the method to unlock all of the cards are come from keiti post. Read the post here.


    2.0 Menu Guide:


    2.1 Backup (memory stick icon)
    *Only system save file is auto save. You need to manually save the play data to create checkpoint
    *All pictures/unlockable items will be save into system file. Play file is not required
    *When the girl start to fall in love with you, the save game picture will have the girl's picture. If another girl got higher love level, the picture will be replaced. Only happen after 10th day
    * If the psp system date is one of member's birthday, in one day, the save file will always have that birthday's girl picture

    2.2 Setting (spanner icon)

    ~Message speed
    ~message's auto play
    ~member message's window
    *voice (1-5)
    *music player (1-5)
    *sound effect (1-5)
    -player's name
    -wallpaper(kabegami/壁紙 ) reset (thanks to Wolfic for translation)

    2.3 Album (Album icon)


    The member list can be sort (from left to right):
    -By team
    -By love level
    -By name (a~o,ka~ko,...,wa~WO)
    -By age
    -By generation
    After selecting member, the upper option is
    -ending videos
    -sprite 1 (1st casual costume)
    -sprite 2 (2nd casual costume)
    -sprite 3 (stage costume)
    Picture option:
    1. Send card to other psp (sprite not available)
    2. Set the picture as the game main menu background
    3. Set the game main menu background to default

    - card can be unlock by gaining love level or the girl give mail after successful date, usually after confession, 4 pictures will be unlock (need conformation)
    - can easily get all videos for a member by making a checkpoint (save) at the confession scene, accept it, load the file back, reject the girl
    - You only can send card to friend by pressing triangle... This is the quickest method for unlock all picture but all received picture will be label as "COPY" (almost like a copyright label at any picture in the official website [sleep] [sleep] ) and cannot be used as in game wallpaper

    2.4 Address(book with @)
    -The sort list is the same as album
    - If you at the confession scene, the girl's profile photo's frame will be in pink color
    -If you accept confession, the girl's photo profile will have one little heart on it
    - If you won for the second time, her photo will have 2 hearts instead of one
    - If you won for the 3rd time, her photo in the phone call list will have 3 hearts and at her profile's picture will have a big heart (thanks vergil for the info)

    Button function:
    triangle: call (call icon needed)
    circle: profile

    2.5 Phone call (phone icon)
    -name,time of miss call, total (miss)call
    triangle: call
    circle: profile
    L/R: next/back 10 members

    2.6 Music Player(music player icon)
    -list of songs is from Oogoe Diamond to Chance no Junban, all of them are the cut ver
    -can add custom songs, put mp3 files in /music/akb48 and turn on custom option in this menu (so, add the full ver of the songs if you are a true fan of AKB [rock] )

    2.7 Photo Clock (Clock with someone holding it icon)
    - can set alarm
    - need to buy and download from japanese PS Store. Easiest way is to buy Japanese PSN redeem card from internet:
    1.5,000 yen card
    2.3,000 yen card
    - price:
    1. complete: 3,500 yen
    2. per team: 2,400 yen
    3. per member: 300 yen
    2.7.1 how to create japanese PSN account:

    First, at the XMB (psp menu) go to the signup menu

    Select first option

    Select continue


    Select Country Region: Japan, then put your birthday (make sure your age is above 20)

    Scroll down the policy then select the right option


    Put this info:
    3.confirm password
    4.select any
    5,put a reminder password

    then create an ID. If available, the next screen will show.


    put your name at first and family name at second. the third is your gender, up is male, below is female

    put the address info, find available address (like akb theather address) then fill it.. a random address also can...

    thick the box then next

    using PS3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hUJ4rrzi9c

    2.PSN Store

    Sign in your account

    At upper right of the screen, there is an 123 icon.. select it

    then put the redeem code

    If you want to buy select item option (4th option)

    The game should be at the first option..

    *PSP from any region can create Japanese account and can access the Japanese PS Store
    *If you got redeem code, use it on Japanese PS Store. Other region PS Store will not accept it
    *If you got Asia version, use Hongkong, Singapore or Malaysia (where i live) account
    *How to make sure what region is the game: Find a planet logo which have a number on it in the game box cover. If the logo says 2, it is from Japan and if the number is 3, it is from Asia

    I didnt check whether the DLC is region free or not (region 2 can use region 3 DLC), need some conformation

    2.8 Message Photo (test tube (?!!) icon)
    - Each member photo will be unlock after you accept the confession
    - can choose and play text by pressing left or right button

    2.9 48 Trade (2 pictures connecting icon with number 48)
    - A quick trading option with all available cards 1 random card from each members will be trade with other psp
    - Both psps need to have this option to trade

    2.10 Transfer (2 pictures connecting icon)
    - this is for receiving card from your friends

    My Final Words (which I bet no one will read this :p )
    Thanks for all people that give any information for this guide directly and indirectly. If you want to be credits for giving information (which I forgot to mention), pls PM me ok? Also, thanks to you to read this till the end of this guide... I bet you are the only one had read this long, confusing(because some of them are contradict with other info), boring guide, LOL!!! And, finally: ENJOY THE GAME!!!

    Save Data:

    Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XIBPWWEL
    mirror: http://www.fileserve.com/file/2JmSJXK

    Last 2 numbers at the end of folder name represent number of slot. "Dummy" means a normal save game(forgot to remove them). Perfect save means after clear it, you'll get 3 hearts automatically (even you dont have any hearts)

    0: Dummy
    1: Takahashi Minami
    2: Maeda Atsuko
    3: Kojima Haruna
    4: Dummy
    5: Takajo Aki
    6: Shinoda Mariko
    7: Minegishi Minami
    8: Oshima Yuko
    9: Sashihara Rino
    10: Kasai Tomomi
    11: Watanabe Mayu
    12: Uchida Mayumi
    13: Kashiwagi Yuki
    14: Itano Tomomi
    15: Ishida Haruka
    16: Hirajima Natsumi
    17: Nakagawa Haruka
    18: Miyazaki Miho
    19: Dummy
    20: Kikuchi Ayaka
    21: Kitahara Rie
    22: Kobayashi Kana
    23: Miyazawa Sae
    24: Matsubara Natsumi
    25: Sato Sumire
    26: Nito Moeno
    27: Katayama Haruka
    28: Kuramochi Asuka
    29: Sato Amina
    30: Ono Erena
    31: Matsui Sakiko
    32: Oota Aika
    33: Chikano Rina
    34: Kobayashi Kana
    35: Oya Shizuka
    36: Iwasa Misaki
    37: Nonaka Misato
    38: Umeda Ayaka
    39: Akimoto Sayaka
    40: Fujie Reina
    41: Nakata Chisato
    42: Yonezawa Rumi
    43: Sato Natsuki
    44: Oku Manami
    45: Suzuki Mariya
    46: Maeda Ami
    47: Masuda Yuka
    48: Tanabe Miku
    49: Nakatsuka Tomomi
    50: Sashihara Rino (perfect save)
    51: Nakaya Sayaka

    SR Card Password (Day 1~26)
    Original Post goes to here (thanks to alcin91 for link)
    In menu, hold X and Square until you can enter the password. Note that you need a knowledge of hiragana to enter these passwords. I assume if you all playing this game, you should know at least hiragana, so no need me to teach this. If you're very bad on hiragana, I put romaji translation beside password

    PSP Japanese Keypad: 
      A       |    Ka,Ga     |  Sa,Za
      Ta,Da   |    Na        | Ha,Ba,Pa
      Ma      |    Ya        | Ra
              |   Wa,N       |
    Note: a i u e o (simple isn't it?  XP)

    Ishida Haruka
    1) いさをひまくあへせに - I Sa Wo Hi Ma Ku A He Se Ni
    2) ゆにちすつくほとけえ - Yu Ni Chi Su Tsu Ku Ho Ke E

    Sato Amina
    1) いねまやんておほめひ - I Ne Ma Ya N Te O Ho Me Hi
    2) ちらくもこきわへよみ - Chi Ra Ku Mo Ko Ki Wa He Yo Mi

    Nakatsuka Tomomi
    1) いるのらとみくはひさ - I Ru No Ra To Mi Ku Ha Hi Sa
    2) まむすめちせぬわにう - Ma Mu Su Me Chi Se Nu Wo Ni U

    Umeda Ayaka
    1) うりみるらかすよしろ- U Ri Mi Ru Ra Ka Su Yo Shi Ro
    2) ころりへひらぬのせみ - Ko Ro Ri He Hi Ra Nu No Se Mi

    Tanabe Miku
    1) えひてめりまにいくら - E Hi Te Me Ri Ma Ni I Ku Ra
    2) ろたんえすうわはりも - Ro Ta N E Su U Wa Ha Ri Mo

    Oshima Yuko
    1) おはうれもやにかてほ - O Ha U Re Mo Ya Ni Ka Te Ho
    2) へたひのかてくるはれ - He Ta Hi No Ka Te Ku Ru Ha Re

    Nakagawa Haruka
    1) かにんてけめみせりの - Ka Ni N Te Ke Me Mi Se Ri No
    2) むうおらひろいけとさ - Mu U O Ra Hi Ro I Ke To Sa

    Takahashi Minami
    1) かのせうしねおはきこ - Ka No Se U Shi Ne O Ha Ki Ko
    2) るこにゆほえんけわな - Ru Ko Ni Yu Ho E N Ke Wa Na

    Maeda Ami:
    1) くにちむおうほよこふ - Ku Ni Chi Mu O U Ho Yo Ko Fu
    2) にけわりさらとねやむ - Ni Ke Wa Ri Sa Ra To Ne Ya Mu

    Matsui Sakiko
    1) くれをきかさみえはこ - Ku Re Wo Ki Ka Sa Mi E Ha Ko
    2) てすぬえほもうれよき - Te Su Nu E Ho M U Re Yo Ki

    Watanabe Mayu
    1) さやつにれすのんよぬ
    2) しはゆやよをちぬせた

    Kitahara Rie
    1) したろゆにれまむふほ
    2) よれせねふのはもきう

    Shinoda Mariko
    1) そうえぬかをふのねた
    2) のすれひきさいやるせ

    Sato Natsuki
    1) そにいちくめみゆきえ
    2) せやしんはこきとるち

    Sashihara Rino <3
    1) そほすみわにはさもり
    2) へたつちすれけわおし

    Nakata Chisato
    1) ちおやしめへよにたも
    2) へえうさしれとねやみ

    Nito Moeno
    1) つくしすおいけねわふ
    2) らてすもぬひかおふは

    Yonezawa Rumi
    1) つくのこんいやちてを
    2) むたへみわやねれりま

    Suzuki Mariya
    1) つふとねうひんきおし

    Uchida Mayumi
    1) つみめえもまきこてよ
    2) のさよまはめけかつひ

    Kuramochi Asuka
    1) つめろもへのさくえた
    2) るりわほこしうとかも

    Nakaya Sayaka
    1) てまるねえうんせりい
    2) たせれもよくんはへら

    Chikano Rina
    1) とさかわおみけすれな
    2) にふこよそてめひせん

    Nonaka Misato
    1) とせんなほおめしつや
    2) とゆをれさによわほる

    Matsubara Natsumi
    1) とのすをもゆらりまめ

    Sato Sumire
    1) とめんへかもをれいふ
    2) ちきおねてうひんたみ

    27~41, 7 moar to goar..

    Sorry, right now I can't edit this properly, it just a copy and paste. I really want to slowly edit this time by time. if you can understand it, go ahead, use it :)

    1) とらひやろへうりおよ
    2) をろほふつへらにすや






    岩佐美咲 wasamin

    みゃお myao
    1) めするきへねはろをと
    2) るめよしすけのたをも

    まあちゃん maachan

    なっちゃん naachan

    はーちゃん haachan

    しーちゃん shiichan

    かなちゃん kobayashi kana

    れいにゃん reinyan

    あやりん ayarin
  18. bou-j525

    bou-j525 Kenkyuusei

    :D Someone in the world (not me) knows how to hold a camera and show everything in the box
    And the same someone in the world plays right in front of the camera if you want to see the game XD
    Part 1
    Others parts on YT.
  19. RTBandGeek4ever

    RTBandGeek4ever Kenkyuusei

    Nov 29, 2010
    Los Angeles
    My PSP version at the moment is 5.50 Promotheus-4, anyone have any idea whether or not I can still use UMD's with out changing the firmware? I asked several friends and some say that if I update the version, I would have to spend another two boring hours searching and download firmware to my PSP again. So anyone have any clues on whether or not UMD's will work if I have a 5.50 Promotheus-4 firmware?
  20. Wolfic

    Wolfic Kenkyuusei

    Jul 24, 2010
    I have Prometheus 5.50 as well and the UMD won't work on it.

    However, I'd recommend you not update to 6.31 unless you want to be unable to use homebrew.

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