Stage48 Countdown: Episode 237 (Members who are too pure for this world)

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  1. hinapyon

    hinapyon Kenkyuusei

    Aug 27, 2013
    Harugon to JKT (2012)
    Tomochin to K (2009)
    Sasshi to A (2009)
    Suuchan to E (2013)
    Meetan/Nonti to SDN (2009)
    Reinyan to M (2013)
    Lovetan to HKT (2012)
    Tomu to A (2013)
    Mayu to A (2012)
    Yuihan to A (2012)
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  2. souchan48

    souchan48 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 8, 2013
    Oshimen: Amami Yuki
    -Sasshi to HKT (though I would like her to be in team A as well)
    -Paruru to team A --> one of the best shuffle
    -Tomochin to team K
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  3. pinkfluffballs

    pinkfluffballs Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 16, 2013
    1) Mayu back to Team B (2014)
    2) Kojiharu back to Team A (2014)
    3) Harugon to JKT (2012)
    4) Sasshi to HKT (2012)
    5) Tomochin to Team K (2009)
    6) Tanochan to Team K (2014)
    7) Sae to SKE (2014)
    8) Miorin to NMB (2014)
    9) Umechan to NMB (2014)
    10) Paruru to Team A (2014)
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  4. nathan_drake

    nathan_drake Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2014
    AKB48 Thread
    (1) Sashihara Rino to HKT/Team H (2012)
    (2) Sae Miyazawa to SKE/Team S (2014)
    (3) Tomomi Itano to Team K (2009)
    (4) Miyuki Watanabe to Team B/Kennin (2012)
    (5) Mayu Watanabe to Team A (2012)
    (6) Kojima Haruna to Team B (2012)
    (7) Minegishi Minami to Team K (2009)
    (8) Yui Yokoyama to Team K (2014)
    (9) Aigasa Moe to Team K (2014)
    (10) Muto Tomu to Team K (2012)
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  5. PooPyon

    PooPyon Kenkyuusei

    Jun 23, 2013
    1. Harugon to JKT
    2. Tano to K
    3. Yui to K
    4. Moe to K
    5. Miichan to 4
    6. Sasshi to HKT
    7. Lovetan to HKT
    8. Kojiharu to A
    9. Kawaei to A
    10. Annin to A
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  6. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    Miichan to Team 4 doesn't count.
  7. Muni

    Muni Kenkyuusei

    Jul 31, 2013
    01) Itano Tomomi to Team K (2009):
    She left the strong competition in Team A to be the front of Team K and built not only her character but the team's characteristcs.
    02) Sashihara Rino to HKT48 (2012):
    It helped her surprass her scandal and also put HKT in everyone's radar.
    03) Watanabe Mayu to Team A (2012):
    I do think that she belongs to Team B but her transfer to Team A made her more mature and crystalized her as ace of AKB so, to me, it's was essencial transfer.
    04) Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48 (2012):
    The smartest move an *48 girl ever did. She would be in limbo right now, like many girls of her era, if she hasn't moved to JKT and dedicated herself so hard to build this group.
    05) Miyazawa Sae to Team S (2014):
    It'll always hurts me seeing Sae out of Team K but we all know the girl is seeking new challenges. SHN was a fail. She barely had work and the group is pretty much handling on their own right now, but Sae can achieve a lot in SKE and shares the same spirit of the group.
    06) Umeda Ayaka to Team BII (2014) and...
    07) Fujie Reina to Team M (2014):
    Both are sharing their experience with these teams and having room to shine. They are both so into it that it seems they've been there for ages.
    08) Tano Yuuka to Team K (2014):
    I ALWAYS thought Tano should have been shuffled to Team K in the first place. Team A has a strong competition and, althought she's a very charismatic and passionate performer, she wansn't that pushed. Beeing Jurina's under in Team K and also a great dancer will make her stand out even more and open a lot of doors to her, I belive.
    09) Kojima Haruna back to Team A (2014):
    Althought I thought it was a great idea when it was announced, she just wasn't working in Team B.
    10) Tani Marika to Team E (2014):
    HKT is heavily promoting some of their girls right now and some wouldn't stand a chance but in Team E Tani found room to play with her character in no time and quickly recieved the support of her teammates. I really hope that the same happens to Chori and Maachun...
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  8. shakuran

    shakuran Kenkyuusei

    May 12, 2014
    1. Sashihara Rino to HKT (2012)
    2. Itano Tomomi to Team K (2009)
    3. Nakagawa Haruka to JKT (2012)
    4. Watanabe Miyuki's kennin with Team B (2012)
    5. Miyazawa Sae to Team S (2014)
    6. Tani Marika to Team E (2014)
    7. Kodama Haruka's kennins with Team A & K (2013/2014)
    8. Kojima Haruna's return to Team A (2014)
    9. Shimada Haruka to Team K (2012)
    10. Shimazaki Haruka to Team A (2014)
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  9. pblancafort

    pblancafort Kenkyuusei

    Apr 20, 2014
    Vic, Barcelona
    1. Shimada Haruka to K
    2. Kawaei Rina to A
    3. Kizaki Yuria to 4
    4. Suzuki Mariya kennin with A
    5. Iwasa Misaki to B
    6. Kuramochi Asuka to B
    7.Oba Mina to SKE
    8. Yokoyama Yui to K
    9. Tano Yuka to K
    10. Minegishi Minami to B. Yes she was in B
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  10. skydrive27

    skydrive27 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 21, 2013
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    1. Harugon to JKT48... the best of the best....
    2. Sasshi to HKT48... if Sasshi not transferred to HKT48, maybe HKT48 not successful like now...
    3. Sae to SKE48
    4. Mayuyu to Team A
    5. Tomochin to Team K
    6. Miichan to Team K
    6. Chori to Team A... she makes the AKB variety show to be interesting again...
    7. Marika to SKE48... same as Chori, but for SKE...
    8. Kojiharu to Team B... I might be the minority, but her duet with Yukirin makes the team B more sexy...
    10. Ikoma to Team B... :^^;:
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  11. username04829

    username04829 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 7, 2013
    1. Watanabe Mayu to Team B (Daisokaku Matsuri)
    2. Sashihara Rino to HKT48 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle/Independent)
    3. Aigasa Moe to Team K (Daisokaku Matsuri)
    4. Sato Amina to Team B (2009 Team Shuffle)
    5. Urano Kazumi to Team B (2006 A -> B w/ Hirajima Natsumi + Watanabe Shiho)
    6. Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle)
    7. Ota Aika to HKT48 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle)
    8. Ichikawa Miori to NMB48 full member (Daisokaku Matsuri)
    9. Kojima Haruna to Team A (Daisokaku Matsuri)
    10. Owada Nana to Team B (Daisokaku Matsuri)
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  12. Elementaljyt

    Elementaljyt Kenkyuusei

    May 11, 2014
    10. Ichikawa Miorin to NMB
    09. Tani Marika to SKE
    08. Shimazaki Haruka to TeamA
    07. Yokoyama Yui to TeamK
    06. Umeda Ayaka to TeamBII
    05. Kodama Haruka to TeamA,TeamK
    04. Miyawaki Sakura to TeamA
    03. Tomonaga Mio to TeamB
    02. Ota Aika to HKT48
    01. Sashihara Rino to HKT48
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  13. Red13th

    Red13th Kenkyuusei

    Nov 1, 2010
    Thailand ;)~
    Harugon to JKT48
    Haruu to Team K
    Tani to Team E
    Lovetan to HKT48
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  14. Crossheart

    Crossheart Kenkyuusei

    Apr 14, 2014
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Amaki Sally
    1- Sashihara Rino to HKT48
    2- Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48
    3- Ota Aika to HKT48
    4- Ikoma Rina kennin Team B / Matsui Rena kennin Nogizaka
    *yep, think that both kennin are the same as good
    6- Tani Marika to Team E
    7- Matsui Rena to Team E / Watanabe Miyuki to Team BII
    *Kill me but i really hate when one team is overpowered and the other lack of notorious figures. Also i think both are the same.
    9- Itano Tomomi to Team K
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  15. Mayuyusuki

    Mayuyusuki Kenkyuusei

    Nov 22, 2012
    In front of computer
    1: Sae to SNH48
    For about half a minute, we all thought Aki-P did the most unreasonable, take a super popular senbatsu member and send her against her will to a foreign sister group. A collective "Holy $#!+" went through our heads. I'd like to think for that half minute, we were all Sae oshis
    2: Sasshi to HKT48
    What started as tragedy turned into fortune
    3: Jurina to Team K
    The first major move across groups. Opened the floodgates to possibilities. Plus that shriek of real emotion
    4: Tomochin/Miichan to Team K
    Two power original members join a team with the strongest identity. IMO the best team formation past and present
    5: KojiMako/Haruppi/Sayanee to Team K
    The dissatisfaction with Team K's lineup arguably led to the massive group shuffle. Management shifts aces from NMB, HKT, and the young generation of AKB to join Jurina and company. A mini all-star representation of OOO48
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  16. sdn48oshi

    sdn48oshi Kenkyuusei

    Jun 6, 2012
    1. Tomochin to Team K
    2. Tanochan to Team K
    3. Yuria to Team 4
    4. Miorin to NMB
    5. Tani to SKE
    6. Moechin to Team K
    7. YuAmi to Team K
    8. Yukko to Team E
    9. Dasu to Team E
    10. Reinyan to NMB
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  17. jeauexe

    jeauexe Kenkyuusei

    Mar 31, 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    1. Reinyan to Team M - She was never really going anywhere in AKB due to her being there for so long. She fits in so well with Team M, she's letting loose a lot more as compared to before back when she was in AKB and I feel like she's really having a lot of fun with the team.
    2. Miorin to NMB - I feel like NMB is a really good fit for Miorin. She's mentioned before that with NMB she kind of gets to let loose without being judged, she's still side-eyed a bit but the members follow through with joking about it with her and teasing her in a playful manner instead of getting ignored like she did in AKB. And she got an original unit, and she's now a senbatsu member and a frontgirl of BII, so I reckon she's done well.
    3. Tomochin to Team K - This was a very smart move on management's part. It's a shame that the team couldn't stay together for longer, I thought Akimoto K was quite a well balanced team, and Tomochin was a huge part of that.
    4. Tanochan to Team K - When they first shuffled her to A, I was left with a bit on confusion because in my mind she was always a K girl. Now she has a decent position in Team K, and gets to under for Jurina and centers a lot of units. In the last Team K stage I watched, she was one of the members who really drew the eye for me.
    5. Harugon to JKT - This was an amazing move. I'm so happy that JKT seems to have worked out really well for Harugon, she seems to be having fun, and as far as I know she has a decent fanbase there as well.
    6. Umechan in Team BII - She is also doing so well in her new team. She's carved a character out for herself, and she gets on really well with many of the BII members. It's nice to see her and Haru interact.
    7. Lovetan to HKT - I think this was a really smart move for Lovetan. Her stint in Team A didn't do much for her, but thanks to HKT she's even moved to being a captain, which I think is pretty amazing.
    8. Sae to Team S - I'm just glad she's back in a place where she isn't riddled with work problems and has a place to shine again. Despite her putting up a strong front, I think the SNH thing probably was really hard for her.
    9. Watanabe Mayu to Team A - I'm really glad she's back in B, but I think her time in A was time well spent. She's matured a lot in these past few years, and I do think A helped her develop that mature kind of image.
    10. Moe to Team K - It was common knowledge that Moe always wanted to be a K girl, and she does really well at in. She fits in really seamlessly.
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  18. xcrossfacekillahx

    xcrossfacekillahx Kenkyuusei

    Nov 30, 2012
    Long post.
    1. Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48 (2012) - When she moved there, she really enjoyed being there. I think it helped that she stays there for the most part. It was hard to find opportunities in Japan but there's a lot of that in Indonesia. Now she's one of the faces of the group, centered a single and she's not done yet.
    2. Ota Aika to HKT48 (2012) - It was one of the moves that shocked a lot of people. She was finding a hard time to even get to Undergirls in AKB so she was in a much better position in HKT. She got to senbatsu and is a mainstay. Her being young but experienced worked to her advantage. She is a great senior and the girls do look up to her as a captain now.
    3. Sashihara Rino to HKT48 (2012) - When the election happened that year, she ranked 4th but when everyone thought she was gonna take Maeda Atsuko's position in Team A, you know what happened. Management took advantage of that and placed her in HKT48 and lead them to where they are right now. She's now a theater manager and an important figure in the group and much closer to her home.
    4. Ichikawa Miori to NMB48 (2014) - She learned from the members how things work in NMB. Instead of being judged by being "fresh lemon", I think she's much more interesting now. Her move was to add another dimension to her character. She got a unit in N3 and of course senbatsu. She was already in Team N but her move to Team BII balanced out the popular members.
    5. Watanabe Mayu to Team B (2014) - I think they shouldn't have transferred her to begin with. She's one of the pillars in Team B and that's where she should be. She's having fun when she's in Team B as opposed to when she was in Team A.
    6. Kojima Haruna to Team A (2014) - I thought she was out of place in Team B. She's also one of the main girls in Team A at least hopefully until she leaves. This is team that she wants to be in.
    7. Tani Marika to Team E (2014) - She really needed this move because back in HKT it was just her and Chori being the variety duo. It takes off some weight of her shoulders not only of trying to make it to senbatsu but also carrying MCs. She now interacts with Akarin and Kaotan who blend well with her so it's a good move.
    8. Miyazawa Sae to SKE48 (2014) - She wanted to challenge herself so being a prominent member in AKB wasn't enough for her. As much as fans want her back, I think she has found her new home in SKE. It's just how she is I guess. She wants to make a name for herself in SKE now that she has done that in AKB.
    9. Yokoyama Yui to Team K (2014) - Team K needed a captain who is also quite popular. Since Kuramochi Asuka got shuffled to Team B and management wasn't really confident in Kitahara Rie getting the captain spot. Yui knows how to be a Team K member. I think this is a good move.
    10. Fujie Reina to Team M (2014) - It's a matter of preempting the problem before it even happens - that she'll be buried had she stayed longer in AKB. She wasn't really unpopular to begin with. She had the fans to sustain it. She had the means to sell out her handshake slots. The only problem was that she was being ignored as AKB went on. In Team M she'll have a chance to be a top member once again and maybe have her way into senbatsu.
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  19. Amina26

    Amina26 Kenkyuusei

    Sep 6, 2014
    1. Sashi to HKT48 (The move did wonders for her!)
    2. Moe to Team K (New Tomochin)
    3. Mayu to Team B (Back where she rightly belongs)
    4. Harugon to JKT48 (She's gained loads of new fans in Indonesia)
    5. Yuria to Team 4 (Her experience in SKE will help those in team 4 surely)
    6. Lovetan to HKT48 (She's doing great as captain)
    7. Sae to SKE48 (A huge shock but one thats worthy)
    8. Ikoma Rina to AKB48 (Welcome to the family)
    9. Miyuki to Team BII (It was needed with Sayanee in N and Nana in M)
    10. Kawaei to Team A (Suited the team very well)
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  20. achanoshiJKT

    achanoshiJKT Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2013
    For me:
    1. Harugon to JKT - It looks like she LEGALIZED JKT as a sister group of AKB :^^;: (for Indonesian - and we REALLY LOVE her here [hehe])
    2. Sasshi to HKT
    3. Paru to team B (I love her more in team B and I see the huge impact to her :p)
    4. Tomochin to team K
    5. Mayu to team B (not hate her or what, but seriously, she suits more in B!)
    6. Yuria to team 4
    7. Kojiharu to team A
    9. Rena to Nogiz ;)
    10. Sakura to team A
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