Stage48 Countdown: Episode 237 (Members who are too pure for this world)

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  1. Matsui Nezumi

    Matsui Nezumi Kenkyuusei

    Jun 17, 2014
    1) Harugon to JKT [2012]
    2) Lovetan to HKT [2012]
    3) Sasshi to HKT [2012]
    4) Mayu to B [2014]
    5) Tomochin to K [2009]
    6) Sae to SKE [2014]
    7) Kojiharu to A [2014]
    8) Lemon to NMB [2014]
    9) Tani to E [2014]
    10) Ikoma team B kennin [2014]
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  2. moonlit

    moonlit Kenkyuusei

    Dec 23, 2012
    Miorin to NMB
    Harugon to JKT
    Chikarina to JKT
    Sasshi to HKT
    Mayu back to B
    Tani to E (suits her well)
    Ikoma to B kennin
    Kato Rena to 4
    Haruppi to K kennin (suits her better than A)
    Hirari to B
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  3. natlove

    natlove Kenkyuusei

    Apr 10, 2013
    1. Sae to SKE48
    2. Tano to Team K
    3. Moechin to Team k
    4. Harugon to JKT48
    5. Mayu to Team A
    6. Mayu to Team B
    7. Reinyan to Team M
    8. Kojimako to Team K
    9. Lovetan to Team H
    10. Haruu to Team K
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  4. kevin_vin

    kevin_vin Kenkyuusei

    Jun 21, 2014
    Bandung, Indonesia
    1. Nakagawa to JKT48 team J
    2. Ikoma to team B
    3. Kojiharu back to A
    4. Mayu back to B
    5. Sae to SKE as team S captain
    6. Umeda Ayaka to NMB48
    7. Kotani Riho as team 4 kennin
    8. Kashiwagi as team N kennin
    9. Kojima Mako to team K
    10. Nagisa as team 4 kennin
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  5. edisonaguilar

    edisonaguilar Kenkyuusei

    Jan 28, 2014
    Manila, Philippines
    Lemon - full transfer to NMB48 (2014)
    Tani - SKE48 Team E (2014)
    Sae - SKE48 Team S Kennin (2014)
    Renacchi - Team 4 (2014)
    Sasshi to HKT48 (2012)
    Harugon to JKT48 (2012)
    Aanya to NMB48 Team N Kennin (2014)
    Umechan - NMB48 Team M (2014)
    Mayu - back to Team B (2014)
    Haruppi - AKB48 Team K Kennin (2014)
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  6. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    2 Days left to vote. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. Next 5 episodes are on the front page btw.

    Do wanna do a Top 100 list in the future (Top 100 Biggest AKB48G Members of all time and Top 100 AKB48G Songs of all time). Was wondering how many you should put for those list. I know 100 is way too much, but I was wondering how much should you put (20-30?)
  7. Jayden

    Jayden Kenkyuusei

    Nov 18, 2013
    Isn't there a thread on the general discussion page already about people's top 10 songs iirc?

    Anyways, here's mine.

    1) Sasshi to HKT - while I just learnt today she might have become the center of A without her scandal happening, I do believe that her transfer has helped out the group as a whole, helping them grow and become what they are today. Who knows what might have happened otherwise.

    2) Milky to B - it gave life to the team that lost Miichan from her scandal and the mainstay Mayu to another team. Now she's in SKE and she looks out of place.

    3) Haruna to A - why to B? She didn't know anyone there well especially after her fellow no3b member got demoted. Back to A and we see the chemistry between the two first gens every theatre performance they're in, and it's amazing.

    4) Lemon to BII - she was out of place in AKB. She was just known for her fresh lemon gag thing (which she still is) but really she's much more interesting now and has broke out of her shell per se with the N concurrency and subsequent transfer.

    5) Yui to NMB - who knows without her concurrency she'd still be the girl that would never realise her leadership abilities and instead be the one hyperventilating every time her name was called during the election.

    6) Ikoma to AKB - because no one appreciates her much in 46 just because of low popularity relative to the subsequent centers of the group. Her #14 placing shows these people otherwise.

    7) Tanaka Natsumi to S - she wasn't really ignored in HKT per se even though she's only been selected for senbatsu once so far (in the janken c/w) but her S kennin would help her to develop her tsukkomi boss character more. (but then she got left out in SKE senbatsu as well so eh)

    8) Milky to BII - while I don't appreciate her replacement in N not appearing most of the time, it just seems right to have the original front 3 of NMB to be in the three respective teams.

    9) Umechan to BII - senbatsu. Finally. But who knows how long she has left in the group especially after she dropped in her ranks, and if she loses the wizard of oz thing again.

    10) Sakura to A - yay! They can milk the cash cow at the expense of the girl's sanity. She can keep Chiyori company otherwise in a group full of otherwise strangers.
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  8. xcrossfacekillahx

    xcrossfacekillahx Kenkyuusei

    Nov 30, 2012
    So it's once a week thing now not twice a week as stated earlier?
  9. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    Yep, Wanted to go this way so more people would be able to vote (and it worked) which I'm glad for :).

    Yeah (the Top 16 Song Senbatsu one) but it would be different as it would be 100 and it would be one list. But it will be in the future (not for a while.)


  10. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    How would these 3 work? for 6 and 7 especially there's not going to be a lot of diversity in the selection pool. Haha. I would like a best unit songs. best team songs and best shuffle performance.
  11. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    6th Episodes will be
    15 AKB48 Generations
    6 SKE48 Generations
    4 NMB48 Generations
    3 HKT48 Generations
    3 SDN48 Generations
    3 JKT48 Generations
    3 SNH48 Generations
    2 Nogizaka46 Generations

    I know it's only 39 of them. But you only have to rank 1/4 of it pretty much lol.

    Episode 7 would be songs that came out from the 48Groups in the fall (Singles and Coupling Songs would be ranked) They have to be released between September 1st to December 20th.

    Episode 8 will be the start of a list for Homegrown Members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and Nogizaka46. Pretty much it's a top 10 list of the best homegrown members. These are girls that started out in that group. Like Jurina would be ineligble for the AKB48 one and Sasshi would be ineglible for the HKT48 as Jurina would be apart of the SKE list and Sasshi would be apart of the AKB list.

    Will also explain more of what some of these list will be when they come around.

    I'm going to do a couple versions of Best Unit and Best Unit Songs and also team songs will be a future episode.
  12. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    STAGE48 Countdown
    (Episode 3: Best Team Shuffle Moves)
    Welcome to Episode 3 of Stage48 Countdown. I'm Forrest Fuller. Here were are looking at the Best Team Shuffle Moves. The Moves that made alot of sense and help the girl or the group in the long run. So what do you think is #1? Let's get the countdown shall we. First is our moves that were just shy of the countdown. Here are your Honorable Mentions.

    11) Mayu Watanabe to AKB48 Team A (2012) (39 Pts)
    12) Moe Aigassa to AKB48 Team K (39 Pts)
    13) Ikoma Kennin to AKB48 Team B (2014) (29 Pts)
    14) Umechan to NMB48 Team BII (2014) (29 Pts)
    15) Yuria Kizaki to AKB48 (Team 4) (27 Pts)

    Let's Get to the countdown shall we.

    10) Marika Tani to SKE48 Team E (2014) (42 Pts)
    Starting off the countdown is former HKT48 Member Marika Tani's move to SKE48 in 2014. Her and Chori were BFF and have been since they were kids. Marika even asked Chori for permission to audition and since Chori was accepted as a first generation HKT48 Member. In September 2012 she became a 2nd Generation member of HKT48. But with her and Chori, they just became known as a variety duo and some felt they should be known as more. Management agreed and Marika was moved to SKE48 Team E and she (along with Chori in AKB48 Team A) were able to shine on their own instead of being together.

    9) Tanochan to AKB48 Team K (2014) (44 Pts)

    Coming in at #9 is a move that just made total sense and we all hope she never moves to a different team again. It's Yuka Tano's Move to AKB48 Team K in 2014. Tanochan is now stranger to moves as she was promoted to AKB48 Team 4 in 2012, then move to AKB48 Team A 6 months later. Then in 2014 she was moved to the right team for her. Team K as she became one of the big people for that group and now her rewards are showing as she will be in the 38th Single for AKB48. While she would have done that no matter team she was on, it feels better that she did it as a member of AKB48 Team K. She will be one of the leaders for Team K in the near future.

    8) Fresh Lemon to NMB48 (2014) (54 Pts)

    Coming at #8 on our countdown is that girl who loves Lemon. It's Miori Ichikawa's move to NMB48 full time in 2014. In AKB48, She was only known as a girl who love Lemons and was pretty much going nowhere in AKB. Fast forward to 2013 as she was made a Kennin member and her rise began as she was a Kennin to NMB48 Team N. She became a senbatsu in NMB48 because of that and so it made sense for her to become a full time member of NMB48. Excatly what happened in 2014 as she was also shuffled to NMB48 Team BII and she stayed a senbatsu member and I think it was a good move. She is still known for her Fresh Lemon thing. But she is doing more in NMB48 then she ever did in AKB48.

    7) Haruna Kojima to AKB48 Team A (2014) (56 Pts)

    Coming in at #7 is a move that felt good to see once again. Kojiharu back to AKB48 Team A. As one of the original members of Team A. It was a WHAT! moment when she was moved from AKB48 Team A to AKB48 Team B in 2012. I mean yeah, it was nice that she was able to be a senior to some of the younger members in Team B (and also become pretty close to Paruru). It just didn't seem right. It was changed back in 2014 as it felt right (as Takamina was happy that she had one of homies :p back) Kojiharu is one of those members that she have never been moved to begin with.

    6) Lovetan to HKT48 (2012) (75 Pts)

    Coming in at #6 is a move that surprised the girls (Mayuyu for one) but not her, and it worked out for her as well. It's Aika Ota move to HKT48 in 2012. Part of the Original Team B, She was somebody who joined moderate success in AKB48. But not as much as her generation mates Mayuyu and Yukirin. In 2012 the change began for her as her named was announced as moved to HKT48 which was pretty shocking to the people inside the Tokyo Dome and the girls she was near as well. She wasn't even crying about it until Mayuyu came over and took it pretty hard (which ended up getting Lovetan crying as well). Looking back on it, it was a good move. She is now HKT48 Team KIV captain and was able to make two AKB48 singles while there (also being in all 4 HKT48 Singles as well).

    We have now reached the halfway point of our countdown. If you want a recap. LOOK UP! :p.

    5) Mayu Watanabe to AKB48 Team B (88 Pts)
    Coming in at #5 is a move that just felt right (like Kojiharu's move) and that all was well again. It's Mayuyu's move to AKB48 Team B. Coming off another WHAT! moment at the Tokyo Dome in 2012, her move to AKB48 Team A was a mixed move. While some had no problem with it. Others didn't like the fact that she was move from a team that should have never happened to begin with (I didn't mind as she did mature while being in Team A and with help from Takamina (whom I feel became close as well) became the person she is today. But her move back to AKB48 Team B felt just so right as she is a Team B lifer. Like How Acchan, Mariko, Takamina, Kojiharu were AKB48 Team A lifers. Like Yuko, Sayaka, and Sae were Team K lifers. Her and Yukirin were your Team B lifers, and it felt right in the world once again as Mayuyu was apart of Team B once again.

    4) Sae Miyazawa to SKE48 (2014) (96 Pts)

    At #4 is our list is a 2nd gens return to a Japan group. It's Sae Miyazawa's move to SKE48 as Team S Captain. If you have been living under a rock. You will know the biggest WHAT! moment in the 2012 Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle was Sae Miyazawa being moved from AKB48 Team K to SNH48. A new group started in Shanghai, China. Minus Sayonara Crawl and KFC, she was pretty much gone from AKB48 Senbatsu. In 2014, After ending her kennin in 2013 for AKB48. She returned to a Japanese group as it was in 2014 with SKE48 Team S. It was pretty much an awesome move as we got Sae Chan back to Japan and it got her back to an AKB48 Senbatsu (along with SKE48 Senbatsu) with the 38th Single for AKB48.

    3) Tomomi Itano to AKB48 Team K (2009) (123 Pts)

    Coming in at #3 is a move that was just described as one word. PERFECT. It's Tomomi Itano's move in 2009 to AKB48 Team K. Tomochin's move to Team K is known as one of the best moves ever. Tomochin fit right in perfectly with the members of Team K as she was one hell of a dance and Team K was the dancing team. Even though she was a Team A Original, Team K just felt so right and she was there for the rest of her time in AKB48 (2009-2013 her time in AKB48 Team K).

    2) Harugon to JKT48 (2012) (154 Pts)
    Coming in at #2 is a girl's move to an Indonesia group JKT48 that just made her a big star over there. It's Haruka Nakagawa's move to JKT48. Another one of the 3rd Gens and original Team B member. Harugon was going no where as a member of AKB48. She had only made 2 AKB48 senbatsu (the Election, and the first janken tournament). While those were nice accomplishments, it didn't do anything for her as she was still not in a management senbatsu. In 2012, she was moved to JKT48 as a way of helping her. You bet it helped, She became a star in JKT48 and did what she would have never been able to do in AKB48. She was #3 in the JKT48 Senbatsu Election, once again proving that she had become popular in Indonesia. This move proved why it was once one of the best.

    We are now at #1 spot. Look up for a recap of the first 9.

    Coming in at #1 is


    1) Rino Sashihara to HKT48 (2012) (159 Pts)

    Coming in at #1 is a move that helped a girl's career resurrected and helps a group that just began find their way and become popular. It's Rino Sashihara's move to HKT48 in 2012. Sashihara, after her huge 2011 who was embrolled in a scandal that was pretty big (from the evidence and such) and not even her move to #4 in the 2012 Election helped any as she ended up having a nervous breakdown as well. On June 16, 2012. She was transfered to HKT48 and last performance as an AKB48 Member was July 23, 2012. Promoted to Team H on July 5, 2012, she was able to help the unknown girls at the time become the girls that they are and we see today. Without Sasshi, they wouldn't be where they were today. They might have still been around, but not to where they are today. Sasshi was able to help them grow as members and idols and helped make HKT48 one of the big sister groups. She also ended up a co HKT48 Theater Manager on April 28, 2013 (along with still being a member of HKT48).

    Well, that was our list. It was REALLY close as it came down to the last person to vote. Pretty impressive if you ask me :).
  13. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    Time for the other part if the Team Shuffle Moves.


    These are moves that made you scratch your head and go...what? . Moves that made no sense what ever and didnt help the girl what so ever. You wonder why these were actually done.

    Voting Begins NOW

    Voting Ends on September 27th

    Results will be on September 28th.

    Also do ask something. New little rule. If you do vote and don't know 10 of them (for any future list). At least put 5 of them up there.

    5 is the minimum.

    Just wanted to mention that before you start voting.
  14. rka

    rka Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako
    This is much more difficult for me, because what appears as bad to me might have had an positive effect just outside of my limited horizon.... but ill try:

    10) Mayuyu to Team A, 2012 (I am a big fan of continous stories, and Mayu was the quintessential B-girl since forever)
    9) Kojiharu to Team B, 2012 (as above. Nyan might fit B better (but she is so diverse she would fit into most teams anyway), but she belongs to A)
    8) Masuda Yuka to Team B, 2009 (my personal taste - Yuka should have stayed in K)
    7) Nito Moeno to Team A, 2012 (does not fit my view of Team A)
    6) Ogasawara Mayu to Team B, 2014 (maybe this might be the best move ever, but she will have hard times to shine in AKB as she had in NMB)
    5) Muto Tomu to Team A, 2014 (is now stuck in a star studded Team A, when she actually could be a great addition to K)
    4) Miyazawa Sae to K, 2013 (Just ask the girls before you want to take back very difficult decisions of the past)
    3) Suzuki Mariya to SNH48 KKS / SII, 2012 (Yannu wasnt that popular either before either, but if she had any dreams of reviving her career in Shanghai, they were all buried in bureaucracy)
    2) Takajo Aki to Team J, 2012 (Akicha hadn't have the mindset of restarting all over as Gon had, she was very torn apart between Japan and Jakarta, and in the end, everything appeared as half assed, and it did no good for Akicha's career)
    1) Miyazawa Sae to SNH48 KKS / SII, 2012 (Unlike Yannu, Sae was very popular before the shuffle. K lost a huge chunk of its identity, and Sae suffered a huge hit in popularity)

    As you can see, i totally hated the 2012 shuffle, and most things have fortunately been corrected since them.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2014
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  15. lionel90

    lionel90 Upcoming Girls

    Dec 12, 2009
    10) Kobayashi Kana to Team B; 2009. She was clearly bored with that team which wasn't her home.
    9) Kojima Haruna to B; 2012. that was weird
    8) Ikoma Rina to B; 2014. Weren't N46 supposed to be the ennemies ?
    7) Yamamoto Sayaka's kenning in K; 2014. I don't think Team K is in need of sister groups front girls to develop.
    6) Kashiwagi Yuki to N; 2014. She doesn't really need it
    5) Hirata Rina to B; 2014. A baby raised in K then goes to B ? why ?
    4) Muto Tomu to A; 2014. she worked soo hard in K and should have become one of the K front girl instead of a 2nd or 3rd line in Team A which is crippled with stars.
    3) Masuda Yuka to Team B; 2009. where her singing was completly overshadowed.
    2) Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya to SNH48; 2012. I still wonder what they gained from it with the chinese management deliberatly ignoring them.
    1) Matsui Jurina's kennin in K; 2012. Nothing against the health reason invocated in 2012. But she became the star of a Team she barely perform with. what's the point then ?
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  16. moonlit

    moonlit Kenkyuusei

    Dec 23, 2012
    1)Jurina to K 2014, not solving K problem, barely performs in her own team and now kennin? wat?
    2)Sayanee to K 2014, see above
    3)Tomu to A 2014, WHYYYYYY?! God knows just how much she loves K and how she was working hard for the sake of the team, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? at least got a senbatsu shot from A >>;;;;
    4)Sae&Mariya to SNH 2012, I bet they imagined that differently in their heads :'D
    5)Yukirin to N kennin 2014, what's the point?
    6)Puffin to Team J, I bet they imagined that differently in their head too :'D
    7)Kojiharu to B&Mayuyu to A swap, just wat.
    8)Yuihan back to K... she was nominated to be A captain, so it didn't really sit well with me
    9)Milky(&Lemon) to BII as much as I think they're doing great... you just had to go ahead and rob them of their first original units, did you?
    10)Kojimako to K 2014, I'd have no problem with this if only they'd AIRDROP her to center instead of this mess with Jurina&Sayanee
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  17. nathan_drake

    nathan_drake Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2014
    AKB48 Thread
    1. Sae to SNH48
    2. Yuria to Team 4
    3. Sayanee to Team K
    4. Yukirin to NMB48
    5. Miyuki to SKE48
    6. Jurina to Team K
    7. Paru to Team A
    8. Maachun to Team B
    9. Tomu to Team A
    10. Ishida Anna to Team B
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  18. pblancafort

    pblancafort Kenkyuusei

    Apr 20, 2014
    Vic, Barcelona
    1. Sayanee to K
    2. Iwasa Misaki to K. that's weeird
    3. Ishida Anna to B
    4. Kikuchi Ayaka to NMB, tho she didn't gave a frick and graduated
    5. Takajo to JKT
    6. Miyazawa Sae to SNH48
    7. Yamaguchi Suzuran to SKE.
    8. Watanabe Miyuki to SKE. Sorry i don't get it
    9. Matsui Rena to nogizaka46
    10. Kojima Mako to K. C'mon put her in A already
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  19. hinapyon

    hinapyon Kenkyuusei

    Aug 27, 2013
    This is difficult. There are a lot of situations where I personally dislike a move, but it seems the member may have gained new chances because of it (ie Tomu to A, Yuihan to K captain, etc)

    1. Akicha to JKT (2012)
    - not only bad for her career, but Akicha just seemed miserable in Jakarta :(

    2. Sae to SNH (2012)
    - the SNH transfer was a disaster from start to finish, at least it let Mariyannu get her name out there tho.

    3. Sayanee to K (2013)
    4. Harupii to K (2013)
    - a desperate attempt to solve the K 'problem', that I don't think please fans of K, NMB or HKT

    5. Myao to B (2009)
    6. Amina to B (2009)
    - yes, lets take up and coming girls and make them the back row of the MaYuki show. Looking back at Kashiwagi B, it seems to be one of the worst at developing new talent, even tho I liked it at the time, it seems like a bit of a fail team now.

    7. Kojiharu to B (2012)
    - again, she just seemed unhappy in B.

    8. Ikoma to B (2013)
    9. Rena to Nogizaka (2013)
    - not really a fan of the idea of merging AKB and their rivals, it makes me feel bad for NGZK fans

    10. Milky to SKE
    - this also applies to Rena, but I'm scared of the pair overworking themselves, senbatsu for 3 groups, and Rena a captain as well.
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  20. Jayden

    Jayden Kenkyuusei

    Nov 18, 2013
    1. Maachun to B: why. From kami 7 to an absolute nobody in AKB. It's a bloody stupid move setting her into a team where she knows NO ONE and her good buddy Ripopo while in AKB as well is in another team. I don't see her growing in her tenure in AKB and wish for her to be transferred back to N stat.

    2. Yukirin to N. If you're not doing anything in NMB besides shafting Nana away from her rightful top 3 spot then just scram. I know it's management scheduling her stuff but seriously? I can count the amount of activities she had with NMB so far on one hand. She didn't even appear on Geinin 3 AT ALL.

    3. SNH48 transfers. They didn't do jackshit. Even Sae who has ranked in senbatsu for all the elections failed to rank in the SNH one. That Mariya girl is still one of the girls at the bottom level of popularity in Japan as well. Complete and utter failure and K wouldn't have imploded with Sae there (I know she rejected her concurrency but.)

    4. Chiyori to A. What is she doing there? Same with Maachun. Management should NOT take senbatsu level members in sister groups out full, instead a kennin would do if they really wanted it. Yuria probably is an exception because of the graduating after high school thing.

    5. Akicha to J. Poor thing. One could see that she totally did not fit in there the extent that Harugon did. Took a pretty big hit to her popularity as a result too :/

    6. Kanon to KIV: same as Yukirin where her kennin basically amounts to taking a senbatsu spot and nothing else. Scheduling issues here but I really do wish all these failed concurrencies are cancelled soon.

    7. Nako/Miku to H: too fast. H and KIV were pretty balanced at the time of the Kyushu tour shuffle but the dai sokaku fuck up made H overbalanced because of those two. (Granted Sasshi in H would have overbalanced things beforehand but Sakura is senbatsu level now too so yeah.)

    8. Milky to SKE: remember how pathetic the cheers were during the SKE concert? And her CRYING during the shonichi of the S stage? It's utter nonsense that a girl has to be SCARED of her fans. I can't even. Put her back in both the B teams if they're so ungrateful for having some 'tainted' girl.

    9. Rena to 46: while this is one of the shuffles that I'm okay about, it suffers the same problem as kanon and yukirin's: no time for them to participate in both group activities besides singles. With 3 groups to work with you'd think Milky and Rena become the next hyperventilator during the next concert.

    10. Sayaka to K. It just distracts her from her NMB activities. New K without a pure AKB ace is stupid imo.

    (I guess I did get a bit worked up while writing that out, whoops.)
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