Stage48 Countdown: Episode 237 (Members who are too pure for this world)

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  1. notsolittlej

    notsolittlej Kenkyuusei

    Apr 11, 2012
    1. Matsui Jurina to Team K
    2. Yamamoto Sayaka to Team K
    3. Miyazawa Sae to SNH
    4. Watanabe Mayu to Team A
    5. Kojima Haruna to Team B
    6. Oshima Ryoka to Team B
    7. Kashiwagi Yuki to Team B
    8. Shimazaki Haruka to Team B
    9. Takajo Aki to JKT
    10. Ikoma Rina to Team B
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  2. shakuran

    shakuran Kenkyuusei

    May 12, 2014
    1. Miyazawa Sae to SNH
    2. Matsui Jurina's kennin with Team K (It's too much for her, even if it is Jurina, the girl needs a break)
    3. Kojima Haruna to Team B
    4. Nakanishi Chiyori to AKB (I feel like she would've benefited more from a kennin, but hey)
    5. Ogasawara Mayu to AKB
    6. Takajo Aki to JKT
    7. Suzuki Mariya to SNH
    8. Yamamoto Sayaka's kennin with Team K (Similar to why I put Jurina's kennin on here, it's not particularly beneficial for Sayanee, or for Team K)
    9. Muto Tomu to Team A
    10. Kasai Tomomi to Team A (This is just because I think she suited B better)
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  3. achanoshiJKT

    achanoshiJKT Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2013
    My rank would like this:
    1. Akicha to JKT :gavel: worst shuffle ever
    2. Sae to SNH
    3. Renacchi to team 4 :fear:
    4. Umechan to NMB (coz I like her to stay in B)
    5. Yukirin to NMB (I just dont like it)
    6. Haruppi to team K
    7. Jurina still in K :hmm:
    8. Mako to K (seriously what the hell is she doing there? :^^;:)
    9. Miyuki to SKE
    10. Maachun to AKB (not sure, but wasnt she doing good in NMB)
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  4. ArashNine

    ArashNine Kenkyuusei

    Feb 25, 2014
    1. Kaotan's kennin as Kenkyuusei President (2014) :asdfgh::gavel:
    2. Miyazawa to SNH (2012)
    3. Milky kennin with SKE (2014)
    4. Kanon kennin with HKT (2014)
    5. Kana to Team B (2009)
    6. Muto Tomu to Team A (2014)
    7. Mako to Team K (2014)
    8. Dasu to Team E (2014)
    9. Ikoma to Team B (2014)
    10. Sayanee to Team K (2014)
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  5. milkykoala

    milkykoala Kenkyuusei

    Sep 22, 2014
    1.SaeYannu to SNH(you know what I mean)
    2.yui's kennin canceled (she really fits in NMB. She's a better addition to N than yuki)
    3.miku to H ( I mean, you can split merumio, natsumado, sakuruppi, but why can't you split them??? Miku would shine better herself, nako kinda already stick to H image, so why not miku to KIV?)
    4.tanamin to K(she and kana somehow got switched up)
    5. Kana to B(like I said)
    6.dasu to E( it really ruined the balance of SKE itself)
    7.macchun to B(she's rotting in B)
    8.ripopo to A (she was never A material. but I like her 4 kennin)
    9.Noza to B(she's neglected in AKB but in her case there's nothing she herself could do, and I hope when she finished HS she would be a kaigai member and go back to JKT where she belongs)
    10.milky to S(my baby will be too exhausted, and she fits perfectly in B, why would you take her out of B!!!)
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  6. edisonaguilar

    edisonaguilar Kenkyuusei

    Jan 28, 2014
    Manila, Philippines
    1. Takajo Aki to JKT48
    2. Miyazawa Sae to SNH48
    3. Suzuki Mariya to SNH48
    4. Kizaki Yuria to Team 4 (I like her, but IMHO she suits better in K. Mako on 4 & Yuria on K. :drool:)
    5. Kobayashi Kana to Team B (She would've been the only ori-K left right now if it wasn't for the 2009 Shuffle.)
    6. Tanaka Miku to Team H (Let Nako have H, let Mikurin reign on KIV :fear:)
    7. Kimoto Kanon to HKT48 (I don't see her much in HKT activities)
    8. Yamamoto Sayaka to Team K
    9. Matsui Jurina to Team K
    10. Ogasawara Mayu to AKB48 (She's already doing great in NMB, why need the transfer?)
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  7. pinkfluffballs

    pinkfluffballs Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 16, 2013
    1. Sae/Mariyannu to SNH (2012)
    It's pretty obvious it isn't helping them, with the visa problems and all.

    2. Sae/Mariyannu still keeping their SNH kennin (2014)
    C'mon?! I seriously don't see the need for that - they barely do anything in China anyway.

    3. Kanon's KIV kennin (2014)
    She barely did anything significant in HKT, and she's not even in the dance scenes for Hikaeme.. Yeah, it's management who are scheduling stuff for her, but.. seriously?

    4. NakoMiku promoted to H (2014)
    It's been only ~3 months since their debut, don't really see why the rush for them to be promoted. It's not as though management was trying to clear all the KKS by promoting all of them (like AKB's, i guess?). Some 1st gens have been KKS for years and yet they get promoted after 3 months..

    5. Kojiharu to B (2012)
    She just doesn't really fit in.. And I don't see the purpose of this?

    6. Jurina keeping her K kennin (2014)
    Can't really see the purpose of this..

    7. Sayanee's K kennin (2014)
    Same as above.

    8. Akicha to JKT (2012)
    She didn't do much in JKT, and her popularity also went down, so..

    9. Tomu to A (2014)
    Why not just keep her in K and polish her as one of the faces of K, or whatever it's called?

    10. Yukirin's N Kennin (2014)
    Can't really see the purpose of this either.
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  8. hazeleden

    hazeleden Kenkyuusei

    Apr 24, 2012
    1. Ogasawara Mayu to Team B
    2. Takajo Aki to JKT48
    3. Miyazawa Sae to SNH48
    4. Suzuki Mariya to SNH48
    5. Yamamoto Sayaka to Team K
    6. Matsui Jurina to Team K
    7. Watanabe Miyuki to Team S
    8. Kojima Haruna to Team B
    9. Kizaki Yuria to Team 4
    10. Watanabe Mayu to Team A
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  9. Crossheart

    Crossheart Kenkyuusei

    Apr 14, 2014
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Amaki Sally
    1- Sayanee kennin to Team K
    2- Yamada Nana kennin to Team KII
    I just don't understand this, they are both team captains, and yet have a kennin. To me, a group leader must define what the group is, if you made the leader into other group, what left in the first group?

    3- Nakanishi Chiyori to Team A
    Ok, i really like moving Tani to Team E, but moving Chori to A was really bad. Why you move and outstanding girl with a group made of even more outstanding girls? I can only see this move like a attempt to stop the HKT power rise and don't overthrown the other sister groups.

    4- Suda Akari to Team E
    Airin and Churi can't rise this team by their own!!! :eek: Need some help :cold:

    5- Miyazawa Sae made captain of Team S
    I really like Sae back in Japan, and i even more like her being in SKE, but as i said... why captain?!? It's not like i don't think she is bad as one, actually she is really good, but...
    The management should ban the team captains for getting kennins!! it's doesn't make any sense for me keep doing that!!!!
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  10. sungjong

    sungjong Kenkyuusei

    Mar 16, 2014
    5) masuda yuka to team B (2009)
    4) kashiwagi kennin with NMB48 (2014)
    3) sayanee kennin with team K (2014)
    2) sae to snh48 (2012)
    1) takajo to jkt48 (2012)
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  11. Parikkuren

    Parikkuren Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 10, 2013
    I don't know if my first one is allowed, but technically it was done at a shuffle, so I'm going with it.

    1. Disbandment of Ori Team 4
    2. Ikoma Rina kennin Team B
    3. Matsui Rena kennin NGZ
    4. Ogasawara Mayu to Team B
    5. Kobayashi Kana to Team B
    6. Oshima Ryoka to Team B
    7. Kashiwagi Yuki kennin Team N
    8. Takajo Aki to JKT
    9. Kimoto Kanon kennin KIV
    10. Watanabe Mayu to Team A
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  12. natlove

    natlove Kenkyuusei

    Apr 10, 2013
    1. Sae to SNH
    2. Sayanee kennin Team K
    3. Tomu to Team A
    4. Masuda Yuka to Team B
    5. Takajo Aki to JKT
    6. Suda Akari to Team E (This affect me least, but everyone knows its a stupid move which result in a crazy unbalance of star power in SKE teams)
    7. Kojiharu to Team B
    8. Mio kennin Team B
    9. Ogasawara Mayu to Team B
    10. Watanabe Miyuki kennin
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  13. cennezu

    cennezu Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2012
    I'll do the most recent shuffle that occurred in February:


    1) Matsui Jurina (Team S/Team K kennin --- happened in 2012, but she's still in this position today)
    2) Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N/Team K)
    3) Kodama Haruka (Team H/Team K)
    4) Tomonaga Mio (Team KIV/Team B)
    5) Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka 1st Gen/Team B)
    6) Yamada Nana (Team M/Team KII)
    7) Takayanagi Akane (Team KII/Team BII)
    8) Kimoto Kanon (Team E/Team KIV)
    9) Matsui Rena (Team E/Nogizaka)


    1) Nakanishi Chiyori to Team A
    2) Ogasawara Mayu to Team B
    3) Yamauchi Suzuran to Team S
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  14. Muni

    Muni Kenkyuusei

    Jul 31, 2013
    1) Kizaki Yuria to Team 4 (2014):
    First, I thought she just could become center of SKE someday. Second, Team 4 doesn't fit her much. Could easily see her in Team A or K.
    2) Miyazawa Sae to SNH48 (2012):
    Seriously, the girl stopped her work for two years basically. Luckly her fans are loyal or she would have fallen into ostracism.
    3) Takajo Aki to JKT48 (2014):
    Unlike Sae, Akicha could had digged more chances in this group. She was welcomed right away in this group but she just couldn't adapt to it. And mainly, her decision to go wasn't strong enought and somehow left a bad impression on her. Just... Wrong.
    4) Matsui Jurina to Team K (2012):
    I don't have a problem with concurrencies and, unlike many, I like Sayanee in Team K (my oshi in my fave team, well). I have a problem when they assume front positions in both of their teams, ignoring all the potential of the other members. In this case, I choose Jurina's kennin because this started this whole messed up system. I also choose Jurina because she barely participates in Team K's stages, already have a lot do on her own and is more passionate about SKE (with reason, she helped to build it). Beeing one of the centers of the team (along with another kennin :/... That, at least, is a bit more present) this situation just makes the team more fragile.
    5) Yuki Kashiwagi to Team N (2014):
    Basically the same thing I said above. But in her is just twice the useless.
    6) Ogawasara Mayu to Team B (2014):
    I could never never understand why they chose to transfer that was in senbatsu, one of the most importants in her original group, to become a... Comedic relief, to say the least, in a team there has so many pushed girls? How will this help her career at all??
    7) Masuda Yuka to Team B (2009):
    Honestly, she was one of the most important 2nd gen. She should have stayed in her original team, specially because she just didn't fit in Team B's image.
    8) Mutou Tomu to Team A (2014):
    This shuffle ruined my hopes of seeing TanoTomu all together. But also it neglected Tomu's hardwork of becoming Team K's soul. She's doing fine in A, more opportunities are coming, but I think that Tean A is a risky place to her right now. She can even climb higher or just start beeing ignored in a blink of an eye.
    9) Kimoto Kanon to Team KIV (2014):
    Another useless concurrency. So useless that I have no idea what to say. Just... nothing is right in this decision. Nothing!!
    10) Suda Akari to Team E:
    What everyone said already. KII is extremely unbaleced right now and Akarin's presence was something essencial to keep it going. Why they must always :censored: my favourites teams??
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  15. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
  16. PooPyon

    PooPyon Kenkyuusei

    Jun 23, 2013
    1. Jurina/Sayanee kennin to K (2012): Whyyyyy. They're already center and front in their home group and AKB (Team K, specifically) desperately need to groom their own aces. Ugh, this move bothers me so much, moreover for Jurina's cause just a kid and she has enough work as it is -- I always feel bad whenever she injures or exhausts herself.
    2. Sae/Yannu to SNH48 (2012): They barely did anything.. Only a couple of theater performances, I heard? Nothing about them promoting with the group too.
    3. Akicha to JKT48 (2012): Poor girl looked like a lost puppy 95% when she was in Jakarta; she was unfocused on JKT because she still has work back in Japan, unlike Harugon who let go of almost everything and started completely anew.
    4. Maachun to AKB48: Maachun embodies Osaka and comedy imo; it's like they're taking away a good chunk of NMB's soul and it's just... ugh. She's easily in NMB's top 5 and now she's shoved back behind MaYuki, Naanya, Juri, Sayaya, and the kennins (Mio and Ikotan)
    5. Dasu to E (2014): I love Team E, I dislike Dasu.
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  17. Nuneul

    Nuneul Kenkyuusei

    Jun 20, 2014
    1. Takajo Aki to JKT48 - this was sadly a big failure.
    2. Matsui Jurina's kennin in team K - this has only gave her antis. She also never comes lol.
    3. Miyazawa Sae's kennin in team S - she wanted to focus on SNH only, so why this ? and why Team S ? This team is already filled with kennins...
    4. Kashiwagi Yuki's kennin in team N - Team N and NMB didn't needed this to be popular. Yuki too.
    5. Hirata Rina to team B - she fitted so well to K that it's hard to see her anywhere else.
    6. Watanabe Miyuki's kennin team S - she don't fit to their image, even she's good at dancing. Ans she doesn't seems really happy with them sadly. Bring back Mirukii in team B pleaaaaase ;A;
    7. Ogasawara Mayu to team B - From a good position & senbatsu in NMB, she went to be a girl on back row who does impersonations in AKB. Ugh.
    8. Suda Akari to team E - if FurunaYagi graduates, this team will be dead. Dasu fitted to their fun image too. Now team E is like B in AKB , the team with two eventual centers, and other teams got kennins or one girl. Unfair.
    9. Muto Tomu to team A - same as Hillary ; she was so fine in team K.
    10. Yamamoto Sayaka's kennin in team K - like Yuki's, it wasn't necessary.
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  18. xcrossfacekillahx

    xcrossfacekillahx Kenkyuusei

    Nov 30, 2012
    1. Takajo Aki to JKT48 - Her tough schedule as an AKB member made it conflicting to her JKT activities. She's more often traveling a lot which was unhealthy in a long run. At that point it was impossible for her to do both.
    2. Yamamoto Sayaka kennin to Team K - She doesn't really need it. That and her getting a front position made it unbearable for me.
    3. Suda Akari to Team E - Team KII doesn't look too good right now. Churi might have gotten the most draftees but when she leaves, Airin might leave as well and that team will fall apart. Nao, Anna, Mizuho, Ego won't be able to lift that team on their shoulders I think.
    4. Miyazawa Sae + Suzuki Mariya to SNH48 - It looks like SNH is fine even without them. The two barely got to do anything there. What's the point of assigning them there? Do they even want them there?
    5. Matsui Jurina to Team K - At first a good move because Team K lacked one member that time and she filled in for that spot. Now it just seems pointless. Let the AKB girls have that spot back. There's SKE already and now this. She isn't needed there.
    6. Ogasawara Mayu to Team B - I always thought she'd never be out of NMB. It was the kind of group she belonged to. Now, AKB didn't really need her to be there as Team B never lacked members ever since.
    7. Kashiwagi Yuki kennin to Team N - It's not like she's a regular there thus a waste of time. She's busy so she rarely appears in the group.
    8. Kimoto Kanon kennin to Team KIV - I wasn't gonna include this because Kanon hasn't really had a lot of chances to appear on HKT. I think the desire is there for her. It's more like HKT doesn't rely on her as much. It's disappointing because she could be a good fit for the team. Do they want her or not? HKT didn't even try to get any sister group member except her.
    9. Muto Tomu to Team A - She isn't really gonna shine in a star studded team. In Team K, she was already one of the front girls and I think she needs to be back to Team K.
    10. Matsui Rena kennin to Nogizaka46 - As of now, it feels half-hearted. She has SKE stuff then AKB stuff and now Nogi stuff? I think putting her kennin out might solve the problem. I wish she did more with Nogizaka but priorities.
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  19. seiryu

    seiryu Kenkyuusei

    Dec 13, 2012
    Jr. Uni.
    1. All kennins. 48G lacks identity (besides its stupid size). All 48 groups lack identity. And now all teams lack identity. Zero interest in such marketing tricks now.
    2. Create, destroy then re-create team 4. In most companies, a manager doing like that would surely be reprimanded.
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  20. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio

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