Takeuchi Saki (Sakipon)

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    Oct 12, 2011
    So young! Only 13...
    I confess her gloomy expression during the presentation stage gave me a bad first impression. But then in her introduction video she was much more "natural"(?)... at the very least very much less cold and seemed quite adorable.
    I guess she was stressed facing the audience for the first time during that KKS stage. I hope she overcomes this awkwardness to show us what she is capable of. [nod]
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Ok guys, Mahoushoujoari translated Saki's most recent blog post. Its really incredible. She's very composed and very genuine. My first impression of her was "she looks like a brat", but from this it seems she's really the opposite. I'm really impressed. Check it out!

    ★☆July 8th: My last appearance as an under in the Ramune no Nomikata Stageー☆★

    Since the first time I had the privilege to appear in KII’s Stage - on May 29th - up until my last appearance on July 8th, I could perform 6 times in Ramune no Nomikata.

    At first I did nothing but mistakes and I caused so much trouble to my seniors.
    I felt so frustrated, sad and sorry and I cried a lot.
    Still, they all helped me during the practice, following me even on the most detailed parts of the moves, teaching me all the important points.
    Thanks to that I slowly, slowly got to be told I improved.

    Soon I started to spontaneously smile, to search for other members’ eyes on the stage, to be able to look at my surroundings while really, finally, feeling the enjoyment.

    Even before I started appearing as an under, I had my father buy for me the Ramune no Nomikata DVD.
    I watched it at home, in the car and then again once I got back home.
    In just one day I don’t know how many times I watched it.
    And that Stage I love so very much, today faced its Final Performance.

    I feel sad and truth is I would’ve wanted to appear more in it but more than anything else, I’m so very grateful I had the chance to appear as an under in it.
    Gratitude, inspiration, deep emotions…I’m filled with so many different feelings.

    *Abiru Riho-san

    I really love Riho-san’s expressions and my eyes keep following her when I watch Stages on DMM lol
    Also, she’d tell us a lot of funny stories and advices in the backstage!

    *Iguchi Shiori-san

    She kindly approached me when I was crying after my first appearance on stage and she conforted me as I was all covered in tears.
    She also hugged me during my last performance!

    *Ishida Anna-san

    The senior I admire.
    Each time our eyes would meet during a Stage, my heart would start beating fast.(//∇//)

    *Katou Tomoko-san

    So very kind and warm.
    I got soothed by her. I had lots of fun in that part in Bowling Ganbou in which we’re paired and have to fake a quarrel or something.

    *Gotou Risako-san

    She took care of me so much when it came to school!
    And the ribbon I received from her is one of my favorites!(o^^o)

    *Satou Seira-san

    Every time, before the beginning of Kizashi, she would try and make me relax.
    I had a lot of fun playing catch during Winning Ball!
    I love Seira-san’s chara!

    *Satou Mieko-san

    She taught me so many moves!!
    Not to mention all the advices she gave me!
    And she made me smile…
    I particularly like Mieko-san’s Kizashi!!!
    I respect and admire her on every front!

    *Takayanagi Akane-san

    As K2’s captain and even aside from that she taught me so many things.
    She had to take a lot of care of me during the second half MC lol
    I want to talk to her more!!

    *Furukawa Airi-san

    I’ve been helped out so much by Airi-san’s cheerful greetings and personality. (*^^*)
    Lately I actually got to like Airi-san way too much…(embarrassed)
    I want to see her…(*´艸`*)♪

    *Matsumoto Rina-san

    I was so happy when, during Gomen ne SUMMER, our eyes would meet at “Chikazuita nami wo kazoeteta" ( ´ ▽ ` )
    I’d really like to talk to her more in the future…

    *Mukaida Manatsu-san

    I want to thank her so much for that kind smile she’d always do to me during the stretch move in Winning Ball!!
    Manatsu-san’s smile really relaxes me a lot.
    I want to talk to her more and more about many things!

    *Yakata Miki-san

    She made me laugh so much thanks to her weird faces and imitations!
    I love Yakata-san, who’s like a sun that brightens her surroundings!!

    *Yamada Reika-san

    When, during the hand-shaking part in Akushu no Ai, she’d hold my hand tightly I always felt very happy and ended up grinning lol
    And since she used to have the same position I now have in the Aitakatta Stage, we talked a lot about that too!

    The K2 that taught me all the choreographies.

    the K2 that gave me more confidence in myself,

    the K2 that gave me courage,

    the K2 that gave me smiles…

    Thank you so much for everything.

    It might’ve been a short time, but these 6 times performing as an under have been very important to me.

    And let me also thank the other members who appeared as unders with me and helped me out: Narumi-san, Mizuho-san, Ogino-san.

    And then Yumechi, who appeared as an under with me since the first appearance up until the very last…
    True, it’s not been much, but practicing together, helping each other…having a member of my same generation by my side was also such a relief for me.

    Unlike me, you performed splendidly since the very beginning.
    You were wonderful.
    Thank you, Yumechi♪♪

    I got startled when K2’s fans told me “Thank you for appearing as an under in Ramune no Nomikata"
    Saying “Thank you", to me…
    K2’s fans are really warm.
    Even just rememebring it makes me feel like I might start crying *cries*

    The research student Takeuchi Saki (*^ー^*)o
    Will make good use of these experiences and will work hard on improving her activity from now on!!

    Call me a DD or however you want but…I love all the members of K2!!
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    Aug 3, 2013
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    Just wanted to say [party] Happy 14th Birthday Saki [party]
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    Feb 12, 2013
    SAKIPOOOONNN~ [party] Happy Birthday~~~ [party] [party] [party]
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    Just to double-check but is this the first time Saki has ever appeared on tv?
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    Nov 13, 2013
    Shibata Aya
    @mieniem Yeah, I don't think KKS except Kaotan (and Uha at the time) appeared on TV in the past year or so.
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    Jan 13, 2014
    Velvet Room
    Yakata Miki
    SKE48 KKS Upcoming Stage Aki, 2014/10/24.. :corr:

    Heart Gata Virus..!! :cute:

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    After reading the above translation of her post 2 years ago I'm reminded of one of the things I love about being an idol oshi and that's seeing them persevere through tough times to reach their full potential. Maybe Sakipon hasn't reached that point yet but she sure is maturing and improving fast. I just watched Yumana's birthday stage and Sakipon was the center for a lot of the songs during the stage including the KII version of Maenomeri. She also performed most of the team MC duties in which she always made sure to mention Yumana's birthday to the point that Yumana was almost embarrassed by all the accolades by the end of the show.
    Sakipon's strength as an idol apart from very cute is her dancing abilities and has performed in all 3 team stages. The units I have seen her in or have heard reports of her being in are as follows:

    Team S
    - Ookami to Pride
    - Onna no ko no dairokkan

    Team KII
    - Finland Miracle (her regular unit which she is center for when Minarun is absent)
    - Usotsuki na Dachou
    - Nice to meet you!

    Team E
    - Wimbledon e tsureteitte

    (If there are any I missed please let me know)

    I haven't seen this one yet but I'm looking forward to it;
    sakipon harutamu7347777433737377.JPG
    from Sakipon's G+
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    Apr 11, 2015
    :ome::ome:Happy Birthday Sakipon :ome:

  11. Furukawa_Akane

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    Mar 15, 2014
    Southampton, England
    Moriya Akane
    Happy birthday, Sakipon!
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    Oct 4, 2014
    Takei Sara
    This thread has been inactive for a while. Any updates on Sakipon?
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    Jun 22, 2011
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    Takayama Kazumi
    She's busy giving piggybacks to Yuukatan
  14. Hugh B Hayve

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    Sep 28, 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    Sugiyama Aika
    Lotsa stage work for Switch-hitter girl, last week there was afternoon&evening KII stages where she did double duty in the unit parts as center of Finland(both shows) and Usotsuki in one and was in Nice to Meet You! in the other. She's also been in a few KKS stages lately where they put her in front row a lot. I've noticed a lot of improvising and goofing off during songs which I believe shows how comfortable she is performing now and that the Improvisation Princess Naruchan is influencing her as well. I'd really love to see her rank this year, it would be a great payoff for all the hard work she's done in the past year.
    sakipon oochan777777777777.jpg
    Oh yeah, and she's been giving piggy-back rides to the kouhai too.
  15. x_AozoraKataomoi_x

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    Oct 4, 2014
    Takei Sara
    Disappointed at Sakipon not being in SSK guidebook covers. IMO, she has more chances of ranking than Yuuri and Riripon tbh.
  16. zakie7

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Tanaka Natsumi
    Even Tani that ranked high last year is not in the cover. They only Kuma-chan and Lala for the reprsentative of SKE in the back cover. What makes me disappointed is they put a lot of other groups new gen while they put only 2 SKE new gen on the back cover. I think they should make cover that put the same amount of member from each group.
  17. x_AozoraKataomoi_x

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    Oct 4, 2014
    Takei Sara
    Sakipon is ultimately selected for the guidebook!
  18. zakie7

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Tanaka Natsumi
    Glad for her. Hope she is gonna rank this year.
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    Hirate Yurina
    I think she got noticed by wota thanks to her sousenkyo guide picture.
  20. kkitty

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    Jul 7, 2013
    Kurihara Sae
    Yeahhhhh ranked 9th in the early results for Sousenkyo! This means that she'll at least rank in right? That's a HUGE step forward :ome:

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