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The article translation thread

Discussion in 'General HKT48 Discussion' started by DreamingPebbles, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Deleted, look at the next post
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    Oct 12, 2012
    thanks Sadia.
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    Jul 29, 2013
    2013 came to an end. We wanted to question Haruppi about the many changes she has gone through the last year.

    Haruppi: 「There really were many things happening. Our CD(Single) debut in March、my concurrent position in Team A, the solo concert at Budokan, the general election and a new stage...」

    Then let's start right on and look back at the "CD debut"!!

    Haruppi: 「We have been around one and a half year and I thought that we were finally releasing a song of ourselves, that was my feeling. Akimoto (Yasushi)-sensei made the perfect song for us!!
    Because the lyrics are straight-forward and the dance is energetic, I think that the freshness of HKT48 was shown wonderfully」

    So what's about the time your second song 「Melon Juice」 got announced?

    Haruppi: 「I was surprised (laughing)! To the extent that I called out "Melon Juice" repeatedly because I couldn't believe it. But as it is energetic and catchy, now I love it very much. I'm totally pleased with it.」

    As the 3rd single isn't out yet, we are wondering, what kind of song it might be. Let's take a look at your prediction (laughing).

    Haruppi: 「My prediction?! Uhm... the best song showing idol-like love. Because I think it can't be more energetic, than Melon Juice, I want it to have a feeling like everyone could hum it. How about that answer?」

    That's nice (laugh), from the time of your debut as of now you have lost your center position.
    Speaking of that, you thought about it in a certain way back then, but thinking about it now, in which
    way did your thoughts change?

    Haruppi: 「To be honest, I was very depressed. Even though I was really a child back then, having been there the whole time and then suddenly losing that spot I really could not accept. I was troubled with myself, back then.」

    So speaking of that, what about now?

    Haruppi: 「My past self is already gone, I'm a different person now.」

    That's so cool!!

    Haruppi: 「That's what Becky-san said some time ago on TV (laughing)」

    So it's second-hand telling!

    Haruppi: 「Yes (laughing). But I also want my future self to change, I'm just wondering, what to change myself into. Reaching the point of thinking about that, I thought about if it wouldn't be nice to not be so obsessive anymore. Right now I want to join forces with everyone in HKT48 and give our best.」

    The 3rd gens now also joined HKT48.

    Haruppi: 「That's right. Everyone is so cute. It's the pride of the 3rd gens.」

    You sound like an older sister~ (laughing)

    Haruppi: 「I think HKT48 is a nice place flooded with many unique members fulfilling all kind of roles. People like Murashige (Anna) or Natsu (Matsuoka Natsumi) and (Moriyasu) Madoka.」

    What about "Kodama Haruka"?

    Haruppi: 「About me... I don't know. How does the public see me? I wonder if recently many would call me "girl with the forehead". I remember getting called things like "cwush girl" or "smooth-speaking girl" after the general election. Hearing such synonyms for myself increasing somehow makes me happy.」

    Well then, since the topic came up let's continue speaking about you entering the general election senbatsu.

    Haruppi: 「Because it was so disappointing that I couldn't rank last time, this time I wanted to enter for that sake of everyone who supported me... that was the feeling I had. Because of all my fans I was able to rank at the 37th place, and it honestly makes me so happy.」

    You also said something famous (laughing).

    Haruppi: 「Right~? (laughing) Wanting to say: "I've decided, just as Mariko-san had said before, I'll do my best with all my heart and the intention to crush the seniors above me" it became "cwush" instead of "crush". Also partly because of that there were numerous reactions. When the 16 top ranks got announced, I was the whole time shown in the background, at the broadcast and on the large vision screen. (laughing) Thinking about it now, I really received a nice rank.」

    You had a nice facial expression, right. What about your activities with AKB48? The concurrent position, Budokan and the new stage?

    Haruppi: 「My concurrent position is a big thing for me after all. And at the times dancing with HKT48 I hope I'm able to stand out a bit more. But having lessons together with my senpai from AKB48 made me change my way of thinking.」

    Oh, how exactly?

    Haruppi: 「I love the performances of Watanabe Mayu-san a lot, but at the time of entering the lessons, Mayuyu-san studied her angles and facial expressions closely and repeated the same swings over and over. I really felt how much of a professional she is. I also need to sprout that said sense of being obesessed, even when I'm not performing.」

    I understand. Did you also change and grow in private?

    Haruppi: 「I think my sense of beauty has grown quite a bit. I started to do half body bathing. I'm trying to sweat a lot to improve my metabolism. But compared to my senpai, it's still somewhat low. I will give my best!!!」

    Is there something you want to do from now on?

    Haruppi: 「As I enjoy the illumination of this season, I want to go and watch the illumination in Tokyo. Although I don't know at all where exactly it is beautiful. (laughing) And because pancakes right now seem to be popular, I want to find a nice restaurant where I can eat them.」

    So, as there isn't much time left until 2014, please tell us your ambitions for the next year.

    Haruppi: 「I want to reach the point of getting a high awareness and reach the point where I am able to grow up the best I can. I want to be able to make this be the outcome of 2014. And I want many more people to get to know Kodama Haruka. I want to reach the point of getting called "Haruppi" more!!」

    Note that (as always) I did my best, but the translation is not 100% accurate. In fact, I'm really unsure about some parts, but I just hope, that it's mostly correct.
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    Feb 13, 2011
    Wow Haruppi has certainly matured alot! I can't wait to meet her one day
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    Jun 6, 2013
    Tokyo, Japan
  6. Neve

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Tokyo, Japan
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    Oct 12, 2012
    Meru, is the incarnation of an eating goddess? lol

    thanks for the translation Neve ;)
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    Oct 28, 2012
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    May 21, 2014
    Hi guys, I took a few moment to translate the recent interview with Anai Chihiro.
    A surprisingly honest interview from HKT's Ponkotsu Captain!
    Good job interviewer!

    AKB48G New Team, All Out Attack!

    The quiet captain of the group gives us her honest view -
    Aim for more mature performances!

    Recently, discussing a lot with vice-captain Natsu

    ---The new Team H has both 2nd and 3rd gen members, how do you feel about that?

    Anai: There are many passive girls, so we are never in chaos. The most active is probably Meru-chan, so innocent and naughty. There's also Rikopi, who's both really funny and can lead the team as one of the mature members.

    ---Who are some other members that you have your eyes on?

    Anai: Along the same line of "visual" members like Natsu, Mado, we have Jiina, who is really beautiful. Even Sasshi says it often.

    ---What is your relationship with Natsu now that she's become vice-captain?

    Anai: Natsu is someone who always speaks whatever is on her mind. I am the opposite (laugh), so she helps me a lot in that respect. We are a good team, and we've been talking a lot recently.

    ---What do you talk about?

    Anai: Things like, "First gen members must work harder to lead the group!" Sasshi is usually unable to perform in our theater shows, so we have to do a better job. Haruppi too. If she notices something she will come and talk to me.

    ---There must be a lot of pressure coming from the responsibility. Pardon me if I say this, but don't fans often call you "useless" (ponkotsu)? Do you ever feel unsure that you can do a good job at leading the team?

    Anai: That's true. Recently even newer members are asking me, "Are you really 'ponkotsu'"? (wry smile) But I sometimes create the rally call before our concerts and live shows!

    ---Did you create Team H's rally call?

    Anai: Kinda! Sasshi asked me to do it before the first show. I first said, "Seishun, seishun, seishun girls!" But that was too weak.. And then Natsu suggested using Seishun Girls' lyrics in the call, "Go Go Go We are Seishun Girls!" which was accepted by all. (sadface)

    ---From the perspective of Captain, what's a challenge facing Team H?

    Anai: The teammates are still searching for their own place in the group. For example, Natsumikan is great at talking in MC, so please pay more attention to her.

    ---Isn't Tanaka (Natsumikan) famous for badmouthing others during MC, not only in HKT, but among the entire 48 Group?

    Anai: Natsumikan was actually very down when she missed out in the single senbatsu (selected members). But now even Producer Akimoto gave her praise for her MC abilities. The Seishun Girls show has a lot of slow-tempo, mature songs. Team KIV has Mio, Sakura and Aoi, who are always so vibrant and talkative, so in comparison, having a mature setlist is good for Team H. While we are still "kawaii", we would like to aim more at maturity. That being said, I am always curious as to how Nako and Miku feel during "Virgin Love" (chuckle)

    ---Aren't they in first year junior high? (laugh) Did anything change for Team H when they joined?

    Anai: The atmosphere got a lot brighter… because they are really just kids. They even play hide-and-seek in the dressing room! During our Kyushu tour, while everyone was resting, they'd come and ask us, "Wanna play hide-n-seek~!?" I refused them (chuckle)

    ---Looks like it might be hard to achieve a "mature" Team H… (laugh)

    Anai: We'll do our best. (laugh)

    Textbox insert:
    What's Seishun Girls show?
    Originally Team K 2nd, the setlist has been performed by Team M 1st, Team N 2nd, NMB48 kenkyusei, JKT Team KIII, and is one of the fan favorite old shows that has been passed down. Many famous songs like Blue Rose and Korogaru Ishi ni Nare are included.

    Original file (via @Discothèque) attached.

    Attached Files:

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    May 21, 2014
    ENTAME NEXT just began a series of long interviews with HKT48 3rd gen members and draft members (not sure if from all 48 groups), and I will be posting the articles as they are released. They will release 3 articles per member per week for the next 10+ weeks.

    First week: Yamamoto Mao

    Source: http://www.entamenext.com/news/detail/id=616

    ENTAME NEXT - Interview with HKT 3rd Gen + Draft Members Special

    HKT48 Yamamoto Mao Falls From Slide and Has Nosebleed?

    6/9/2014 07:00 a.m.

    From this week on, we will begin a new special segment introducing HKT 3rd Generation members and Draft members. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will talk about the members' past, present and future.

    For the first issue, we introduce draft member "Mao-Pani", Yamamoto Mao!

    INFO: Yamamoto Mao (1996.09.18) Nickname: Mao-Pani
    In October 2013, appointed by HKT48 Team H at the Draft Member Conference, and made her stage debut at the January 2014 HKT48 Kyushu Tour in Kagoshima.

    ---Welcome, top batter! Since this is the first part of a 3-part special, we will ask you the same things we ask everybody about their childhood.
    ---What is the oldest memory that you can remember?

    Yamamoto: I was on a slide with my older sisters, and fell from the top of the slide and had a nosebleed. That was maybe when I was 3? I actually fall a lot. A clumsy person.

    ---But that means you were a very active child, were you?

    Yamamoto: Yes, that's true. I played outside a lot.

    ---What other things can you remember about your toddler days?

    Yamamoto: I usually played in the sand, and did finger-painting. I was very strong. In my kindergarten days, when someone took the toy that I played with, I took it back and made the other kid cry. I hated losing.

    ---Did you learn any (extracurricular) skills?

    Yamamoto: When I was young I learned the piano and electone (electric piano), and the abacus. When I entered elementary school I did volleyball.

    ---Abacus! Isn't that very unusual for kids in recent times?

    Yamamoto: I can't remember how to do it anymore. I learned it in a class with my sister, and fell asleep during the lesson. The teacher got angry at me a lot. But I was very earnest about learning piano.

    ---I heard you are very good at golf.

    Yamamoto: Yes. I did it in elementary school.

    ---Your best score was around 90, if I'm not mistaken. Isn't that high for an elementary schooler?

    Yamamoto: But there were a lot of good players. I was the worst, I think.

    ---So you did lessons at a very high-level place? What drove you to learn golf?

    Yamamoto: At first only my father did golf, and then I went with him once and found it fun. That was how I started to take lessons. I could also complete a course.

    ---How about now?

    Yamamoto: Nowadays I only have time to do casual practices.

    ---When did you become interested in becoming an idol?

    Yamamoto: When I was in elementary school I really liked Morning Musume. I even collected their trading cards.

    ---At that time, who in Morning Musume did you like?

    Yamamoto: I liked the unit, Mini-Moni

    ---Ah, that was when they were at their peak! But when did you become interested in entering the show business like them?

    Yamamoto: I guess when I was in 9th grade (first year middle school). I was watching TV, and thought to myself that I'd like to try to be like that. I never told my parents at the time.

    ---You performed in piano recitals too, right? Did you feel happy to receive applause from the audience?

    Yamamoto: I was super shy back then. I was so nervous that I probably wasn't happy.

    ---So if you are really shy, how did you join the audition process for AKB?

    Yamamoto: My mother saw the advertisement for the Draft Conference. My younger sister took a photo of me suddenly on the way home from school. I applied without knowing much about it, or when they submitted the application.

    ---But from there on out, you moved along smoothly, right?

    Yamamoto: Although I was interested in show business from the beginning, it was really unbelievable.

    ---Was your first choice to be in HKT?

    Yamamoto: Yes, that was my first choice.

    ---And you were indeed selected by your first choice destination. But that's a story we will save for the next part! (Coming Wednesday, June 11)

    Video at the bottom of Original Link, check it out!
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    Oct 12, 2012
    There may be few reply to the article translation thread, but you can see it's often read from the "views" counter!

    And yeah i also think to put this thread into a sticker
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    May 21, 2014
    ENTAME NEXT - HKT48 Yamamoto Mao Interview Part 2/3

    Source link: http://www.entamenext.com/news/detail/id=617

    Yamamoto Mao, Learning how to Take Selfies from Young Sempais?

    ---So let's talk about when you became a finalist at the Draft Conference. Did you think you were going to go that far?

    Y: I couldn't believe I was still remaining. Even my mother said, "it's impossible" to me.

    ---But she was the one who applied for you!

    Y: That's right. How mean (chuckle)

    ---But you were chosen by your first choice, HKT48. How did you feel at that moment?

    Y: When my name was called I thought, "Eh! This is a joke!" I zoned out for a moment, and then started crying.

    ---Sashihara-san was the one who decided it should be you. What did you talk about afterwards?

    Y: She asked, "You're going to be our only draft member, is that fine?" She said many kind things. I was very happy.

    ---HKT48 has a lot of young members. You're actually one of the "oneechans"

    Y: But there are many younger girls who are more mature than me, like Tanaka Miku-chan.

    ---Miku-chan really seems to have it together, huh?

    Y: Miku is very mature. You wouldn't think she's only 12 years old.

    ---Where does she surpass you in terms of maturity?

    Y: Eh… Not sure… She's better than me at taking selfies? (chuckle) She says things like "Try to take it at this angle" or "You should take photos over there, where there's better lighting!" I learn a lot from her.

    ---Have you found that best shot angle for yourself?

    Y: Not yet. Even now I learn from Miku.

    ---At the beginning of the year, you finally performed in front of the fans during the tour.

    Y: That was a nerve-wrecking experience. Such a huge stage, so many people, it was all first-experiences for me. I can't remember exactly how it went anymore but I think I forced myself to smile.

    ---And you even performed the famous song, Nagisa no Cherry

    Y: I tried my hardest to memorize Nagisa no Cherry. There's a lot of choreography that shakes the hips. I am bad at dancing to begin with, and it was a lot of mature movements, so it was difficult.

    ---According to Tashima Meru-chan, you were so nervous you barely ate the day before.

    Y: I couldn't eat rice, and I had a fever at night. That surprised even me, how much anxiety my body was experiencing.

    ---I can relate to that. How did you feel after you performed?

    Y: Really relieved. I could also eat properly. (laugh)

    ---Compared to that day, you should be a lot more confident in stages now, right?

    Y: I'm still very nervous, but after performing at the theater shows, my mind matured a lot.

    ---You performed with Team H in Seishun Girls, right? How was it performing alongside Sempais?

    Y: It is a fun experience starting from the first song, Seishun Girls. But I am still a beginner at keeping facial expressions and still bad at dancing. So I must work hard.

    ---What's are some of your most memorable moments from performances?

    Y: I had the honor to perform "Ima ga Ichiban" during Request Hour. I was very happy to perform where I could talk to AKB48 members. I was equally nervous at that concert compared to my first HKT tour concert.

    ---And you also skipped meals and had a fever?

    Y: I didn't have a fever (laugh), but I ate very little.

    Part 2 ends here. Please look forward to the next part (coming on Friday, June 13)
  13. Tarooooo

    Tarooooo Kenkyuusei

    May 21, 2014
    Entame NEXT Special - Yamamoto Mao Interview Part 3/3
    June 13, 2014

    Source ink: http://www.entamenext.com/news/detail/id=618

    --- Mao-chan, this is the last portion of our interview. Could you tell me what are some of your goals as a member of HKT48?

    Y: I still have yet to perform many songs, so I'd like to practice and memorize more. I've also only performed in the Seishun Girls show, so the next step is to try to appear in other setlists. I want to be put in a good position, and I want more people to know my name.

    ---Speaking of your name, I've always wanted what the "Pani" in your nickname means.

    Y: It means "soon to suffer a panic attack" (laugh)

    ---Who gave you that nickname?

    Y: Hmm… who was it now… I think it was a camera-man during the Draft Conference.

    ---So you didn't get the name from a member or staff? How did you feel about the name at first?

    Y: Um, well, it was kind of like, "Oh, so I'm Mao-Pani…" (chuckle)"

    ---You didn't like it?

    Y: No no, I don't dislike it! (laugh)

    ---For a nickname it's pretty easy to remember.

    Y: Really? That's good.

    ---Have you thought about doing things outside of HKT48? Maybe as a solo performer?

    Y: Ehhh, that's impossible for now. But, maybe TV dramas…?

    ---Ah, so you have thought about it. What kind of drama do you like?

    Y: Sashihara-san has done a lot of really fun roles. I'd like to try something that's fun, too.

    ---Will you again become nervous and skip meals?

    Y: Perhaps I will. I'll try my best!

    ---This is all just hypothesis and imagination, but where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Y: Hmm… I'll be 27 years old. I hope I'm a regular on TV. You know, if you flip the channel, you'd see me?

    ---Do you mean you'd be doing dramas, variety shows and things outside of singing?

    Y: Yes… Oh, and I'd like to do commercials!

    ---What kind of commercials?

    Y: Commercials about ice cream (laugh)

    ---We talked about golf before. Do you want to do something related to golf?

    Y: No no, my score is too low. I can't do that.

    ---I don't mean working as a pro-golfer! (laugh)

    Y: Then, maybe as a golf reporter.

    ---There sure are many people with different talents in the AKB48 group! Finally, please say something to the fans!

    Y: I will try to perform in lots of live shows, so please watch over me and support my growth!

    ---Thank you very much!

    Next issue: Monday, June 16. Who will be the new member? Look forward please! ☆
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    May 11, 2013
    Anywhere, Everywhere
    Thanks for these, @Tarooooo. Nice to know she wants to learn more setlists. But I can't help but think she should get better at the songs she already knows.
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    May 21, 2014
    Here's an article that appeared in the Asahi Shimbun yesterday.
    @gocchisama asked me to translate it.
    I started to use my Tumblr account again lol. For long articles like this, I'd like to keep an archive too. (http://qqpy.tumblr.com/)

    [Life Philosophy from AKB]
    Miyawaki Sakura - Want to Become Author or Doctor too!

    Source link: http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASG6C0GS9G6BUZVL004.html

    (First part - Written by Miyawaki in the first person)

    In the sosenkyo, I got 11th place, and achieved my goal of entering the senbatsu.

    The most nerve-wrecking time was the time between No. 32 and No. 17. I kept on thinking, "please do not call my name!" When 17th was announced, I was in tears, my hands were shaking, and my heart was beating wildly. When members from other teams continued to be called, my teammates and kouhai from HKT48 around me said to me joyously, "Wonderful! Sakura-san!"

    I was very surprised. I had thought I would barely make senbatsu, to around 16th, but I wasn't even called when 15th and 14th came. Maybe I failed to rank, or did I rank higher? My heart wavered. My feelings reached a maximum at 16th place, but I calmed down by the time 11th was announced.

    I didn't prepare a speech, I didn't know what to before I got on the stage. But when I stood in front of the microphone, the words came out really naturally.

    I think I was able to express my appreciation to my fans. Lots of my fans told me "the new haircut makes you more grown-up!" when I cut my hair last Autumn. Before the sosenkyo, they told me during the hand-shake events that "You will definitely be in the senbatsu, trust us!" They gave me a lot of confidence and determination.

    I am like the moon; I can only shine because of the bright light coming from my fans, who are like the sun. I didn't stand on the stage alone. It's because of the support from my fans, my wardrobe crew, other staff, members, and everyone around me that I am able to continue being who I am.

    I know I announced that my rival is Sasshi, but other members and I really learn a lot of things from Sasshi. There was time when I felt like I couldn't move forward, that even when I worked hard as a 1st generation member, my work was not appreciated.

    Sasshi had experienced a similar experience, and she taught me how to jump over the hurdle. For example, she showed me that I need to change my reactions based on the situation, or changing the way I perform. Those are things I could not realize on my own.

    I will have truly grown-up when my mentor, Sasshi, tells me, "Sakura, you are my rival." At that moment, I believe HKT48 and all the members in it will have made it the top idol group.

    This was my third sosenkyo. Last year, I ranked 26th. Two years ago, I ranked 47th, and was the only one from HKT48. That was a mystery to me since I had only debuted for half a year. My fans, however, said to me, "You write very well" and "I became your fan after reading your blog. I think they refer to the blog I write after visiting the disaster areas of the March 2011 East Japan Earthquake. Producer Akimoto sensei had publicized my blog, asking people to read it.

    So it was that through my writing, I got a chance to meet many of my fans.

    I think I came to like writing because I like to read. When I was young, I didn't watch TV or anime. I only read books.

    I was a little bookworm, and I wanted to read many books that were on my father's bookshelf. But those books are too hard for me, so I read children's books in the bath every day. The first book that I borrowed from my father's collection was Kotaro Isaka's "Remote Control" (ゴールデンスランバー). I loved mystery novels ever since.

    I love how I can become the protagonist of a story when I read. It always becomes so quiet in the middle of reading. After I finish a book, when I play through the moments in my head, I spend some time daydreaming.

    I get so much creativity from books. They help me perform and help me write. I am very thankful for books.

    I love going to bookstores even now. I usually read the first few lines of a book, decide whether the story interests me, and then buy the book. It's kind of like sampling food. Actually, I still have a dream to become an author one day. I haven't given up on that.

    It's very fun being an idol. Since I'm from Kagoshima, AKB48's Kashiwagi Yuki-san is a frequent topic at my school. I used to watch AKB48 videos to help me relax and focus on my studies. I also want to be an idol who is able to cheer others on, so they can work hard. Eventually, I want to be an actress like Yuki Amami (天海祐希), who can play a wide range of roles.

    I am greedy when it comes to living my life. I want to be an actress, an author, and even a doctor.

    Among different types of doctors, I want to become a obstetrician-gynecologist. I just cannot forget the image of doctors helping the birth of babies when I saw it during a TV show; I was so moved. I'd like to be able to help bring new life into this world. I feel an equal passion as an idol or an actor or an author to instill courage and hope to others.

    I know I have a lot of dreams. Although I am not sure I can achieve them, since we only live once, I'd like to give them all a try.

    (Part 2 - Written by reporter Oonishi from Asahi Shimbun)

    -Summarized, because no one wants to hear his commas and periods.

    -First visit to HKT theater, November 26, 2010 (sic.), on the first night of "Te wo tsunaginagara" show.

    -Miyawaki left deepest impression: pure, calm and a refreshing atmosphere.

    -Although she wasn't heavily pushed, she wrote a blog that touched people's hearts

    -Sakura grew taller since interview last year, and became more mature.

    -Happily talked about books with her. Recent reads include Yusuke Yamada's "Until the memory fades" (メモリーを消すまで)

    -Blog entry before Sashihara moved to HKT was also significant. Miyawaki supported Sashihara, "We cannot disagree on her transfer without giving it a try" Sashihara expressed her thanks to Miyawaki.

    -During interview, Miyawaki said, "It's really great that I can publish some of my writing."

    -Had dream to be a doctor before entering show biz, and even thought to be doctor and idol at same time ("女医ドル"), but idol work is too busy. Even so, she shows determination to pass the national medical school exam.

    -Miyawaki: "I've always had a total of higher than 400 points in my 5 main subjects. I love studying, and I have never thought it was hard."

    -Reporter: Maybe she will actually achieve that dream. As someone who has failed at sports, she looks poised to never fail in life.
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    Oct 12, 2012
    Thanks to that, we know a lot more about Sakura. Her ambition, her greedyness in life. It makes me jealous!

    She looks like she can accomplish anything. She say study look easy for her, but i'm sure she knows hardship through her idol path.

    I need to find more content to be translated.... :p
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    Tarooooo Kenkyuusei

    May 21, 2014
    Eretan Interview 1/3. Her interview seems shorter than Maopani's... maybe she didn't talk much in total?
    Remember to check out the link for pictures and video of her after interview.
    (Note: Eretan says Sashihara Rino is her most admired sempai in video)

    Entame-NEXT Special Interview - Week 2: Sakamoto Erena

    Part 1: Sakamoto Erena, First Dance was the Worst Debut Ever?
    June 16, 2014

    Original Link: http://www.entamenext.com/news/detail/id=648

    INFO: Sakamoto Erena. Born September 12, 2000 in Fukuoka. Nickname: Eretan
    Accepted into HKT48 in 3rd generation auditions in August 2013. Made stage appearances during Pajama Drive show in November 2013, and made stage debut during Nounai Paradise show in December 2013.

    ---In the first part of the interview, we ask everyone about their childhood. What was your oldest memory?

    Sakamoto: When I was two or three years old, I danced on top of the sofa in our house. And then, I slipped and fell off. My mother was surprised because I suddenly disappeared.

    ---You mean you were dancing on the back edge of the sofa and fell into the space behind?

    S: Yeah! I remember it hurt a lot, and I cried.

    ---So that became your first memory of dancing?

    S: It was really the worst dance debut ever. (laugh)

    ---How about other memories when you are older?

    S: I remember listening to my preschool teacher playing the piano, and I copied her movements on the keyboard at home. That got me into learning the piano.

    ---Wow, sounds like the tale of a genius!

    S: No.. it wasn't anything exciting like that. But playing the piano came to me easily. I learned it for all six years of elementary school, and now I write "piano" as my special talent.

    ---What other things have you learned?

    S: I also learned locking and hip hop dance for six years.

    ---Was that also out of your own will?

    S: My mother was the one who suggested it.

    ---Did she say something like, "Hey, didn't you dance on the sofa" to you?

    S: No, she didn't say that (chuckle), but after I gave it a try, I found it really fun.

    ---What part of dancing was the most fun to you?

    S: I think I like the feeling of memorizing choreography the most, also, I can forget about things that bother me when I dance.

    ---But you were really little. What things could have been bothering you?

    S: Things that bother a child (chuckle).

    ---When did you become interested in idols?

    S: I actually wasn't too interested in idols, but my friend liked HKT48 and invited me to go to the Hakata Legend show together. After watching the show, I thought it was great, and became interested in the AKB48 Group in general.

    ---Did you have a sempai that you admired then?

    S: When I saw Hakata Legend, Kumazawa Serina-san's energetic dancing really caught my eye.

    ---Ah, since you've learned dance, that's the thing that you notice the most, huh?

    S: Yes. I thought wow, she's on another level from me.

    ---And that brought you to enter the 3rd gen auditions, right?

    S: It was my first time auditioning for anything, so I didn't know what to do. I was a bit shy, and I couldn't bring myself to talk to other girls who auditioned. I saw other girls chatting with each other, but I sat alone. I was really nervous.

    In the next issue, results of the audition, and things afterwards!
    June 18th!
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    May 11, 2013
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    YESH!!!!!!!!!!! Eretan got an interview!!!:awesome:

    So I have Riinu to thank for Eretan joining HKT.... Duly noted.;)

    That couch story was pretty funny.:lol:
    Thanks @Tarooooo! Looking forward to the next bit.:banana:
  19. Tarooooo

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    May 21, 2014
    You wish is my command, @hjr1891. I really hope Eretan does NOT talk about pizza-pockets during part 3...

    Entame-NEXT Special Interview
    Part 2: Sakamoto Erena, Strange Announcement of Acceptance during Audition?

    June 18, 2014

    Original link: http://www.entamenext.com/news/detail/id=649

    ---Let's continue from the part about the audition. What did you sing during the music session?

    S: I samng Happiness by AI. I wanted to sing to the end, but in the middle, they told me, "Okay, that's fine. Thank you." I thought eh, ehh, ehhh?! I thought I failed for sure. (chuckle)

    ---Was it like on Nodojiman (NHK TV show), and before someone sings, the bell already rang?

    S: Yeah, it felt like that. But I thought I gave it my best in making appeals to the judges, so I didn't regret it.

    ---And right when you thought you failed the audition, they told you that you got accepted. How did you feel at that moment?

    S: They actually called the wrong name (laugh). Instead of "Erena," they had called "Erina." 'Are they talking about me?' I wondered, and I almost forgot to respond.

    ---How did you feel after confirming that it was you?

    S: Surprised, and so happy, and so filled with anticipation about the activities I get to do in the future. Lots of feelings got mixed together.

    ---The first time you performed in front of an audience was during Himawari Gumi's show.

    S: I remember the spotlight was right on me, and it was really bright. I couldn't really see the faces of the patrons.

    ---What did you talk about? Do you still remember?

    S: I said, "I want to be a singer like Lady Gaga!" (laugh)

    ---That's another rather grand statement!

    S: I thought I had to seize the moment, and said that. The audience went, "ooohhh!" It was such a big reaction. Afterwards, during the hand-shake events, someone asked me, "will you also wear make-up like a panda? (laugh)

    --- And in the next month after your stage debut, you finally performed in the kenkyusei show!

    S: I was the second among the 3rd generation members to debut. The first person was Kurihara Sae-chan. When I watched Sae-chan's performance, I felt so overwhelmed… I didn't know if I was ready. But I think I did my best, in my own way.

    ---Your unit song was "hone hone waltz", right?

    S: It was song with such a cute dance, I didn't know if I would be right for it. Maybe the stage manager made a mistake, I thought. But as the setlist went on, I found my own style of performing the song, and it was really fun.

    ---I thought you did a good job combining the cute choreography with sharp movements. So other than the kenkyusei show, you also performed as the substitute for regular members during other shows and in the concert tour. What was the most memorable stage for you?

    S: The first time I was a substitute performer was during Team KIV's "Theater no Megami" show. It was different from kenkyusei show because I had to dance alongside many sempais. I got nervous and cried before the show began.

    ---You cried before you got on the stage? Were you okay during the show?

    S: During the show lots of sempais made eye contact with me, and that relaxed me quite a lot, and I was able to sing.

    Part 2 ends here. Please stay tuned! Final part will appear on June 20.
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    Thanks again @Tarooooo! Really enjoying these Eretan translations. The more I can know abot her, the better! Even if only bit by bit.:)

    OH, they talked about Hone Hone Waltz! That is were I first noticed Eretan, and she overtook Nakochan as my fave 3rd Gen member.:awesome: It was her second performance of it actually, the contrast with her first time really stood out to me. And she was super cute in the unit.:cute:

    Please, for the love of HKT, DON"T let Eretan go the Lady Gaga route!:eek::fp:

    And get her name right, Management!:gavel:

    Looking forward to the next part!:omg: Then on to whoever is next! (Nakochan?)[hehe]

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