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    aaaaaaaand, she spends half of the last interview on pizza-man. This poor girl is addicted...

    Part 3: Sakamoto Erena, Plans to Open Up Top-Secret Special Shop?!
    June 20, 2014

    Original link:

    ---Erena-chan, this is the last part of our interview. We talked about how you cried before performing as an under for Theater no Megami. Do you cry often?

    S: Yes, I'm a crybaby. Even nowadays, whenever I feel like I haven't done well during performances, I'll cry out of shame.

    ---But that means you are always pushing yourself to go higher. Even though you still have a long way to go as a part of HKT48, do you ever see yourself doing solo work?

    S: A little while ago, there was an audition for all of AKB48 Group members for the horror movie by director Hideo Nakada. Since then I've been more interested in acting. Maybe I'd like to try being an actor in the future, if I work hard.

    ---What kind of works, what kinds of roles do you want to be in?

    S: Because I already have some experience, I'd like to do horror films (laugh). Even though I am extremely afraid of scary movies.

    ---You don't like watching it, but you'd be fine acting in it?

    S: Yeah. But, I think I have an image of a cheerful, energetic person, so I don't know if I'll be right for roles that act scared.

    ---How about as the courageous leader of the scared people?

    S: Ah, that sounds nice! Or maybe I'd be the monsters that come out to scare them (chuckle)

    ---You'd go even that far! (laugh) Anyway, these are some dreams for the present. Do you have bigger dreams for yourself in 10 years' time?

    S: I really really like pizza-pockets. (←translator: I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO)

    ---Eh, what's with the sudden change in direction of our talk?

    S: Ohohoho (laugh). But you see, pizza-pockets aren't sold year-round. There are none in the summertime. That's why I want to make my own special shop for pizza-pockets, and sell it all the time.

    ---That's very interesting… but wouldn't the hot pizza-pockets sell better in the wintertime?

    S: No, I strongly believe there are others like me, who want to eat pizza-pockets every day!

    ---At least make it a pizza restaurant that sells pizza-pockets on the side…

    S: I don't eat pizza. I only like pizza-pockets.

    ---Okay I got it! Let's give people a sosenkyo ticket for each pizza-pocket! (interview occurred at end of May)

    S: Ah--- that's a great idea! A ticket only used to vote for me!

    ---In 10 years' time, if you build that shop, you can say, "I achieved a dream from back then!" Finally, please say something to the fans!

    S: Right now, there are only seven kenkyusei in HKT48. I want to become the most brilliant member in kenkyusei, and be promoted soon! You can catch me in the theater shows, so please come!

    ---How can people find you during a show?

    S: My forehead! If you spot a girl with an exposed forehead dancing in the show, that would be me! Please check me out!

    ---A girl with exposed forehead and who loves pizza-pockets! Fans, please remember those things! Thank you very much!
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    Well..... Pizza-pockets are good.:XD: Besides, there are much worse foods to be addicted to, such as Hongeo.<-- Seriously never, ever try it. Ever. I thought I had eaten some foul sh*t in my time, then I tried that......

    Eretan as a monster? I would watch it, just because Eretan is in it.[hehe]

    Thanks yet again, @Tarooooo!:v: Now the wait to see who is the third to be interviewed. Hoping for Nakochan!:^O^:
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    May 21, 2014
    Yabuki Nako Special Interview with Entame-NEXT Part 1/3

    Week 3: HKT48 Yabuki Nako, Fully Prepared for Janken Tournament Starting in Toddler Age!

    June 23, 2014
    Original Link:

    Info: Yabuki Nako. Born: June 18, 2000 in Tokyo. Nickname: Nako
    Accepted into HKT48 during 3rd generation auditions in August 2013. Made appearances during Pajama Drive show starting in November, and made stage debut during Kenkyusei's Nounai Paradise show. Promoted to Team H during the AKB48 Group Shuffle in February 2014.

    ---We first ask questions about your childhood… But perhaps for you, that's right now?

    Yabuki: No, I am gown-up! (laugh)

    ---Sorry about that. Let me ask you something I've asked everyone else: What is your oldest memory?

    Y: Being hugged by my mom in our veranda, and listening to her singing "Why do you cry, Mr. Crow?" to me. That was when I was about three.

    ---Do you remember the rest of the lyrics to that song?

    Y: Eh… what was it again…? "You do as you please, crow" perhaps.

    ---Ah, just as I thought, you remember that version. (laugh)

    Y: No no! I can't remember it exactly because it's always sung to me as I went to sleep. I think I picked some old lyrics.

    ---What did you do usually when you were little?

    Y: I played in the park nearby and went on the slides. My mom said I was very energetic. But not annoying… just always laughing. I don't know if it's true, but that's what she tells me.

    ---Did you learn any extracurricular skills?

    Y: I learned ballet from when I was three until fifth grade in elementary school. The teacher was very strict, but I knew she wanted me to do well, so I worked hard. My first recital was when I was 4 years old. I had fun.

    ---Which TV shows do you remember from your childhood?

    Y: Hmm… I definitely watched Puri-Cure and Sazae-san, and I always did the janken at the end of Sazae-san --- I still do it now. I win and draw a lot too. Very rarely did I lose.

    ---So you are very good at janken! What's your secret to winning?

    Y: Every week when I watch Sazae-san, I think about which one she will use. But I recall that she has done scissors, rock, paper, scissors, rock, paper, so I know she will return to scissors that week, and I choose rock!! But then she does paper and I lose…

    ---Seems like instead Sazae-san is reading your mind. If there is another janken tournament, you would be joining not as a kenkyusei but as a full member of HK48! Do you think you can win the tournament with what you learned from Sazae-san?

    Y: I'll probably lose when that time comes… I always lose to my sister.

    ---You can beat Sazae-san, but you lose to your own sister?

    Y: That's right. I'm not that good, it's just that Sazae-san is bad.

    ---I see. By the way, how many siblings do you have?

    Y: I have an older sister and a younger sister. I am in the middle.

    ---The middle child of three daughters. How do you describe your personality?

    Y: Because there's someone older and someone younger, I have a bit of both. But right now I'm living with my older sister, so more grown-up!

    ---What part of you specifically is grown up?

    Y: What part? Hmm… (To staff person) Nako is grown up, right? (no response) Of course I am! When a sempai is looking for a mirror in the dressing room, I would lend mine to her.

    ---Ah, so you don't just care about yourself, but about your sempais too! That is a grown-up thing to do. Well, next time, let's talk about the time when you entered HKT48!
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    Whoop! 2 in a row!!:banana:

    Thanks for this, @Tarooooo. I know you tagged me in the General thread, but they have moved on to the new show before I had the chance to respond.:gavel:

    Sorry Nakochan, but you still have quite a few years before you can claim anything near grown up.:rofl:

    So much janken talk. She better be careful not to raise too much expectation(suspicion) for the Janken Tourney.:shifty:

    Looking forward to the next part!:v:
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    May 21, 2014
    Part 2: Yabuki Nako, Became an Idol Because of Sashihara Rino!

    June 25, 2014

    Original link:

    ---In the middle part we talk about when you first joined HKT. When did you become interested in idols?

    Y: I started to like AKB48 when I was in 2nd grade in elementary school.

    ---What song did AKB release at that time?

    Y: Hmm.. Maybe "Ogoe Diamond" or "Namida Surprise"? I've been a fan for a long time. (laugh)

    ---Who was your favorite member at that time?

    Y: At first it was my older sister, who was a fan of Watanabe Mayu-san. I went with her to see a show, and I started to like Mayu-san, too. But one day, I was watching TV, and suddenly I pointed to someone and said, "I like her!" That person was Sashiko-chan!

    ---Wow what a fated meeting. When did you want to become an idol yourself?

    Y: During the "Flying Get" hand-shake event, I lined up at Sashiko-chan's lane. I didn't say anything because I was so nervous, but Sashiko-chan said "So cute! (kawaiine!)" to me and touched my cheek. "Come take the AKB auditions. You'll definitely get in!" she told me. A little while after that, my mom told me, "there's an audition for HKT48, do you want to try?" Even though I thought I had little chance of passing, I applied.

    ---First they checked your application documents, right?

    Y: The documents check team called my home while I was at a fieldtrip to inform me that I passed. Mom was also out so they left a voice message. When I came home from fieldtrip and listened to the message, I was very surprised.

    ---And then came the real audition. What did you sing?

    Y: I sang "Kimi no C/W" by Watanabe Mayu-san and Takajo Aki-san and Shimazaki Haruka-san.

    ---So you picked a song from Team Surprise instead of from a CD single, that's quite the dedication.

    Y: But they stopped me in the middle. It gave me a scare.

    ---Ah, last week, Sakamoto Erena-chan said the same thing.

    Y: Yeah, they stopped me very early in the song, so I thought I failed.

    ---But you passed. Do you remember how you felt then?

    Y: I thought, "You're kidding me!" I was very happy but I didn't know what to do next.

    ---So you were pretty calm about it, huh. That's very mature of you. Next time is the last part with Nako-chan!
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    May 21, 2014
    Part 3: Yabuki Nako, Live to Be 200 Years Old?!
    June 27, 2014

    Original link:

    ---Finally, the last part! The first time you stood in front of an audience was during the Pajama Drive show, right?

    Y: Yes. I was a back dancer for "Junjo shugi." They first announced that there would be six back dancers… oh! It just happened to be in this very room! (Interview room) They told us that we would be doing stretches in the meeting room. We thought, huh? This isn't our usual practice room! Is there going to be some announcement?

    ---So you all expected a surprise! How did it feel on stage?

    Y: No one knew who we were, and they were like, "who… who is that?" Afterwards, when we came to the stage after the encore, and I did my self-introduction. I received a lot of "Nako-chan!" calls, and I was very happy. I wanted to be on stage every day.

    ---And then the kenkyusei show started for you after one month.

    Y: Memorizing all of the songs in a setlist and doing the lessons were very tough on my body. My unit song was "Maria," which is very mature and difficult. But I got familiar with the song and dance and enjoyed it more.

    ---And right after the New Year, you were promoted!

    Y: I was very happy, but at the same time I was worried if I would be right for it because I wasn't good at dancing.

    ---It was certainly a fast transition. What is the most memorable moment for you from all the live shows and concerts so far?

    Y: When I braided my hair during the Kyushu Tour, and Sashiko-chan suddenly came out with the same hairstyle. I was pleasantly surprised.

    ---What do you wish you can do in a future show?

    Y: I want to appear from the ocean in the opening of the concert!

    ---From the ocean? What do you mean?

    Y: There will be a set like the palace of the Dragon King, and in the ocean.

    ---That sounds very fun, but finding a location would be difficult…

    Y: If the actual ocean is too difficult, we can do it at a swimming pool. I can enter from water slides! And then, if it's an outdoor concert, we can squirt the audience with water guns… But that will get us wet too, so let's leave it until the last song!

    ---You have some big dreams. Are there things you want to do outside of HKT48?

    Y: I want to become like Sashiko-chan --- someone who can do anything. I want to be a popular idol, appear in movies, and appear in variety shows. It will be difficult, but I set my targets high!

    ---Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What will you be doing?

    Y: I will be 22 years old, so I'll probably stopped growing (chuckle). But in the future in Japan, everyone can live to be 200, I think, so I hope to have a second growth spurt, and get even bigger!

    ---What's your target height?

    Y: Hmm… About 160cm?

    ---That sounds quite normal really (laugh). But I know it will not just be about your height. I look forward to the day you become big! Thank you for the interview!
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    May 21, 2014
    Entame-NEXT Special Interview - Tsutsui Riko Part 1/3
    June 30, 2014

    Part 1: Tsutsui Riko Tells Us Her Supernatural Encounter as a Child!

    Original link:

    Info: Tsutsui Riko. Born: February 22, 2000 in Saga. Nickname: Tsuttsun
    Accepted into HKT48 through 3rd gen auditions in August 2013. Made stage appearance during Himawari Gumi's Pajama Drive show, and made stage debut in February 2014 during Nounai Paradise show.

    ---Let's begin the interview. What was your oldest memory?

    Tsutsui: I remember I saw a bad spirit when I was three.

    ---Wow, that's some intense memories…!

    T: I was taking a walk with my grandma and my older sister, and I shouted "I'm going back!" I saw a woman with long, white hair walking on four legs.

    ---White hair on all fours… hmm, that sounds like a large white dog.

    T: No! That was a spirit! (laugh)

    ---And you've been afraid of spirits ever since then? Are you afraid of scary movies?

    T: Ah, I actually love scary movies. (laugh)

    ---Perhaps because you've encountered them at such a young age, you are not affected by them.

    T: Maybe.

    ---What were you like as a child?

    T: I was very energetic. I went outside to play a lot, like volleyball or tag.

    ---In other words, like a regular kid.

    T: I never caught a cold, ever.

    ---Did you learn any extracurriculars?

    T: I took piano lessons, and I learned martial arts.

    ---Which martial arts?

    T: I learned judo for six years in elementary school, and I entered kendo club when I started middle school.

    ---That's some serious repertoire!

    T: One of my relatives is a judo teacher. My sister learned it first, and when I saw her do it, I also wanted to learn.

    ---When did such a martial-arts-minded Riko-chan come to be interested in idols?

    T: The first idol group I liked was EXILE, when I was in third grade. My mother was a fan of them, and when she took me to their concert I also came to like them.

    ---What aspect of them did you like?

    T: I thought their dancing was very cool, and I liked ATSUSHI-san's voice. Later on, I started watching music variety shows, and that's when I saw AKB48.

    ---Ah, so that's how you encountered AKB48. Let's talk about the rest in the next part!
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    May 21, 2014
    Part 2: Tsutsui Riko, Reach the Top with Husky Voice!
    July 2, 2014

    Original link:

    ---Let us continue. So you did things like judo and kendo, and then you became interested in AKB48?

    T: Yes. Even when I lose a match, if I put on AKB48's music, I felt much better. I liked songs like "Heavy Rotation" and "Flying Get."

    ---Is that how you came to audition for HKT48, even though you had zero dance or vocal training?

    T: That's right. The only singing I ever did was going to karaoke with my mother. (laugh)

    ---What songs do you sing at karaokes?

    T: Which songs… Mom would sing EXILE, and I sing AKB48. Nowadays when I go to karaoke, I sing songs from HKT48.

    ---What did you sing during your audition?

    T: I sang "YELL" by Ikimonogakari. I almost lost my voice in the middle, and I was really worried.

    ---And then you were questioned by the judges, right?

    T: I thought it would be very scary, but they talked to me normally, so that was a relief. I cannot remember exactly what I said, but I think I replied in a relaxed manner.

    ---For someone of Riko-chan's age, it must be tough talking to adults. Do you feel nervous today?

    T: No, I'm fine! I'm fine! (chuckle)

    ---That's good. What do you remember about when they announced the results?

    T: I was surprised because I didn't expect to be selected. I was unsure whether I'd be all right for it.

    ---Do you have a sempai you admire?

    T: Before I joined, it was Tashima (Meru) sempai.

    ---Which part of her did you admire?

    T: I thought she's very energetic. Maybe I'm drawn to people who are similar to me.

    ---You said 'before I joined', does that mean you switched to another sempai after you joined?

    T: No, I still like Tashima sempai even now (laugh), but after I joined HKT48, I came to also admire Okada (Kanna) sempai and Goto (Izumi) sempai.

    ---So it wasn't an oshi-HEN, but a oshi-plus? (laugh)

    T: Okada sempai taught me a lot about how to do make-up. My fans noticed and said to me, "The way you do make-up has changed!" Goto sempai and I both have husky voices, so I want to learn how to sing well from her.

    ---I see. The way you keep calling them 'sempai' sounds like martial artists!

    T: Ah, is that so? (chuckle) I didn't even notice it.

    ---I hope you continue to work hard to chase after your sempais each day!
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    May 21, 2014
    HKT48 - ENTAME Magazine
    The first roundtable with the first-time rank-in members of HKT!

    48th - Motomura Aoi
    25th - Moriyasu Madoka
    39th - Anai Chihiro

    『The more of our names were called, the more excited we became!』

    Why is HKT so beloved by all? The members give their analysis!

    ---In this sosenkyo, 14 HKT48 members ranked in. Do you think it's a good result?

    Motomura Aoi (MA): Of course! We are very happy!

    Moriyasu Madoka (MM): Really! The more of our names were called, the more excited we became. I was excited throughout the show.

    ---I also had an impression that the whole Ajinomoto Stadium reacted loudly whenever HKT48 was announced. Why do you think people give you this much support?

    Anai Chihiro (AC): I think… The Kyushu Tour, which began in January, was a big reason. During the tour, many members changed positions and sang new songs that put them in different spotlights. I think many more people learned more about the members that way.

    ---It definitely wasn't the first showcase of most members, but it was a chance for many member to get exposure.

    AC: Sasshi also put a lot of thought into how to bring out each members' individuality.

    MM: It was very simple for all of us once we had ideas to choose from.

    ---So there was an equal spotlight for each member, and anyone's personality could be noticed, is that right?

    AC: I think that's it.

    MM: Also, we had appearances in variety TV shows. That helped too.

    ---During your hand-shake events, do you get told, "I started to like you after I saw you on TV?"

    MA: Yup! Many people told me, 'I became your fan after watching HKT no Odekake!

    AC: Aoi had an episode where she was super active (laugh)

    MA: Yeah, it was during the camping episode. I was simply doing what I thought was normal duty to light the hearth… (chuckle) And people came to see me after that episode. I was happy and surprised.

    MM: I also got a lot fans after participating in 'King of Talent TEPPEN'. My special talent has always been playing the piano, and the show helped me remember how important piano is to my life. I am very glad to have appeared in that show.

    AC: I think perhaps these chances to show our individualities to the fans were a factor in gaining new fans. But for me… members tease me and call me 'ponkotsu' (useless) a lot, and fans learn about it and came to me because of that… (chuckle) Maybe they think it's fun to tease me and get a response? Or maybe they want to check to see how 'ponkotsu' I really am?

    When that happens… I kind of think to myself, 'Did they really come to meet me for that reason?' (laugh) But I also realized how important it is even to have such a erroneous part about me become known.

    『Another thing these three first-time ranked members have in common!』

    ---In the preliminary round, Moriyasu-san was ranked 11th.

    MM: That was super surprising!! It was such a wonderful rank that I cried for the first time on stage. Last year I was ranked in the preliminary round but didn't make it to the final results, and so I thought, 'I have to be in this year!' After the preliminary results were announced, Sasshi sent me a text message.

    ---What did the message say?

    MM: She was very excited for me. (laugh) She wrote a lot of short phrases like "Oh! Wow!' 'Awesome!' She told me, 'It doesn't matter whether this is the prelims or not, you have to hold on!' In the end, she wrote, 'Sorry I got too excited and sent too much lol'

    ---How about you, Anai-san?

    AC: It was the first time I was named during the preliminaries. 28th. I was very happy with just that results alone, but I nevertheless I got nervous once the real event started.

    ---I see. Let's also talk about the actual sosenkyo. Moriyasu-san was 25th place, Anai-san was 39th, and Motomura-san was 48th.

    MA: To be honest, I felt it was all over after they finished announcing 'upcoming girls', and I wasn't called in 'future girls' either. So when I was called, I didn't know what was happening. My mind went blank, and I remember Madoka, who sat next to me, was patting me hard on my shoulders. (laugh)

    ---Like DONDONDON? (chuckle)

    MM: I sure did. (chuckle) It's true that the moment when they call your name feels very surreal.

    ---Even when you knew how high you reached during the preliminary round?

    MM: Sosenkyo is never easy. I had the experience from last year. That was very traumatic for me. (laugh)

    AC: Which is why I was extra ecstatic when I was called! I thought about whether I would cry, but my tears just wouldn't come out. I felt more like doing a fist pump (laugh) I was so happy during the speech afterwards that I probably didn't say everything that I wanted to say

    MA: My heart was racing too!! I felt I had to show my gratefulness, and that really occupied my mind so I can't remember exactly what I said… I only remember my cheek was pinched. (chuckle)

    MM: I remembered the things I wanted to say, but my speech came during the TV commercials, so my family couldn't see it.

    AC: Really? Me too!

    MA: Me too! (laugh) My grandma told me she couldn't see me.

    MM: Everyone too?!

    ---Just to be clear, I didn't specifically pick those whose portions were cut (laugh). But if you look at it from another perspective, all of you are very lucky! (laugh)

    AC: No no, we were unfortunate. (laugh) That's a wrong statement!

    --Well then, will you use this opportunity to say the speech that you wanted to say to the fans?

    MA: Ooooh! I want to do that!

    AC: Please!

    ---Our talk will come to an end. Thank you for all your work today. Congratulations once again.

    All three: Thank you very much!

    Special speech to everyone who missed the sosenkyo due to TV commercials

    Motomura Aoi - My rank, 48th, is filled with the expectation from all my fans. I will work hard on every little thing from now on, to meet those expectations! From now on I hope to get more job offers, and more opportunities to see my fans. I want to continue bringing you good news in the future.

    Anai Chihiro - I want to do my best in the next year to not disappoint the rank that I was given. I still feel a bit unsure, but I will try my best in even the smallest things. I am so thankful for the warm support from my fans… I really felt it this year, so I want to thank my fans no matter what.

    Moriyasu Madoka - I felt deeply the love from my fans in this sosenkyo. I think I gained more understanding to what Oshima Yuko-san said --- 'Please continue to push me from behind' It is only because of my fans that I can be here, and continue to move forward. I know it in my heart. I will work hard to meet the expectations from everyone!!

    Chihiron, Madoka and Aoitan give their congrats to other ranked-in members!

    @ 79th Komada Hiroka
    "A very quiet person, but likes to make weird faces, and that gap is very funny!" - MA
    "She speaks in Miyazaki dialect, which is very cute!" - AC
    "She really shows her personality during MCs" - MM

    @ 67th Murashige Anna
    "Murashige is… I don't know (laugh)" - MA
    "I think it's great that she continued with her GUIGUI character." - AC
    "Oh, isn't she kennin with NMB48? She probably learned a lot." - MA

    @ 64th Matsuoka Natsumi
    "Very trustworthy. Things that I cannot notice, she is quick to help." - AC
    "She sometimes cries suddenly." - MM
    "She has many different facets that fans would find interesting." - AC

    @ 60th Sakaguchi Riko
    "She really makes her presence known in HKT no Odekake!" - MM
    "She's very funny" - AC
    "She always notices everyone around her even during videotaping, and she can adapt to any conversation, which is incredible." - MA

    @ 42th Oota Aika
    "She became more dependable after becoming captain. I think she really cares a lot about Team KIV, and I see fans telling her that she has grown a lot." - MA
    "Even though we can talk about her this way, she's a great great sempai to us." - MM

    @ 38th Tashima Meru
    "Meru-chan's handshakes are incredible." - MA
    "I also think so. She moves along the table with the movement of fans, and she doesn't let go of her grip. So much power." - MM
    "Her voice is cracked at the end of a handshake event." - AC

    @ 27th Tomonaga Mio
    "She was so deadpan during the Tour, when she acted as Snow White, it was adorable." - MA
    "Ahaha… Everyone went Mio-chann~!♡" - AC
    "Her dancing was horrible in the beginning, but I think fans can see that she has improved." - MA

    @ 21th Kodama Haruka
    "A hard worker!" - MM
    "Her kennin is a huge responsibility. But a growing number of fans are paying attention to Haruppi." - AC
    "I heard it was very tough in the beginning of kennin for her. She wanted to follow the footsteps of AKB sempais, and practiced very hard." - MA

    @ 11th Miyawaki Sakura
    "She's reallllly a complete idol from head to toe." - AC
    "I can't even pretend to be her." - MA
    "Her blog writing and G+ are all so wonderful, and she takes time to think about what to say during interviews and TV shows. I am happy that she got 11th." - MM

    @ 2nd Sashihara Rino
    "I feel like she really thinks about HKT48 and nothing else. In each TV show that she's appeared in, she will make an appeal for HKT48." - MM
    "I can always trust her to brings out the best in us." - MA
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    i'm trying to find this interview in HD so it's readable.
    Thanks to tarooo for being active in translating HKT article!
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    Part 3: Tsutsui Riko Brings Bamboo Sword to Theater and Waves Around!?
    July 4, 2014

    Original link:

    ---We are at the final part of the interview. Do you remember the first time you performed in front of patrons?

    T: I was selected to be one of the back dancers for the first Pajama Drive show… I'm honestly upset about it.

    ---Upset? I guess you felt like you lost a battle in the same way as doing martial arts.

    T: I was able to do my self-introduction after the encore, but I was very nervous.

    ---What did you talk about?

    T: I can't remember anything about the moment on stage. Once we went backstage, however, I remember crying with the other members.

    ---Did you cry because you were relieved of all the tension?

    T: Yes. I was so relieved when it was over, and I was very happy that the fans gave us applause and shouts of support.

    ---Are there any other memorable moments since then that you'd like to tell us?

    T: I was very happy that the Kyushu Tour went to Saga Prefecture. It's my hometown, and I saw many fans holding uchiwa with my name on them. My family, relatives and friends came to see me too.

    ---You sang "Otona no Jelly Beans" by Watanabe Mayu-san, right?

    T: I know I'm not nearly as good at singing as Watanabe Mayu-san, so I worried if I were good enough (laugh). but I practiced a lot, and it's become one my most confident songs!

    ---Are there any other songs that you'd like to sing?

    T: Eh… Let's see. I'd like to try songs that are very different from my image. For example, "Temodemo no named"

    ---A mellow song, huh. Who would you like to partner for that song?

    T: Hmm… Maybe (Yabuki) Nako? Both of us are known to be energetic, so maybe it's good to have a gap like that.

    ---What's your next goal?

    T: I am bad at dancing, so I'd like to become better. I'd also like to perform in live shows more.

    ---What would you do if you can do solo work outside of HKT48?

    T: Since I'm from Saga, I'd like to do something that promotes the local culture. The Ariake Sea, Arita porcelain, Sagantosu soccer team and the International Balloon Festival. There are many things.

    ---What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

    T: I would like to have a childcare certificate then. I love little kids. I have an older sister and a younger brother and sister. My sister is always so sweet to me, and I came to like kids.

    ---Will you do martial arts at the same time?

    T: I am not sure… I've brought a bamboo sword to the theater stage before and waved it in cutting strokes in front of the fans. That was very fun, so I guess I'd like to continue doing it.

    ---Next time, you should do judo in the theater.

    T: It's difficult to do judo without a sparring partner. Using the stage passage way? Maybe that would be interesting. Give me more time to think about it.

    ---I await your answer. Thanks for the interview!
  12. Tarooooo

    Tarooooo Kenkyuusei

    May 21, 2014
    Entame-NEXT Special Interview - Yamauchi Yuuna Part 1/3
    HKT48 Yamauchi Yuuna, Makes an Impression of That Person While Wearing Black Tights?!
    July 7, 2014

    Original link:

    Info - Name: Yamauchi Yuuna, born July 6, 1999 in Fukuoka. Nickname: Yuuna.
    Accepted into HKT48 during 3rd gen auditions in August 2013. Made first stage appearance in Himawari-gumi's "Pajama Drive" show in November, and made performance debut during Kenkyusei "Nounai Paradise" show in December.

    --First, a question that we ask everybody. What is your oldest memory of yourself?

    Yamauchi: I remember I cried everyday in a daycare center when I was three years old. I would hug my mother and cry when she came to pick me up. My teachers, friends and my mother were worried about me.

    --Were you extremely shy?

    Y: Yes. I got embarrassed easily and I was very timid. When a stranger talked to me, I was the type of child who hides behind her mother.

    --Were you better with interacting with children your age?

    Y: I didn't talk to anybody who wasn't a very close friend. I'm all right now.

    --What did you do, how did you play with those close friends?

    Y: Things like playing house and playing tag. But because I'm slow, I always got caught. Once I became the monster, I couldn't catch anybody.

    --It seems like you were really a quiet child.

    Y: But I was always noisy at home (laugh)

    --Ah, I see. What were you like at home?

    Y: I did a lot of impressions of people.

    --Who, for example?

    Y: Whichever comedian I was interested in at the time, like Edo Harumi-san (chuckle)

    --Wow, that's certainly a tough choice for impressions… (laugh)

    Y: I did while wearing black tights. I wore a regular T-shirt on top, though.

    --Did you ever do impressions outside of your house, in front of your friends?

    Y: Of course not! No, no! (laugh)

    --Do you have siblings?

    Y: I have a younger sister. Our ages are quite apart, so even now she asks me to play tag with her. She even asks me to do it inside our house. But you know, you can't run inside the house, but I have to do it anyway. My sister's much more athletic than me, so she's very hard to catch. On top of that, because she's small, she can hide somewhere where I cannot find her.

    --So in any case, your household seems very lively. Did you learn any extracurricular skills?

    Y: I took piano and calligraphy lessons. When I did piano recitals, I was so nervous that I worried my hand would stop moving. I was bad at performing in front of people.

    --What about calligraphy? Did you have very serious training?

    Y: I'm good at using the pen. I've passed some levels in it.

    --That's impressive. Good writing can be very helpful after you grow up.

    Y: My writing was very ugly when I was young. When I wrote 'ya' (や), the character would look more like 'ka' (か)… (laugh) My friends laughed at me and called me "Kamauchi".

    --That's quite common, like 'tsu' (ツ) and 'shi' (シ). First part ends here, join us next time!

    Part 2: Yamauchi Yuuna, Luck Up Up in Front of Audition Judges?!
    July 9, 2014

    Original link:

    --You've learned the piano before, did you learn dance or singing also?

    Y: I never took lessons but privately, I liked singing and dancing.

    --You did it secretly in your house?

    Y: Something like that (chuckle). I just freeze in front of people.

    --Who was your favorite artists growing up?

    Y: I liked Amuro Namie-san. My mother liked her first. I read some books about her, and found that she is a really hard worker, and someone who doesn't get carried away by popular trends and fads. I thought that was wonderful.

    --Did you sing and dance to Amuro-san's songs?

    Y: I did it while playing her CDs at home. But I didn't know English back then, so I just winged those parts.

    --And you got interested in show business from then on?

    Y: Secretly. (laugh) I never told my friends, but I had a dream to become an idol.

    --So you took part in the HKT48 auditions, how was it?

    Y: I was so nervous my mind was a total blank. Everyone around me were talking among themselves excitedly, but my heart was beating very fast, so I couldn't talk properly.

    --What did you sing during the singing segment?

    Y: I sang "Shonen yo uso wo tusk!" by Watarirouka Hashiritai 7-san. I watched a lot of Crayon Shin-chan with my younger sister, so I really liked that song, since it was the opening.

    --How did you find singing in front of others, compared to how you usually sing at home?

    Y: I think my voice changed because I was nervous. The sounds that came out of me were so different from what I was used to hearing at home. My voice went back and force during the high pitches. I think my legs were also shaking.

    --What about in the segments that came afterwards?

    Y: I did a dance for the final audition. After I finished, they asked me, "What were you feeling when you danced?" I was thinking of saying, "I danced while having fun" but what my mind was so preoccupied that what came outlaws, "I danced up up! (index fingers pointing up)"

    --(Luck) up up アゲアゲ? That sounds so out of character coming from such a quiet person!

    Y: I didn't even know what it meant, but I said it like that anyway. The judges all laughed at me. I got really red.

    --Are you the type that people call innocently foolish?

    Y: Ah… I wouldn't know about that, but my friends and other members often call me that. I'm just clumsy, not innocently foolish. (laugh)

    --Ah, then we're the same!

    Y: When I walk, I would often trip where there's nothing on the ground. My friends are used to seeing me do it, but their mothers don't know that about me. They would get surprised and say, "Is that girl always like that? (chuckle)

    --But you seem like a very calm and prepared person. I would expect them to tell their children, "You should be more like Yuuna-chan!"

    Y: It's true, they do say that.

    --The second interview ends here. Look forward to the last part!
  13. Tarooooo

    Tarooooo Kenkyuusei

    May 21, 2014
    Part 3: Yamauchi Yuuna, Become an Only-One Artist in the Future!
    July 11, 2014

    Original link:

    --Welcome to the final part. I'm sorry that we didn't talk more about your clumsiness. How did you feel when you passed the audition?

    Y: I cried like a baby because I was so happy. My mother and my sister were there with me. My heart was pounding really hard when they said I passed. My sister said, "Oneechan, congratulations," and I couldn't even say "Thank you" back because I was crying so much.

    --The first time you went on stage was as a back dancer during the "Pajama Drive" show.

    Y: That was also very stressful. The song was "Junjo Shugi," which is a very cool song. I didn't know what kind of expressions to use for that song.

    --What did your dancer teachers and sempais tell you to do?

    Y: They saw that I was dancing with a very serious face, and told me "you should relax your expressions more." And when I watched them perform, I learned a lot about body language. But even to this day I think holding expressions while dancing is a difficult thing to do.

    --In the meantime, do you feel you became less shy of people?

    Y: Looking back, I'm definitely a lot more comfortable. Now that I am older, I actually became more talkative.

    --The opposite of what you were like as kid?

    Y: But I often lose track of what I'm saying when I become nervous. I also mispronounce words when I get stressed. When they put me in a unit in the Kenkyusei show, an MC segment was attached, and I couldn't find things to talk about, and panicked.

    --Hmm, so the problem isn't that you are shy, it's that you get nervous at unexpected situations…

    Y: That's right. Recently, some fans have told me that I froze on stage during MC when they visited me at hand-shake events.

    --Are you a person who does things on her own pace?

    Y: My own pace (マイペース)… maybe. But I can be fast when the situation needs it. When there's a chore that needs to be done fast, I can be very agile and efficient.

    --All right. Do you have any goals as a member of HKT48?

    Y: People always call me innocently foolish, so I'd like to explore that side of me more and give a more energetic appearance.

    --What would you like to do if you had a solo work opportunity?

    Y: I love comedians, so I'd like to appear in variety shows. But I'd also like to try acting in dramas. I really liked watching "One liter of tears" and "Hana yore dingo".

    --Those dramas came out at about the same time. It's really brings me back to those years when I watch dramas. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Y: My dream is to become an only-one-in-the-world artist like Amuro Namie-san, so that will be my goal. I don't mean to become exactly like Amuro-san, but someone who has a unique talent. My singing and dancing both need lots of work. I'd like to find my own voice soon.

    --I await that day. Thank you very much!
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    Sep 23, 2012
    could someone translate this meru page of mizugi surprise? thank you before...:)

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    Jun 14, 2013
    Source: AKB48 General Election Swimsuit Surprise 2014
    Member: Ota Aika
    Original text: here

    “My 6th Sousenkyo was the first one that made me think ‘This is fun’”

    How was your 6th Sousenkyo?
    "It was the first Sousenkyo that made me think "This is fun". Until now, during the voting period, I would work with each fan seperately at Handshake Events or the like. In my 6th year, for the first time I faced the Sousenkyo together with all my fans in unity. We had meetings during that short time at Handshake Events, we talked about our goal and thought together about how to achieve it. This voting period was a lot of fun for me, and I almost felt that just with that I was satisfied. That’s why I went into the Sousenkyo with a calm feeling, no matter which rank I would receive."

    Up until now, what kind of feelings did you have towards the Sousenkyo?
    "I always thought of the Sousenkyo as something I did to shorten my lifespan(lol). While the ranks were called out, from the beginning to the end I would sit nervously in my seat, feeling as if I was floating in the air. But I realized that that was because I was fighting on my own as well. I realized that just by thinking about the fact that now I am fighting it together with my fans, it calmed me down that much.“

    Since May you are working as Team KIV’s captain.
    "The most important things on my mind became thoughts like, ‘how can I make our theater performances better’, or ‘how can I draw out the personality of those young members’. Because there are a lot of young members with great potential in HKT48. That’s also why in this Sousenkyo, more than to stand out myself, I had a strong wish for those young members to rank. However, when the Sousenkyo was over, that feeling changed.“

    How did it change?

    "I realized that I wanted to stand out after all(lol). When I became captain, I took a step to the side, because I was only thinking of pushing the backs of my Kouhai. But then I thought, is that really the right thing? I wanted to show myself in a strong light to my Kouhai, so that I would become a rolemodel for them. Since it was the same for me; I was chasing after the backs of my own Senpai as well. That’s why now, I want to become a strong captain, that shows her own back to her Kouhai, so that it can be a lead to them.“
    Source: AKB48 General Election Swimsuit Surprise 2014
    Member: Kodama Haruka
    Original text: here

    “Last year, you declared to ‘cwush’ your Senpai, so you had to work hard”

    Seeing you present your speech up on the stage was impressive.
    "Being able to give that speech was proof that I had ranked, so I was really happy about it. I wanted to make my fans feel happy as well“

    Did your declaration to „cwush“ your Senpai at last year’s Sousenkyo become a problem for you?
    "I think it was a good thing that I said it. Even though I don’t know if it was the right way to express it, those were the feelings that I had, and compared to last year, I was able to rank up by 16 places.“

    You are moving up in a steady flow.
    "When I began as a 1st generation member, in the beginning I was in the center position, but for our first original song, that changed. What I thought about at that moment was how to accept that reality, and if I could change it. It took some time for me to think like that, but right now I am really looking forward. Wherever it is, I want to become someone that people say about „Haruppi has to be there as well“. And for that, this year I am going to search for more things that only I can do and for more of a charm that only I have, and I want to improve on that.“

    You also spend a year as a Kennin in AKB48 now. This time, you’ve been put in Team K, how is that for you?
    "Idols have the image of always smiling and dancing to cute songs. But Team K is a cool and strong team, so I am wondering if I am going to be able to draw out a different side of myself, that I haven’t shown until now. But of course, Sayanee(Yamamoto Sayaka)-san and (Matsui) Jurina-san have a strong presence. It makes me sad knowing that when we are standing on a stage together, the guests’ eyes will be on them. But I came here from Hakata as well, and so I want to try my best to not lose out to Sakae and Namba“

    A lot of HKT48 members have ranked this year.
    "Because of the many happy things, this year’s Sousenkyo was really fun. When HKT48’s members were called one after another, I was as happy as if it had been myself. However, just for my fellow first generation member (Miyawaki) Sakura, together with a feeling of happiness came a feeling of frustration. She is always running ahead of me. I have to chase her, I have to surpass her; those are the feelings that I have. But this year again, Sakura advanced past me.“

    You even went so far as to declare Sashihara (Rino)-san as your rival.
    "For me, Sasshi (Sashihara Rino) is a Senpai I am looking up to. I hope that I can continue to learn a lot from Sasshi, and I hope that I can improve HKT48 together with her.“
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    Oct 12, 2012
    i also found an interview of Sakura, is it readable?


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