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    I dont think that history show is given by management. Imo It's asked by the tv channel. She declared herself as Japanese history enthusiast. She's even described Nanase as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Maiyan as Oda Nobunaga on Koujichu early days.
    It's the same with how Karin got that Shogi show.
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    2020-03-10 Hayashi Osamu no Ima Desho! Kouza
    appears as guest in this show . contains a lot of CoViD info as well with the guest presenter being a medical professor in this field
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    Side 3
    大園桃子, 賀喜遥香
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    Yamazaki Rena
    Congratulations on your graduation Renachi!
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    Akimoto Manatsu
    Maybe she will be in the next single senbatsu or center for the under members song
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    Zaki’s graduation blog post, translated
    College Graduation

    It’s spring already.

    It’s the changing of the seasons.
    The passion of recent days.
    The pollen in the air.

    To you who are reading this,
    is it giving you energy?

    I’m energized!
    My sleep and nutrition,
    compared to when I was being chased by my graduation thesis deadline,
    are quite steady!
    I’m not catching a cold, nor hay fever!
    After the Birthday Live
    there’s been no occasion where I could meet fans directly, so
    I’m looking forward to blog comments, radio mail, etc.

    Now then, speaking of my graduation thesis.

    This spring, I graduated college!

    The graduation ceremony was unfortunately suspended, but
    I served as MC on a live broadcast program
    and for my outfit, I was able to wear a hakama✨

    Right before the start of the broadcast, we hurriedly stopped by the campus near the studio,
    and were just able to take a photo.
    The graduation signboard was on display!!!!
    I’m grateful for the wonderful consideration of everyone on the staff. Thank you very much!


    It’s nostalgic to be reminded of the spring of my 1st year of high school when I suddenly changed from a life single-mindedly focused on academic work,
    to joining Nogizaka46 as a 2nd generation member.

    After some time had passed, when I reread my March 2, 2016 blog post announcing my entrance to university,
    I recall how I regretted the post, thinking, “Ahh, I was bragging.” lol

    “Even if results don’t appear right away, I want to go through all sorts of discoveries and encounters and walk my own path.”

    Thinking back,
    perhaps I’m moving forward in the same way that I wrote about back then.

    In college, ranging from my own academic department to other departments,
    I took lecture courses widely on a great variety of genres, so
    I think I lack “specialization in an existing genre.”

    Of course, pursuing one’s own specialized field of study is also a wonderful thing.
    I also respect those who put that specialization to use in order to earn a living.

    My strong point is Japanese history, including on quizzes.
    Even before I received jobs, I was called a “female history buff,” but
    I took almost no courses on it in college, it was in the category of a hobby.

    For Nogizaka46’s Yamazaki Rena to have been given this kind of opportunity to learn further, is nothing but a delight!
    An irreplaceable luxury.

    Simply put, the fascination of continually absorbing information from completely different genres,
    even faster than could be encountered in radio or quiz shows,
    is something that college taught to me.

    That moment when the accumulated dots are connected together in a line
    happened a countless number of times.
    Afterwards, looking back, those moments when I recognized those connections were, more than anything, pleasant, happy, and fulfilling.

    On that thought, the theme of my graduation thesis is also
    something that joins dots together.

    It’s a thesis in a field with little prior research, but
    I decided on a theme that I hope to make use of in my career someday.
    The details will be told… at another time, another place.

    Incidentally, the total came out to 46 pages✨
    Though I wasn’t aiming for it, I suppose it rose up there
    because of the members? lol

    Being an idol while attending college
    may seem like straying off course when viewed from the outside, but

    even if I can’t become the person who is “like me” that I envisioned, that’s not bad.
    Taking your time isn’t bad.

    That’s what I’ve come to think
    over these past 4 years.

    I have a lot of inadequacies, immaturities,
    and complexes.
    So, in honesty, I don’t hold expectations or impositions towards myself.
    I’m able to simply accept it.

    When you enter any society,
    even if you do what you like, you can’t only do things that you like.

    There are also many things you have no choice but to endure,
    walls blocking the way,
    resentment and regret, emptiness within yourself that’s impossible to deal with.

    Perhaps I was fortifying myself,
    so that I would not be told, “You were doing that thing so you ended up disregarding the other thing.”
    But, it’s impossible to live my life all alone, so
    when I started to have a moment of doubt,
    I felt like I had to bear responsibility for my own choices.

    In the midst of my struggling in that way,
    I was able to meet people whom I greatly respect, was given space to express myself,

    and the number of comrades with whom I could walk side by side with also increased.

    When I tried accepting the person that I was when others would tell me, “That’s so like you,”
    I unexpectedly grew accustomed to it.

    I am truly grateful
    to be able to spend each day this way
    in this life which we can live only once.

    There are many things I want to do from now on.
    I’m still inadequate to do them, but, it’s just words, so I’ll say it. lol

    I genuinely enjoy quizzes, so I want to become stronger at them,
    and I also love reporter work.
    As for places related to history,
    I’m also interested in World Heritage Sites✨
    Any way you look at it, radio has become a part of my life… I couldn’t cut it loose even if I tried. lol

    On the whole, I have been granted chances to tackle things enjoyably,
    and in particular, if it’s for the sake of doing fun things with the people I like, I feel like there’s no end to how hard I can try.

    I am incredibly blessed by people.
    Any place I go, there’s nothing but warmhearted people.
    When I think of which team I’d like to work with again, there are many people who come to mind.

    Someday, I also want to be able to take part in informational programs and educational variety programs.

    Work that leaves behind a body of writing
    is also one thing I’ve always wanted to try!
    There are many teachers I’m indebted to, who presented me with a great deal during TV programs.
    The degree of contact I’ve had with writing has decreased compared to my time in college when I had reports and the graduation thesis, but
    even if it’s not for work, I’m thinking that I want to establish a habit of regularly writing down essays.

    To achieve something,
    perhaps you must lose something else, but
    I feel that the sum of the knowledge I studied, what I came into contact with, and the thoughts I had during my daily activity,
    will not add up to 0.

    What that “something” is, will surely be visible, invisible, tangible, intangible, in various forms.
    No matter if I use this many words,
    no matter what wonderful vocabulary I embellish this with,
    there are bound to be more things than I can possibly express.

    Without holding onto the worries or fears that “I feel like I’ll lose something,” without predetermining my limits,
    without fear of the thoughts and circumstances that change each day,
    I want to move forward while enjoying those variations.

    And, having faith that the things I’m doing now will again connect to somewhere new, I will do my best.


    Once more, what made it possible for me to strive to continue both my entertainment activities and my studies even before I entered college, and for me to also complete 4 years of college without issues this spring, was
    wholly thanks to the professors who taught me, my senpai in seminar, the friends I studied together with,
    my parents who taught me valuable, even if strict, lessons,
    and owing to everyone from various places who supported me and were understanding of how I was balancing work.

    I am thankful for all the lessons and encounters I’ve had, I will strive to put them to good use in my activities from now on.

    March 23, Reiwa 2
    Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena
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    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
    Congratulations to the smartest member of the bunch for her graduation. Should've been in senbatsu at least once. I'm hoping for her making it into in senbatsu before her idol graduation. It would be a shame if that were not to happen...
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    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
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    Sasaki Kotoko
    Wow that really means something. Maybe there will be some interesting project for her coming soon
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    Akimoto Manatsu
    Yamazaki Rena will be the cover girl of Japanese magazine MARQUEE (Vol. 138), the magazine will be released on 15 April 2020.

    Very beautiful eyes

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    The Ikuta Erika
    The Marquee twitter account started posting ton of Yamazaki pictures. I wonder if they're all from the photoshoot for this issue of the mag or perhaps it's a collection from other issues in which she has appeared? Anyway, enjoy!

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    They are a collection of all the photoshoots she's done for the magazine. You can see the dates and volume# of each magazine above the pictures as well as a comment about the photoshoot
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    Apr 5, 2018
    Akimoto Manatsu
    She haves very beautiful eyes.

    I prefer her with long hair
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    Sep 21, 2018
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    Suzuki Ayane
    Happy Birthday Zakicchi!!
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    Happy Birthday my baby. :ome:
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    Happy birthday Renachi
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    The north star of Nija
    Higuchi Hina
    Happy Birthday Rena!

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    Kakehashi Sayaka
    Happy birthday<3
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    Apr 5, 2018
    Akimoto Manatsu
    Happy birthday Renachi

    23 years old today

    I hope a lot of good things for her (maybe a place in a senbatsu this year)

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