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    Aug 4, 2008
    and who is mocking whom? and where?
    there's no one bragging and no one mocking.

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    Juri World
    I won't bother to quote it from your friends' twitters since now it might've been dumped or even deleted, but I remember a few of them that are rly a direct insult to 48 fans community.

    (i'll just translate the summary of their words to english)
    "lol people in i*** ((it's a name of a forum, do I need to complete this word for everybody?)) are looking like a fool"

    "yeah, what is wrong having karaoke with her? It doesn't like she ((he meant Churi)) would had fun with you guys."

    "it's your guys fault for separating from us, don't blame me." ((us as in AKB Indonesia Forum))

    EDIT: (adding more as the insult war is continuing even until now)

    "Lol, I am confused how are you going to meet the idol you like if even your twitter ID is a fake one...seems like those people aren't ready mentally. STFU~"

    "Once more....shut the f*ck off and accept your fate as enemy of celestial being~ HAHAHAHAHA!~"

    "That is really a pity for you who came from a far place but weren't able to meet your idol...and then why didn't you guys try to find the info from us? Silly you, idiot!!!! HAHAHAHA!"


    Ecwx, I am not going to mention every of their mocks here since if I do, it'll just makes me look like Bane. Don't get it wrong, I don't blame everything on you. Mostly are your friends', and since you have a rly close relationship with them, it is preferrable if you redirect this message for God's and fans' sake.

    I don't want to make HRP nor Mr.Waffle having their second job just to tell us to calm down. This problem got to be talked together, faster is better. And....gathering your volunteer on twitter won't help anybody either :hmm: Or let's take it another way, do I need to request those raging fans to come here and reply your message since their own's feelings would be much more worth than me who is standing on nobody's side?

    Remember the accident at JKT48 theater? Remember when your AIF's friends made a war almost every Indonesian JKT fans because they reserved ALMOST THREE BLOCKS OF FRONT SEAT with just a few bags and lightsticks? And again, not to mention the fight that those people had with fans. Justifying their cheat? That's just more than ridiculous. I even had to refer them to stage48's Q&A thread for theater's rules reference.

    The previous fight was bad. And it will keep getting worse until people start talking and work together instead of INSULTING each others.
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    Jul 23, 2007
    NMB48 Dai shamekai
    August 5, 2012
    Intex Osaka

    ordering tickets

    i really was not supposed to join this shamekai (cellphone picture taking) event since the day i learned about the application, it was already over for about a good month or two.  it was by some really lucky turn of events that happened, together with that really awesome advice from shoudou, and due to numerous cancellations that happened during the past few months, another round of applications were suddenly scheduled.  i tried to apply for the girls i knew, and even for the kenkyuuseis i wanted to meet, but i was only lucky enough to win one ticket - for rikanyan.

    at intex osaka

    some pics i took while going to intex and while at intex:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    shoudou and i arrived at intex osaka at around 12:00 noon.  nothing much really happened for me during the time that shoudou was running around the place trying to take as many pics as he can.  fortunately for him, the shamekai went really really really fast. it took about 10 minutes of waiting in line for the popular girls (minus the 3 aces ofcourse) before you can actually take a picture with the member.   

    shoudou left the place at around 5:00pm-ish, and then i was left to face my nervousness in meeting rikanyan alone.  

    taking the picture with rikanyan

    something funny happened when the lines finally opened up for the 18:30 timeslot.  about 30 minutes before the gates opened, i was already standing at a spot directly in front of rikanyan’s lane, just trying to relax and psyching myself for the moment.  and when the gates finally opened around 3 minutes before the said timeslot, people made a mad dash to the lines, which ofcourse i did too, but had to stop half-way because...

    i noticed i was the only one dashing towards rikanyan’s lane :shock: . wtf?!?!  there were around 5-6 other guys who were also waiting near me, and i overheard them talking about taking the pic with rikanyan so i knew they were also going to line-up there, but all of a sudden nobody, and i mean nobody, was even walking for her lane.  the staff member who was assigned to check the vouchers and the ID’s for her lane was calm and all, but the fact that it was only her lane that was empty must have also been an amusing sight for her.  i heard one of the guys near me say “oh i’m not going first”. lol.  i wonder why. 

    so the waiting game began.  it took about 2-3 minutes until some guy finally decided to go straight to rikanyan’s line.  i started thinking that maybe after somebody would be “first” in rikanyan’s line, that the other fans would then make a mad dash.  but then again noooo... as i waited for almost a full minute and not believing that nobody wants to line-up!  i gave up trying to figure things out and just joined that one guy who was still having problems finding his ID.  a quick verification of my voucher, ticket, and my alien registration card and i was able to stand behind the other guy and started waiting for rikanyan to arrive.

    5 minutes later, people in the other booths were already starting to go inside while our line wasn’t moving at all because rikanyan was still not inside the booth.  we waited a few minutes more, and i noticed that the line behind me had already grown to about 30 people in length.  i still did not understand the part why people did not want to line-up early.  :dunno: 

    meeting rikanyan

    when the first guy went into the booth to take a picture with rikanyan, my heart started pounding like crazy  :cold: .  i was telling myself that this nervousness... this was what i was really waiting for.  nobody gets to meet a girl for the first time for.. umm.. more than once, so its up to me to really treasure the moment.  phone ready, pose in my mind, my conversation with rikanyan already scripted in my head, the wait was killing me!  

    and finally the staff member peaked from the curtain and said “ok, next please.”  i was probably shaking a bit as i gave her my phone and told her to just press the center button because everything was in english.

    then i noticed the previous guy was still in the booth, still talking to rikanyan, and a staff member. WTF?!?! :evil:  he’s taking the time that should have been MINE with rikanyan!!  :wah:  i was kind of pissed at that point, but when i heard rikanyan saying “don’t worry, its okay”, i think something went wrong with the pic and that guy was not happy or something, and i patiently just waited behind the other staff member.  the ordeal was done in about 10 seconds, which may seem short but is actually already about half of the average time a person spends inside the shamekai booth.

    so finally i get to meet rikanyan.  i was planning to do this for weeks, so it was time to take my plan and put it into action.  i smiled at her, and the conversation went as follows (in japanese unless indicated):

    me (in english): hi there rikanyan
    rikanyan:  :confused: 
    me (in english): hello and nice to finally meet you
    rikanyan: yes..


    omg the girl knows ZERO ENGLISH!!  :shock: i don’t even think she knew i was speaking in english!! not that its bad, and i have to reiterate that its not bad for a jap idol not to understand english, but wow this was pretty much shocking for me.  my usual intro just got shoved back into my friggin face.  although she wasn't supposed to understand what i was saying, because my real goal was to make her realize that i'm a gaijin on her own, i still had to do something with the situation at hand. so i hurriedly switched to all-japanese mode and started talking to her:

    me: hi there i’m from (insert country), and i have always wanted to meet you. :cool: 
    rikanyan: wow! you’re a foreigner! you speak good japanese!
    me: thanks....
    staff: (interrupts) ok pose please
    me: ok let’s do this pose *does the wiii sign* :D 
    rikanyan: oh ok. like this right.
    me: yup
    staff: ok one, two, three!
    me: thanks so much rikanyan
    rikanyan: thank you so much! 
    *i tried to just grab the phone and leave*
    staff: i think you may want to check the picture first
    me: oh yeah. sorry :oops: .  *checks pic* looks okay to me. 
    me: rikanyan, thank you so much. and i’ll see you in the next shamekai in september!
    rikanyan: really? thanks!
    me: (in english, as i was about to exit the booth) ok rika, thanks and see ya!
    rikanyan: *smiles* :D 



    First of all, one of the main reasons why i really wanted to meet rikanyan was to finally close a chapter in my fandom.  ever since nmb’s debut in 2010, and when their first profile pictures came out (leaked even), a few of my friends and guys who know me were bugging me about this new girl who “really looked like matsuyuki”, and should probably be my next oshi.  i took one look at her picture, and i told myself no she didn’t really look like my oshi, and the profile pic was just a coincidence.

    months after, when more nmb pics started appearing in the internet, one of the wotas pointed me to a website of some guy who collected pics of rikanyan that had her really looking like my oshi.  i was in awe as i opened the site, and indeed some of her old pics really made it look like they were twins.  sadly that site is gone now, and i wasn’t really intending on saving the pics in the first place.  so all of a sudden, i had this urge to finally want to clear up if indeed she (rikanyan) does or does not look like my oshi.

    i ended up in osaka since the start of this year, but all of my hopes in seeing rikanyan perform on stage were crushed by the insane schedule of nmb and the seriously wtf week-end show schedule they have.  so finally it came down to this, and it was only through this shamekai that i will be able to finally clear-up what i have been dying to know for almost a year.

    and the result? rikanyan looks totally different from my oshimen, and with the few seconds that i was able to talk to her face to face, i could say that she is a totally different species.  rikanyan has her own “aura”, her own way of handling fans, and her own way of being an idol.  right now, i’m so glad that i can say that out of personal experience, and not by just reading about it in a book or something.  rikanyan is awesome, and if she does become my oshi in the future, it will be because she is rikanyan, and not because she looks like my current oshi. 

    and i even have the privilege of meeting her 2 more times in september.  i really have to prepare more for those.

    nmb 3rd gen show review to follow hopefully by tomorrow...
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    hahaha..thx for awesome review as always youko :)
    and glad finally you can go to NMB shamekai :D
    maybe next time we can go together, hehehe.
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    Nice report, btw I'm the tall Asian guy on that day.

    I'll probably write something later for that day.
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    I was at the theater last thursday (K6, Team 4) and friday (B5, Team B with some members missing) watching the show on the screen. There is little I can say about the shows that you don't know by now, but I'd like to make a few comments:
    - There were far more people to watch B5, I guess that the fact that it was one of the only shows performed by the 'real' team this month helped a lot.
    - Some fans seem to be there only to chat near the stairs paying little attention to the show. :hmm:
    - K6 is far better than B5 (of course, this is only my opinion) and I enjoyed it more
    - When the B5 show ended we were asked to leave using the side stairs instead of the I had to go up five floors again to buy stuff at the shop :dunno:
    - I tried to buy the digest of the 'Yossha ~Ikuzo~! in Seibu DOME' concert. It's funny that I found it at a neaby shop but at the theater it was missing... :^^;:
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    Jul 23, 2007
    NMB48 3rd gen show
    Aitakatta Stage
    August 11, 2012 14:00
    3rd Generation Girls’ 40th Stage Performance


    for this one, i really did not expect to be able to see a show at all.  the email arrived wednesday saying that i had won a cancel macchi, but was #97.  seeing a number that high again made me lose hope instantly as i really did not want to be rejected twice (i didn’t make it last time i had cancel macchi), and i had plans to get drunk the night before.   :D 

    but to cut the long story short, i was able to wake-up early that saturday, and i wanted to explore the shops near namba in hopes of finding a decent stationery to write my fan letter to rikanyan.  seriously, osaka has some really big shops and big bookstores, but zero good stationeries.  so i went to the theater and got there at around 12:30pm.  the doors for the fire exit opened at 1:00pm, and with really nothing left to do in namba, i just went up and queued with everybody.

    queuing before the show

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    since i had cancel macchi #97, i had to go all the way up to the 6th floor where numbers 90-120 were.  6 floors, 4 flights of stairs per floor, again it was just madness :confused: .  at first the place didn’t feel so warm and i told myself that maybe the theater staff did something to give the place better ventilation, but i was proven wrong when people started pouring in.  5 minutes before people started to move out, the place was just so hot that it felt like i was suffocating.  and all this for a very very slim chance to even enter the show.

    but when we finally left the fire exit, and started going down the stairs towards the nmb theater, i started to have hope as the line was moving reaaaaally fast!  a few minutes later, i already had visual contact with the staff member holding the wristbands :shock: .  i must have smiled so hard the moment i saw that she had a sh*tload of wristbands left, and even if i didn’t really count them i was pretty sure there was more than enough to reach my spot :lol: .  and omg after a few minutes i was already showing her my alien registration card and the print-out of my winning email!! YEAH!!!  [dance] 

    before the show

    as expected, when i entered the theater after getting my ticket, there were almost no seats left.  it was really a nice and different feeling though as the staff members were the ones who scouted the place for any available seats and led me to one. so i was positioned at the 2nd to the leftmost seat in the theater, last row at the left group of seats - a spot where i was able to hardly move and with no room whatsoever for hand movements.  the guy to my right was probably a theater regular of nmb as he kept talking to the guy to his right about the start of the 1st gen shows, start of the 2nd gen shows, etc.  i could have interrupted, but i was still in shock that i was already inside the theater!  announcements came in and soon the show started.  

    performance review

    first thing that i noticed about the show today was that there was more than a group of fans who were already familiar with most of the girls :D .  during the intro to  nageki no figure, there were shouts for every girl this time, and i was really happy to hear that.  

    i tried to experiment and do what the other fans in the theater were doing, or watching the show osaka-style so to speak, which meant i was just waving my hand back and forth and back and forth, no clapping, no hand movements.

    i didn’t last 1 song XD.  damn that was boring hahaha :lol: .  namida no shounan forced me to find some room in the really right spot that i was in since i couldn’t really help but do the hand movements.

    forwarding a bit to the mc, this time the girls talked a bit about their 40th show.  though probably not all of the girls on stage had attended all 40 (my favorite 3 definitely has less than 40 - sora, anna, and honorin).  it was nice that to hear more from the girls, and at least get to know a little more about their stage personality.  

    for the unit songs, although i really hate to admit it, but sora is just too much of an attention getter.  my eyes were usually on honorin if she was at my side of the stage, and was moving from member to member to try and know more girls when honorin was at the opposite side, but each time sora would pass by my eyes would helplessly stick to her.  she’s just so friggin tall for a 13 year old girl, and she looks so mature.  her curves (more like parallel lines) give her away though.   :cool: 

    the rest of the songs were still as usual, with me doing the hand movements like crazy, and losing my voice during skirt hirari.

    for the single medley, which was one of the two highlights of the show for me, the girls performed the latest nmb single, virginity, on stage!!  :omfg:  and as i had expected, the song is 1000x better when performed live :corr: .  some girls could really shake it, others are just dancing, but the overall movements of the song done by the 3rd gen girls was enough to drive me mad for a few minutes :panic: .  i was pretty much laughing alone as i was watching the girls go for it on stage.

    then they performed nagiichi, flying get, heavy rotation, and seishun no laptime.  


    what can i say, the stage was definitely full of energy today.  i really was not sure whether this  was because it was their 40th show, or because nmb noon shows are actually more energetic than evening shows (opposite of akb).  and it was nice that the fans were also a bit more enthusiastic during the show.   :approve: 

    show/member highlight


    one of the personal highlights for me during the show was kurokawa hazuki, or better known as haako in the theater.  for sometime now i have been wondering why this girl has a small battalion of hardcore fans, which was also pretty evident during the handshake event and shamekai, and during the show i really tried to find what was so appealing about her.  well today, it felt like i was slapped in the face with the answer... by a 300 lb sumo wrestler.  

    first of all, i noticed her during the previous show that i attended as i thought she looked a bit like my favorite 3rd gen member, honorin (akazawa hono).  but when the two girls were side by side on the stage today, it was clear that she didn’t look like her at all. lol.  but that alone signalled me that there was something about haako that was somehow drawing my attention towards her. :confused: 

    now as i was watching the group songs, and when the colors began to merge from senaka kara dakishimete to rio no kakumei to geezu jesus, i suddenly noticed that she was pretty much dancing a lot more energetically than the other girls. and just when i thought that that was cool and that was all to it, things exploded right after the encore.  during the post-encore songs, haako was out of control.  it has been a while since i have seen a member go wild to stage songs, doing extra movements and stuff.  it wasn’t like ranran, so to compare, as ranran is just hands down amazing at dancing, but i would go as far as say that i somehow feel a bit of nacchan aura in haako.  and the fact that their eyes look similar just makes things even more interesting.  

    let’s just say that haako was totally enjoying herself that she forgot she was wearing a skirt post-encore, and gave us a lot of free fan service  :whistle: .  i mean, its the theater so it’s bound to happen.  seriously though, what really got my attention was how she was jumping around the stage like she was high or something.  must be the new nmb drink that they are promoting.  haha.

    so right now, haako just climbed my rankings.  i would have loved to meet her in the shamekai but its too late now.  

    and i just love this feeling that i get to “discover” new girls with each show.  it didn’t feel this way for the akb kks-now-team-4 girls, and the last time i felt like this was i guess during team B.  the original team B.

    with team N’s original stage scheduled next next week, i’m expecting my losing streak to go on for a while.
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    Aug 27, 2011
    HKT48  (6/9/2012).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I went to see HKT48 Team H perform "Te wo Tsunaginagara" today. This is the 3rd time I have seen a 48-show, after Team 4 in the theatre last year and the first day of Tokyo Dome a few weeks ago. I thought HKT would be the easiest group to win tickets to, and that seems correct, as I got an enpou win on the 2nd show I applied for. I'm really glad I got to see a theatre show this trip, because whilst Tokyo Dome was epic, you can't see anything compared to the theatre where you are right up close, and after all, the theatre is the heart of what the 48-groups are about.

    [​IMG]  [​IMG] 

    The whole process is quite similar to the AKB Theatre so I knew what was going on. Show email and passport and get a wristband and ticket and can then hang around the theatre area. There is a photo wall (quite empty with all the blank spaces now  :cry: ), coin lockers and a few AKB related posters. There is also a shop in the waiting area where I bought a tshirt. Many people bought light sticks here but I got two cheap disposable ones from Hawk's Town Mall (pink, as that was the closest they had to HKT red). Nearer the time they lay all the numbers on the floor and you go stand where your ticket says and eventually they let people in. Quite a few enpou people didn't turn up. All the families/ladies did and they all looked excited. I got ridiculously excited waiting in the last few minutes watching the videos on the screen. 

    [​IMG]  [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The theatre itself is really nice. It's sloped downwards, no pillars and you get loads of space (more legroom then I could use, and space either side of your seat too), unlike AKB and Tokyo Dome which were both really cramped. It's luxurious. And multiple times bigger than the AKB Theatre. The lighting is amazing and they have smoke, lasers and confetti cannons. They filmed it with 5 cameras which I think they project in the lobby so you can watch. There is an extended circular stage protruding from the centre. This also rises up and spins. Enpou seats are the 3rd and 4th row at the front of this extended bit. I got one seat away from the centre of the 3rd row so was in an amazing seat. Families/ladies are the front two rows. 

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The crowd was really good. Most people had lightsticks. And all the mixes and other crowd interaction bits were really fun, there were just a couple of weak mixes and the encore chant took ages to start. The little girl in front of me was doing all the arm motions to the songs which was nice. Her dad joined in with her often too. I kindof learnt the words to the 2nd mix during this show, but wished I knew more members names so I could join in with those bits too. Quite a few people were wearing HKT t-shirts and there were quite a few Sashihara debut single towels being worn as well. The crowd seemed a lot better than at the Team 4 show I went to and the section of Tokyo Dome I was in.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cast list:
    You'll note that this is only 14 members, they bolstered up to the full 17 with three from SKE48. I only recognised Saito Makiko. The HKT website  doesn't list the SKE members, but on a news item for the show on the 4th (I think) it says Kito Momona and Iguchi Shiori performed. I assume its the same. I can't recognise them from their profile pics. There was definitely one from each SKE team and one of the girls was really tall, dwarfed everyone.

    You'll also notice that despite not having enough HKT members, they still bolstered up to 17 instead of 16. However, there were only a few songs where all 17 performed, usually one dropped out to make the normal 16.

    The self-intro MC involved more members, a lot of them started conversations with Sasshi. And Annya even chose 4 members to dance for her whilst she sang a song. I still can't tell Anai and Aoi apart, and only could by noticing their hairstyles during the self-intro MC. They really could be twins (also, Aoi is really hard to pronounce). Sashihara had a lot of attention at the beginning, and really fits in well with HKT. She seems like a really good performer too and was one of the stand-outs. She did seem to have a massive bruise just above her right knee though. The other stand-outs were Anai/Aoi and Annya. Annya really seems like a great performer too and has some charm about her.

    Halfway through the show I realised I was just staring at Haruppi the whole time. She was amazing. She looks quite different in real life and looks so stunningly beautiful. Like a model, but shorter. Her new hairstyle often meant that she had stray strands draped across her forehead but this didn't matter (quite a few people mentioned this to her at the high touch too). I only stopped staring at Haruppi when she wasn't in a song and I watched Sasshi instead. I think I'm going to have to change my official HKT oshimen on the website to Haruppi. She really won me over. 

    Before the final song, I thought they were going to do Gingham Check, but instead they did SKE's new single, “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki”, maybe due to the SKE members present. It was the first time I'd ever heard that song. Haruppi and (I think) Annya did the fake kiss. They were quite a way apart from each other. I can't even remember if it was Annya as I was too busy looking at Haruppi  :blush: 
    edit: think it was Makiko now, Haruppi mentions that on her G+.

    I loved the central protruding section of the stage as I was right in front of it. I got really excited whenever anyone went down there, especially Haruppi.

    I almost forgot, but before the last couple of songs, they went to a VTR of a member I don't know the name of. She had some words written out in Japanese and two and a half minutes to write them out in English. She failed miserably apart from "apple". Bann =/= banana, erefant =/= elephant, etc etc. Was quite a laugh for me who can't understand the normal MCs.

    What's nice is they let people who need to catch the Shinkansen go first for the high touch. They also announced Sasshi wouldn't be taking part in the high touch (I think) due to other commitments. 

    I got a good response at the high touch. A few good "its a gaijin!" reactions from them. Makiko pointed and shouted "hey". Anai and Aoi were very friendly. Haruppi was happy. Sakura turned and talked to Annya when she saw me and then grabbed my hand rather than just high touching. So I grabbed her hand back. That was cool. I watched the high touch afterwards and didn't see her do that to anyone else :) It was cool watching the rest of the high touch and then waving and shouting when they left. 

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PS, note how the HKT theatre is within a few hundred metres of Yahoo! Dome. Maybe one day they can have a dream of a concert there too.... btw, Hawk's Town Mall is a bit of a dump, and you wont find it without looking up directions beforehand either. Also left Haruka Wakatabe a birthday message :)

    All the photos I took in a gallery:
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    Jul 23, 2007
    ^ read your post yesterday but i didn't have time to reply. anyways, just reading about how you found the atmosphere of the hkt theater was just awesome. wotas have been telling me for the past few months that the spirit of the old akb theater is not in ske, nor in nmb, but can actually be found in the hkt theater (well up until sasshi showed up), and i'm really happy to read a review of an hkt show.

    now i seriously feel that i'm in the wrong part of japan. T__T
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    Jun 24, 2010
    Been a while since i posted here, but had plenty of AKB related stuff that i did recently (Tokyo Dome, 1830m Handshake/2 Shot, Theater shows) but just gonna discuss about the recent stuff namely KKS theater show 2012 09 15 1400 and French Kiss Mini Live event at Mukahari Messe:

    KKS [Boku no Taiyou] 2012 09 15 1400

    Prior to the show, I dropped off a really late gift for Kuramochi Asuka... that was pretty easy to do, but you can't just drop it off, need to fill out a form before you can hand the gift to the staff.

    Got my ticket and it was number 49 lol one short of 48 [hehe] ... lined up, first row they called was rows 50 to 59... the next was 30 to 39... LOL my group was in between the two groups that got to pick the best seats in the theater lol :p next was the 120 group... then the 40 to 49 group aka my group hell yeah!!! i looked around and found a seat near the couples/family lol so i took it... this was my first time sitting in the theater (my past 5 shows, i've been on the standing area on the rail by the enpou seating) it was a nice, though i got a ok chunk of left pillar but that didn't hinder much...

    So typical Boku no Taiyou set... the cast had from what i recall majority, if not all of the 14th gen girls. I have to say that a couple of these girls have some potential... for me mainly Nana-chan and Natsuki-chan. Both were amazing on their units, but unfortunately my favorite 13th gen KKS - Moechan, the newly promoted member - Aya, and the english speaking gal Hirari! so my attention was towards them most of the time lol... If you watch the LOD, you can hear me during Hirari's MC yelling out "I LOVE YOUR HAIR" fun times... High touch was great... Hirari grabbed my hand and I told her that I like her hair, she was surprised and said "AH! Thank you!" with a big smile! good times all in all.

    French Kiss Mini Live:

    Got there around 7:05pm (doors open at 7:15pm/event starts at 8pm) and there was a huge line already! i thought I was gonna get a far spot to watch the mini live, luckily it was kinda a lottery on what spot we got... I got Section B1 spot 74... this area was just behind A1 which is literally close to the stage, so i got a good view of the girls (especially Kuramochi :^O^: ) The event hall turned dark, then all you can see is a sea of Green Glowsticks from the crowd... The girls started out with Rainy Day, then an intro MC... they wondered why the crowd was using green glowsticks instead of the usual pink and light blue lol (it was Kuramochi's birthday earlier in the week) Mocchi was really happy about it, they did a two more songs, then another MC where they answered some questions the fans asked on a note they provided before you entered the event hall. They concluded the show with Romance Privacy... but like any events there's gonna be an Encore, but instead of an encore chant everyone chanted "Asuka" [clap] they came back out, did a short MC and then performed Zuto. Great Mini Live overall. glad i was able to see Mocchi at this Mini Live, hell i even told her during our handshake earlier in the month that i was gonna go to this event just to see her ;) ... was a pretty eventful month so far AKB wise for me, and I hope to see more theater shows while i'm out here too [notme]
  11. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    ^ Good times Big D. Glad you are having lots of fun!
  12. luckyone

    luckyone Kenkyuusei

    Jun 21, 2011
    Tokyo, Japan
    Yesterday it was my first AKB-related experience in Japan (other than buying gingham check in tsutaya), and although I didn't went to a show, the janken nor a handshake event yet, I went to the Nanba AKB48 shop and cafe. At first I didn't knew if I could go, since I was on a trip with my family and I didn't knew too well how to get there, but when I realized I would go, I just kept asking at nanba to randomn people where the NMB48 theater was.

    It was very far from where we were, but at the end I noticed something.... the NMB48 theater sign and stairs going down to the theater. The only thing I knew it was that the AKB48 shop & cafe was infront of it, so I just looked around and found the cafe & shop :D

    They were broadcasting the janken and surprisely the cafe wasn't too crowded so we decided to stay for a coffee and such, they were good and the strawberry smoothie I got was really good, I loved the people who worked there, because they were really nice and they were surprised I spoke some japanese and liked AKB48:D

    We could not stay too much because we were going to leave for Kyoto, but I indeed had a good time and bought some things too... I was surprised the key chains of the senbatsu members weren't sold out (specially, the yuko one).
  13. Pollinic

    Pollinic Kenkyuusei

    Jun 27, 2010
    The waitresses at the Nanba cafe are much cuter, nicer, more talkative than the staff at the Akiba cafe. Pretty cool they broadcasted the Janken there.

    They restock items all the time in these shops, so only sometimes a few members will be sold out.
  14. ichiban kawaii

    ichiban kawaii Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2011
    i also recently went to the shop in namba! the waitresses and staff are super cute and very helpful. i really loved being there and i'm planning on going back as soon as possible! here are my purchases!
    the cookies (??) weren't so great but ill eat anything with akb's name on it lol
  15. wowkacui

    wowkacui Kenkyuusei

    Sep 23, 2012
    Most accounts I hear from H!P or other idol events the security staff just tosses you around and you just happen to be in front of them for a few seconds if you're lucky. .......

    love me little,love me long!!
  16. Pollinic

    Pollinic Kenkyuusei

    Jun 27, 2010
    Well, this is not "H!P or other idols", this is AKB48. Their concept is "idols you can meet" and they are different from other idols in that sense.
  17. Youkokurama

    Youkokurama Kenkyuusei

    Jul 23, 2007
    NMB48 Shamekai
    September 22, 2012
    Intex Osaka

    before meeting the girls

    for this shamekai, i was lucky enough to win 5 tickets compared to the measly 1 ticket i had in the previous one. and since the earliest time slot i had was at 4:00pm, i had no problems taking my time in the morning, and even grabbing lunch before i went to the venue.

    the place was still at intex osaka, and this time they occupied hall 6-C.

    after arriving at cosmosquare station at around 2:30pm, i decided to walk sloooooowly to the venue. i had so much time, and i really had nothing to do when i get there except to wait. i still got to the place at around 3:00pm, and decided to go straight to the place that i knew was hall 6. upon getting there, i was greeted with both halls CLOSED. :wtf: i panicked a bit and started looking for maps, and soon found out i was at halls 6A and 6B, and that hall 6C was at the third floor. lol. then i saw that all escalators were closed. i wanted to panic, but i was pretty sure that if i followed 1 or 2 wotas, they would lead me straight to the venue. sure enough, following one of them led me straight to the correct set of escalators going to the third floor that even had a giant sign saying “NMB Shamekai →”. lol. :lol:

    i scouted the place and had the details of my girls sorted out. with nothing left to do, i just stood in front of honorin’s line and waited for my timeslot.

    weird behavior of fans

    what i was able to observe during the time i was waiting, that i really found amusing, was that some fans would actually wait for the very last second before they would line-up for the girl. the event timeslots were timed to the second.. and there were big ass digital timers all over the place to tell people how much time they had left. let’s say, for example, if a time-slot was supposed to end at 2:15pm, staff members would be guarding the entrance of every lane by 2:05pm, and at exactly 2:16:00pm they would close the barriers and NOBODY was allowed to get in, unless you were ofcourse accompanied by another staff member for some special reason. i saw people waiting in front of those gates until 2:15:55pm, and ran to the gates 1-2 seconds before they closed. :panic: and it was not only 1 or 2 people, there were a lot of fans doing this. i was also able to witness 1 guy who was not able to make it and the staff member closed the lane a second before he entered. :hand: he tried to talk to the staff member, but was not given a chance. he didn’t really break down or anything, so i assumed he had dozens of tickets for the event and losing one was not really that much of a big deal.

    i could think of a few reasons why people would do this. being the last guy to take a picture with the member meant that you probably had a lot more time to talk to her, especially if the timeslot ended 10 minutes after. i guess it was worth the risk if you had many tickets, but i for one would not want to do anything like that. i would have probably shat my pants if i saw i had only 2 minutes left before they slammed the gates in front of me. :D

    meeting the girls


    so as i waited in front of honorin’s lane, i was trying to look for familiar faces in the crowd and was ofcourse treated to the sight of awesome fan girls that some of them i would argue are even better looking that some of the actual members of nmb XD. and seeing someone cosplaying seifuku ga jama wo suru really made me want to stop her and ask her if i could take her picture. :omg:

    5 minutes before we were supposedly let in, i pulled out my tickets and got ready. as i grabbed the one for the 4:00pm timeslot, i saw the name on the ticket - rikanyan :fp: . lol. i made a mistake, and was in front of the wrong lane. i quickly moved to rikanyan’s lane, but then i was not ready to meet rikanyan. my mind was set on meeting honorin. but i knew i had to do something.

    gates opened and people started dashing. i let around 7-8 people line-up before i approached the gate. it should give me more time to prepare and feel the moment, and check the pace of the shamekai. as we waited outside, the girls inside rikanyan’s booth were screaming and lolling and wtf i didn’t really know what they were doing :blink: . hahaha. awesome feeling hearing the girls having fun.

    i checked the pace of rikanyan’s line. each person had around 45 seconds before the next one was called in. somehow i felt it was fast, so i prepared just a short introduction.

    and soon it was my turn. curtains opened, and the staff member took my phone. i knew the drill, so there were really no problems whatsoever. i went in, staff took my bag, and then i shook hands with rikanyan. at that moment i knew she did not remember me. and how can i blame her, as we have only really met for an awesome 30 whooping seconds or less in the previous event. i sat beside her, and as i did i told her i was from another country. i was expecting her to answer back something like “wow really?” and then ask me for a pose, but to my surprise she was facing fully in my direction and was genuinely asking me about my country :) . i was surprised and puzzled, as i knew time was ticking, and as i tried to answer her i saw a camera flash :shock: . wtf?!?! i was facing rikanyan at this point, not striking a pose, and didn’t know what to do since nobody was telling me to stop or anything. i answered rikanyan with a brief location of where my country is, and when she replied “your japanese is good”, i told myself it was a sign to end the conversation. i thanked her for the compliment, and as she began to face the camera, i promptly told her that we do the heart pose.

    the heart pose turned into a “ball” pose [rofl] . i thanked her, told her i’m going back for another picture, and left.


    *bonus* as i left rikanyan’s booth, i was suddenly stopped by a staff member from going to the exit. i was like “okaaaay...” as i didn’t know how to ask politely wtf was going on. seconds later, haru walked in front of me, going to her booth :shock: . lol. my eyes got stuck on her the whole time. after all, she’s one of the members that i really wanted to meet when i first knew about nmb.
    honorin, rikanyan part 2, milky

    the next timeslot i had was at 6:30pm, so i decided to just wait in some abandoned bench outside. at this point i had given up on trying to find someone i know in the crowd. i came back, and was ready to run all over the place since i had 3 tickets to use-up in a span of 45 minutes, and one of them was milky’s.

    first i lined-up for honorin. as the gates opened, i made a mad dash to the entrance, but was beaten by a fan girl :shocku: !! wow!! the girl looked awesome, and from what i could tell from my waiting earlier that day, she was probably not meeting honorin for the first time. i was second in line, and i quickly had to psych-up myself.

    the first girl also had around 45 seconds before i was called in. same drill, and when i met honorin, she went straight to the point and even asked me for the pose while i was still shaking her hand and was not even seated yet. wow. what a big contrast compared to rikanyan’s behavior. so i told her i was from another country while sitting down, and all i heard from her was “really?” i wasn’t really bothered or anything, so i obliged and proceeded to tell her that we do the heart pose. and when we did, the staff member told us that we were too close to each other :hehe: . it kind of puzzled me since i was just sitting up straight and not leaning to the left or anything, but i still apologized and pretended to lean to the right a bit. after the pic was taken, i told honorin that i will be meeting her one more time later. she said thank you and i left the booth.


    i made a mad dash to rikanyan’s line, and when i got there around 6-7 people were lining up in front of her booth. things happened quickly, and soon i was in front of rikanyan again. this time rikanyan was struggling for something to say, but since all she could say was thank you, we proceeded with the pose. this time, i had her do the wii pose again, just like in the previous shamekai. after the picture, this time i asked rikanyan if she could speak or read english, and told her that i might be sending her a fan letter in english. although i already knew the answer (thanks shoudou :D ), it was nice to hear it from rikanyan herself. she told me she’s extremely bad when it comes to english, which then prompted me to tell her that it’s okay, and i will try to write in japanese instead. not happening though :whistle: , hehe. instead, i’ll probably just include a jap translation of my fan letter to her :D .


    and finally, for the main event for my part this day, it was time to line-up for milky. i got there, and i counted about 40+ people in front of me. and just 2-3 minutes after i lined-up, there were already 10 guys behind me. milky was not to be underestimated. i clocked the speed of the line, and each person had around 20-30 seconds instead of the usual 45 seconds with the other members. the line moved really fast, but not fast enough when i was around 10 people away and was in viewing angle of the booth beside her - sayanee’s [cool] . i must have seen sayanee A LOT during the times when staff members of her booth opened the curtains and let in a fan, and i saw her make weird hand gestures more than once. the girl is tiny as compared to what i had believed she would look like in videos. and her short hair just makes her stand-out more. i guess this is the reason why the top 3 of nmb always have their booths beside each other. if not, people might line-up for the girls beside their booths just to see the famous girls XD.

    soon it was time for me to face milky. i went in the booth, and when i saw milky still sitting down, she looked so small, and pretty much an exact copy of what i see in videos, just that this time i was seeing her in bazillions pixel resolution, or you know.. live :cool: . she reached out to shake my hand, and ofcourse i was happy to oblige, and this was when the fun started :D .

    as i sat beside milky, instead of her letting go of my hand, she placed her left hand slightly above my right hand, locking it in place. i was in a position where i could not pull out my hand at all :shock: . and then as i told her that i was from another country, she began to massage my hand while looking straight to my eyes :yikes: and saying little nonsense stuff like “oh.. that country... nice... sugoi” :nb: . seriously, her face was like less than 2 feet away from me, and she had me in a staring game while my hands were locked as she was massaging them.


    f***ng K.O.

    Milky - 1, Youko - 0. :^O^:

    it went on for about 5 seconds i think, and then she asked me what pose. i was impressed that i was still able to answer her at that point. cause you know, my mind was pretty much blown to bits by this time. i told her that we do the heart pose.

    i left the booth saying thank you to her, and had my grin up to my ears as i walked the exit path. i was pretty much hysterical for the next 10-15 minutes. :lol:

    honorin part 2

    while waiting to spend my last ticket, the thoughts of what just happened with milky was still haunting me. i was pacing slightly, and i was dying for someone to talk to in english or in my home language that i can express exactly what i felt during that time. it even came to a point that i almost decided to just leave the venue out of respect for honorin as i was about to go in her booth with half my brain blown off. still i was able to convince myself to stay and enjoy this last ticket.

    i entered honorin’s booth, and this time i felt that somehow she wanted to strike a conversation. all i was able to say to her at that point was that i was really happy to meet her again, and that i hope to see her again in the future. we went straight for the pose, and i told her to do the wii pose. took the picture, left the booth and the shamekai was over... or so i thought.

    upon exiting the booth, the staff member asked me to verify the picture. when we checked the picture, the thing was blurred beyond recognition. i told the staff that too bad my phone must have failed, but before i can say anything else, the staff told me to wait as he would guide me back to the booth and i could take another picture. WOW! he then told me to delete the picture while he was looking (phone settings were in english, but the icons proved useful for him to understand i guess), and then we proceeded to go back to the booth. honorin was quite surprised to see me again, and i told her that the pic was blurred. without much conversation, we took a picture again, same pose, and then i thanked her again and quietly left. this time the picture came out quite well. :approve:


    and that ended my shamekai experience for today. was definitely awesome, and i never thought that i would be caught off guard by a member. getting your hand massaged in a handshake event is one thing due to the table between you and the member, but while sitting beside the member is a totally different friggin thing. gyaaah!

    first of all, i would really like to commend the staff and the organizers for planning out everything really well, especially the part where you had to verify the pic while the staff member was holding your phone outside the booth. that was awesome. the moment they saw i had a blurred pic, with no questions asked, they let me take another one after the usual apologies came my way. for me that was just awesome, and as a fan it really made me feel important and respected. :approve:

    the experience itself was awesome, and although one of my friends told me after the event that the fan service i got from milky was pretty much a trap to get me to like her.. all i could answer was “hell yeah! she could trap me as much as she wants!”. seriously, even during the time that milky had that staring game with me, looking all cute and sexy at the same time, i knew it was pure fan service, and for me there was nothing wrong with being on the receiving side. this was a totally different category as compared to the fan service i got from my oshi before, and getting this from the ace of nmb, i guess i just have to respect milky for doing her job insanely well. :love:
  18. Shoudou

    Shoudou Kenkyuusei

    Mar 24, 2009

    No comments on the mily part, i know exacly that feeling, when Sasaki Yukari did moreless the same to me in atheater hightouch xDDD

    About Rikanyan, it's true, she knows zero english xDDD when she saw me last July she put a veru kowai face to see a gaijin, but changed when she saw i could speack some japanese haha. Anyways you must use the gaijin card and write the fanletter in english [rock]

    Btw, you should go to take some choco parfait (you know where xDDD) to complete your awesome weekend :D

    *crap i should post my reviews someday of my last trip >.<
  19. madamada

    madamada Kenkyuusei

    Mar 23, 2012
    Re: Seeing AKB48 Shows (TOC at first post)

    Hi guys, just want to share some photos from my trip last month - surely it will be already familiar to all the expert around here :)

    Thanks a lot to : Christafari, Tensai, Shoudou who answered a lot of my question, and Honey Roasted Peanuts who answered my email also (So you are the owner of Melos no Michi?)

    The planning itself took about 2.5 months and involved hundreds of google search, lot of google translate, and collecting data since it was my first time in Japan. When first i booked my plane ticket i just had 4 handshake tickets with Milky, and from then it went on like a snowball to become 13 tickets haha

    Day 1 - Kobetsu Akushukai NMB 5th single "Virgnity"
    Venue : Makuhari Messe hall 9 - 15-Sept 2012

    The tickets

    Inside Makuhari Messe hall 9 - the area itself is divided into 3 area.


    First is the handshake queuing area, which divided into 2 again - the first queue is where you confirm the ticket and the receipt, then after that you join another queue for the handshake itself. Just right before the box they will confirm your ticket one more time and do a handcheck. The other 2 area is photo trading area and resting area, where it's the only place inside where you are allowed to sit.


    With one ticket, the handshake itself is very fast! 1000 yen flew away just like that, it's just about 5 seconds. First the staff will do some warning, "Mamonaku desu" - shortly and after that "Ojikan desu" - your time is up, they will grab your sleeve and pull you out (some of the guard is harsher than another, i was pulled quite hard in Maachun box until my arm hurt)


    I had 10 handshakes that day, 4 with Mirukii, 2 Maachun, 2 Ainyan, 1 Nana, and 1 Riichan. I won't go into the detail but it was a great experience, especially with Milky, as described by Kainzero from "Electrifying chapu chapu fisherman" - her line is the longest of all, even longer than Sayanee, and it's always full from Morning to Evening - almost got a mini heart-attack when she winked and said, "I love you" because she knowed i'm not a Japanese

    took some photo with OJS48 there
    Day 2 - Kobetsu Akushukai NMB 5th single "Virgnity" and French Kiss mini live for Romance Privacy
    Venue : Makuhari Messe hall 8 & 9 - 16-Sept 2012

    That day while waiting for the French Kiss concert, i still had 3 tickets, 1 for Maachun, 1 Kanakichi, and 1 Ripopo. For less popular member, the handshake itself is more relaxed, the staff won't pull you out as fast as the other popular member.

    That time they did 3 concerts in a day, i got the ticket for the last one.

    Waiting for the 2nd concert queue to finish before i can start queuing.

    From the Asuka Kuramochi birthday committee, a note and a small green lightstick

    Waiting in the queue for about 4.5 hour, it was cold outside when it started to get dark

    Lucky me, got a front row block, it was very near to the stage!

    The show started by 8 pm, and it's just about 45 minutes with some MC, tracklist that day were :
    1.Rainy day
    2.瓶の蓋(bin no huta)
    4.ロマンス・プライバシー(Romance privacy)
    Encore :
    5.ずっと 前から(zutto mae kara)

    it was my first concert ever and it's damn amazing. Right at the first song, i don't know how but suddenly all people use the same green colored lightstick, including the one distributed by the committee and it was a beautiful sight for me! They replace the encore shouting with "ASUKA ASUKA" since it was her birthday.

    After the concert ended, the people who earlier gave us the lightstick helped collecting the leftover lightstick with a bag and they shouted, "MINASAN ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!" - as expected from Japanese, passionate yet very responsible!

    After the concert finished
    Day 3 - Janken Tournament
    Venue : Nihon Budoukan - 18-Sept 2012

    After a series of failure in getting the ticket for the event, finally i just tried my luck there without no result. But at least got a chance to take photo with TGSK and asked him some question.


    I asked why there was no super enpou for Janken, but it seems like he didn't know anything that time because he insisted that THERE IS a super enpou for Janken. Maybe he's not involved directly in the ticketing for a big event like this - then it became confusing, afterwards i just conveyed my concern for the fans traveling far away from abroad...

    After that he said ok, from now on in the next big event we will hold super enpou again. Lucky he can speak a little bit of English because i just know a little bit of nihongo myself...

    Queue for the photoset is very long

    Listening to some leaking sound from outside
    Day 4 and 5 - Boku no Taiyou and Mokugekisha
    Venue : AKB48 theater, Don Quijote, Akihabara, 8th floor
    19 Sept / 21 Sept

    The sacred place

    Lucky me, got 2 theater shows that week. The winning email look something like this :


    And yes, it was crazy. I cannot describe how amazing the performance itself in words, all the loud music inside, all the mix and shouting, also the high touch event after the show. Everything is exactly how others have been described in this forum.

    For the Boku no Taiyou the lineup is this :
    Abe Maria / Ichikawa Miori / Iwata Karen / Oba Mina / Shimada Haruka / Takahashi Juri / Takeuchi Miyu / Tano Yuka / Nakamura Mariko / Nagao Mariya
    Umeta Ayano / Kitazawa Saki / Shinozaki Ayana - 13th gen
    Kojima Mako / Nishino Miki / Hashimoto Hikari - 14th gen

    And for Mokugekisha :
    Iwasa Misaki / Ota Aika / Oya Shizuka / Katayama Haruka / Kuramochi Asuka / Kojima Haruna / Takajo Aki / Takahashi Minami / Nakagawa Haruka / Nakata Chisato / Nakaya Sayaka / Maeda Ami / Matsubara Natsumi / Izuta Rina / Muto Tomu/Okada Ayaka

    That time 2 KKS also caught my eyes, Saki Kitazawa and Okada Ayaka. They're one to watch surely! Seeing Takamina and Harunyan that close, it was so real until it became surreal for me. Crazy.

    And that's all. It was fun and crazy, can't wait to go back there again! Hopefully next time i can go together with some of you guys, going there alone just to watch AKB is crazy enough for me to repeat again :)

    Thank you!
  20. HoneyRoastedPeanuts

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    Oct 14, 2011
    Shizuoka, Japan
    Good to see that you had a great time.

    Haha no, that's Melos (or Melos125). I just help out every once in a while.

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