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    Similar to this thread here, Your AKB48 Experiences, I thought that with the new year it would be useful to have a separate story thread for all sister groups since they've long been big enough to have one on their own. There's no need to group all the experiences together into one mega thread anymore and it would be more useful for people looking for specific stories of certain groups. :)

    From now on, please post all SKE48 related experiences (theater shows, SKE48 single handshake events, SKE48 concerts) here! I, as well as other people, are looking forward to reading and responding to all of them!
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    i ever go to SKE theatre 2 times..lots of fun but..i forgot almost everything [worried]
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    in early this month i went to nagoya dome for closing ske tour concert ^^ :inlove: [party]
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    I'm sure there's SKE fans around, but not on Stage48 i guess? lol

    But thanks for the read! Be sure that what you do is worth it, even for one reader. o/
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    Thanks for sharing! I'm actually going to have my first time ever hs event in October.. reading experiences give me an image of how things work in these events ^^
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    I have 12 tickets for Sae; 6 slots, 2 tickets for each (^_^) So, if one ticket is 10 seconds I think I'll have enough time to struggle with my Japanese haha. Looking forward to it!
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    So, I went to the SKE48 handshake event at Nagoya Port Messe on 10/12 :) Here’s my report of meeting Saechan for the first time~ Also a bit of the karaoke taikai they had.
    I arrived to the venue and the first thing I wanted to do was to find out what to do with the 6 tickets I had for 10/13 HS that Sae had to cancel. So, I went to the information desk and tried to explain my situation and asked if I could use them today. They asked about the address and found out it’s not where I’m staying (I used Tenso..) and it seemed to be a problem. Anyway, communication was difficult and one of them went to find a person who can speak English. Soon a staff dude with English skills appeared and explained that without Japanese bank account and address it would get expensive to send me my money back. One of the staff guys went to discuss about the situation somewhere and while waitin for him to come back I had chat with the nice English skills staff dude lol. He told me he's studying in university and this hs is like a part-time job, and it was his first day XD I’m so lucky he was there. Finally the other guy came back and told me I could use all the 6 tickets at once any time I wanted (actually at this point I understood it as using the 6 tickets as 1, only 10 sec) and it’s a very special situation only for this time. He said next time I won’t be able to use Tenso as the address..

    Anyway, time for the actual HS reports!! By the way it was friggin’ hot in there and I was sweating like eww. And getting nervous about the first meeting wasn’t making it easier ;A; I kept repeating the Japanese words in my mind while being in the line. I got to get a glimpse of Sae while in the line and she looked so cute I got even more nervous lol.

    3rd block, 2 tickets:
    Tutu: Hajimemashite, Tutu desu. I came from Finland.
    S: Ahh, Finland! Japan is hot, Nagoya ne~
    T: Yes, it’s so hot! Finland is cold..
    S: Santa-san~! (lol always santa-san XD)
    T: Ahh.. hai.
    Staff: TIME!
    T: Daisuki desu~ (dunno if I said this loud enough, also I could have waited until the staff push me away, but I was too kind and just let go Sae’s hands when the “TIME” was yelled ^^ )

    My hands were shaking after ahhh! To realize it’s the same Sae I see on my laptop screen and her face is actually real in front of me.. she was so real! lol. She looked taller than I thought she would.. she’s actually 6 cm taller than me.

    4th block, 6 tickets:
    I decided to use the 10/13 6 tickets here. Since I thought it’ll be counted as 1 ticket I just thought of something quick to say. When the staff girl checked the tickets in the line and marked number 6 on them I was like wait huh I’m going to have a minute long hs with Sae??? OAO I couldn’t just change my plan of what to say so I went with the quick one and hoped some kind of chat will happen after thatXD;;

    S: Thank you for coming again! (with a big smile~ also, she was wearing her round glasses this time)
    T: Hello~ Umm, you have many foreign fans so, please tweet more in English.
    S: Ahh you read my twitter?
    T: Yes~
    S: (something about Japanese, I didn’t quite understand so..)
    T: My Japanese is a bit bad..
    S: No, but it’s good.
    T: Umm, iya..
    S: GREAT! (in English lol) *thumb up*
    T: THANKS! (also in English XD)
    S: From now on too please keep supporting~
    T: Of course~
    (I was looking unsure of what to say next so..)
    S: You came from Finland, so you will go back?
    T: Hai, errr umm Friday (couldn’t think of it in Japanese so went for English)
    S: Ahhh *surprised and sad face* (but also, maybe confused about the weekday lol)
    S: Eh, alone??
    T: Yeah, alone.
    S: Oh wow, sugoi~!
    Staff: TIME!!
    S: THANKS! (in English)

    This was actually really nice! Even though I hadn’t planned much to say Sae kept the chat going on. Sasuga Saechan~ And I could actually calm down and feel less nervous as the chat went on. And seeing Sae’s facial expressions so close was just amazing ;w;

    Block 5, 2 tickets:
    This time no round glasses,but she’s wearing a cap!! Ahh!!
    T: *entering with tebasaki pose* Tebasakiii!
    S: Tebasakiii! *pose* Oh, you know it?
    T: Yeah~ (you know, somehow the handshake feels so natural… you just give your hand to her like a reflex and then your hand almost melts cos her hand’s so soft…. lol)
    T: I like men’s fashion so I wanna go shopping with Saechan~
    S: Ahh ikitai, ikitai! (she then steps back a little and points to her outfit, but the time is already running out)
    S: Today blahblah??? (I have no idea, something about her outfit/style, but I’m being pushed away and quickly just give her a thumb up)

    Block 7, 2 tickets:
    This was a long wait since I had no tickets for block 6..
    S: *big smile and waving* Thank you for coming again~
    T: This is the last one. Sayaka supports gay/homosexual people, (Sae’s looking at me with so serious face I almost forgot the words +A+) how about Saechan?
    S: Sae thinks it’s fine/Sae’ fine with that *thumb up*
    T: Ah, ureshii~
    Staff: TIME!!
    T: I love you! (in English, as moving away and still holding her hand as long as possible)
    S: Thank you~ (in English) *waving*

    Ah damn, I feel like this time felt the shortest.. Maybe I spoke slower and cos I was already getting tired… Anyway, Sae was smiling so brightly every time I entered the “booth” and it automatically made me smile too ^^
    Big thanks to Sunny for helping me to apply for the hs tickets and then helping with Japanese too ^_^ The staff dude with English skills deserves big thanks too because without him I don’t think the ticket thing would have been solved.

    I wasn't so interested in the karaoke taikai thing (since I pretty much knew Sae wouldn't perform), but I watched since it was a nice way to kill time lol. I didn't see much behind all the people though.. only if I stood on my toes I could get a glimpse of the members' heads. The best part was Masana singing Totoro and the wotas mixing it like any other SKE song XD I also saw Jurina and Ryoha jumping during the song. I was impressed by Nao's singing, a really good voice. I think the song was Love love love.

    Oh, and while waiting in Sae's line I could see Oba Mina; she had a big teddy bear with her lol. And the other side I could see Tani and Kaotan.
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    I'm glad they were able to make exception this time for you! I think someone asked for you on another thread. Altho I'm unsure what they meant by you couldnt use tenso address next time. I hope they didn't meant as in they've blacklisted the address loll that would've fucked over so many people.
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    The Tenso thing was very confusing >_> There probably wouldn't have been any problem with it if I didn't need to ask about the 10/13 tickets and entered the line normally.. It sounded like the biggest problem was that I didn't have Japanese bank account or address since they first thought of just giving me the money back. I heard no one had any problems with Tenso address at AKB events. Maybe sister groups are more strict? I dunno.. If they report this happening forward and people start having trouble with the address I'm really really really sorry orz
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    I realized I didn't post my SKE handshake experience! Sister-group only handshake was a bit of a different animal than 48G as a whole, much more relaxed. This was the event on Feb 11th. I also got my tickets from Tenso, but they were okay with it as long as my tickets were stamped. No problems in that area.

    Second block:
    Hidaka Yuzuki - so cute. SO cute. Like adorkable cute. Wore glasses and a red beret if I remember correctly. I told her I think she's a really good center when she does it and she didn't agree, lol. But she said thank you XD
    Koishi Kumiko - Can I just say criminally under appreciated? Especially from the english speaking community. She speaks it. She spoke it pretty well. She was a really good handshake, one of my best of the day by far. So pleased and excited to see a foreign fan, I think I was (one of) her first ones ever.
    Seriously, she speaks english, she's adorable, she's very good with her fans in a genuine (non-fishing) way, she was fantastic. So good it inspired me to get buttons of her lol. Please love this girl.
    I was also going to meet Takeuchi Mai, but she was out for the day :(

    Third block:
    Ishida Anna - dear lord in heaven she is SO pretty. So f'n pretty. Called me cute, said thank you for coming, asked how long I'd been a fan of SKE. When I looped her, I said that I'd seen her beeps performance online and she was really good. She shook her head, but said thank you and she would work hard to be a better dancer.
    Miyazawa Sae - I saw her in the big 48G handshake on the Saturday before, so she remembered me. I told her that I was a big fan and came from america and she said "I know, I remember!" Asked me if it was my first time in Japan, she was pleased that I came just for 48G events. Can I just say how pretty she is in person? Not at all boyish, seriously. Even when her makeup isn't super girly (it was at the 48G handshake, wasn't at SKE) she's very very pretty and feminine. Wore a big black floppy hat. I also told her my name at this point.

    Fourth block:
    Sato Sumire - I didn't connect with her quite the way I expected, but Suu is super cute! I told her I came from america and she said "I've been to New York!" I told her I saw her performance on video (from that time) and she was really good. She said thank you. 2nd loop: "I cosplay as mimori from 0048!" She said "you make it too? I want to see a picture!" She's not going to get one lol. She's really sweet, I wish I had felt that connection the way I did with a few of the other girls.

    They announced the Coquettish single senbatsu at this point, everyone cheered really loudly for the new girls. Kaotan got her own extra bit at the end, I think she got the loudest response of all. People really love her.

    Fifth block:
    Sae - Two tickets at once this time (the last time) because my feet were ready to fall off and I hadn't eaten. Terrible mistake. TERRIBLE MISTAKE. The very first thing she said was "!" This senbatsu member, a girl who has been performing for seven years and who has tons of other work, remembered my name. She -bothered- to remember my name. It was amazing.
    I congratulated her on her photobook and senbatsu for the next single, and said I would support her. She very sincerely thanked me. Then I realized I was being filmed for something lol. Apparently nhk is going to do a special on her? I have no idea if I'll make the final cut, but I was filmed for it at least.

    Sixth block:
    Yamauchi Suzuran - What a fisherman haha! She is adorable and I don't understand why her lane wasn't packed with people. I told her I think she's the cutest in SKE (which is true) and she said thank you, and "You love me? I love you!" and blew a kiss at me as I left. Too cute.
    Souda Sarina - One of the best in terms of how she is with fans. She never looks at the people in line. She brings your hand very close and leeeeeans over the railing. She will hold your hands until you are literally dragged away by staff. She's very good at making you feel like you are her one and only priority.
    I told her my name and that I came from america to see her. She was very surprised and pleased!

    Seventh block -
    Suu - I told her that I'd been following her since her audition for Morning Musume (so many years ago lord) and that I would continue to support her. She said "That was a long time ago, huh? Thank you!"

    Sarina - I did two loops. Here is how it went, verbatim.

    Loop 1:
    S: "Nikki-san!"
    Me: "You remembered! Ah, I have a confession to make to you!"
    S: "Yes?"
    Me: "In SKE, you're my #1 oshi! I really like you the most!"
    S: "Ahh, thank you so much! I'm happy!" (in english) "I'm happy!! Thank you Nikki!"

    Loop 2:
    S: "Nikki-tan!"
    Me: (crying a little) "This is the last time. Today was my dream. Congratulations on senbatsu. I'll always support you"
    S: "I'm sorry for my terrible english, I wish I could say lots of things. Your confession made me really happy. Please come see me again soon, ok?"
    Me: "Yes, I'll see you on Saturday for pictures. Bye bye"
    S: "Bye bye! Thank you Nikki! I'll wait for you!"

    While AKB's Komiyama Haruka is my kamioshi in part because of her fans, the feeling I have for Sarina is very very close. She is wonderful with her fans, truly amazing, and she deserves every bit of support and fame and everything else. It's funny because from her g+ you'd never ever know how amazing she is. She's so terrible at writing! But in person she's genuine, warm, and very grateful for every fan that sees her. I really love Sarina. Not being able to see her again really made me cry lol.

    Also? She remembered my name again on the Feb 14th 2shot event. (And apparently her older sister is in New York right now.)
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    Thanks for the write up; sounds like you had a great time!
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    Thanks for the write up! Lots of great detail, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Koishi Kumiko is the draft girl people said looked like a combination of Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina when they first saw her, isn't she? I haven't paid too much attention to her, but your description piqued my interest.
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    Actually i think what people were saying is that she looked like fatter version of Kitagawa Ryoha.
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    Regardless of what they said, she's really lovely in person and worth following.
    Unlike some of my experiences at the big group handshake, every person I met was very relaxed and very good with fans, even foreign ones.
    Other sightings/interactions:
    Rena showed up (she wasn't supposed to originally) and dear god she is so pretty in person and has an aura the size of texas. I can see why she's so popular.
    Jurina wore glasses (not sure if they're her real ones or not, they looked fake but what do I know?) and seemed very good with each of her fans.
    Brief additional sightings of: Azumarion, Abiru Riho, Churi, Yakata Miki.
    Nao had an empty lane while I was in Sarina's during round 7 (how this happened I have NO IDEA) and she waved at me and did a little dance with me and we interacted for maybe...20 seconds? It was kind of amazing. She's over the top adorable, I can see why she's so popular.

    No stares that I saw, the SKE girls tend to focus on fans that are in front of them and not look around. It was really nice.
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    Sumire Sato
    I wonder if Suu doesn't know much english? XD kinda sad that she didn't understand Mimori though... Lol oh well - I'll still try to make it to her! Thanks for the write up!

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    I didn't speak english with anyone but Kumiko so I have no idea - even with Kumiko I was so shocked that she could speak it that I didn't say much. She did know what I meant - the terms for MAKING a cosplay and doing (or just wearing) are different - she asked if I did both :)
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    Very entertaining and fun experience, loved reading it. The details about Sarina Souda really got my attention, she's great on stage and I love watching her perform, so to hear she's awesome with fans too is just amazing. She is certainly coming off as a very special member, I hope we see more work from her in the future, especially with SKE senbatsu.

    I had to smirk a bit at the detail about Rena, I've always suspected a computer screen doesn't do any of these girls justice, lol. I've seen Rena in interviews just look so naturally beautiful it blows my mind, and of course she carries herself so well on top of that. I'm sure meeting a lot of these members in person brings out a lot of qualities you can't always see from a distance, so hopefully more people post their fan experiences on here, I like all the interesting details and connections the members have with everyone.
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    Glad to know they're not all anal at mu-mo... [hehe]
    Having said that, were the mu-mo booth staff skeptical about your ID (particularly the pesky address)? From the previous posts, I was starting to get a bit worried (compared to, say, Chara-ani, where gaijin are dime-a-dozen) but at least your post put those fears to rest for a bit.

    Saying this because I just got my tickets in the mail today (for Coquettish). Unlike Chara-ani, the tickets allow for English (i.e. Roman character) names, so if the ID check part-timers still ask me questions about my name... :^^;:
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    I went to SKE's national handshake event at Yokohama Arena on last Saturday (May 2nd). It was for Mirai to wa, Bukiyou Taiyou and 12gatsu no Kangaroo. There was a mini-live at 10:30am and the event started at 12:00pm, but I had other plans in the morning and I arrived at 2:10pm.

    All senbatsus from these 3 singles were there (so even girls like Ishida Anna), except Jurina, Yuria and the kennins. Ego-chan, Godo Saki and a few others were there, and 7th gen girls too.

    I found 7 tickets while searching on my desk on Thursday, as I had already thrown away those from Mirai to wa. It was not enough, so I was planning to buy more in Harajuku on the Friday. But they were sold out. With less than 24h to the event left, I managed to find a guy on Yahoo Auction who was selling some and would be able to give them directly at the event, I went to pay at a bank (fucking Yahoo Auction wants a name in kana to pay online by credit card...), with a staff helping me to do it on the ATM, and mailed each other a few times with the vendor to make sure I would be able to find him. So I was up to 27 tickets.

    2:15pm, I'm in front of the queues, the slot for Nao and Suzuran ends at 2:30pm, let's go. It's my first national handshake, so I have no idea how it works. I thought the staff would close the lane at some point to make sure they finish on time, and if I can go in the lane, it will be good. Well, no. Doesn't work like that. At 2:30pm it just stopped, the girls went away, and now yo ucan wait half an hour until they come back. Fuck that, Rena finishes her second and last slot at 3pm. I know I will never see her on a personal handshake or 2-shots because I would rather apply for Mayu/Miyuki/Jurina in the 1st round, so it's now or never. I just lost 15 minutes, but so be it. Still 4 hours and a half to go.

    So I move to Rena's queue, and it's HUGE! And it moves at a speed... I can see one guy out every 4 seconds. Let's go, just to say I did it. 25 minutes and 350 fans later, I'm in front of her, after 2s the staff starts pushing me, and 4s I'm out. That's insane. I hardly had time to tell her I loved her duo with Airin. At least she seemed happy to see a foreigner :p. I didn't see any other non-Asian at the event, and most girls seemed happy to see me.

    Then I go out, trying to find the guy for the tickets. Not that I need them asap, as I managed to use only 1 in 45 min :p. I'm back in at 3:10pm, and the lane of Ami and Madoka seens short. So let's wait for Nao, her lane seems long and there will probably be less people later in the afternoon. I tell Anmi that I saw her 2 years ago when I went to see Anta no Dare's recording. She looks surprised, I guess because it's probably her only appearance on the show so she must not have heard that a lot. I only do some small talk with Madoka, I completely forgot I wanted to ask her if she follows F3 and if yes to check my French friend who drives in the Japanese championship. Anyway I saw her at the 2shots a few days later and this time I remembered.

    3:20pm, I go see HaruTamu and Kanon. I really want to see HaruTamu, and later she is with Masana, so I'd rather see her with Kanon. I tell both I saw them in Hong Kong. They are surprised because I don't look Hong Kongese to them :p. Once I tell her, HaruTamu seems to remember. Like she would not have been able to recognize me, but she remembers she talked with a westerner, so yeah it was me. I say goodbye and we will meet next week.

    3:35pm, I go to Nao's lane. It means I won't be able to see Minarun and Tani, as their last slot closes soon, but I saw Minarun two weeks before in HK, I have a 2shot planned with Tani, and it's well past time I start to use tickets on Nao. I'm pretty sure this time they will close the lane and let everyone who is in see the girls, because after this slot Suzuran goes to another lane and is replaced by Saanan. So they would not let her fans queue for nothing right ? Yeah... When I'm 4th in lane, they stop it, lose 30 minutes waiting, or you just lost 25 minutes \o/. Fuck it, I go somewhere else.

    It is 4pm, I've been there 1 hour 45 minutes and used 3 tickets. I have 3h left and 24 tickets... Maybe I bought to many...

    I go see Churi, the queue is 25 minutes long, but the other members I want to see are resting, so whatever. When she sees me, she looks like she knows my face but can't remember where she saw me. So I ask her if she remembers me, she says yes right away and is doing small jumps, like she is raging to not be able to remember where. I tell her we met in Hong Kong, and a huge smile appears on her face as she now remembers. I say see you next week at the 2shot doing the bird watching gesture, and she does it too.

    4:25pm, Nao starts in 5 min, I go check the lane, it is even longer than before... I give up and decide to do as many members as I can in 1h, then go queue just before the next break and this time I will wait.

    But first I go to the goods stand, and buy her T-shirt.


    4:35, I queue for Sumire and Anmi, it's very short so should be 5 min max, but then I realize it's not moving, and the girls are not there... I exit the lane, raging that I lost 5 more minutes, that I spent half my time already and just used 4 tickets.

    A few other lanes seem short, the 2 I'm interested in are the lane of Suzuran and Ryouha, and the lane of Ego-chan with my ni-oshi Annya. So let's go for 45 minutes of festival :

    First time was mostly introduction and small talk.

    - Annya I love you, we took a picture together in November, but this time we'll take 3 next week !
    - Ego-chan, we met in Hong Kong two meeks ago, you remember ?
    - Suzuran, hisashiburi, last time I saw you was you seitansai in 2012 !
    - Ryouha, hajimemashite, and I don't remember what else.

    Annya and Suzuran were happy that I'm interested in them, Ego-chan remembered me.

    After the introductions, it got more interesting.

    - Annya asks me if I'm French. So either I have an accent, or Ego-chan told her. I told both Minarun and Churi at the event in Hong Kong but not Ego-chan, but I hope that when they see a single unexpected French guy, it is a topic after the event and so she would know :p. Anyway, after I confirmed that yes, I'm French, she said Bonjour, which took her 5 seconds, and time was up.
    - I keep talking about HK to Ego-chan, did she like it, does she want to go back, she says yes to everything, looking cute but shy. When I met her in HK, I took a scary voice and told her I was mad at her for saying Nao is a business nakimushi in Ebi Calcio :p Then I forgave her for this one time because she is cute, but don't do it again. So this time I'm trying to look more friendly.
    - I told Suzuran that in France, on the 1st of May we give each other some lily of the valley, which is suzuran in Japanese. She was excited about that.
    - I asked Ryouha if she is often told she looks like a baby tiger, she said she doesn't hear it at all, with her best tsundere face, like the lower half of her face looks like that what I asked is really stupid and she is not interested, but her eyes are sparkling like she enjoys being compared to something cute like a baby tiger but doesn't want to show it too much.
    - I tell Annya I saw her with Team B at the theater, but because I'm a KII oshi my dream is to see her with that team. She thanks me a lot.
    - I talk to Ego-chan about her last bikini gravure, she doesn't shy away, she is proud of it.
    - At work I called my team Suzuran (true fact). "Oh really ? Sugoi ! Thank you !" Yeah but it's not because of you, it's because of Crows Zero. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh."
    - I tell Ryouha to say happy birthday to her older sister (I check the G+ of the members I go see, in case I can find a topic), she drops her tsundere face and thanks me with the biggest smile ever, not sure if she is happy for her sister, or for the fact I read what she posts. I say that because she is Ryouha's older sister, she must be really beautiful, and get a second round of huge smile.
    - Annya asks if I live in Tokyo, I say no, Hong Kong. She was surprised, and when I said I met Ego-chan there recently, she made a face like "now I understand everything", so yeah, I think Ego-chan told her I'm French.
    - I had nothing left to tell to Ego-chan...

    7 tickets in 45 min, good. Now I go to Nao's lane 5 minutes before the pause, and wait there.

    6:05, I start feeling really nervous, even more than the first time I met her in November, when I just had my hands shaking :p. About as nervous as the first time I handshaked idols 3 years ago, or when I met Yuihan in December (and only Yui, no idea why, maybe because she is my ideal girl).

    6:10, I am FINALLY in front of Nao. Instead of the "oh a gaijin !" face that most girls gave me, she gave me the same "I know this guy !" face as Churi. That's a good sign. All my anxiety disappears at once, I tell her we had a 2shot together in November (3, actually), and she says she does remember me. I say I'm so happy to see her again, we'll take many pictures together next week, and I'm gonna loop again. She gives me 5 different expressions in 8 seconds. For those who were surprised at how quickly she changed her expressions on the Zero Position auditions, don't be, she is like that on handshakes too :p

    I have 50 minutes left, there's just a 5 minutes queue for Churi, I'm pissed I had to wait 25 minutes earlier, but let's go quickly. I had wanted to tell her for a long time that I was there when she did her famous appeal to Aki-P for a stage, and thanks to that I researched her team more and I became a KII oshi. I got a surprised thank you at each sentence.

    I go back to Nao (she smiles right away when she sees me, but I know she does to everyone), tell her I couldn't see Yamegoku (sad face) because I was in the plane to come see her (big smile), and I will watch a recording tomorrow (HUGE smile)

    6:50pm, just 10 minutes left and a big queue for Nao. There's a 3min queue for Churi, and 1min30s for Madoka, I'm mad at all the people queuing for Nao to tell her they watched Yamegoku or watched her 755. I won't be able to loop because of them. But at least they let me enter the lane, and as it's the last slot, I expect they won't cut it on time if there are still people. I have 13 tickets left, at least I managed to use half of them.

    At 7pm, I see some agitation around, many staffs going to each lane, I have no idea what's happening. I see the fans around getting several tickets out of their wallets, and I hear several times "matome". I ask someone, and finally I understand we can use all our remaining tickets at once for a member ! I had no idea, now I'm super euphoric, I'll be able to se Nao for almost two minutes.

    The girls take a 15min break, then come back and it restarts. The queues disappear one by one, fans are kicked out right away, so no miokuri with the member, that's sad. Kanon, Churi, Sae finish. Now there is only Sarina and Nao left, but Sarina is almost done. Rena, Suda, Aya-chan had finished earlier and Jurina was not there, so it seems Nao is at least the 5th most popular member today. Great ! Then they start asking everyone how many tickets they have eft, and I realize it's not so great, they will reduce our time so that she doesn't finish too late.

    I think I had 4-5s per ticket, so about a minute total. I tell I'm sorry for 755, but I can't vote without a Japanese phone number. Anyway with the lead she has now she is safe (sic), and I have been waiting to see her getting a photobook for a long time. She gets more and more excited while I'm saying that, like even more than usual, she tries to say something in English (first time she does that), and I finally understand she wants to have a making of video too and she wants me to watch it. Then I tell her that even if I'm French, I live in HK, and many members come. Last year Happy (HaruTamu) and Gumi-tan (Tsuu), this year Runrun (Minarun), Churi, Ego-chan. She looks happy everytime I use one these nicknames that she is the only one to use. Then I say that even if all these members were asked to come to HK, they never asked to Nao to come, and within a split second her expression changed completely to anger, she shouted a "Nande !", then half a second later she was back to her best smile, saying she really want to go, while the staff was pushing me away.

    Best one minute of my life.
  20. eiennoyorokobi

    eiennoyorokobi Kenkyuusei

    Apr 4, 2015
    USA --> Tokyo
    I'll write a full report on the event today when I'm less exhausted. This was my first handshake event, but I hope it won't be my last. I think the number one lesson I took away is to not be too ambitious with what you try to say. From now on, I think I'll try one sentence per ticket.

    And it turns out Sae is my oshi for a reason :)))

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