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05/25 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Nogizaka46 2nd Album new tracks: Kikkake, Taiyou ni kudokarete, Yokubo no Reincarnation, Kuukikan, Threefold choice, Koi shitara, kao wo arae!, Kanjou kokugousen, Kougousei kibou, Teitaion no Kiss, Kakigoori no kataomoi and Kuchiyakusoku.
05/19 Added English translation Border.
05/17 Added English translations to Team KIV oshi and Sakki made wa Iced Tea.
05/16 Added English translations to Amagami hime, Dotonbori yo, nakasete kure!, Ferry, Hakanai monogatari, Koi wo isoge and Niji no tsukurikata.
05/14 Added color-codes to 100 Meter Conbini -100 Meter ke Minimarket- (JKT48 Version), Suki Suki Suki -Suka Suka Suka- (JKT48 Version) and Sayonara no Kanashibari -Membeku Karena Selamat Tinggal- (JKT48 Version).
05/12 Added lyrics to Only Today (JKT48 Version) and Pesawat Kertas 365 Hari -365 Nichi no Kamihikouki- (JKT48 Version).
05/11 Added color-codes to Yuuki No Hammer -Palu Keberanian- (JKT48 Version), Inseki No Kakuritsu- Persentase Meteor- (JKT48 Version), Ai No Stripper -Stripper Cinta- (JKT48 Version) and Dewi Theater -Theater no Megami- (JKT48 Version).
05/08 Added color-codes to Return Match (JKT48 Version), Gomen ne Jewel -Maafkan Hai Permataku- (JKT48 Version) and Sayonara Surfboard.
04/28 Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics to Team SII 4th Stage - RESET. Added color-codes to Amagami hime, Niji no tsukurikata, Dotonbori yo, nakasete kure! and RIVER (JKT48 Version). Added English translations to 74okubun no 1 no kimi e, Chain of love, Einstein yori Dianna Agron, Taboo no iro, Zuuzuushisa wo kashite choudai and HKTjou, ima, ugoku.
04/27 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NMB48 14th Single: Amagami hime, Hakanai monogatari, Koi wo isoge, Ferry, Niji no tsukurikata and Dotonbori yo, nakasete kure!.
04/24 Added English translation to Shibuyagawa.
04/21 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Itano Tomomi 8th Single: HIDE & SEEK, One Last Kiss and Triple "0". Added color-codes to Sakura, oboete ite kure.
04/19 Added color-codes to Taboo no iro and Einstein yori Dianna Agron.
04/18 Added color-codes to Bel Terakhir Berbunyi -Saishuu Bell ga Naru- (JKT48 Version) (with English translation), Noriokureta Bus, Harujion ga sakukoro, Silent Majority, Te wo tsunaide kaerou ka and Shibuyagawa.
04/15 Added color-codes to 74okubun no 1 no kimi e. Added English translations to Ame no Pianist -Sang Pianis Hujan- (JKT48 Version), Shiroi Shirt -Baju Putih- (JKT48 Version), Alasanku Maybe -Iiwake Maybe- (JKT48 Version) and BINGO! (JKT48 Version).
04/13 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to HKT48 7th Single: 74okubun no 1 no kimi e, Chain of love, Taboo no iro, HKTjou, ima, ugoku, Einstein yori Dianna Agron and Zuuzuushisa wo kashite choudai. Added English translations to Kimi ga Inai and Te wo tsunaide kaerou ka.
04/10 Added English translation to Kodoku kyoudai.
04/09 Added English translation to Silent Majority. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Matsui Rena & Charan-Po-Rantan 1st Single: Shabon, Kohi to Cake and Karasu za.
04/05 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Keyakizaka46 1st Single: Silent Majority, Te wo tsunaide kaerou ka, Yamanotesen, Shibuyagawa, Noriokureta Bus and Kimi ga Inai. Added English translations to SNH48 versions of Shiroi Shirt, Suifu wa arashi ni yume wo miru, Jiāyóu! S duì (Wasshoi B!), Boku no sakura, Kiss (Kiss shite son shichatta), Inochi no tsukaimichi and Two years later.
04/03 Added English translation to Anata no tame ni hikitai. Added color-codes to Chicken LINE.
04/01 Added English translations to Chicken LINE, Kanojo ga iru, Kiss Position, Is that your secret?, Tabi no tochuu and Bouenkyou no nai tenmondai. Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics to SNH48 songs: Shì FUN bù ānfèn, Xīng mèng zhī guāng and Yuán dòng lì (main track of SNH48 11th Single).

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