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05/01 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Iwasa Misaki 4th Single: Hatsuzake, Hakimono to kasa no monogatari, 20sai no meguri ai and Let It Go ~Ari no mama de~ (Enka ver.).
04/27 Added English translations to Shoujotachi Yo -Gadis Remaja- (JKT48 Version), Coquettish juutaichuu, Boku wa shitte iru, DIRTY, Konya wa Join us!, Oto wo keshita Terebi, Sakura, oboete ite kure and Yoru no kyoukasho.
04/22 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to HKT48 5th Single: 12byou, Hohoemi Popcorn, Chameleon mesukousei, Hawaii e ikou and Daite Twintail.
04/21 Added Indonesian lyrics to Wimbledon e Tsureteitte -Ajak Aku Pergi Ke Wimbledon- (with color-codes), Apel yang ada di Puncak -Takane no Ringo-, Escape and Pareo is your Emerald (English Version).
04/10 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NyaaKB with Tsuchinoko Panda 1st Single: Idol wa Uunyanya no ken and Fukouchuu no saiwai shoujo. Added Indonesian lyrics of Dibanding Kemarin Semakin Suka -Kinou Yorimo Motto Suki- (JKT48 Single Version AKB48 Kinou yori motto suki).
03/31 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NMB48 11th Single: Don't look back!, Sotsugyou ryokou, Nietzsche senpai, Renai Petenshi, Heart, sakebu., Romantic Snow and Minna, daisuki. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to SKE48 17th Single: Coquettish juutaichuu, DIRTY, Konya wa Join us!, Oto wo keshita Terebi, Sakura, oboete ite kure, Yoru no kyoukasho and Boku wa shitte iru. Added Indonesian lyrics to Pareo adalah Emerald -Pareo wa Emerald- and Buah Mawar -Bara no Kajitsu-.
03/24 Added English translations to Inochi wa utsukushii, Arakajime katarareru Romance, Tachinaorichuu, Gomen ne zutto..., Otona ressha, Aisatsu kara hajimeyou, Oshiete Mommy, Chewing Gum no aji ga naku naru made, Seikaku ga warui onna no ko and Hitonatsu no hankouki. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Deguchi Aki Debut Single, FLASH BACK: FLASH BACK, Hajimari No Oto, Carnation and Tenshi ni hanarenai.
03/18 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Nogizaka46 11th Single: Inochi wa utsukushii, Arakajime katarareru Romance, Tachinaorichuu, Gomen ne zutto..., Kimi wa boku to awanai kata ga yokatta no ka na and Border.
03/17 Added English translations to Punkish and Yankee Rock.
03/10 Added English translations to Green Flash, Majisuka Fight, Haru no hikari chikadzuita natsu and Hakimono to kasa no monogatari. Added color-codes to Green Flash, Hakimono to kasa no monogatari and Juujun na Slave.
03/08 Added English translations to Sekai ga naiteru nara and Kyuusen kyoutei. Added color-codes to Majisuka Fight.
03/04 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to all tracks AKB48 39th Single: Green Flash, Majisuka Fight, Yankee Rock, Hakimono to kasa no monogatari, Aisatsu kara hajimeyou, Haru no hikari chikadzuita natsu, Sekai ga naiteru nara, Punkish, Otona ressha and Hatsukoi no oshibe.
03/02 Added color-codes to Blue Rose (JKT48 Version). Added English translation to Jiyuu no kanata.
02/15 Added English translation to DA DA Machine Gun. Added color-codes to "Seito techou no shashin ki ni ittenai" no housoku and Himitsu no Diary.
02/07 Added color-codes to Ciuman juga kidal -Kiss datte Hidarikiki- (JKT48 Version of SKE48 Kiss datte hidarikiki), Selamanya Pressure -Eien Pressure- (JKT48 Version of AKB48 Eien Pressure) and Warning! (JKT48 Version).

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