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I will no longer do updates to any JKT48, SNH48, BEJ48 and all other international sister groups in this site. To be honest, it's hard to keep up with international sister groups because sister groups within Japan itself are already growing and keep growing to many prefectures. Japanese lyrics are easy to find reliable sources online and faster to get all of them on the release date. Anyone who is SERIOUSLY interested in creating another STUDIO48-lookalike for international sister groups, I'm willing to give all my current lyrics of JKT48, SNH48 and BEJ48 but with only one exception, please keep all credits as stated on each lyrics page.

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10/23 Added color-codes to Secret Graffiti.
10/16 Added color-codes to Toomawari no aijou and Kimi dake ga akimeite ita.
10/12 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Takahashi Minami 1st Album: Kagami Yo Kagami, GIRLS TALK, Itoshikute koishi sugite, Tinkle, Yumeuru shoujo ja irarenai, Egao, Katsudon in da house, Unbalance, Watashi no shoumei, Kiss Miss Kiss, Itsuka and Ano sora.
10/11 Added English translations to Selfish, Zetsubou no iriguchi, Yasashii Sayonara, Wagamama na Vacance, Boku ga yukanakya dare ga yukunda?, Saikou ka yo, Yume hitotsu, Yozora no tsuki wo nomikomou, Go Bananas! and Onna no ko da mon, hashiranakya!. Added color-codes to Aozora ga chigau, Mukuchi na Lion, HKTjou, ima, ugoku, Datte, ame ja nai and Heimin shutsuba sengen.
09/17 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Maeda Atsuko new tracks from 1st Album: Selfish, Zetsubou no iriguchi, Yasashii Sayonara and Wagamama na Vacance.
09/07 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to HKT48 8th Single: Saikou ka yo, Soramimi Rock, Yume hitotsu, Yozora no tsuki wo nomikomou, Go Bananas! and Onna no ko damon, hashiranakya!.
09/04 Added English translations to LOVE TRIP (with color-codes), Shiawase wo wakenasai (with color-codes), Hikari to kage no hibi (with color-codes), Densetsu no sakana, Shinka shite nee jan, Kishi ga mieru umi kara, 2016nen no Invitation, Hikari no naka e (with color-codes) and Black Flower.
09/01 Added color-codes to Densetsu no sakana, Kimi ni Wedding Dress wo..., Oneesan no hitorigoto, Koi wo suru to baka wo miru, Suteki na zaiakukan, Tabi no tochuu, Renai Petenshi, Inochi no heso, Good-bye, Guitar, Mousou Machine 3gouki and Yukuate no nai bokutachi. Added English translations to Sekai ni wa ai shika nai, Bob Dylan wa kaesanai, Shibuya kara PARCO ga kieta hi, Aozora ga chigau, Hiragana Keyaki and Kataru nara mirai wo....

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