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01/30 Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics with English translations to SNH48 versions of Yuuhi wo mite iru ka?, Suzukake nanchara and Kiseki wa ma ni awanai. Added color-codes to Suki! Suki! Skip! -Suka! Suka! Skip!- (JKT48 Version).
01/18 Added English translations to Daite Twintail, Idol no ouja, Namaiki Lips and Tansu no Gen.
01/15 Added English translations to Asphalt no namida, Densha wo oriru, Heart no dokusenken, Ibiza Girl (Album & Stage Version), Kimi ni Yarareta, Migi ni shiteru Ring, Peak, "Seito techou no shashin ki ni ittenai" no housoku, Souzou no shijin, Star ni nante naritakunai and Tomodachi. Added color-codes to Sayonara wo ato nankai..., Kimi wa ima made doko ni ita?, Locker Room Boy (JKT48 Version) and BEGINNER (JKT48 Version).
01/11 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Iwasa Misaki 5th Single: Gomen ne Tokyo, Halloween Night (Enka ver.), Ippome ondo (Enka ver.) and Kawa no nagare no you ni.
01/07 Added English translations to I love AICHI, Kesenai honoo, Tomodachi no mama de, Seishun Curry Rice, Itsu no ma ni ka, yowai mono ijime and Ai no Rule. Added color-codes to Kin no hane wo motsu hito yo, Arakajime katarareru Romance, Watashi wa Blueberry Pie and Doro no Metronome.

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