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11/26 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to AKB48 38th Single (all except Reborn): Kibouteki Refrain, Ima, Happy, Ambulance, Utaitai, Seifuku no hane, Juujun na Slave, Hajimete no Drive, Loneliness Club, Me wo aketa mama no First Kiss and Kaze no rasen.
11/19 Added English translations to Hungry Lion (with color-codes) and Mirai ga me ni shimiru.
11/13 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Hungry Lion.
11/07 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to tracks in DIVA 1st Album: DIVA!, Osuki + Daikirai = Daisuki!, Hitoriomoi, You should know it..., Mousou Cinderella and For tenderness. Added color-codes to Migi ni shiteru Ring, Tomodachi and Rashikunai.
11/05 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NMB48 10th Single, Rashikunai: Rashikunai, Tomodachi, Kyuusen kyoutei, Migi ni shiteru Ring, Star ni nante naritakunai and Asphalt no namida. Added color-codes to Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso wo tsuita.
11/03 Added color-codes to Peak and Houkago Race.
10/22 Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics to SNH48 Team NII 2nd Stage. Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics to SNH48 Team SII songs: Liǎng nián hòu (Two years later), Shēngmìng suǒwèi de yìyì (Inochi no tsukaimichi), Kiss (Kiss shite son shichatta), Qīngchūn (Boku no sakura), Jiāyóu! S duì (Wasshoi B!), Shuǐshǒu mèng (Suifu wa arashi ni yume wo miru) and Shǎnyào de nǐ (Shiroi Shirt). Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics (with English translation) to SNH48 UZA. Added English translation to Omoidasenai hana.
10/15 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to DIVA's Believe in myself and Surrender. Added color-codes to Dialog Dengan Kenari -Kurumi to Dialogue- and Nandome no aozora ka?.
10/09 Added color-codes to JKT48 lyrics: Nage kisu de Uchiotose -Jatuhkan dengan Kiss-Bye!-, Tsukimisou -Evening Primrose- and Seifuku ga Jama wo suru -Seragam Ini Sangat Mengganggu-.
10/08 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Nogizaka46 10th Single: Nandome no aozora ka?, Toomawari no aijou, Korogatta kane wo narase!, Watashi, okiru., Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso wo tsuita and Tender days. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to DIVA 4th Single: DISCOVERY and WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa okoseyo Movement~. Added English translation to Psychokinesis no kanousei. Added color-codes to JKT48 lyrics: Kondo Koso Ecstasy -Kali ini Ecstasy-, Boku wa Ganbaru -Aku Akan Berjuang- and Ame no Doubutsuen -Kebun Binatang Disaat Hujan-.
10/06 Added color-codes to SNH48 versions of Tenshi no shippo, Pajama Drive, Junjou shugi, Temodemo no namida and Kagami no naka no Joan of Arc. Added color-codes to Atto iu ma no shoujo, Hikaeme I love you!, Ima kimi wo omou, Neko no shippo ga Pin to tatteru you ni..., Omoidasenai hana and Amanojaku. Added English translation to Natsu no saiminjutsu. Added kanji and romaji lyrics (with color-codes) to Mirai ga me ni shimiru, Yume wo miru nara and Hatsukoi no kagi. Added JKT48 lyrics of Dialog Dengan Kenari -Kurumi to Dialogue-, Lucky Seven and Message on a Placard.
10/01 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to French Kiss 6th Single: Omoidasenai hana, Amanojaku, Rokugatsu nijuukunichi, Futari dake no kioku, Hiroi sekai no naka de deaeta koto and Kokoro no kagi.

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