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08/30 Added English translations to Taiyou Knock, Mou sukoshi no yume, Sakanatachi no LOVE SONG, Muhyoujou, Wakaregiwa, motto suki ni naru, Seifuku wo nuide Sayonara wo..., Hane no kioku, Yokogao Romance, Magirashite iru, Yuugure to hoshizora no aida, Durian shounen, Dou de mo ii hito kamen, Inochi no heso, Boku dake no Secret time, Kokoro no moji wo kake! and Sayonara, kakato wo fumu hito. Added JKT48 Version of Don't Look Back!.
08/26 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to AKB48 41st Single, Halloween Night: Halloween Night, Sayonara Surfboard, Mizu no naka no dendouritsu, Kimi ni Wedding Dress wo..., Kimi dake ga akimeite ita, Ippome ondo, Yankee Machine Gun and Gunzou.
08/21 Added color-codes to Choco no Yukue -Keberadaan Coklat Itu- (JKT48 Version), Romance Rocket (JKT48 Version), Koi no Keikou to Taisaku -Arah Sang Cinta dan Balasannya- (JKT48 Version), Daisuki -Aku Sangat Suka- (JKT48 Version), Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyoubi no Asa -Malam Hari Selasa, Pagi Hari Rabu- (JKT48 Version) and Tooku ni Ite mo -Di Tempat yang Jauh pun- (JKT48 Version).
08/18 Added color-codes to Bokura no Kaze -Angin Kita- (JKT48 Version), Mango No.2 (JKT48 Version), Te wo Tsunaginagara -Sambil Menggandeng Erat Tanganku- (JKT48 Version) and Chime wa Love Song -Bel Sekolah adalah Love Song- (JKT48 Version).
08/12 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to SKE48 18th Single: Maenomeri, Suteki na zaiakukan, Shousou ga kono boku wo dame ni suru, Nagai yume no Labyrinth, 2588nichi and Seifuku wo kita meitantei. Added color-codes to Glory Days (JKT48 Version), Kono Mune no Barcode -Barcode Hati Ini- (JKT48 Version) and Innocence (JKT48 Version).
08/03 Added lyrics to JKT48 Team T 1st Stage Te wo Tsunaginagara -Sambil Menggandeng Erat Tanganku-. Added color-codes to Taiyou Knock.
08/01 Added lyrics to JKT48 Team J 3rd Stage Theater no Megami -Dewi Theater-.

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