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05/21 Added color-codes to Buah Mawar -Bara no Kajitsu- (JKT48 Version of AKB48 Bara no Kajitsu), Apel yang ada di Puncak -Takane no Ringo- (JKT48 Version of NMB48 Takane no ringo) and Escape (JKT48 Version). Added English translations to Summer side, Renai Petenshi, Heart, sakebu. and Minna, daisuki.
05/20 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to AKB48 40th Single: Bokutachi wa tatakawanai (with English translation), Summer side, Barebare bushi, "Danshi" wa kenkyuu taishou, Kafka to Dendenmu Chu!, Kegarete iru shinjitsu, Kimi no dainishou and Deai no hi, wakare no hi.
05/18 Added English translations to Wimbledon e Tsureteitte -Ajak Aku Pergi Ke Wimbledon- (JKT48 Version), Ame no Doubutsuen -Kebun Binatang Disaat Hujan- (JKT48 Version) and Sotsugyou ryokou.
05/12 Added English translations to Yuuhi wo Miteiruka? -Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja?- (JKT48 Version), Kinjirareta Futari -Dua Orang yang Terlarang- (JKT48 Version), Boku wa Ganbaru -Aku Akan Berjuang- (JKT48 Version), Dakishimetai kedo, Don't look back! and Nietzsche senpai. Added color-codes to Berkedip 3 kali -Wink wa 3 Kai- (JKT48 Version of AKB48 Wink wa 3kai), Dibanding Kemarin Semakin Suka -Kinou Yorimo Motto Suki- (JKT48 Version AKB48 Kinou yori motto suki) and Inochi wa utsukushii.
05/01 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Iwasa Misaki 4th Single: Hatsuzake, Hakimono to kasa no monogatari, 20sai no meguri ai and Let It Go ~Ari no mama de~ (Enka ver.).
04/27 Added English translations to Shoujotachi Yo -Gadis Remaja- (JKT48 Version), Coquettish juutaichuu, Boku wa shitte iru, DIRTY, Konya wa Join us!, Oto wo keshita Terebi, Sakura, oboete ite kure and Yoru no kyoukasho.
04/22 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to HKT48 5th Single: 12byou, Hohoemi Popcorn, Chameleon mesukousei, Hawaii e ikou and Daite Twintail.
04/21 Added Indonesian lyrics to Wimbledon e Tsureteitte -Ajak Aku Pergi Ke Wimbledon- (with color-codes), Apel yang ada di Puncak -Takane no Ringo-, Escape and Pareo is your Emerald (English Version).
04/10 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NyaaKB with Tsuchinoko Panda 1st Single: Idol wa Uunyanya no ken and Fukouchuu no saiwai shoujo. Added Indonesian lyrics of Dibanding Kemarin Semakin Suka -Kinou Yorimo Motto Suki- (JKT48 Single Version AKB48 Kinou yori motto suki).

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