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04/16 Added English translations to Umareta mama de, Dankeschön, Toiki no Method, Romance no Start and Kidzuitara kataomoi. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Not yet's new tracks from debut album, already: Sekai no kaze wo bokura wa ukete, Already and Are kara Earl Grey wo nonde inai.
04/10 Added English translations to Kinou yori motto suki, Kimi no uso wo shitte ita, Kasa wa iranai, Prom no koibito and Oboete kudasai.
04/05 Added color-codes to Kidzuitara kataomoi, Romance no Start, Umareta mama de, Kodoku kyoudai and Dankeschön. Added English translations to Yama e yukou and Mizukiri. Added pinyin and hanzi lyrics to Gingham Check (SNH48 Version).
04/02 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to all songs in Nogizaka46 8th Single: Kidzuitara kataomoi, Romance no Start, Toiki no Method, Kodoku kyoudai, Umareta mama de and Dankeschön.
04/01 Added English translations to Takane no ringo and Isshuukan, zenbu ga getsuyoubi nara ii no ni....
03/26 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to all songs in NMB48 9th Single: Takane no ringo (with color-codes), Isshuukan, zenbu ga getsuyoubi nara ii no ni..., Prom no koibito, Mizukiri, Yama e yukou and Kasa wa iranai.
03/25 Added English translations to Mirai to wa?, Bokura no kizuna, Sakura, minna de tabeta and S-ko to usohakkenki. Added color-codes to GALAXY of DREAMS, S-ko to usohakkenki, Machiawasetai, Hanikami Lollipop, Renai higaitodoke, Shinkirou -Khayalan- (JKT48 Version) and Ponytail to Chou-chou -Ponytail dan Shu-shu- (JKT48 Version).
03/20 Added English translations to Mayflower, GALAXY of DREAMS, Neko no shippo ga Pin to tatteru you ni... and Machiawasetai.
03/19 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to songs in SKE48 14th Single: Mirai to wa? (with color-codes), GALAXY of DREAMS, Mayflower, Neko no shippo ga Pin to tatteru you ni... feat. Bose (Scha Dara Parr), S-ko to usohakkenki, Machiawasetai and Bokura no kizuna. Added English translation to Kimi wa doushite?.
03/17 Added color-codes to Shakiism.
03/16 Added English translations to Kibou no hana, Warau ga ii and Shamu Neko (SNH48 Version).
03/15 Added color-codes to Kidoku Through, Through The Night and Seishun no mizushibuki.
03/12 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to all songs in HKT48 3rd Single: Sakura, minna de tabeta (with color-codes), Kimi wa doushite?, Kidoku Through (with English translation), Mukashi no kareshi no oniichan to tsukiau to iu koto, Oboete kudasai and Kimi no koto ga suki yaken.
03/11 Added English translations to KONJO and Koi to ka....
03/10 Added hanzi and pinyin lyrics to SNH48 versions of Nagai hikari, Noel no yoru and Iiwake Maybe.
03/09 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Koi to ka....

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