Iwatate Saho

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Iwatate Saho
Iwatate Saho (2019)
Kanji 岩立沙穂
Kana いわたて さほ
Romaji Iwatate Saho
Nickname Sahhoo (さっほー)
Birth Info
Birthdate October 4, 1994  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 28 Years Old
Height 156.5cm
Professional Info
Social Networks 7gogo / Ameblo / Instagram / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter / Weibo
Idol Career Info
Group AKB48
Team Team A
Debuted September 2011 / 13th Generation
Lightstick Colors
Blue White Red

Iwatate Saho is a member of AKB48's Team A. She is also a member of Honey Harmony.



発声練習はじめます! やっほー、さっほー、28歳、さっほーこと岩立沙穂です。
Hassei renshuu hajimemasu! Yahhoo, Sahhoo, 28-sai, Sahhoo koto Iwatate Saho desu.
(I'll start with vocal exercises! Yahhoo, Sahhoo, I'm Iwatate Saho, also known as Sahhoo, 28 years old.)


  • Favorite AKB48 stage song: "All of them"
  • Hobbies: Aromatherapy, photography
  • Favorite subject: World history, Japanese language. She says Japanese is her specialty.
  • Likes: Spicy food, eating grasshoppers
  • Favorite animal: Capybara
  • Good friends with: Mogi Shinobu, Muto Tomu
    • She was the first person to bathe with Mogi.
  • Admired members: Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Future ambition: A multi-talent who can work as a reporter
  • Oldest member in AKB48 13th Generation
  • She failed AKB48's 11th and 12th Generation Auditions.
  • She has a younger brother
  • She has liked idols since she was six years old. In middle school she particularly liked Morning Musume.
  • She was high school classmates with Nogizaka46's Nakada Kana.
  • She enrolled in a junior college in 2013 and graduated in 2015.
  • She considers herself a calm and considerate person, but also indecisive. Staff members have praised her for being hardworking and gutsy, while former member Nakamura Mariko said she has a classic idol aura, reminiscent of Matsuda Seiko.
  • She has a burikko ("cutesy girl") character.
  • She is famous for regularly eating grasshoppers, as her family has eaten them for a long time. When she took her college entrance exam, her mother packed her a bento and spelled "Ganba" (good luck) in grasshoppers on top of the rice.
    • Her unflinching love of grasshoppers was featured in AKBINGO! as well. A Muchaburi Dodgeball segment called "Sahhoo Gohan" was created, where Saho would prepare foods with grasshoppers to feed to members as a punishment for getting out in the dodgeball game.
  • She likes France and has been studying French for several years.
  • She has passed many qualification tests, such as a Level 3 qualification in French, a Grade 1 qualification in aromatherapy, Kanji Kentei Level 2, Eating Habits Advisor Grade 3, and Cosmetics Certification Grade 2.
  • She can recite the first 50 digits of pi.
  • She once posted support messages through Google+ to a fan that was thinking about committing suicide.
  • In August 2018 she ranked first in the AKB48 Stage Fighter game "Final Center Battle".
  • She was a member of the dessert team in the AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu Competition.




  • On September 24th, passed the auditions for 13th Generation.
  • On December 8th, during the 6th Year Anniversary Commemorative Performance, had her theater debut with the other members of the 13th Generation for Aitakatta.






  • On June 18th, during the 8th Senbatsu Election, ranked back in at 51st after not placing at all the year prior.



  • On June 15th, was announced as a contestant on the Korean idol survival show Produce 48.
    • Ranked in Class B after the initial evaluation.
    • Ranked in Class B after the re-evaluation.
    • Performed AKB48's High Tension during the first performance round. Her position was center. Her team lost.
    • Performed BTS' "The Truth Untold" during the second performance round. She placed third within her team.
    • Was elimited in Episode 8 at 40th place with a total of 288,890 votes.


  • On January 19, had a joint leading role together with Sugawara Maya in the horror movie "Horror Channel".
  • On May 2nd, during Takahashi Juri's graduation stage, was named the new captain of Team B (Iwatate Team B).
  • On September 3rd, had her final appearance on AKBINGO!.



  • On March 1st, appeared in vol. 6 of the online magazine "TABILISTA".
  • On March 19th, was part of the senshuuraku performance for Team B's Theater no Megami stage.
  • On April 19th, transferred to Mukaichi Team A.
  • On July 16th and 23rd, appeared in episodes 9 and 10 of AKB48 no Uta (AKB48の歌).
  • On October 21st, had her first appearance on AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san (AKB48サヨナラ毛利さん).

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