Takahashi Sayaka

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Takahashi Sayaka
Takahashi Sayaka (2019)
Kanji 髙橋彩香
Kana たかはし さやか
Romaji Takahashi Sayaka
Nickname Sayarin (さやりん)
Birth Info
Birthdate November 22, 2001  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Nagano, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 22 Years Old
Height 160cm
Professional Info
Agency ZETT
Social Networks 7gogo / Instagram / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group AKB48
Former Team Team A
Debuted December 2016 / Team 8
Graduated August 2023

Takahashi Sayaka was a member of AKB48's Team A. She is now an actress signed with ZETT.


  • Replaced Kondo Moeri as Team 8's Nagano representative
  • Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, watching anime
  • Special skills: Making bread, learning songs quickly
  • Charm point: Mouth when laughing
  • Favorite word: "Idol Group Oshi"
  • Favorite foods: Fried chicken made by her mother
  • Least favorite foods: Sour food, mayonnaise, milk
  • Most admire person: Murayama Yuiri
  • Close friends: Kawahara Misaki, Hattori Yuna, Takaoka Kaoru, Hashimoto Haruna
  • Describe yourself in one word: Noisy
  • Future Dream: Actress
  • Message to the fans: I will do my best in order to make many people listen to my songs! I count with your support!
  • Her name is written with the character for "Taka", but since this character displays differently on different computer operating systems, on many websites it is written using the more common character instead.
  • She shares three characters of her name with Takahashi Ayane. Both members' names begin with 髙橋彩, and only the final character differs.
  • Theater manager Hosoi Takahiro described her as polite, courteous, and of firm character.
  • On October 29th, 2020 she served as a one-day postmaster for Matsumoto Post Office in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.
  • She opened her official YouTube channel "Sayaka's Kitchen" on her 19th birthday, November 22nd 2020.
  • She plays Animal Crossing New Horizons and has designed AKB48 costumes in the game.
  • She is known for her powerful vocal belt.




  • On December 8th, received a concurrent position in AKB48's Team 4.




  • On April 4th, was part of the senshuuraku performance for Team 4's Te wo Tsunaginagara stage.
  • On April 19th, officially became a member of Mukaichi Team A.
  • On July 8th, appeared on AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san (AKB48サヨナラ毛利さん) for the first time.
  • On September 20th, tested positive for COVID-19 and went on hiatus.
  • On September 27th, resumed activities.


AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

Team 8Team 8 and Team 4Team 8 and Team ATeam A → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Team 8 member on December 9, 2016
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team 4 from December 8, 2017 (AKB48 12th Anniversary Shuffle) to April 19, 2022
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team A from April 19, 2022 (Announcement: December 8, 2021 (AKB48 16th Anniversary Team Shuffle)) to April 30, 2022
Fully transferred to Team A on April 30, 2023 (Announcement: October 7, 2022)
Graduated from AKB48 Team A on August 17, 2023 (Announcement: July 14, 2023)

Singles Participation

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Songs


Stage Units

84 (Sono Shizuku wa, Mirai e to Tsunagaru Niji ni Naru.)
10 Krone to Pan
Itoshisa wo Marumete
Junjou Soda Sui (Solo)

Concert Units

Team 8 East Concert ~Shinshun! Team 8 Matsuri "Higashi no Jin"~

Team 8 Zennin Concert ~Shinshun! Team 8 Matsuri "Tenka Touitsu"~

8gatsu 8nichi wa Eito no Hi Natsu da! Eito da! Pitto Matsuri 2018


AKB48 Team 4 Tandoku Concert 〜Tomodachi ga Dekita〜

AKB48 Team 8 Cuties Concert 〜We are!! Cuties!〜

AKB48 Team 8 Everybody Concert 〜Come On!! Everybody!〜

2020 AKB48 shin Unit Live Matsuri Kaisai Kettei no Oshirase

August 8th is Eito no Hi 2022 Puroland no Suteki na Machi e

MX Matsuri! AKB48 60th Single "Hisashiburi no Lipgloss" Announcement Commemoration Concert in Budokan 2022

New Team Concert

AKB48 Current Team Final Concert 2023 in KT Zepp Yokohama 〜Kore wa Team A Festival!〜

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


Takahashi Sayaka (2019)
Takahashi Sayaka (July 2018 - Team 8)
Takahashi Sayaka 10th Senbatsu Election Poster (2018)
Takahashi Sayaka (2018) (AKB48)
Takahashi Sayaka (July 2017)
Takahashi Sayaka 9th Senbatsu Election Poster (2017)
Takahashi Sayaka (2017) (AKB48)
Takahashi Sayaka (December 2016)
Takahashi Sayaka (2016 - AKB48)