AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai

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AKB48Group Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai will be held on August 24, 2019 in Shanghai, China at the National Exhibition and Convention Center featuring AKB48, JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 Team SH, AKB48 Team TP, and SGO48.

Performing Members

AKB48 (Flag of Japan.png Japan)

JKT48 (Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia)

BNK48 (Flag of Thailand.png Thailand)

MNL48 (Flag of Philippines.png Philippines)

AKB48 Team SH (Flag of China.png China, Host)

AKB48 Team TP (Flag of Taiwan.png Taiwan)

SGO48 (Flag of Vietnam.png Vietnam)

Mini Concert Setlist

M00. Overture
M01. Aitakatta (All)

MC. All Captain Group

M03. Baby! Baby! Baby! (AKB48)
M04. Everyday, Katyusha (AKB48)
M05. Sayonara Crawl (AKB48)
M06. #SukiNanda (AKB48)


M06. Love You (Song By Wang XingLing) (AKB48 Team TP)
M07. Chong Ai (Song By TFBoys) (AKB48 Team TP)
M08. When You ... (Song By Wang XingLing) (AKB48 Team TP)
M09. Di Yi Tian (Song By Stefanie Sun) (AKB48 Team TP)

MC & Games with AKB48 Team TP

M10. Ponytail to Shushu (JKT48)
M11. Pareo wa Emerald (JKT48)


M12. Melon Juice (JKT48)
M13. Manatsu no Sounds good! (JKT48)

MC & Games with JKT48

M14. Time After Time (Song By Cyndi Lauper) (MNL48)
M15. Hoshi no Ondo (MNL48)
M16. 365nichi no Kamihikouki (MNL48)

MC & Games with MNL48

M17. Heavy Rotation (SGO48)
M18. SGO48 (SGO48)
M19. Namida Surprise (SGO48)
M20. Kokoro no Placard Japanese Ver. (SGO48)

MC & Games with SGO48

M21. Shonichi Band Ver. (BNK48)
M22. 365nichi no Kamihikouki Band Ver. (BNK48)

MC & Games with BNK48

M23. Shoujotachi yo (AKB48 Team SH)
M24. Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mita (AKB48 Team SH)

MC & Zhou NianQi's Birthday Celebration

M25. Shoujotachi yo (AKB48 Team SH)
M26. Shonichi (AKB48 Team SH)


M27. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (All)




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