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BNK48 has had a total of 29 original members over their 1st Generation.

Like in AKB48, regular auditions to recruit new members are held, and the future successful candidates, the Trainee members, take part of a in-training team of members that work as sub and under for the official members in various activities (mostly the theater performances). And then, when any of the official members graduate, a girl is promoted to fill the space.

BNK48 Members

  • Bolded means the member is still active in the group.
  • The members' pictures are of members who are still active and are listed in accordance to the alphabetical order of members in each generation.

1st Generation

  • Submission of application forms is from July 30, 2016 to August 30, 2016
  • Announced February 12, 2017

Cherprang Areekul (1st Generation)Christin Larsen (1st Generation)Irada Tavachphongsri (1st Generation)Isarapa Thawatpakdee (1st Generation)Jennis Oprasert (1st Generation)Jetsupa Kruetang (1st Generation)Jiradapa Intajak (1st Generation)Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul (1st Generation)Korapat Nilprapa (1st Generation)Kunjiranut Intarasin (1st Generation)Mananya Kaoju (1st Generation)Mesa Chinavicharana (1st Generation)Milin Dokthian (1st Generation)Miori Ohkubo (1st Generation)Napaphat Worraphuttanon (1st Generation)Natruja Chutiwansopon (1st Generation)Nayika Srinian (1st Generation)Panisa Srilaloeng (1st Generation)Patchanan Jiajirachote (1st Generation)Pichayapa Natha (1st Generation)Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok (1st Generation)Praewa Suthamphong (1st Generation)Punsikorn Tiyakorn (1st Generation)Rinrada Inthaisong (1st Generation)Sawitchaya Kajonrungsilp (1st Generation)Suchaya Saenkhot (1st Generation)Vathusiri Phuwapunyasiri (1st Generation)Warattaya Deesomlert (1st Generation)Watsamon Phongwanit (1st Generation)

Members (29) : Cherprang Areekul, Christin Larsen, Irada Tavachphongsri, Isarapa Thawatpakdee, Jennis Oprasert, Jetsupa Kruetang, Jiradapa Intajak, Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul, Korapat Nilprapa, Kunjiranut Intarasin, Mananya Kaoju, Mesa Chinavicharana, Milin Dokthian, Miori Ohkubo, Napaphat Worraphuttanon, Natruja Chutiwansopon, Nayika Srinian, Panisa Srilaloeng, Patchanan Jiajirachote, Pichayapa Natha, Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok, Praewa Suthamphong, Punsikorn Tiyakorn, Rinrada Inthaisong, Sawitchaya Kajonrungsilp, Suchaya Saenkhot, Vathusiri Phuwapunyasiri, Warattaya Deesomlert, Watsamon Phongwanit