Choi Yena

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Choi Yena
Choi Yena (2019) (Buenos Aires)
Korean name 최예나
Birthdate September 29, 1999  
Birthplace Flag of South Korea.png Gangdong, Seoul, South Korea  
Blood type A
Current Age 20 Years Old
Height 163cm
Professional Info
Agency Yuehua Entertainment, Off The Record
Idol Career Info
Debuted October, 2018

Choi Yena is a member of IZONE.


Early Life

  • Started dancing at Joy Dance Academy, majoring in hip-hop dance.


  • Started training at YUEHUA Entertainment (was a Trainee for 3 years and 5 months before joining Produce 48


  • In June, had her first appearance on the Korean idol survival show Produce 48.
  • On August 31st, came in 4th place on the finale of Produce 48. This meant she would have her debut with IZONE.
    • Her official color in IZONE is yellow.
  • On October 29th, IZONE's debut album COLOR*IZ was released, featuring Yena in all songs.


  • On February 6, had her Japan debut with IZONE and Suki to Iwasetai.
  • On February 7, it was announced that she would appear in the television variety show "The Life of the Bamboo Hut" (호구들의 감빵생활).
  • Starting March 13, became a cast member on Mafia Game in Prison alongside Ahn Yujin.

Singles Participation

IZONE A-sides

IZONE B-sides

Other Songs

  • Pick Me (Naekkeoya)
  • Pick Me (Nekkoya)
  • Very Very Very (Produce 48 Cover ver.)
  • Sorry Not Sorry (Freedo Remix) (Produce 48 Cover ver.)
  • I Am
  • Suki ni Nacchaudarou? (Produce 48 ver.)
  • Yume wo Miteiru Aida (Produce 48 ver.)

Media Appearances


Variety Shows

  • Idol Room
  • Weekly Idol
  • AmigoTV (Season 4)
  • QT Show
  • JTBC Human Intelligence
  • The Show Mini Game
  • Comedy Big League
  • AbemaTV
  • The Life of the Bamboo Hut (호구들의 감빵생활)


  • KBS Cool FM
  • All Night Nippon
  • Saku no Ki


  • Name in Korean: 최예나
  • Is under YUEHUA Entertainment
  • Her elder brother is former SPEED member Sungmin
  • Her talent is playing claw machines
  • Has a dog
  • Is a former Polaris Entertainment/Blockberry Creative trainee, she used to train with LOONA`s Heejin and Hyunjin.
  • Attended Hanlim Multi Art School.
  • Enjoys playing games and watching movies alone
  • She considers her lips to be her "secret weapon"
  • Her favorite ice cream flavors are strawberry and chocolate
  • Was crowned as “Personal Talent One Queen” in Weekly Idol.
  • Is known for looking like a duck
  • Has a dog named Audrey. (IZ*ONE CHU ep.4)
  • Is close to DIA‘s Jueun, they’re both former BBC/Polaris trainee.
  • Was on the show “Cooking Class"
  • Well known for being very bright and energetic, and is often known as the happy virus of IZONE
  • Is a big fan of Bora (former member of SISTAR)
  • Her parents didn’t want her to become an idol because her brother’s group didn’t do well.
  • Is a childhood cancer survivor, she had lymphoma as a child.
  • She came in fourth place on the final episode of Produce 48 with a total of 285,385 votes
  • She and Hyewon used to attend the same school.
  • Attended Joy Dance Academy and majored in girls hip-hop dance.


Choi Yena (2019) (HEART*IZ Sapphire Ver.)
Choi Yena (2019) (HEART*IZ Violeta Ver.)
Choi Yena (2019) (Suki to Iwasetai)
Choi Yena (2018) (COLOR*IZ Rose Ver.)
Choi Yena (2018) (COLOR*IZ Color Ver.)
Choi Yena (2018) (COLOR*IZ Color Ver.)
Choi Yena (2018)
Choi Yena (Produce 48)


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