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DiVA promoting DIVA (2014)
DiVA promoting DISCOVERY (2014)
DiVA promoting Lost the way (2012)
DiVA promoting Tsuki no Uragawa (2011)

DIVA, previously known as DiVA, was an AKB48 sub-unit, which officially disbanded in late 2014.

Former Members

Miyazawa Sae

Umeda Ayaka

Akimoto Sayaka

Masuda Yuka

Former Backdancers

Kasuya Satoko

Futami Yuuki

Furukawa Atsuko

Fukuno Ramu

Inoue Yuina

Yamagami Ayaka



# Cover Title Release date
01 Tsua.jpg Tsuki no Uragawa
02 Crya.jpg Cry 2011.08.10
03 Ltwa.jpg Lost the way 2012.03.21
04 DISCOVERYA.jpg DISCOVERY (As DIVA) 2014.10.08


# Cover Title Release date
01 DIVAAlbumA.jpg DIVA 2014.11.05


  • In March 2014, Diva released a cover version of "Wow War Tonight". The song was only available for download from SoftBank's mobile phone application, and did not feature Masuda Yuka.
  • All members were managed by Office48, later renamed to FLAVE Entertainment
  • The name refers to the group concept, as "The first-ever Dance & Vocal unit from AKB48".

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