Dream Land

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Promotional Image
CD+DVD (Standard Edition)

CD Information

Dream Land (梦想岛)
Release Date
Label/Product Code/Price
Label: NineStyle Music
SNH1100000 (Deluxe Edition Bid Version, CD+DVD) / 78元
SNH1100000 (Deluxe Edition Normal Version, CD+DVD) / 588元
SNH1100001 (Standard Edition, CD) / 78元
SNH1100000 (Digital Edition)

Tracklist Details

  1. Dream Land (梦想岛) / Senbatsu
  2. LA LA LA / Team SII
  3. Zhuanshu Paidui (专属派对) / Team NII
  4. Xiari Jidong (夏日悸动) / Team HII
  5. Xiangyu de Jijie (相遇的季节) / Team X
  6. Lian'ai Weidao (恋爱味道) / Team XII
  7. Dream Land (off-vocal)
  8. LA LA LA (off-vocal)
  9. Zhuanshu Paidui (off-vocal)
  10. Xiari Jidong (off-vocal)
  11. Xiangyu de Jijie (off-vocal)
  12. Lian'ai Weidao (off-vocal)
  1. Dream Land Music Video

Included Members

"Dream Land"

Senbatsu (选拔组) (24 Members) (Liu JiongRan Center)


Team SII (S队) (16 Members) (Dai Meng Center)

"Zhuanshu Paidui"

Team NII (N队) (16 Members) (Wan LiNa Center)

"Xiari Jidong"

Team HII (H队) (16 Members) (Xu YangYuZhuo Center)

"Xiangyu de Jijie"

Team X (X队) (16 Members) (Zhang DanSan Center)

"Lian'ai Weidao"

Team XII (XII队) (16 Members) (Hong PeiYun Center)

General Information

Dream Land is the 12th EP released by SNH48.


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