Francese Therese Pinlac

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Francese Therese Pinlac
Francese Therese Pinlac (2019)
First Name Francese Therese
Middle Name Andale
Last Name Pinlac
Nickname Frances
Birth Info
Birthdate December 31, 2003  
Hometown Flag of Philippines.png Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines
Blood type **
Current Age 19 Years Old
Nationality Filipino
Height 163cm
Professional Info
Agency Hallohallo Entertainment Inc.
Social Networks Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Threads / Spotify
Idol Career Info
Group MNL48
Team 2nd Generation
Debuted March 2019 / 2nd Generation

Francese Therese Pinlac is a member of MNL48's 2nd Generation. She is also a member of Baby Blue.


I am Frances, the living Barbie doll of MNL48.


  • Name in Japanese: フランセス・テレス・ピンラク
  • Nickname in Japanese: フランセス
  • Fandom name: Francheese / PuriPuri Babies
  • Favorite food: Ice cream
  • Favorite drink: Water
  • Favorite TV show: Friends
  • Hobbies: playing table tennis.
  • Her kami-oshi and the member she admires the most is Sheki.
  • The member she is initially close with is Jamie.
  • Loves dogs.
  • Is a trained triathlete and is from a family of triathletes.




  • She was part of Team L's Shonichi of MNL48's 1st Stage on February 1st.
  • On November 27th, was part of her first Senbatsu for MNL48's sixth single RIVER.
  • On December 23rd, was part of MNL48's first original song and second digital single HASHLOVE.


  • On January 14th, guested on Magandang Buhay.
  • On January 18th and 23rd, performed on the 1st and last day of Japan Fiesta 2021.
  • On February 13th, was ranked 23rd in MNL48's 3rd General Election.
  • On April 4th, announced she will have a regular podcast on Spotify titled "Love, Frances". (Link: Spotify)
  • On June 26th, was one of the 16 chosen representatives of MNL48 at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2021 ONLINE.


  • On June 30th, it was announced that she will be a new member of Baby Blue.

MNL48 Senbatsu Election

Team History

MNL48 Trainee → Graduation → MNL48 TraineeTeam L2nd Generation
Joined MNL48 as a Trainee on March 25, 2019
Graduated from MNL48 Trainee on May 1, 2019
Returned to MNL48 as a Trainee on May 7, 2019
Promoted to Team L on September 6, 2019
Transferred to 2nd Generation on December 15, 2022

Singles Participation

MNL48 A-Sides

Other Singles


Stage Units

MNL1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Anata to Christmas Eve (Duet with Dian Marie Mercado)

Concert Units

MNL48 2nd Generation Members Team Concert: No To Oshihen!

MNL48 Christmas Concert Magical Night of Love

Media Appearances

TV Shows

  • ASAP (2019)
  • Magandang Buhay (2021)

Radio Shows

  • Star FM Exclusive (2020)



Francese Therese Pinlac MNL48 2nd General Election Poster (2019)
Francese Therese Pinlac (2019)


2nd Generation