Hinatazaka46 Takkyuu No. 1 Senshuken

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Hinatazaka46 Takkyuu No. 1 Senshuken (日向坂46卓球No.1選手権) is a special 5 episode program where the Hinatazaka46 members play against each other to find out the best table tennis player amongst them. The program aired on TV Tokyo every Thursday night from April 20, 2023 to May 18, 2023.

The members played against each other in a knockout tournament from the first episode until the grand finals in the last episode. This was part of their activities as the supporters for the Japan National Table Tennis team in the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships held in South Africa. The prize for the top five players, or the "Ping Pong Senbatsu", was that they would be featured on the promotional posters for the tournament.

The second edition of the tournament, Hinatazaka46 Takkyuu No. 1 Senshuken Dantaisen, was aired on BS TV Tokyo on January 3, 2024. This was a team tournament where all the members were split into 8 teams in a knockout format.


  • The only member who did not take part was Sasaki Mirei who had scheduling conflicts with her SPYxFAMILY stageplay.
  • Sasaki Kumi received a bye to the second round as there were only 31 players.
  • The tournament, or part of it, was recorded on Kamimura Hinano's birthday, April 12.
  • For the Dantaisen, members Saito Kyoko and Nibu Akari did not participate but Sasaki Mirei participated for the first time.