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The Undergirls (アンダーガールズ, or Under Girls), also known as Under Members on Nogizaka46, are an special group/team of girls that since the term was included in the 1st Senbatsu Election, take charge of the main B-side of most of the AKB48 Singles and recently also SKE48, SDN48, NMB48, JKT48 and Nogizaka46 Singles.



The Undergirls were introduced in the 1st Senbatsu Election, where the girls that ranked from 22# to 30# were given the chance to sing the B-side track of the single (Iiwake Maybe) that the Senbatsu elected (21#~1#) were going to sing.

Previous to this, all the original B-sides were also done by the Senbatsu of that single, what now gave the chance to a lot of other girls to actually take part of a single release (with most of the them doing it for the first time).

The first Undergirls generation, consisted of 9 girls and sung the track Tobenai Agehachou, which also got a PV, marking the first time an AKB48 B-Side got a Music Clip.

Later on for the next single RIVER (that also introduced the Theater Girls), the Undergirls concept was used again. With the difference that this time, the manager decided the members making an almost completely different selection of girls compared to the first generation.

The Undergirls weren't used in the following single (Sakura no Shiori) and made a comeback in Ponytail to Shushu, being used in all singles until GIVE ME FIVE!, when Undergirls were replaced by Special Girls, to then return on Gingham Check.

The Undergirls concept is not used on Janken singles, such as Chance no Junban and Ue Kara Mariko. On Kaze wa Fuiteiru, the Undergirls were divided on three groups: Undergirls, Undergirls Baragumi and Undergirls Yurigumi.

Undergirls of SKE48

For SKE48's 3rd Single Gomen ne, SUMMER, the Undergirls concept was implemented with SKE48 for the first and only time.

In difference with AKB48, 2 different groups of Undergirls were used in the same single (Undergirls A and Undergirls B). Both groups featured an small group of girls and different songs Undergirls A was an Exclusive-track and Music Video of Type-A as Undergirls B were of Type-B.

Undergirls of SDN48

SDN48 started using the Undergirls concept since the their first single, also implementing the Undergirls A/Undergirls B concept SKE48 started.

Undergirls of NMB48

NMB48 started using the Undergirls concept in Junjou U-19. Unlike AKB48, SDN48 and Nogizaka46, the Undergirls don't have a PV.

Undergirls of JKT48

JKT48 started using the Undergirls concept in Flying Get.

Undergirls of Nogizaka46

Nogizaka46 started using the Undergirls concept on Guru Guru Curtain. The Undergirls, also known as Under Members, have a B-Side on one of the single types, including a PV.

Undergirls of AKB48

( Undergirls Participation Table (AKB48))

Iiwake Maybe

Tobenai Agehachou (9 Members (22#~30#))


Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara (16 Members)

Ponytail to Shushu

Nusumareta Kuchibiru (16 Members)

Heavy Rotation

Namida no SeeSaw Game (18 Members (22#~40#))


Boku Dake no value (22 Members)

Sakura no Ki ni Narou

Guuzen no Juujiro (18 Members)

Everyday, Katyusha

Hito no Chikara (29 Members)

Flying Get

Dakishimechaikenai (18 Members (22#~40#))

Kaze wa Fuiteiru

Kimi no Senaka (19 Members)

Gingham Check

Nante Bohemian(16 Members (17#~32#))


Tsugi no Season(16 Members)

So long!

Waiting Room (22 Members)

Sayonara Crawl

Bara no Kajitsu (16 Members)

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mita (16 Members (17#~32#))

Heart Ereki

Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku

Kokoro no Placard


Undergirls of SKE48

Gomen ne, SUMMER

Shoujo wa Manatsu ni Nani wo Suru? (Undergirls A, 7 Members)

Hazumisaki (Undergirls B, 8 Members)

Undergirls of SDN48


Eros no Trigger: (Undergirls A, 11 Members)

Sado e Wataru : (Undergirls B, 12 Members)

Ai, Chuseyo

Tengoku no Door wa Sankaime no Bell de Aku: (Undergirls A, 12 Members)

Awajijima no Tamanegi: (Undergirls B, 12 Members)


Onedari Champagne: (Undergirls A, 12 Members)

Awajijima no Tamanegi: (Undergirls B, 16 Members)

Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Mino Monta

Yaritagariya-san: (Undergirls Team G, 12 Members)

Kamujatan Bojou: (Undergirls B, 10 Members)

Kashaasa de Jihaku suru: (Undergirls B, 9 Members)

Makeoshimi Congratulation

Kurikuri: (Undergirls A, 12 Members)

Ue Kara Natsuko: (Undergirls B, 15 Members)

Undergirls of NMB48

Junjou U-19

Baatari GO!


Rifujin Ball


Chotto Nekoze

Kitagawa Kenji

Nemuku Naru made Hitsuji wa Detekonai

Bokura no Eureka



Toki wa Katari Hajimeru

Takane no Ringo

Kasa wa Iranai

Undergirls of JKT48

Flying Get

Hanikami Lollipop

Gingham Check

Utsukushii Inazuma

Under Members of Nogizaka46

Guru Guru Curtain

Hidari Mune no Yuuki

Oide, Shampoo

Ookami ni Kuchibue wo

Hashire! Bicycle

Namida ga Mada Kanashimi datta Koro

Seifuku no Mannequin

Haru no Melody

Kimi no Na wa Kibou

13nichi no Kinyobi

Girl's Rule



Hatsukoi no Hito wo Ima Demo

Kidzuitara Kataomoi

Umareta Mama de

Undergirls & Theater Girls as Popularity level used by the Fandom

The Undergirls are usually given most of the spotlight after the Senbatsu in a single release, making the other Single-exclusive group (the Theater Girls) feel as the "least important" group of girls for the manager.

The Theater Girls were introduced in RIVER, a single that was promoted as "first single ever where all the 48 girls of the group take part". with Senbatsu still being "the most important" selection of girls, the Undergirls were used once again and a new group named the Theater Girls was introduced. Unlike the Undergirls, the Theater Girls didn't get a new original song and got to cover an AKB48 Stage Song instead. The original Theater Girls music video was filmed in the AKB48 Theater as a "performance music clip", instead of an "original PV" like the Undergirls and Senbatsu get.

Since the Type-A and Type-B releases were included in AKB48 Singles, the Theater Girls started to take part of only one of the editions, compared to the Undergirls that appear in both as the main b-side of the single. Not only are Theater girls songs only one one edition, but the Theater Girls do not necessarily appear in all the singles in the first place. For Senbatsu election singles, Theater girls are not present.

In the fandom, fans will often classify girls as "Senbatsu" "Undergirl" or "Theater Girl", referring more to popularity-level instead of how often they appear in Senbatsu, Undergirls, or Theater Girls. Often, when AKB48 management decides to "push" a new member, they will have the girl go directly to the Undergirls lineup in order to promote her more to the fans.

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