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Welcome to Wiki48 at!

Our wiki currently has 30,164 wiki pages, 18,927 uploaded files and 256,770 wiki edits in total.
We also have 422 users, 0 (<- for some reason this counter is not working) of which have edited within 30 days

Today is Tuesday, 18 February 2020 - time is 20:41 (UTC) and it's currently week 8/2020

Just as a reminder for myself: Google+ shutting down after data leak affecting 500,000 users (August 2019)

Social Networks - September 2018 update:

NGT48 2nd generation members added + updated Team NIII+Team G+HKT48+NMB48+SKE48+AKB48
Check that all the links on Social Networks page are also on the infobox of each member page!

Current projects (as of 2018/10/9)

Going through all the uploaded files..
Profile pictures (for JPN48 - list these) -> group/team photos (list these) -> single covers (list these) -> profile pictures (CHN48 - list these) -> K/N46 profile pics (list these as well) -> PB covers

Update Birthday List

Add missing SSK posters (+profile pictures?) to gallery of each member page! -> [[Special:UnusedFiles] might be handy!

Birthplace: bold -> italic - done: AKB48 (check again!), SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48

I mostly add social media links and fix some little things when coming across :)

Fixing double-redirects
Deleting unnecessary files, pages and templates from time to time
Sometimes fixing little grammar mistakes

Useful links:

Birthday List - DVDs - Number of members - Photobooks - Social Networks

Wiki48 feedback - Help: Editing - Help: How to contribute

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