Collecting Birthday Messages for Yamamoto Sayaka 2016

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    Just like every year this year SayakaSonic is also collecting messages for Sayaka's upcoming birthday. For those who doesn't know who & what SayakaSonic is, they're Sayaka's birthday committee. This year out of the blue I've decided to help out in getting messages from oversea fans. I've talked to the committee and they said English messages are also welcome. This might actually be the first time something like this (on S48) for Sayaka have started that's related to SayakaSonic directly.
    Here's the catch, unfortunately your messages will have to be handwritten for you by either the committee members or myself. Since I'm not in the committee (due to personal reasons) in order for me to write for foreign fans I will need an exact number on how many message cards I will need. This is in relation to how many messages I will actually write.



    Anyway here's a quick translation for the info you'd need to send in.

    1. Gender.
    2. What kind of Color Pen.
    3. Name (Can be anything, from real name to nicknames)
    4. Region, so in this case your country/city.
    5. Message Content. (Please remember this is only a standard business card size so the amount of letters that can actually fit in there is quite limited) Apporx. 80 letters (jpnese) so I'd imagine a tiny tad more in English. Feel free to have it in Japanese as well.
    NOTE: I will not be doing any message translation.

    1. Male
    2. Blue
    3. ANDI
    4. Canada
    5. Happy Birthday Sayaka! I don't know why I'm writing in English but I'm starting a foreign fan tour called "Yamamoto Tour". Coolio eh?

    Final Deadline is just before Seitansai which is yet to be determined (Sometime around July). In short, the earlier you give me your message the faster I can pick up the actual message cards and write. Don't leave it to the last minute.

    If you're interested feel free to send me a DM on here with title "Sayaka's Birthday Message" with the following info.
    Ultimately I'm just doing this for Sayaka and the foreign fanbase, please don't make it harder for me than it needs to be. Even without her understanding the full content of your message I'm sure it's the thought that counts.
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