Album Furuhata Nao's 1st solo (mini) Album "Dear Kimi to Boku /Dear 君とボク。"

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    From her thread:

    This release, which was released after the first solo single "Orufesu" total sales reached 10,000 sheets, is a period from December 24, 2018 (Monday) to January 16, 2019 (Wednesday), 2019 Limited sale. Reservation starts on special sales page from December 11, 2010 (Tuesday), 2018 (Opening of sales page is scheduled for December 11, 18 o'clock).

    All songs are 6 songs including 1st single "Orufesu". The songwriting of three of them was handled by Atsuhiko Nakada of Oriental Radio.

    As a purchaser benefit, SHOWROOM original avatar and raw photos are given.

    "Dear you and me." ■ From the music
    1. nature
    3. Miraikuru
    5. Ferris wheel
    6. Orufesu

    reservation start date: 2018 December 11 (Tuesday) 18:00
    sales period: 2018 12 Mon. 24 (Monday) ~ January 16, 2019 (Wed)
    Sales Price: ¥ 2,000 (Tax included)

    【Buyer benefits】
    · Nao Furuhata Limited SHOWROOM original avatar
    · 1 raw photo (6 kinds in total)

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