Hasegawa Miyabi (Miichan, Miyabisu)

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    Hasegawa Miyabi 2023.jpeg

    Name: Hasegawa Miyabi (長谷川雅)
    Nickname: Miichan, Miyabisu (みーちゃん、みやびーむ)
    Birth: 2010-11-20
    From: Aichi
    Color: Pink, light blue, white.
    Interest: Reading, playing games.
    Skill: Voice impersonation of game characters.
    Aspiration: nice person
    Favorite food: Strawberries, scallops and meat.
    Favorite word: carrying out one's words
    One message: I will do my best to make everyone smile! Thank you for your support.
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    Miyabi is super cute. She needs a super push like Mirei.
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