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Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 (JKT48)

Discussion in 'General JKT48 Discussion' started by ForrestFuller, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    With 2016 coming to a close. It's time to do the yearly tradiation for Stage48 (which now is for all the groups)

    So what are your Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 for JKT48?

    2016 - 2015
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  2. robby eliandio

    robby eliandio Kenkyuusei

    Aug 16, 2015
    -original single or at least UZA hehe
    -regular jkt48 tv show
    -more surprise on next sousenkyo
    -MV gets better quality
    -big concert in japan with their sister group
    -import more japanese member
    -jkt48 cafe

    -unpopular member can't get chance to shine
    -mass graduation

    -jkt48 still can't make a big impact for indonesian music industry
  3. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    JKT48 Original Single (Can we finally freaking have one)
    JKT48 Sister Group
    JKT48 6th Generation
    JKT48 Sports Festival

    No Original Single

    Cindy wins SSK (while Melody doesn't enter)
    JKT48 6th Generation
    JKT48 Sports Festival
    No Original Single :(.

    Predictions on the centers
    16th: Melody
    17th: Cindy
    18th: Ve
    19th: Melody and Ve
  4. zurichtime

    zurichtime Kenkyuusei

    Aug 5, 2016
    - Better management for JKT48
    - JKT48 1st original single
    - Cool/Dark songs like UZA get covered
    - New center
    - JKT48 single get viral in Indonesia
    - regular tv show (or at least web show)
    - JKT48 Sports Festival
    - AKBxJKT concert
    - JKT48 Band coupling song

    - Celine and Desy get into senbatsu (or at least more spotlight)
    - A role for either Shania or Ve in movie

    - JKT48 will disbanded
    - Melody and Ve graduation at the end of 2017
    - Management gets more shitty

    - Melody graduation at the end of 2017
    - Another grand shuffle
  5. yerazogh22

    yerazogh22 Kenkyuusei

    May 5, 2016
    - Original single or at least summer single before SSK like Labrador Retriever or Sayonara Crawl or Durian Shounen :^O^:
    - I don't know why, but I want Kimi wo Kimi wo Kimi wo to be covered :hehe:
    - more than 16 member senbatsu
    - Better MV quality, better costume, better translation
    - Regular TV show
    - Request Hour best more than 30
    - 6th generation
    - japan member transfered
    - they will realease the clear version mp3 for Twt, SBgN, TnM
    - more theater upgrade :^^;:
    - new setlist for J and KIII, not continuing with B.E.L.I.E.V.E show after 12/17
    - new documentary
    - SSK: Melody win, or any member except Veranda and more good surprising news; there will be next girl in SSK 2017
    - better management
    - more public recognition
    - New sister group maybeee... :cute: or maybe 46 rival group[hehe]


    - JKT48 disband
    - top member graduation
    - mass graduation
    - Veranda winning SSK again :whistle:

    - no original single :fp:
    - surprising graduation(?) :cry:
    - not getting that much public recognition
    - maybe another shuffle
    - 6th generation
    - theater show in other cities
  6. hrs0722

    hrs0722 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2015
    Hanasakigawa Girls High School
    Hokkaido48 damn when

    - Original songs, off course the time JKT48 must have original songs have coming, even since 2015.
    - If still covering songs, I want Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai & Green Flash
    - New kaigai member, somehow I want Saho to move to team T.
    - No need another shuffle until 2018.
    - Celine to make her first year on 2017 sousenkyo. At least #32 the higher, the better. I hope it'll come true. Let's prove Celine is better than Zara!
    - AKBxJKT concert again please, I hope it'll be in September or October. Joint concert with another sister group? I hope HKTxJKT concert.


    - JKT48 to break up? I hope none of Aki-P group would break up, if you expect JKT48 to break up, don't ever call yourself a JKT48 fan!
    - #1 of sousenky no more Veranda please, not also Melody. But since no more Harugon & Andela, I dunno, maybe Viny. But I think it's not bad if Sasshi still wins sousenkyo in 2017.
    - Please JOT, get rid from translating, 47 no Suteki no machi e, Max Toki 315-go, & Yumemiru KIV. I don't want JKT48 version of them.
    - Team 4II sounds absurd & doesn't make sense. JKT48 don't need another team! 3 teams are enough.


    - 6th gen, maybe announced after Request Hour.
    - Graduation of at least 1 top member.
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  7. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
    -Original single (who doesn't want this, right?)
    -A new Kaigai member (hopefully it's Rena)
    -If they're gonna stick for covers, then, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, UZA, and Densetsu no Sakana
    -Rona ranks again!!! PLEASE!!
    -Rona makes it back to the Senbatsu!! This too, PLEASE!!
    -Desy will be picked as a Senbatsu member

    Still covers
    -6th gen auditions
    -more boring album covers
    -a new kaigai member

    -Rona announces graduation
    -more boring album covers
    -Still covers
    -JOT is still working like they're not giving in much thought
  8. Pasha

    Pasha Kenkyuusei

    Nov 5, 2016
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    - Create original single, instead of translating the existing songs from AKB48 and the other sisters
    - Watanabe Mayu transferred to JKT48
    - Nozawa Rena returned to JKT48
    - Cindy Yuvia transferred to Team J
    -Tan Zhi Hui Celine and/or Adhisty Zara transferred to team J (but not in the near future)
    - Push Frieska Anastasia Laksani by making her becoming senbatsu
    - Nabilah wins next year's Sousenkyo
    - JKT48 will make the concert overseas (besides Japan) like in Singapore, Malaysia (Celine's native :cool:) Australia, UK (e.g. in Wembley), and even in The States (e.g. in Madison Square Garden or Staples Center)
    - JKT48 will make world touring concert
    - JKT48 will perform in Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio, Rock Am Ring, and/or Download Festival
    - Making a temporary theatre in other countries (at least in Singapore)
    - Shuffle of JKT48, by making team J, KIII, and T contains all 5 generations of JKT48
    - Trade at least one JKT48 member with an AKB48 member
    - There'll be one graduated member to return to JKT48 (idk which one)
    - Nabilah and/or Melody announced graduation
    - Disbandment of JKT48
    - Mass graduation

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  9. Dealoved_48

    Dealoved_48 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 12, 2015
    Bogor, Indonesia
    I'm going to compare mine with last year to see their progression
    Green fonts: Fulfilled/happened
    Red fonts: Impossible
    Black fonts: There's a chance to happen in the next year

    - Chikarina will get her push, and ranked in SSK
    - New stages for Team J, KIII, and T (No prediction)
    - Another girl from Japan transferred to JKT (No prediction)
    - Theater renovation
    - 2nd album
    - JKT will open a Cafe & Shop, just like AKB :^O^:
    - Elaine transferred back to Team T
    - Another concert with AKB
    - 5th Gen Audition
    - Janken Senbatsu/Janken Taikai
    - 4 Gulali & 4 Duren release a single
    - Original single from JKT
    - The stages J3, KIII3, and T1 will release CD & DVD version
    - Make a variety show
    - 4th Gen members participate in a single
    - Non Team J member centers an A-side single
    - Official website renovation
    - I hope JKT48 will get better and better performance, and fast development like AKB & SNH (There's a progression)

    - A scandal that causes member(s) to graduate (poor Sendy :()
    - Harugon/Chikarina's Kaigai position revoked
    - JOT slow development
    - JKT disbandment or mass graduation (please don't)
    - Big team shuffle
    - All teams didn't get new stages
    - Bad single (CD jacket/covers)
    - JOT low on budget to release something

    - New stages for Team J, KIII, and T
    - Melody, Ve, Harugon, and other ace members ranked in SSK
    - Member graduation (That happens every year)
    - 5 singles in 2016 (only 4)
    - 5th Gen Audition
    - All 3rd Gen Trainee get promoted
    - The 15th single is same as AKB's (not 15th, it's 14th)
    - All members will change their potrait in official website, in late 2016
    - The stages J3, KIII3, and T1 will release CD & DVD version

    Okay, for 2017:
    - New Kaigai member(s)
    - Release the clean version mp3 (CD) of TnM, SBgN, and TwT
    - New actual stage for J & KIII
    - For Team J, I choose A4, A6, K5, K6, E5, or N3
    - For Team KIII, I choose A4, A6, K6, HW2, or S3​
    - Team T should do another setlist! (like A1, K3, K5, K6, B4, or HW2), T2 for 6 months, and T3 until the end of 2017 (only hope :D)
    - Chikarina still get her push
    - 5 singles in 2017. No album
    - No need to shuffle teams
    - Original song/single
    - Make a variety show
    - Rona participate in most singles
    - Better management
    - The request hour 2017 songs should be top 100, not 30
    - Documentary film
    - 6th Gen members at least 18 girls
    - There will be an ex-member(s) return to JKT48 [hehe]
    - 4 Gulali, 4 Duren, JKT48 Band release their 1st single!
    - If they want to make Team 4II, they should do B3 or A1 as their beginning setlist
    - Open a JKT48 Cafe & Shop :^O^:
    - Please JOT don't make another delayment of releasing single :asdfgh:

    - Another scandal that cause member(s) to graduate
    - Chikarina's Kaigai position revoked
    - Mass graduation (just like 5 trainees and Nina from 3rd gen :()
    - Veranda wins SSK again :shocku:
    - Melody graduates at the end of 2017
    - What happen if JKT48 announce independence from AKB48? They can't cover anymore JPN48 group songs

    - New actual stage for J & KIII
    - 18th/19th Single is same as AKB's
    - Still no original song/single
    - Somehow the 5th Gen Trainee will get promoted soon
    - 6th Gen Audition
    - Request Hour 2017
    - 2nd Janken Competition
    - Top member graduation
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  10. Pasha

    Pasha Kenkyuusei

    Nov 5, 2016
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    In the second janken tournament, I hope that Nabilah wins it, so she qualifies for AKB48 janken (like what Sinka did), and win it too

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  11. Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48

    Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2016
    - Many members will be the 6th Gen.
    - New Team (I would like the name is the number than alphabet, hmm... Team 1 ?).
    - Frieska and Shafa will get senbatsu (If Melody will grad, I wanna Frieska will be included in senbatsu).
    - New Stage. Team J will have A2, A7, A4, N3, or K5. Team KIII will have HG2, K3, or K6. Team T will have B4, A6, A1, or K3.
    - T2 must immediately senshuuraku after RH17. So, the trainees will be promoted immediately. HG1 must too.

    - Frieska and Shafa won't get push. And they are graduate.
    - Nabilah, Achan, and Sonia will graduate.
    - Mass graduate (especially Gen. 1 and Gen. 3). It's include trainees disband (just like 3rd gen have been). And I hope JKT48 won't be disbanded.
    - There is/are member(s) who will be dismissed.
    - No New Stage.

    - Singles of JKT48 are 4. No Album.
    - New Stage.
    - JKT48 Normal Event (Ramadhan, Janken, RH, Anniv, etc).
    - Some/few popular member(s) will grad (I hope it just 1).
    - 6th Gen.
    - Revival Stage. I hope/guess it will be Dareka No Tame Ni.
    - Kaigai member(s). So, I hope they take 2 members (yeah, Rena Nozawa must back to Team J).

    - Will 4 Gulali release Hatsukoi Dash ? When ? I hope they release immediately.
    - When do JKT48 Dance Project debut ?
    - Will JKT48 do renovation in theater ? I hope they add hydraulic stage.
    - Will JKT48 enhancement song be increased ?
    - When Melody Grad ? It's the time for her to marriage. :v
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  12. azuka

    azuka Kenkyuusei

    Dec 16, 2016
    jakarta selatan
    HOPES :
    - another candidate(s) promotion ( for example co. capt from each team )
    - New Team ( trainees and 6th generation )
    - Another Kaigai member(s) from AKB48
    - another surprise from SSK 2017
    - if the Original single doesn't release, at least a cool single ( Labrador retriever / UZA etc. )
    - more than 1 MV on 1 CD/album

    FEARS :
    - another graduates member from each team
    - veranda won the SSK mor many times
    - Vieny fails as an Captain of KIII and replace by another candidates
    - Melody / Ve / Gen 1 Kami7 graduates
    - there's no ORIGINAL SINGLE

    - 6th Generation
    - Surprise senbatsu ( another dark horse ) on SSK 2017
    - Kaigai member(s)
    - New Stages for team J, KIII, and T
    - 2nd Janken
    - TOP Member Graduation
  13. honeyNUT

    honeyNUT Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2014
    * Variety shows
    * Original Single
    * Melody graduates, and not a prolonged one like Gon's and actually manage to win her last SSK and actually graduates by July
    * Establish a lineup new gen aces and start putting them as JKT's rep to the public (Nabilah, Yuvia, Zara, Michelle, Shani)
    * Hydraulics
    * 6th Gens will debut in theater by April and the 5th gen Trainees would actually be performing with them
    * Singles with 5 HS events and uses preorder system like AKB so their 1st day sales would look monstrous like AKBs
    * AKB48 Cafe & JKT48 Shop
    * T2 to end FAST and Idol no Yoake will be T3
    * Vio will center T along with Zara
    * Celine top10 and Devi unranked
    * AKBxJKT concert
    * AKBSKE Thater tour
    * No more Kaigais
    * My sister actually passes this time!!!!!!!
  14. gwahaha

    gwahaha Kenkyuusei

    Jun 28, 2016
    • J4 and KIII4 stage announcement and shonichi, late Jan/early Feb (at least with new unit songs).
    • March single (16th) released + vote for RH (Ebikachu/Sayokuro), early Mar.
    • New kaigai announced in AKB48 Group 2017 Shuffle.
    • 2nd RH Top 50 held in Balai Sarbini, late Apr.
    • RH (not live) on TV; just for popular song ranked, top 5 songs, and best skits, that's OK.
    • May single (17th) released + vote for SSK, May (before Ramadan).
    • JKT covering kids song for Ramadan (this would be great and very nostalgic for me).
    • SSK concert and announcement live on TV, Jul, after Idul Fitri (in Yogyakarta with HS festival, pls :cute:).
    • Rank 1-48 in SSK. Yupi center, Viny comes back in Senbatsu, Frieska and Shafa ranked, KIII gets the most members ranked in SSK.
    • Regular weekly AKBingo-like TV Show, starts Jul.
    • SSK single (18th) released together with AKB's SSK single with the same Senbatsu, UG, and NG songs, Jul.
    • Type A-B for (or since) SSK single (because 7 songs and 3 MVs for 1 CD may be too much).
    • 2nd Janken Taikai for Janken Senbatsu, Aug. Winner joins AKB Janken Taikai with other kaigai members.
    • Janken Single (19th) released Sept.
    • 2017 Asia Tour (only one concert, because we all know it's very expensive):
    1. AKB-JKT concert in Japan before AKB Janken Taikai, Oct.
    2. JKT48 become guest star for BNK, MNL, TPE debut.
    3. JKT48 become guest star for SEA Games in Malaysia.
    • 6th Anniv concert in Jakarta, Dec 17th.
    • Cool single (20th) released Dec 20th. (Original single or UZA, pls :cute:)

    • Better ticketing system for Far Fans.
    • On time single release.
    • Old 'secret' MV published in YouTube/DM (like Kimisuki and old Beginner MV).
    • Use YouTube to make new MV viral.
    • K3poinOshi revives.
    • For my oshimens, Viny-Yupi in first row of Senbatsu please :cute:.
    • Another mass graduation, with Senbatsu member in one of those.
    • Viny in back row of SSK rank, or not being in senbatsu :cry:.
    • Janken Taikai 2017 won't be held.
    • Being unpopular again like 2015.
    • BNK and MNL debut becomes more viral than JKT.
    • J4 and KIII4 are only revivals from previous JKT stages.
    • No kaigai members other than Chikariina.
    • Moves recording label to worse label.
    • Becomes independent (this will really ruin JKT in the future).
    • Disbandment (every fans' fear).
    • 2nd RH held.
    • 6th gen audition.
    • 5th gen trainees all promoted.
    • J4 and KII4 announcement and shonichi.
    • More Nabilah-Yupi-Michelle-Zara in senbatsu.
    • Yupi/Ve ranked 1st in SSK, Zara ranked in senbatsu, Devi and Celine in UG, more newcomers in rank.
  15. Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48

    Akira Maruni Harvestrainer48 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2016
    Agree. I hope they will it so. Not the religious children songs, but normal children songs.
    The children songs are rare to sing again. Maybe, If they buy all of song arrangement from Ideal Record (I don't know how the situation in there, and it's former record from Trio Kwek Kwek), it'll be good so. :D :lol: :XD: :hehe:
  16. Maici

    Maici Kenkyuusei

    Dec 28, 2016
    Hey guys! I'm maici. I'm new in the community, but I've been following Jkt48 for awhile. Nice to meet you all! and this is my hopes, fears and prediction for Jkt48.

    -Original single. like c'mon, it has been too long...
    -Single that will hit in Indonesia, like River.
    -New PERMANENT variety show.
    -Better translation for the lyrics!
    -Hopefully Jkt48 will leave h*ts record.
    -Unpopular members get more spotlight.
    -Better MV quality and stories.

    -Jkt48 disband
    -Mass graduation
    -Ve wins SSK three years in a row:fp:
    -Nothing. Just a really boring year with no activity.

    - No original single.
    - Bad MV quality.
    - Mass graduation.
    - 6th gen.
    - New Team.
  17. ardee

    ardee Kenkyuusei

    Aug 25, 2012
    - Over pushed 4th-5th gen graduated.
    - Ayana, Beby and Shani become Kami-7.
    - HKT48xJKT48 collaboration concert please.
    - JKT48 South East Asia tour.
    - Original (and also native-lyric) Single.
    - New Kaigai member from Japan.
    - Kaigai short-term opportunity (or long) for JKT48 members.
    - JKT48 concert in MNL48 and BNK48 debut.

    - Mass graduation.
    - New scandal exposed.
    - Group disbandment.
    - Contract Violation by tend-to-graduate member (please no more!).
    - Weak leadership in new generation members (4th-5th gen).

    - Just so so performance.
    - Bad management by JOT.
    - 6th gen.
    - New kaigai (again) from AKB48 less-popular member.
  18. Kierukiel

    Kierukiel Kenkyuusei

    Oct 26, 2015
    why you hoping over pushed member graduate?

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