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    Dec 7, 2014
    So, as I was very taken aback by a certain member who called Miyu "evil step mother-chan," I'm wondering now what your impressions are of the members? They can be strange like the one I mentioned, positive, negative, it's up to you. You can even compare your first impression of that member to your current one.
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    Mar 29, 2016
    Nice idea.
    -- Miyu-chan: great dancer, but nervous, insecure, intense, serious. Makes people think she's harsh -- and maybe sometimes she is. Techi pulls the group forward, maybe Miyu drives it from behind. Determined to help the group make its dancing great, I think she once said.
    -- Neru: smart, capable, feels somewhat out of it and is very nice to people to protect herself. Maybe a bit tricky: "tanuki face" that makes her seem vaguer than she really is. Her extreme fear (including thrashing about on the floor) during the haunted house episode of KeyaKake made me think she does really feel weak and afraid, however. But she rises to any occasion.
    -- Zuumin: happy face, but with a hint of sadness behind everything.
    -- Pon: more with-it than she sometimes seems. When called on, she can talk easily and well.
    -- Berika: like a big, soft, rock, standing her ground in her vagueness. Such strong pheromones she seems drunk with them.
    -- Mii-chan: cute but determined. I'm one of the few that don't like her shows of resentment.
    -- Fuu-chan: took a dislike to her from the beginning. Something about her look pushed me away. And then she was the first to tell tales about other members: that was entertainment, but it rubbed me the wrong way. However, she seems to be a basically nice and capable person, and I am coming around.
    -- Nijika: her constant look of worry makes me uneasy; I really don't enjoy seeing it. Fortunately, her recent successes seem to be relaxing her a bit.
    -- Yone-san: I just like her. What a lovely smile. Kind, smart, humble. And young with room to grow.
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    Amaki Sally
    Ok, i jump on this, but a friendly remember... don't feed the troll...

    -Neru: Too smart, probably smart enough that her body can't keep with her thinking speed and ends being SO clumsy. Also, her thinking train works in a different way than most people.
    -Techi: Too mature for her age, and she kinda regrets that, yet she's an obvious hard-worker and serious when it's needed.
    -Miyu: Serious and dedicated, yet, i feel some fragile side on her that shows sometimes.
    -Zuumin: A cheerful girl, easygoing and happy almost all the time.
    -Pon: Another serious girl, yet if you trigger her, she will react.
    -Berika: "A chained beast", her shyness is heavily hindering her, if she is able to overcome this, she will became a walking storm!!!
    -Risa-sama: Another chained member, but different, she seems to be hiding her true self to others, but not for shyness like Berika, like there's something else there...
    -Mona: She's really serious and cool, but she will "melt" when you approach her.
    -Akanen: She's trying to take she "hidden boss" role, like trying to make the other shy members to open themselves. Also, she is one of the most opened members.
    -Sugai-sama: She's well educated, maybe not so smart, but she knows how the things tend to work in the big picture. Yet, it seems that she was "out of contact" for the rest of the world for some time...
    -Ozeki: I sense a inner struggle on her, like she's trying to portrait a nice and artistic image of her, but her true self keeps showing, and also she's kinda a worrywart..
    -Habu: She's a nice girl, and keeps living on being a nice girl.
    -Nijika: It seems to be like Ozeki, but, her heart isn't stronger as Ozeki and ends being more troubled.
    Oh my... she obviously had some "communicative issues", also, she seems to be a person than doesn't say so openly her worries and problems, so she keep them for her. But her love for idols is stronger than that, and she is trying to change her self. The some of her lasts blogs are showing this.
    Four letters: YOLO, i don't know if is the most fearless member, of she doesn't has "sense of self preservation". Or maybe her sense of duty is even more stronger and she known that some things are needed to be done.
    -Uemura: She's trying to be not only a orthodox idol, but a "textbook example idol", and i really feel that the trumpet joke is not of her like...
    -Aoi: She's a child!!! that's all!! maybe she is the second youngest, but she's so childish!!!
    -Fuu-chan: I sense a friendly aura around her, like she's the member who is the easier to go went. If you look closely at most of keyakake recordings, she seems to hang along with a lot of members.c
    -Mii-chan: I actually had some issues with her, like she is a "ky chara" (Can NOT read the mood chara), and bring some awkward moments... or maybe she's awkward by nature...
    -Oda Nana: She doesn't know what is "An idol persona", she take her own self, and make it her idol persona.
    -Satoshi: She has serious low self-esteem issues... and she is covering my "over explaining" things. But she's actually a pretty girl, but she don't see it...
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    Nov 9, 2015
    1. Hirate ---> At first I thought she had a mature face for her age and that has a clean image, but right now I think this girls has big big potential, good at singing, dancing, and at talking she's multitalented.
    2. Suzumoto --> At first, I didn't pay attention to her cuz she gave me a meh aura until Silent Majority where she slays.
    3. Imaizumi ---> She used to be my oshimen at first glance, but then she caught me more when I found out that she's really good at singing, so now she's in my top 3 members.
    4. Kobayashi ---> I didn't pay attention to her until Silent Majority where I found out about her amazing voice.
    5. Berika ---> I used to think that she will be like the Maiyan of Keyakizaka; beautiful, adult, and charisma. But it turned out to be the opposite and I'm still trying to like her more cuz I'm not that interested in her.
    6. Sugai ---> I still can't get over her face; she like a copy of Sayanee. By watching Keyakitte episodes and SM performances, I got to really like her.
    7. Akane ---> Didn't knew about her until she was paired with Sugai for Te wo Tsunaide performance. She looks like the energetic idolish type of idol.
    8. Ozeki ---> Since the first time I saw her I knew I was going to like her. She looked like the funny, dorky one of the group and it turn out to be and I hope I could see her more doing these kind of funny things in Keyakitte.
    9. Berisa ---> She suddenly became prettier to me since she cut her hair. Also, there's something about her that I love but idk what it is.
    10. Habu ---> She was the very first member I knew about because of her height and cute face. Now she's not that interesting but because of my like to her at first glance, I still have that like that maybe could disappear in some months.
    11. Shida ---> She looked like a front member when I first saw her. But now, she's looking cuter and has been getting more open and now I really like her.
    12. Uemura ---> I began to like her because I thought she had the same exact haircut as Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke and it turn out to be a really cute and doll-like member; I hope she gets a better position for the 2nd single.
    13. Yone-san ---> I notice her at the Keyakitte episodes because she was the only one speaking to the MC in some episode so I thought that she was going to be part of the funny ones from the group.
    14. Aoi ---> At first glance, I thought she had a imouto kyara and she still does.
    15. Nijika ---> I was interested in her since the beginning so I still like her a lot.
    16. Fuyuka ---> She looked so much like Kazumin that I was about to oshimen her first, cuz Kazumin is one of my oshis of Nogizaka. I think she still can do more to get attention from fans.
    17. Oda ---> She gave me a Akimoto Sayaka aura and she still has.
    18. Nanako ---> She looked like the air head from the group and it turned out she wasn't oops.
    19. Koike ---> She looked extremely cute at first glance and still is, but she still doesn't have a kyara that will interest people.
    20. Shiori ---> I'm just impressed by her cuz of her drawings... that's all.
    21. Neru ---> She is really cute, intelligent, and became really popular. I used to thought she was like weak and afraid type of idol.
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    Oct 27, 2013
    I agree with everyone (I wish i could like your post), but dis with Habu- I think she will be bigger in the future (like Akimoto), That why Aki-P saw the potential of her and i was very shocked with her good position in SM, I think shes like Watanabe Rika type. but smarter lol.
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    Jul 7, 2015
    Hirate Yurina: Dancing machine jailbait
    Imaizumi Yui: Cute and sexy talent monster
    Kobayashi Yui: The most talented of all
    Sugai Yuuka: Some people buying her HS tickets hoping they'll somehow get her, get married with her, and get a piece of her family fortune. Beautiful radiant smiling milady
    Watanabe Rika: So beautiful that everything she does is justified
    Watanabe Risa: The most beautiful of all
    Shida Manaka: The one who's cool to hang out with
    Yonetani Nanami: Hidden beauty, need to get her teeth fixed
    Habu Mizuho: Yukirin clone with smaller nose
    Ozeki Rika: Funny girl to hang out with that you won't date
    Moriya Akane: Classic Japanese beauty
    Suzumoto Miyu: Hirate Yurina's sidekick
    Oda Nana: I like her talking voice
    Uemura Rina: With the right haircut she's actually very beautiful
    Koike Minami: Cute little sister that gets angry easily (in a cute way)
    Nagasawa Nanako: I feel suzuki ayane vibe on her
    Nagahama Neru: Kawamoto Saya doppleganger
    Harada Aoi: Not beautiful but I love her smile, never get bored to see her
    Ishimori Nijika: Her name meaning is the best thing about her
    Sato Shiori: The one I'm not interested at #1
    Saito Fuyuka: The one I'm not interested at #2
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    Jun 14, 2014
    You know, I actually liked Miyu's initial image as somewhat villainous. I don't see what would be wrong with it if she kept the image. It's unique and her look as it is unique, I loved it. All of this is entertainment, anyway, so who cares what is hidden behind the mask. Saying that, I still can't get around Miyu's new bangs.
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    First time posting in Keyakizaka section. But here's some of my impression of the members.

    1. Hirate Yurina: The member that make me forgot this is a group, not a solo.
    2. Ishimori Nijika: Nakano Ikumi with big eyes and long hair. (A mix of ikuchan maybe?)
    3. Imaizumi Yui: The girl beside Hirate /Ponytail no.1
    4. Uemura rina: Kimi ni todoke heroin
    5. Ozeki rika: Ikuta erika inspired. *will look more*
    6. Koike minami: Takayama kazumi no.2
    7. Kobayashi yui: her first picture remind me of Kato rena
    8. Saito Fuyuka: If you put your hand on the upper part of her face, you will get nanase
    9. Sugai yuuka: Elite sayanee who goes to Gakushuin (I wonder if she want to cut her hair short)
    10. Suzumoto Miyu: Intense girl beside Hirate /Ponytail no.2
    11. Habu Mizuho: Natsumikan no.2 with the face of Moriyasu Madoka
    12. Moriya akane: Sakurai reika??

    13.Nagahame Neru: Shinoda mariko 1.5 slash Kawamoto saya

    14.Takamoto ayaka: Sakuratan?
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    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    I wasn't going to do this but it seems fun.
    Keyakitype-syllabic order

    Ishimori Nijika:- Hard worker, go getter. I don't know if Ryuu just meant looks but I think she shares this enthusiasm aspect with Nakano Ikumi (who I know less)
    Imaizumi Yui: A little spoiled and dumb at times but I like when those aspects come out. She's got talent. She's the successor to Ikuchan in this respect. Kept to the right to keep the tone.
    Uemura Rina: Sadako/Sawako. Super nice; Manatsu-level girlishness potential.
    Ozeki Rika: Over-energetic try hard like Ichiki Rena, good intentions but comes off strong.
    Oda Nana: Like the phrase, "everyone's little sister" but rather "everyone's mother", in the best way possible. No surprise I think she's hilarious.
    Koike Minami: Shyness is a block in the way of her finding a character, but she's dead-set on doing so as she has a good entertainment-mindset.

    To be continued
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    Jun 20, 2014
    Ishimori : how not to love a fellow dog lover ?
    Imaizumi : height inversely proportional to her skills.
    Uemura : looks like a Kpop idol. should stop playing trumpet on TV (for the sake of our ears)
    Ozeki : sometimes annoying, sometimes fun.
    Oda : not my kind of idol.
    Koike : is that a lil Nanasemaru ? cutest ears on Earth.
    Kobayashi : she is perfect. don't get why she hasn't more fans.
    Shiori : who ?
    Fuuchan : tries a bit to hard to act like Kazumin...
    Shida : what a beauty.
    Sugai : pretty rich, I hope she doesn't act spoiled or snobbish offstage, but she seems to be a mature figure.
    Suzumoto : hated her at first but now loves her for her dancing skills and unique charm.
    Nagasawa : has good taste in idols.
    Habu : tall & otaku. future model. cute voice. perfect package.
    Harada : love at first sight. a cutiepie that turns out to be an annoying little sister.
    Hirate : i love her hairstyle so much that I cut my hair in order to look like her... a future star.
    Moriya : looks so much like Reika.
    Yonetani : who ?
    Berika : I didin't know Maiyan & Paruru had a cousin.
    Risama : looks like the main character of my favorite anime since she cut her hair. which is fun because this character is also from Ibaraki-ken...
    Nagahama : upgraded version of Kawamoto Saya. blue suits her well.
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    Mar 29, 2016
    I think she has lots of fans. The first call for handshake applications for this summer was a bit of an anomaly, putting her in the middle of the pack. She actually sold out two of three events in the Tokyo area right away. It was only in Nagoya and Kyoto that she didn't get as much attention. For the group's handshake events in April-May, she sold out quite quickly, although she had one or two fewer slots available than some other members. She's only 16, and maybe younger members are given fewer slots (Techi the "monster" aside).

    And I agree that she's great. She's multi-talented -- not just singing and musical instruments, but she can also dance. She can talk in interviews, with that sweet, knowing smile hiding her nervousness, and giving her such a relaxed feeling. Zuumin said in a recent interview that she's quiet, but can really get going when the group is joking around. And I think she's very good-looking, in a Nishino Nanase sort of way. Japanese fans comment on her legs. She's widely acknowledged as one of the best bloggers in the group. And she really endeared herself to me by reporting that she was so engrossed in playing the Nogikoi game on her phone when she was on the train that she went six(!) stops too far. When someone (Oda?) mentioned the idea that Saitama, where Pon lives, is full of bikers, she said they were often around her house and brought in a recording of bike engines revving.
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    Jun 29, 2016
    Dami Dreamcatcher
    Here we go!
    Uemura Rina - angel, most beautiful girl, my wife
    Ozeki Rika - weird, loveable, my beloved imouto
    Watanabe Risa - sexy, my wife-approved-love affair
    Watanabe Rika - the shy monster, bea...a..aa..u...ti...ful
    Hirate Yurina - imouto, friend and girl friend
    Oda Nana - 2nd place tied with Ashurin on my most beutiful leg of 46 list. She still can't beat Reika, tough. kazumin 2.0.
    Suzumoto Miyu - those cheeks and lips, oh my God!!!
    Imaizumi Yui - the smile virus carrier
    Kobayashi Yui - yabaii girl, almost tempted with her smile, I don't want to have more affairs, but this girl....
    Ishimori Nijika - the only member I know and remember her fullname in kanji
    Nagasawa Nanako - the beautiful shadow, odd stomach
    Saitou Fuyuka - my first crush, bijin
    Koike Minami - cutest Tsundere
    Harada Aoi - cute, love her teeth
    Yonetani Nanami - cutest of all, especially with her new hairstyle
    Moriya Akane - Reika clone, cheerful smile
    Sugai Yuuka - beautiful ojou-sama
    Shida Manaka - Takahashi Juri? Relax and lazy, just like me
    Satou Shiori - too genius, love her drawing
    Habu Mizuho - camera monster, for me, she looks not that good on Kakenai. But, when I see her on magazine, damn, she is one of cutest girl of 48/46.
    Nagahama Neru - unique, beautiful, cute, adorable, sweet, etc. I love her, basically, but have no plan to make her my love affair.
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    Apr 4, 2014
    Wow welcome @MasToppu thank for your subbing 46group.
  14. Keemu

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    Oct 31, 2015
    @Crossheart I feel like I'm picking an RPG character lmao
    I find myself wondering if Sugai-sama is possibly The Chosen One, especially from the bolded... [hehe]

    EDIT: No doubt she had larger matters to attend to than we can possibly fathom. Global warming, anyone?
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    Amaki Sally
    I'm a RPG lover :inlove: So, probably i did my descriptions very rpg-like without thinking it :^O^:
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    Sep 2, 2014
    Hirate - Perfect center! Cool and Beauty!

    Imaizumi - a very talented and smart person (academic wise, not), expect to show something different..

    W.Rika - has charisma, reminds me of Maiyan's appearance.. noticeable and a beauty..

    W.Risa - calm, gentle and a strong fighter... i think she hates losing.. gives mysterious looks... a girl needs love and support..

    Shida - cool, kind and aloof

    Suzumoto - charming and interesting

    Moriya - a fighter, looks reliable, reminds me of Ayase Haruka..

    Kobayashi - talented. nothing more to say..

    Oda - expressive, powerful and funny.. mood maker..

    Ozeki - annoying but kind-hearted

    Harada - childish, imouto chara type..

    Saito - brave and friendly, can be a 2nd Kazumin in the group

    Yonetami - normal? average? a little bit funny and straight forward?

    Habu - model type?.. cute.. otaku..

    Nagahama - she looks like a scheming person.. face reminds me of Kawamoto Saya

    Sugai - same w/ others.. well educated that makes her look like an honor student,... reminds me of Yamamoto Sayaka

    Uemura - agree w/ everyone.. Kimi ni todoke heroin

    Nagasawa - hardworking

    Ishimori - kusogaki?

    Koike - cute but not that interesting

    Saito - i'm sorry, but i really don't notice her..

    Welcome to Keyakizaka46's classroom.. Lols. Felt like in a class..

    I just notice something. In Nogizaka46 early days, the members are more initiative than Keyaki..
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    Sep 29, 2015
    My post got deleted, because the pictures were "too big". I used the photos from the stage48 website :confused:
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    Amaki Sally
    you used the picture without scaling, you need to use a lot smaller.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Edit: This is probably not your usual read. Feel free to ignore if you feel offended or tl:dr with my post.

    Ishimori :
    M. Has self confidence issues(which later revealed due to her Chocoman days). Dog lover is probably her facade until she found another good image for her. Nevertheless, she is improving as an idol and person.
    Imaizumi : M. The one garnered most interest first thanks to her brother quirk. Turn out her family is as hilarious as well. Well-packaged with talent and notable gap in academic and height size. Most rainbow/colorful personality, so far.
    Uemura : M. Started off extremely well with her trumpet, which make her associated as ponkotsu fairy in the early days. Got stale when turn out Keyakizaka is a nest of ponkotsu-ness and she is not the most. Her trumpet gag are still recurrent theme and her best identifier today.
    Ozeki : S on surface, possibly M inside. Variety is definitely her end-road given her early show of "Ozeki Style". But turn out not as "immune to sadness" as expected from joker personality. Rather than endearing or entertaining, her gap makes herself worrisome. I wish her to stay cheerful.
    Oda : M on surface, possibly S inside. Again, one with "variety chara" end-road in mind, yet actually tough to handle it. Her title of "Keyakizaka Variety Master" is well deserved with her quick-thinking and capabilities to read the situation.
    Koike : Kiddo, can't say S or M. One half of "Imouto chara" together with Aoi. Looks like ended up being the "Dark-mannered Imouto" from recent TV show. Not yet mature enough to be pushed.
    Kobayashi : M. Talented, yet reserved personality. Which make her branded as "Loner" in the early days, and ideal contrast to another Yui. I Still disagree with people opinion that she will be the next Nishino Nanase.
    Fuuchan : M with bits of S. Was thinking she will be another "variety chara" with her wanting to be Kazumin. But tbh, her variety skill is kind of weak. And with her only forte is dancing, she at best will have to be a backdancer for a while. She is still in search of her image, and I'm glad she doesn't get a "Baba chara" yet with her current fleeting confidence level.
    Shiori : S with possibly M inside. The textbook example of "how not to start your idol image" with being quite a chatter. But so far, she is pretty ordinary with no gap found. Wishing her the best to catch up, since she has looks. For comparison, If she is within 48G, she will be senbatsu in no time.
    Shida : S on surface, possibly M. The oddball and goofy one, which help establish Keyakizaka image in unusual aspect. It is somewhat funny that her "my pace" trait is considered cool and sometimes awe-inspiring.
    Sugai : M. Well-mannered with hint of honor student who comes from educated family. Who would've known she is THAT educated?. Good things, with all those considered, she doesn't strike off as arrogant or hard to approach. More plus point.
    Suzumoto : S. Rough start because of past matter, but tough enough to handle the wave and adopt her own chara. Spotted on multiple occasion doing something praiseworthy(Helping Uemu stand when she accidentally fall, The first one to raise a bow to Sandwichman during KEYABINGO first episode) caused her to often become topic in the web, this time on the good spectrum of opinion.
    Nagasawa : M with S bits when triggered. Since I pick her as my oshi, I know she will be the "Problem child" of the group. What I don't know is, she is even more problematic than that. :XD: I guess that's part of her charm.[hehe] Can't say anything unbiased here.
    Habu : M. One of the good early starter during debut, thanks to her noticeable height and Attack on Titan reference. It is however, a thing she clearly doesn't want to be associated with, and as a result she lost several of her steam(pun intended) for some time.
    Harada : Kiddo. Read Koike. She is the "Innocent-mannered Imouto". Not yet mature enough to be pushed.
    Hirate : Balanced S/M ratio. Has maturity despite her age and star aura despite her usual demeanor. It was believed these comes from her positive-minded and hardworking attitude. But her recent birthday corner tells me it could also come from unpleasant life experience. One I don't bother digging due to privacy reason.
    Moriya : S. Dominatrix Ojou-sama type. I instinctively evade her because her social aura is no joke. Must. Resist. Her charm.
    Yonetani : M. Started off as a variety idol, like Oda. Yet, somehow she could become an orthodox idol as well given the chance. Very versatile on both role.
    Berika : M. Ponkotsu personified. Which is hilarious gap given she is one most closely resemble Shiraishi Mai in term of beauty(even today).
    Risama : S. Calm and Composed personality. Had the most breakthrough with short hair and has keeping it her identity since. Quite sporty.
    Nagahama : Balanced S/M. Cute without being over-cutesy. Smart without being showy. Has quite thick skin thanks to her previous experience with competition. I'm pretty sure she is ready to be airdropped, and relieved that she did but not as shocking as Akimoto Manatsu had before. More plus point for management.

    Definitely missed detail here and there, but I guess this should be enough for Pre-Keyabingo and drama impression.
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  20. Atreyu

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    Jul 8, 2016
    I'll throw my two cents in here, in the order of the ranking I made. This is pretty long too, sorry for that.

    Watanabe Risa: Silent waters are deep. I assume that behind the "cool", reserved and sometimes constrained surface, she's a girl with a complex yet very kind personality, from all I can get of her. I believe in her potential within the group and yet wonder where she will go. Fans and management are pushing her forward, my hope is that it will be in the right direction and that she does not lose her real self in order to justify her new position and increasing popularity.
    Interesting aspects of this may be whether her (possibly difficult, as indicated in Ep. 33) family background has something to do with this, but digging further than it already was done in KeyaKake (one of the few times I had salty feelings towards the producers of the episode) for something like this is just rude.
    Saitou: She has looks, dancing abilities, and says what she thinks. Maybe, as indicated here and there, she still needs more to back it up though and refresh her current image (may be very difficult). Very lovely how well she gets along with other members, like Hiratechi. If she would be marketable, I could well imagine her as captain.
    Kobayashi: Has proven herself on various occasions (especially with Shibuya Gawa) and leaves little room for doubt. I honestly think there's no need to worry that she was put back to the 2nd row for the upcoming single because her time will come eventually, and maybe deep inside her, she knows it as well. I was sad for her when she wrote her blog on the announcement but she's way too professional and strong already to be held back by something like this.
    Yonetani: Love her strong nerves (rollercoaster and haunted house top tier) and cheerful personality. Actually has amazing eyes too. I wonder whether she really has what it needs to make it to the top class of idols in Japan?
    Imaizumi: Partially has an aura around her that makes her seem more grown up than other members, but sometimes also sweet and fragile as sugar. Might have to do with her former junior idol career. Has great potential and should keep aiming for center position.
    Sugai: The secret eminence of the group. Everything about her (except for her athletic stills maybe) has a noble and exalted touch, but not provocative or gimmicky at all. Is the best looker in my opinion.
    Oda: Started to look very beautiful in the recent times. Also very active and not "idol-ish" what I like but makes it hard for her to stand out otherwise.
    Hirate: Looks, skills in dancing/singing/leadership and even variety, she has it all at the age of 15 and has juts begun. What does the future hold for her? I'm very curious how tall she will grow eventually btw.
    Harada: Honest and adorable imouto-type, but not professional yet. I'm glad her popularity is rising as she seems to be rather serious about it.
    Nagasawa: Remember her incredibly low self-esteem from the beginning? I wonder what she thinks about her place now. A more distinguishable demeanor would be nice but she's going the right way.
    Sato: She nowhere has a lack of talent but has said about herself that she doesn't consider herself as beautiful as the other members which unfortunately seems not be totally wrong and is frustrating to admit. I definitely hope she'll gather more fans and impress with her abilities and prove that looks are not everything.
    Nagahama: Got massive pushes by management which worked out. Talented hardworker, but also ponkotsu-ish and the easiest to scare (lol @ haunted house and Keyabingo Ep. 1).
    Ozeki: OZEKI STYLE. Looked more promising in the beginning but now has to prove herself. A bit less dorkiness and more belief in herself could help.
    Suzumoto: Did a good job in the first row for SaiMajo and can concentrate on further developing her overall abilities. Still appears to be a bit closed-up, I wonder how she'll do in Keyabingo. Has the nicest lips.
    Moriya: Chaming and energetic. Like her honest and professional demeanor.
    Watanabe Rika: Stands lonely on top of Mt. Ponkotsu. Actually super entertaining due to her clumsiness but her charisma/marketability is all she has in my opinion. lol @ 50 rejections on finding a job.
    Ishimori: Needs something else than just a love for dogs to get a proper image and position. May also be slightly held back by her "not totally perfect" looks - if she finds something to score with I'd be happy.
    Uemura: Has grown from ponkotsu and world-class trumpeter to a decently marketable girl as she wanted to at the beginning of the year. Dancing skills also seem to have improved considerably. Her painful expression at the formation announcement is difficult to forget though and she certainly expects more.
    Koike: Very cute but still gimmicky and not grown up yet. Do your best in Keyabingo.
    Shida: ZA COOL no. 2, but completely different from Risa behind the surface, I think. Very distinctive looks though, but honestly I believe her placement in the first row was rushed and may turn out to be a one-timer.
    Habu: A bit too much about her looks, fits the kakkou ii style of Keya well though.

    Very thoughtful post actually, but I gotta ask, what's meant with S and M? I tried to come up with some characteristics but when looking at certain members it didn't always match with what I thought these letters would mean.

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